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Chapter 356: An Accident

Chapter 356: An Accident

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"Corpse flower?" Jiang Zhuying was at the back of the team. After seeing the flower that had swallowed that guy, she was stunned.

Before doomsday, she had read a wide range of books. Amongst them, she had read one about a flower, named Corpse flower, which was found in the Amazon area. The description fitted the one before them. However, the real flower was more flexible and larger. This corpse flower was more than three meters tall, and it had grown suddenly. It was simply a monster!

"Boss, be careful, this underground root is weird. The vines seem intelligent!" Zhang Hai loudly reminded."

"Be careful!" Sun Kun was standing upside down on the wall. He held an iron bar in his hand and cut the two stout vines. The remaining vines were frightened and quickly retreated. However, one member of Poisonous Snake Squad was unlucky. He was about to run after seeing this scene, but a tree's roots slammed straight into his open mouth and ran out of the back of his head. Two more roots drilled into his body and left bloody holes behind. His hands were dangling, and his legs were hanging. His blood was flowing along the roots and dyed the soil red before the plants absorbed it.

Just in the twinkling of an eye, five people of Poisonous Snake Squad were killed. Nobody had expected for something like this to happen. It was quite terrible!

Everyone was confused.

Suddenly, wind appeared out of nowhere. It was weird! The sharp wind sounded like the blowing of the flute. The plants' roots on the ground and the vines on both sides were all destroyed by the strong wind. The vines and rhizomes had all been wiped clean!

Everyone noticed that Xiang Xuehai was surrounded by a layer of violent gales and that the sharp whistling wind was coming from her side. Even in the light of the lighting, they found the wind around Xiang Xuehai was like a layer of waves with fine lines. The soil around the wall flew up and was numerous fine cracks appeared on the wall. Some of the vines were caught in the wild wind, and they were cut into little pieces.

"Oh, Boss Xiang's can control the air, creating gales which can form a wind blade!" Seeing this scene, Jiang Zhuying understood.

It was no wonder why Xiang Xuehai dared to attack and kill Yang Feng. She was indeed an excellent woman! She possessed an ability which could deal large-scale damage. To control every piece of wind blade and cut in pieces the vines and tree roots, her control over wind must have reached a very high level.

"Yeah. Good!" Yang Feng applauded in the deep tunnel with a cold smile, leaving his single eye slightly picked up.

"No wonder you dared to break in here. Controlling the wind, your power is really strong. Better than this, I'm a smart person. As long as you follow me, you can become the vice leader of our camp. How about it?" Yang Feng said.

How could Xiang Xuehai believe Yang Feng's lies?

"I heard that you have an iron cage here that's especially prepared for me," Xiang Xuehai said coldly.

"Hey, where did you hear this nonsense? But I do have a cage left here. If you want to live there, I certainly welcome you to," Yang Feng said licking his lips with an excited look.

Xiang Xuehai was annoyed by his lecherous look on his face.

"You are despicable!" Xiang Xuehai shouted. And then the numerous wind blades tangled around her became fiercer. Xiang Xuehai was surrounded by countless wind blades which she prepared to send at Yang Feng.

"Xiang, you are like a violent little wildcat, but I like it!" A strange light flashed past Yang Feng eye. "If you want to kill me, you have to become more violent." Yang Feng stood motionless as vines and rhizomes emerged from the walls and underground, intertwining in front of him.

Seeing more and more vines appearing, Jiang Zhuying suddenly appeared behind Xiang Xuehai clutching a thick tree root.

"Hey, don't forget about me!"

At that moment, dazzling electrical currents reflected on everyone's eyes. The electrical currents coming from Jiang Zhuying's hands were as thick as snakes, and they burst into the rhizomes.

Jiang Zhuying had been eating mutant meat on a daily basis, so her ability had improved by leaps and bounds.

Yang Feng had intended to use this rampart to increase the moisture content of the trees in order to cultivate potted plants and moisten the roots of large trees under the ground.

At that moment, the wet earth, vines, and rhizomes became the current's natural conductors! The current affected everyone a little. Even Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were standing upright.

If Jiang Zhuying didn't control her power, the current's effect would be so minimal. Of course, Jiang Zhuying's control over electricity was still not as delicate as Xiang Xuehai's wind manipulation.

However, Yang Feng, the target of the electrical attack, was engulfed in vines, which was equivalent to being entangled in countless wires. When Jiang Zhuying released the electrical attack, his heart sank-


"Ah!" Yang Feng roared, and a large number of vines appeared in front of him and blocked the incoming attack. Immediately afterward, the electric current rushed over the vines and destroyed them.

Yang Feng's body was pulled with the help of his flowers the moment the attack came and slammed into the wall. He was stiff while smoke was coming from his body.

Duan Dalong was screaming in pain because he stood in the electrical attack's path! His whole body suffered from severe pain, and he collapsed on the floor.

Xiang Xuehai's eyes brightened.

Yang Feng, who could not act, was shrouded in countless blades of wind. Numerous wind blades penetrated his body, and countless fine wounds appeared on Yang Feng. Even his internal organs and neck were injured!

"Yeah! We will win." Zhang Hai and the others could not help but clench their fists and smile. Not even a mutant beast could withstand such grievous wounds.

Xiang Xuehai was very cautious, looking at the direction in which Yang Feng was lying down, and once again she created sharp gales. She had to confirm that Yang Feng was really dead. However, Xiang Xuehai was suddenly shocked because she felt some movement in the earth under her feet! Her body was well-trained.

At that moment, she twisted her waist and leaped to the side at once. Alas, where she had just stood, several thick roots suddenly emerged. Although she tried to evade, Xiang Xuehai's thigh was still wounded by one of the tree roots. She screamed and fell to the ground.

Her thigh became bloody at once. The original smooth white thigh was penetrated, leaving behind a shocking wound. She looked up with difficulty toward Yang Feng's direction.

Yang Feng had stood up. The military uniform had been shattered into countless pieces, and his body was full of dark spots. He had many wounds, but his skin and flesh were regenerating at a speed that was visible to the naked eye. However, his flesh and blood texture did not look like ordinary humans', but like wood.

"Many people want to kill me. Ever since I became the camp's Commander, I survived through 37 assassinations attempts. Nobody has succeeded. You won't be the exception!" Yang Feng gritted his teeth. He looked very embarrassing at this time, and his heart was even more hateful!

"Your whole body's cells have evolved?" Xiang Xuehai seeing that Yang Feng's wounds were healing, instantly understood. Yang Feng's powers were scary! He could not only manipulate plants, but he could also integrate with them!

Yang Feng grotesquely smiled and said proudly, "I'm different from you. I can control the evolution of my own powers. I can control every plant here. With some of my active cells, it can be said that I can precisely control every plant here. This is my world, my domain! No one can kill me here!" Yang Feng said slowly. Every word was squeezed out of his teeth.

"Xiang Xuehai, you must be desperate! I want to catch you alive, and imprison you in my cage!" Xiang Xuehai gave him a taste of death, which made Yang Feng crazy!

The whole field of plants?

Everyone was stunned, including Jiang Zhuying. How could it be possible?

Jiang Zhuying had recovered, and she made an immediate decision to run. But when she just wanted to run, Yang Feng noticed her.

"Hey." Two vines, one left and one right, drilled through the wall and wrapped around Jiang Zhuying's neck. If she were trapped by the two giant tearing forces, Jiang Zhuying's neck would be severed from her body. Fortunately, Jiang Zhuying reacted fast. She did not flinch, and both hands grabbed the vines while releasing two electrical attacks.


Under the terrifying attacks, the two vines were quickly shriveled and burnt to a crisp.

"F*cking girl, you dare to electrocute me? I will catch you!" Duan Dalong had just recovered, and then he flew toward Jiang Zhuying.

Only one second had passed since Jiang Zhuying's discharge. Every time Jiang Zhuying used her electrical attacks, she had to wait before the next as it took a toll on her body.

Every time she needed time to accumulate electricity, so there was an interval in between. Although the interval had been getting shorter and shorter with her strength's evolution, it would take at least two seconds for her to attack again.

When Duan Dalong rushed over, Jiang Zhuying had just finished discharging. At the moment of life and death, so she once again forced a current.


Duan Dalong's arms came in contact with the electric current, and he screamed, but his arms also hit Jiang Zhuying's arm.

Jiang Zhuying suddenly felt as if a boulder had hit her. Jiang Zhuying knew that her arm may be broken! The pain and the continuous discharge gave a chance to Jiang Zhuying to retreat. Her whole body was weak.

Duan Dalong was hit by the continuous current, so his whole body was full of charred wounds. His red eyes fixed on Jiang Zhuying, and he could not wait to rip Jiang Zhuying apart!

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun immediately rushed to help Jiang Zhuying, and a member of Poisonous Wolf Squad secretly approached Duan Dalong. However, when that person got close, Duan Dalong roared and grabbed the poor man's face. He crushed the man's skull, and the air was filled with a thick smell of blood.

Duan Dalong's nearly exploded, but other parts of his body were extremely powerful. He swore to kill Jiang Zhuying!

"Boss!" At the critical moment, Zhang Hai rushed over and threw Jiang Zhuying to Sun Kun.

"Run!" Zhang Hai shouted. This enemy can be said to be the most terrible one they had ever seen. Zhang Hai suddenly turned and grabbed Duan Dalong's hand. The unusual thickness of his five-finger joints was like a steel pipe. He was just very good at mechanical repairs, but at the moment his fingers showed an astonishing power and actually could contend with Duan Dalong.

Duan Dalong felt mad. His eyes bulged, and his huge body and stone-like fists were overwhelming. Facing such horrible enemies, Zhang Hai also felt fear! But...

"I can fight!" Zhang Hai shouted. He and Sun Kun were training hard to avoid dragging the whole team! Zhang Hai did not analyze the pros and cons. There was only one thought in his mind that he had to fight!

"Old Zhang!" Jiang Zhuying looked at Zhang Hai, but Sun Kun had dragged her towards the door. Sun Kun's eyes became red, but he knew Zhang Hai's meaning.

"Boss, we should leave quickly." When they were about to retreat, a few gunshots sounded.

Sun Kun was suddenly scared. How could Yang Feng's members come so fast?

"Boss, can you walk by yourself and find Brother Jiang?" Sun Kun's voice rang in Jiang Zhuying's ears. His chest undulated fiercely, and he decided to help Zhang Hai!

After a series of gunshots, a hole appeared on the vine-covered gate.

"Boss, go!" Sun Kun rushed on with an iron bar. However, a familiar figure instantly emerged from the hole in the gate and flickered to the side.

"Brother Jiang?" Sun Kun recognized him at once.

As soon as he rushed in, Jiang Liushi saw Jiang Zhuying with her arms folded. He knew they had an accident! Instantly, flames of rage flashed in his eyes!

"Brother!" Seeing Jiang Liushi, Jiang Zhuying couldn't hold her tears any longer. "Brother, I am okay. Please, save Zhang Hai quickly!" Jiang Zhuying shouted.

"I know," said Jiang Liushi.

All the way to the gate, Ran Xiyu had constantly been providing him with the latest information. Seeing Jiang Zhuying's appearance, Jiang Liushi's heart was filled with deep killing intent!

"Sun Kun, take Zhuying somewhere safe!" Jiang Liushi said coldly while staring at the jungle-like plants.