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Chapter 358: Incinerate

Chapter 358: Incinerate

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
In a flash, all the plants around them were frozen. The roots, which had drilled their way out of the ground and seemed like sharp claws, went stiff in the air. Several of the roots had touched Sun Kun's ass, but they stopped abruptly.

Sun Kun was almost scared to death!

At the same time, the wall of vines that had just intertwined and twisted stopped at once. Zhang Hai clutched his stout fingers and tore a big hole. Shi Ying Squad rushed out through the hole. And then they heard a strange sound. It was the sound of tires moving against the smooth surface.

'Boom! '

The entwined iron gate was suddenly knocked open by what seemed to be a huge beast. It was Jiang Liushi's minibus, which rushed in just in time. All of them felt relieved!

"Get on quickly!" Ying, sitting in the driver's seat, opened the door immediately and shouted.

Zhang Hai and the others jumped directly. Jiang Liushi stopped in front of the door and looked back into the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, Xiang Xuehai's charming body was wrapped in green vines. Some of the vines pulled her beautiful figure and nailed it to the wall. Xiang Xuehai had not been able to move as the excessive blood loss made her dizzy and pale.

When Jiang Liushi looked back, Xiang Xuehai was looking at the minibus at the gate. She was not willing to die like this. But she also knew that the minibus hadn't come to save her. In this brutal world, she did not expect Shi Ying Squad's benevolence. Compared to Leopard Squad's betrayal, Shi Ying Squad had already done what they should do.

Jiang Liushi pondered for a few seconds and then also boarded the minibus. Xiang Xuehai scowled and closed her eyes in despair.

Yang Feng's charred body stood motionless due to Ran Xiyu's mental attack. He could only watch helplessly at Jiang Liushi and the others boarding the minibus. His lungs almost blew up in rage.

"I want you dead!" Yang Feng yelled, trying his best to fight against the mental attack that suppressed his brain activity.

Finally, under the intense resistance of his mind, he was able to move.

The moment he moved, on the top of Wan Sui Mountain, Ran Xiyu suddenly burst into tears. She had a headache.

Yang Feng's resistance made Ran Xiyu tremble. Leaning against a tree, she almost fainted. But a satisfied smile formed on her face – she had finally contributed and helped the team with her power.

When all the members jumped, the minibus' engine let out a roaring sound.

At that moment, dozens of people in military attire were rushing at Yang Feng. Some of them had murderous auras. They were Yang Feng's Special Forces. After hearing the noise from the building on the hillside, they immediately arrived. After they set off, several military heavy trucks followed behind them.

Yang Feng was very strict about the construction of the army, and it was considered a great achievement in the troubled world. Although the troops under his command were inferior to regular soldiers, they were well-trained. Therefore, they could occupy most of the northern Jiangsu areas in a short period of time.

In the blink of an eye, the troops had sealed any escape route throughout the military camp. Yang Feng also saw the bright headlights outside through the devastated gate. Yang Feng sneered, and he tried to fix his charred hair. He felt relieved.

Originally, he thought that he and that Duan Dalong were enough to kill everyone except Xiang Xuehai. However, he hadn't expected that a new team had joined Xiang Xuehai.

Yang Feng hoped to see the moment his members would kill everyone on that minibus. His treasured rampant was in ruins. Dead bodies lied on the ground along with broken vines and roots, while both sides of the wall were riddled with holes.

"Xian Xuehai, you are finally mine." Yang Feng turned to look at Xiang Xuehai.

Xiang Xuehi gritted her teeth and struggled to reach her waist, where she had a concealed pistol. Even if it meant that she would die, she would not allow her dignity to be trampled by Yang Feng. Never before, never again!

Unfortunately, at that moment, Yang Feng touched Xiang Xuehai and a vine wrapped around her delicate body at once. Xiang Xuehai had yet to yield.

Yang Feng held Xiang Xuehai's neck and lifted her in the air. Xiang Xuehai had a hard time to breathe, and her face turned red.

"Hey, did you want to commit suicide?" Yang Feng seized the gun in Xiang Xuehai's hands.

At that moment, Xiang Xuehai's eyes had become completely dark, as she was extremely desperate! She was seriously injured so she didn't have any method to fight against him.

Yang Feng showed a sly smile. He had lost a vicious dog and was injured today, but in the end, he had still gotten what he wanted. Next, he wanted to see Shi Ying Squad's destruction!

How could they drive out of the military camp with that minibus? Yang Feng did not know how they had sneaked in, but he was sure that they couldn't get out anymore!


Suddenly, Yang Feng heard a roar. He immediately turned and looked in the direction of the iron gate. That minibus was coming back!

"What? Seeking for death!" Yang Feng saw the rushing minibus with a strange triangular thing in front of it!

It was the Collision Ram!

Xiang Xuehai also heard the sound and turned to look. She saw Jiang Liushi in the driver's seat with a calm expression.

Jiang Liushi also saw Xiang Xuehai and noticed a bright light in her eyes, which was the light of hope.

'Activate the Collision function! Obliterate everything!' Jiang Liushi commanded in his mind.

The minibus' speed had reached another level.

"Seeking for death!" Yang Feng was furious. This was his domain, so he wanted to smash the minibus in pieces!

Yang Feng gave an order through his mind, and then countless roots in the depths of the earth sprinted to Jiang Liushi's minibus. From both sides of the wall, a root cane wrapped around the minibus.



Both the thick roots and the vines were crushed. Even no trace was left on the outer shell of the minibus. Under the Collision function, the energy of Jiang Liushi's minibus was indeed horrifying.

Yang Feng was stunned! His vines could even overturn heavy trucks! Why were they unable to overturn a minibus?

At that moment, Jiang Liushi's minibus dashed toward him. As a result, Yang gritted his teeth, seizing Xiang Xuehai, and turned to run inside.

"Give chase!" said Jiang Liushi.

Yang Feng had hurt his sister and his members, how could Jiang Liushi spare him!? Jiang Liushi's killing intent was thicker and stronger than ever before.

"D*mn!" Yang Feng sprinted forward, and vines continued to appear behind him in a futile attempt to stop the minibus.

Jiang Liushi grabbed his sniper rifle and got in the gunner room. The black barrel was instantly aimed at Yang Feng!

Yang Feng felt his impending doom and looked back. He was scared to death! Jiang Liushi's death-like sharpshooting skills had impressed him earlier, so he was naturally afraid now.

The stubby roots stretched out behind him suddenly, forming a shield with no blind spots. At the same time, Yang Feng carried Xiang Xuehai running toward the hall. As long as he remained alive, his members would help him to kill all of them.

However, he hadn't accounted for the minibus' tenacity!


Jiang Liushi's minibus kept obliterating everything in its path, without slowing down in the least. In a matter of seconds, it demolished the walls created by tree trunks and appeared behind Yang Feng.

Yang Fang felt his scalp tingling!

How could it be so fast!?

He looked at Xiang Xuehai, and he felt that the woman was dragging him down. Yang Feng roared and threw Xiang Xuehai to that minibus.

"She is yours!" Yang Feng did not turn but rushed to the hall.

Xiang Xuehai was too weak and helpless. Even though she felt the vines coming underneath, which were about to penetrate her body, she didn't have the strength to dodge.

At that moment, a gunshot shattered the vines' stem, and all the other vines on it crashed to the ground. At the same time, the minibus came to a sudden stop.

Xiang Xuehai landed in front of the minibus. She could not believe that she was still alive. The door of the minibus opened, and Jiang Liushi appeared before her.

Although she was grievously injured, she still retained her peculiar temperament, which brought out in others the desire to protect her. She was dyed in blood, and her face was ghastly pale. In her blurred vision, only the face of Jiang Liushi was clear. She tried to open her mouth slightly. It was just like a dream! Jiang Liushi was not very handsome. But when Jiang Liushi lifted her from the ground, an inexplicable warm current flowed through her body. It was a long-lost sense of security.

Her strained nerves finally relaxed. Then, she groaned and fell into a coma.

"She has lost too much blood, and she needs urgent treatment!" Jiang Liushi took Xiang Xuehai back to his minibus. Li Yuxin was ready and nodded. She had already healed Jiang Zhuying so she could operate on Xiang Xuehai next.

"Let me check her pulse." Li Yuxin rushed to Xiang Xuehai's side.

"Brother Jiang, what should we do next?" Zhang Hai asked.

"He can control plants, and he has lots of space to fight with us. He must have also created a lot of obstacles. It's inconvenient to keep obliterating everything he throws at us," Jiang Liushi thought for a moment and said.

"Well? We've already alerted the troops in the camp!" Sun Kun looked at the people and cars coming their way. He guessed they would be surrounded quickly.

"We'll incinerate everything and force him out! If he doesn't come out, then he will be burned alive." Jiang Liushi said coldly.

"Incinerate?" Everyone was surprised with that method.

As soon as his voice fell, two nozzles extended automatically from his minibus' front, aiming at the direction of the hall.


Suddenly, they spewed two flame dragons!

The air became extremely hot, and even the air in front was twisted like a water wave. Everywhere the flame dragons passed through a raging fire followed. All the plants in the hall became ash-grey quickly. Even the soil on the ground melted into a viscous liquid.

In order to equip the flamethrower, Jiang Liushi had to spend a mutant nucleus.

In this high-temperature environment, the vines were rendered useless!