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Chapter 363: New Route

Chapter 363: New Route
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Jiang Liushi chose a new route for their return to Wu Shui County. Although the original road was a shortcut, it was likely for them to encounter mountain torrents. Shi Ying Squad could not fail under any circumstances. As a result, Jiang Liushi chose another route. It was a secondary road.

Jiang Liushi's minibus sped down the road. Thanks to the upgrade, the minibus could be driven unimpeded. Small-group zombies around the area occasionally attacked but to no avail. They were either pulverized or sent flying.

Sun Changxin, sitting in his seat, stared in shock at the villages and trees which they passed through rapidly. Even before doomsday, he had never heard of such a steady and fast minibus. Very soon the minibus arrived at a place called Fengting village.

The rain stopped...

At the moment, it was the last darkness before dawn. It was also the time when people were most tired. All the members of Shi Ying Squad in the carriage had fallen asleep. Only Ying was still driving all the way forward.

Suddenly, Ran Xiyu opened her eyes! As a psychic paranormal, she was more sensitive to the surrounding spiritual energy than ordinary people. She opened her eyes and saw the same bright eyes in front of her. Jiang Liushiv had also woken up. Jiang Liushi's brain nerves had undergone intensification, so he just needed several hours of sleep.

"Om! Oom! Ooooooom!"

A strange sound came from afar, and it was quickly approaching them. Jiang Liushi entered the gunner room with a Type 81 gun. Not long after, Jiang Liushi saw a pair of big green eyes. And then several black figures appeared. It was a group of mutant dogs, which were swimming in the river. They were quite fierce. The leader was a sizeable mutant dog, about one meter high. It was running like a horse issuing low sounds.

'Mutant beasts' energy fluctuations have been detected,' the Starseed's transmission sounded in Jiang Liushi's mind. At the moment, in addition to the water conservancy expert Sun Changxin, all the others awoke.

The long-term bloody battles had allowed them all to adapt in such intense situations.

Zhang Hai climbed and picked up the giant wrench next to him. This was the tool he used to repair cars. He usually took it with him, so it had become his unique weapon. Sun Kun opened his eyes and took out a Type 54 pistol directly from his trouser pocket. Everyone was ready for battle.

Jiang Liushi's fingers were placed on the trigger, surprisingly, however, the wild dog group turned at a distance of ten meters from the minibus, and then they rushed in the opposite direction.

"The wild dog group seems to be panicked. They were probably afraid of something," Ran Xiyu said. With her keen senses, she could tell their emotional state.

The wild dogs still squatted by the water but they roared in a rush. Suddenly waves rolled out of the dark water. Among the huge waves, a dark, rough body drilled its way out, and several wild dogs were thrown into the water.

"What's that?" Sun Hun closed the window and saw the scene in the water. Fear of the unknown was hard to overcome for everyone.

"It's a mutant water snake," Jiang Liushi answered in a low voice. In his vision, the huge head of water snake was quite clear.

Mutant water snake? Everyone was surprised. If there was a very powerful mutant monster in the water, then things would be difficult. How could they fight against a water monster in such a situation?

Jiang Liushi's heart was heavy. The water monster finally appeared, and the flood was still on the rise…

Jiang Liushi was worried about water monsters.

Ying did not stop but quickly rushed to the secondary road. Although after doomsday, many sections were destroyed, the road surface had a few cracks, but the road's condition was still good.

At dawn...

All members of Shi Ying Squad were looking outside from windows. On the highway, they could already see the former Qianfeng Building, the landmark of Jiangsu. The streets had turned into a yellowish water area. With buildings left in the water, the whole area of northern Jiangsu had become a water county. On the secondary road, from time to time, they could see some small groups of survivors. They were hiding from the pursuit of zombies. They were forced by the floods to leave their areas.

A lot of survivors cried when they saw Jiang Liushi's minibus passing by them, and they tried to catch up. But how could a human's legs compare to a six-wheeled minibus? Then the survivors collapsed to the floor and cursed the departing minibus. Together with the cries, those voices were heard by Ying.

Sun Changxin found it unbearable, slammed his mouth a few times but finally sighed and said nothing. It was already the greatest kindness to be taken in by Shi Ying Squad. Did he dare to have other requests? As for the other members of Shi Ying Squad, they were already accustomed to this scene.


Some engines' roaring sounds came from the front. With the rapid driving, eight cars appeared on the road ahead. Among them was a modified Hummer H6 off-road vehicle. A few air-dried zombies' skulls hung on the outer steel plate of that Hummer H6, covered with blood stains. On the roof of the SUV, there was a huge cow head.

A young man with long black hair could be seen coming out the sunroof. The young man lowered his head and looked calmly at the path in front of him. The young man's temperament was gloomy, and behind him, a long box like a coffin was carried.

Behind the Hummer H6, four SUVs and three modified coaches were lined up in a row and blocked the road. Those cars were pretty old, and their brands were very complicated. Four or five men were sitting on the roof. They had already discovered the minibus behind them and had come to inspect them.

"F*cking guys!" Seeing that scene, Sun Kun cursed.

"It is the Wild Man Squad, a survivor team in the northern suburbs of Jiangsu. I know them. I will ask them to let us go!" Xiang Xuehai also saw the situation outside frowning.

The Wild Man Squad was a team active in the urban area of northern Jiangsu. They were good at robbery. Their savage leader used to be a martial arts instructor, and he had obtained a very strong special ability. After the virus' outbreak, he had ransacked the police station and had a handful of weapons. Their strength should not be underestimated.

Yang Feng had tried several times to absorb them in his team, but they had rejected his proposal.

The SUVs lined up and completely blocked the road.

"It's useless. We should rush out directly!" Jiang Liushi shouted from his battle room.

"Brother Jiang is excellent!"

"Ying, rush out!"

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun laughed and smiled.

"F*ck! That broken minibus decided to rush out!"

"How brash! They want to hit us?"

"Brothers, hit that broken minibus!"


"A fat sheep has come!" In the modified Hummer H6, several people sat idle.

"There seems to be something behind," someone inside the car looked at the rear-view mirror and exclaimed.

"On this road, who would dare to provoke us? Let the others deal with them," a dirty man with sunglasses, sitting in the back seat, said. He was the Wild Man Squad's leader, Ying Haosen.

One by one, they took out shotguns, and even made homemade bows and iron spears, aiming at that minibus behind them. But they were dumbfounded. They wondered why an ordinary minibus could be driven so fast?

And it had a huge V-shaped ram in the front!