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Chapter 364: Return to Wu Shui County

Chapter 364: Return to Wu Shui County
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All of Wild Man Squad's members opened fire. However, it was to no avail. They didn't leave a single scratch on Jiang Liushi's minibus. On the contrary, neither swords nor spears could enter Jiang Liushi's minibus. It instantly broke out at a horrific speed of 810km/h, which was a lot faster than the last-generation F1 car. It was like a behemoth, which met head-on the team standing in its way

'Bang! Bang! Bang!'

The minibus sent flying an SUV and a bus, and the people inside, directly! All kinds of metals, seats, and airbags scattered on the ground.

However, the speed of Jiang Liushi's minibus did not diminish at all and then rushed toward that Hummer h6 at once. The driver of that Hummer H6 was a redheaded young man, with both sides of his head shaved and dyed blue.

Before doomsday, he was a professional player in domestic off-road rallies, but now he was one of Wild Man Squad's core members. His racing skills were amazing.

When he saw Jiang Liushi's minibus rushing toward him, he didn't care about it at all. In his mind, it was just a minibus! However, when he noticed the ram on Jiang Liushi's minibus, he was shocked totally. Although he reacted immediately, the whole Hummer was almost overturned.


In the Hummer h6, the people almost lost their balance, and the young black-haired youth almost fell off the roof. Fortunately, the young redheaded driver reacted quickly, and he grasped the handrail in the car at a critical moment.

"F*ckers! What guts! Did they dare to bother us? I will make them suffer… Hai Dong shot at that modified minibus severely!" The team leader Ying Haosen just reacted and felt disgusted.

The dark-haired young man, Hai Dong, on the roof of the car magically disassembled the box behind him and took out a black sniper rifle inside it. He slammed on the roof and pointed at minibus's tires. In the moment of aiming, Hai Dong's calm temperament became extremely excited. In a flash, his pupil turned dark, and there was no trace of blood. However, at that moment, he looked upright and suddenly felt a strong sense of life and death. He almost didn't think about it and rolled over the roof and grasped the railing on the roof with one hand.


A bullet landed where he was and left a spark when it clashed with the metal roof.

That was indeed a master! Hai Dong's heart was beating wildly. He observed that on top of that minibus, which was quickly leaving them behind, a small bunker had appeared, from which a black gun barrel could be seen, aiming at his location.

Type 81 gun? Impossible! How could he shoot so accurately!?

That minibus was faster than an F1 car, so it had already run far away…

"Stop! Stop!" Seeing that scene, Ying Haosen felt annoyed and yelled at all the teams. After the team stopped, no one dared to provoke Ying Haosen, so they consciously went to the side of all the parked off-road vehicles to help the wounded...

"Hai Dong, what are you doing? Why didn't you shoot that minibus?" Ying Haosen stared at Hai Dong with a terrible and scary face.

"I had no chance to open fire at all. There was also a sniper on that minibus," Hai Dong explained.

Ying Haosen was surprised. "So strong? You couldn't shoot?" Ying Haosen had never met anyone who could intimidate Hai Dong feel.

"Boss, since they used this route, they must be going to Wu Shui County. You can rest assured that I haven't made use of my abilities. As long as we meet in Wu Shui County, I will repay them a hundredfold for what they did," Hai Dong said showing his murderous determination in a low voice. He didn't show his real weapon, so he was still confident.

"Well, I believe you! As long as we arrive at Wu Shui County, it's your time!" Ying Haosen answered while patting Hai Dong's shoulders.

Jiang Liushi's minibus was still running at high speed, but then it slowed down.

At that moment, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun were very excited. They admired Jiang Liushi from the bottom of their hearts.

"Well, let them be arrogant for now. We must teach them a lesson later!"

"Brother Jiang, when will you have time to teach us? If we can learn even a tenth of what you teach, we will get stronger…" Zhang Hai said happily.

Jiang Liushi, getting down from his gunner room, decided to eat some mutant meat to replenish his energy.

"It's a pity that I cannot teach you about sharpshooting skills because they're related to part of my special ability. But you are right that you really need to improve yourself. It will get more and more dangerous…"Jiang Liushi answered seriously.

"As a matter of fact, all members of Shi Ying Squad need to improve…"Jiang Liushi added. As a result, the environment changed. Everyone thought about something.

Yang Feng was indeed terrible, and they were still in a state of shock. It was not an understatement to say that Yang Feng was the worst enemy that they had faced.

"Brother Jiang, I…have no place to hide after hearing your words…" Zhang Hai said in a low voice, "I will become a burden…" Zhang Hai didn't have any courage to continue.

"Don't be too nervous. I have a plan. I'd want Xiyu to check everyone, and put forward some suggestions according to our own situation…" Jiang Liushi comforted him.

In fact, with Jiang Liushi's improved strength, he had made the perfect plan in his heart. The attack on Yang Feng completely exposed some of the weaknesses of the team. The overall strength was not strong enough, and they were too dependent on his minibus. However, Jiang Liushi also needed several mutant nuclei to help him achieve his plan.

Soon, Ran Xiyu recovered. As a result, she began to test every member of the team, while Li Yuxin checked the physical condition of every member. Xiang Xuehai remained quiet while watching them. She admired Jiang Liushi very much.

Such a team had a strong cohesive force, and they had no internal conflicts. In other words, it was a team which could survive forever, and its members could truly rely on each other.

"Boss Xiang!" Suddenly, a sound came. Xiang Xuehai was shocked because she was absorbed by that peaceful scene.

"Captain Jiang, if you have anything to say, please tell me," Xiang Xuehai said calmly and politely.

"Boss Xiang, I'd like to ask you a question. How can we control our special abilities more accurately?" Jiang Liushi asked because Xiang Xuehai was quite good at that. There was no doubt that asking stronger people for how to control their abilities was much quicker than studying them by himself.

"Boss Xiang, I know that the use of different abilities is a valuable experience for every individual. Nobody would like to teach outsiders. However, Boss Xiang can rest assured that this can be deducted from the mission's rewards for attacking Yang Feng." Seeing Xiang Xuehai become silent, Jiang Liushi added.

Xiang Xuehai looked up and smiled, which shocked Jiang Liushi. "Captain Jiang, don't worry about this. You killed Yang Feng. In other words, you helped me a lot. As a result, I will try my best to help you…" Xiang Xuehai smiled. "As for the control of special abilities, I indeed have some experience, but it needed a long time of practice. As long as we return to Wu Shui County, I will teach you all."

"Excellent!" Jiang Liushi answered happily.

Next, the distance from the Shuang Second Highway back to Wu Shui County was relatively smooth.

Near noon, they met more and more survivors on the road. The direction of those survivors was basically the same as that of the Shi Ying Squad.

"It's strange. Why have so many people come to Wu Shui County?" Xiang Xuehai asked suddenly. And then she found that some flags and people along the road had an eagle crest. She also noticed other crests, which the survivors had created to show their power.

In this terrible world, everything was confusing. Wu Shui County was created and founded by Xiang Xuehai. As a result, Xiang Xuehai was nervous.

"Let us in. We want to meet Boss Xiang!"

"I have mutant meat here. I can give it to Xiang boss. Let us in."

"Why have you closed the gate? We are not zombies…we are human beings…help us!"

Jiang Liushi heard those noisy people from far away. When they came near the entrance, they saw lots of people. They were more than a thousand. Amongst them, most were ordinary people without weapons. However, some of them were excellent paranormals. They stared at the gate of Wu Shui County. Black flames surrounded the whole gate. In other words, the scene was too horrible to look at.