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Chapter 365: Outsiders

Chapter 365: Outsiders
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

No matter how those outsiders pleaded, the gates of Wu Shui County remained closed without any response. Finally, some elite survivor teams decided to attack the iron gate.

They acted smart and welded the iron doors and windows from their cars to another vehicle temporarily. As a result, that vehicle became like an impenetrable box, which they got on and drove toward the iron gate.

Unfortunately, before they could rush to the iron gate, they were shocked by a huge iron weight. It weighed at least 600 pounds, and it was covered with spikes. That weight was connected to a thick iron chain. Its structure was an updated version of the bolas 1 weapon.

The welded car was like a child's toy in front of the bolas' weight. It smashed into the vehicle and ripped apart its roof at once. Then, the car jumped in the air from the impact and slammed on the ground while its passengers shouted and screamed in despair.

After being hammered a few more times, the screams were gone. The car had already become a pile of scrap iron mixed with flesh and blood. This extremely terrible scene stopped others from having any ideas to hit the gate.

"Captain Luo, it seems that they still want me, Yuan Hongliang, to act. Those f*ckers only listen to my words. Did you think I am good?" A figure appeared on the wall and said so. He was about two meters high with a fat body. Around his body was a layer of a twinkling iron chain, which was connected to the armguard on his arm.

The furthest end was linked to that huge iron weight under the wall. The fatty was toothless, and his scalp was shaved smooth, with only a small circle of hair in the center of his head. The fatty smiled awkwardly, and he proudly patted Luo Junjiang's shoulders. Every time the fatty patted, Luo Junjiang's body shook and he almost his bone was nearly dislocated.

Luo Junjiang felt bitter in his heart. The fatty in front of him apparently displayed his power by killing the survivors under the gates. If Boss Xiang were here, how could the fatty act arrogantly? However, Luo Junjiang just scolded from his heart, he didn't dare to annoy that fatty.

The fatty man was Yong Ye County's most powerful leader. He was called Yuan Hongliang. He had three paranormal members and several elite members. Yuan Hongliang used to be a butcher. And he was naturally tall and strong. After doomsday, he transformed and acquired amazing strength.

Before doomsday, the strength record, without the help of equipment, was 400 kg. Yuan Hongliang's current strength had far surpassed that record. He could easily slap people to death.

"Boss Yuan, if you join us, those people will be just like chickens. It would be their honor to be killed by you…" Luo Junjiang squeezed a smile. In fact, Boss Yuan was ambitious and susceptible to flattery.

"Well, I need Captain Luo's cooperation. In Wu Shui County, I will help you all the time…" Yuan Hongliang laughed in a loud voice. In his words, he had regarded himself as Wu Shui County's leader.

Luo Junjiang felt annoyed, but he didn't dare to speak. He just complained in his heart.

How could he have let that group of people in? There were six or seven such groups now. It was indeed terrible. Originally, Luo Junjiang wanted to lead those guys. However, he was taught a miserable lesson.

Yuan Hongliang was about to leave when he made sure that the situation was under control. Suddenly a minibus was driven fast all the way to the city gate.

"Huh? Who are they? Insolent!" Yuan Hongliang shouted, and his eyes were about to pop out. The large-sized iron weight was slammed, waiting for that minibus to get close. Suddenly, he felt a strange wind whistling. Yuan Hongliang was shocked totally, and then he felt that his face and hands were injured more than a dozen lines in a flash. It was excruciating.

"This is..." Covering his wound, his face slightly changed, as he had remembered something.

Luo Junjiang, of course, also saw that familiar minibus. His originally gloomy eyes suddenly brightened. Yuan Hongliang, who was next to him, was suddenly wounded by strange winds, which further confirmed his thoughts.

'Came back! Boss Xiang came back!'

"Fatty Yuan, you are really timid and fat. Did you really think that you could help my members? You should know clearly that Wu Shui County is my territory!" Xiang Xuehai shouted from that minibus. Her voice was loud, and that could be heard within a few hundred meters.

The transmission of sound depended on the flow of air. Xiang Xuehai could control the power of the air and spread her voice far. That was manifesting her existence and was also a naked demonstration.

Boss Xiang was back!

All of a sudden, many people in Wu Shui County learned about this news.

The closed iron gate quickly opened, and Jiang Liushi's minibus raced in. Into the County, the minibus was stopped near the street. Boss Xiang and the other members of Shi Ying Squad rushed off at once. Returning to Wu Shui County, they all found that the atmosphere had become depressing. They could see no vendors on either side of the street, like a few days ago. The street shops were closed shut, while some of them were damaged. They could see that they had been plundered.

Except for the depressing atmosphere, they could also feel the tension in the air. After taking note of everything, Jiang Liushi guessed what had happened. He immediately touched the Type 54 pistol in his pocket. His members followed suit, and they all stayed vigilant.

"Hey, Boss Xiang, we meet again. You are still so beautiful! If I can see you several times, I'd have no problem to even change my life…" Boss Yuan went down from the wall, not to mention he was hurt by Xiang Xuehai, just smiling.

However, Xiang Xuehai didn't look at him at all, and she didn't even respond to him.

Yuan Hongliang's heart was a little irritated, and he thought the Xiang boss was too arrogant! But he did not dare to say or do anything. After all, he knew clearly that Xiang Xuehai could control everything in Wu Shui County. The abilities of Xiang Xuehai were very powerful throughout North Jiangsu, and Yuan Hongliang was deeply jealous.

Luo Junjiang looked excitedly from the side. Boss Xiang, their backing was back, they had their backing, and even that arrogant Yuan didn't dare to make any trouble.

"Boss Xiang, I... I'm so sorry..." Luo Junjiang took off his glasses and said with his red eyes.

"How could this have happened? How could Yuan and other people be here?" Xiang Xuehai asked gently. In her heart, she was already angered, but she was very restrained.

"Boss Xiang, after you left, the northern area was flooded. We had it better here. There was not much water coming in. But there were still some mutant beasts, so we closed the gate of the city wall. In the end, some elite survivors' teams from other regions came to us and said that their regions had been flooded... I didn't want to let them in, but I couldn't keep up with Hui Ming, just...they came in!"

Hui Ming was another excellent member of Xiang Xuehai. After Xiang Xuehai left Wu Shui County, Luo Junjiang, who had been promoted temporarily, and Hui Ming were in charge of Wu Shui County temporarily.

"Where is Hui Ming?" After listening to Luo Junjiang's words, Xiang Xuehai understood what had happened.

"...He…is dead," Luo Junjiang said. An expression of shame and anger appeared on his face, and then he added, "It was because of a conflict between two teams of outsiders. Hui Ming went to persuade them, but he was accidentally killed."

"Accidentally killed? Xiang Xuehai's face became dark as she didn't believe it at all. There must be a conspiracy!

She looked cold and silent, and her eyes were focused on Yuan Hongliang's face.

Yuan Hongliang's look suddenly was unnatural. He smiled and said, "Boss Xiang, don't look at me like that. Hui Ming's death had nothing to do with my team. Besides, it's true... The death of Captain Hui Ming was indeed an accident. We all felt very sorry."

'If that were true, Xiang Xuehai would be controlled…' Yuan Hongliang thought.