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Chapter 367: Meeting

Chapter 367: Meeting
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Suddenly dazzling lightning flashed across the bright sky. In the distant sky, dark clouds could be seen rolling. A gust of wind blew through, many leaves and people's0 clothes were blown violently.

"It's going to rain again." Sun Changxin looked up at the sky and became a little worried.

"If this rain continues, I am afraid the result will be even worse. More and more people will gather here." Luo Junjiang pushed the glasses on his nose and looked gloomy.

Every day, survivors hit the gate of Wu Shui County. Although they were shocked by their methods, people would be desperately forced by the flood. Now all patrols of Wu Shui County were patrolling 24/7 to prevent people from sneaking in.

The wind blew away Xiang Xuehai's black hair. She gracefully tied her hair, with her every action expressing the charm of a woman.

"How is the situation in the county now?" Xiang Xuehai asked.

"Ah...the situation in the county...is grim," Luo Junjiang answered seriously. He quickly explained everything. The current situation in Wu Shui County could only be described by the word "extremely terrible." In the final analysis, there were too many people in the county!

Originally, the survivors were only a few thousand people. However, after the floods, many people came in from all directions. Some of the survivors who had originally come to Wu Shui County did not leave and were stationed in the county directly.

When Luo Junjiang had acted and ordered to close the gate, the county had three times the population, reaching nearly 10,000 people. It was absolutely not enough to rely on the whole county's stock. And once people started to starve, a lot of fights would break out for food and weapons.

Luo Junjiang had tried to suppress several times the other parties, but they were still in a chaotic state. Then, seven teams of foreign elite survivors had come, with several paranormals amongst them. Some of them were equivalent to Xiang Xuehai. Luo Junjiang hadn't dared to fight against them at all. When they had entered Wu Shui County, everything had started changing. They had even bought food forcefully in exchange for broken weapons.

If Xiang Xuehai had delayed a little longer, maybe she wouldn't even find a grain of rice in the county's warehouse.

Luo Junjiang had received a few reports early this morning that the foreign survivors had been scouting the area where the warehouse was located. As a result, Luo Junjiang had to transfer many members to guard the warehouse. That storage contained all of Xiang Xuehai's accumulated wealth. How could Luo Junjiang dare to ignore it?

"Boss Xiang, if you really want to compensate us for our assistance it's better to exchange food, diesel, and means of water transportation. I also need some material that my vehicle needs," Jiang Liushi said suddenly.

Although they had a lot of stored resources and materials, Jiang Liushi could predict that after the flood it would be impossible to find the resources they needed on the road.

Of course, fuel resources such as gasoline and diesel were even more sought-after. When they dealt with Yang Feng, they had used the fuel-type flamethrower. It was estimated that the fuel consumption was very high. As for means for water transportation, Jiang Liushi believed that it would be useful.

"No problem, you just need to make a list and give it to Luo Junjiang," Xiang Xuehai agreed at once without any hesitation. Xiang Xuehai knew clearly without the help of Shi Ying Squad, let alone the warehouse, even her life would be in danger.

"Good." Jiang Liushi nodded, and it was no surprise that cooperating with Boss Xiang was a happy enough occasion.

However, it would be a hard task for Luo Junjiang. Food and diesel were easy to find, but how about means of water transportation? It was hard to understand that demand. Since Boss Xiang had agreed, he had to search everywhere.


Suddenly, outside the walls, the rumbling roar of an engine sounded.

"Open the gate! Open the gate! Otherwise, I will break your head!" Hearing the voice, the guards hurriedly pulled the closed iron gate open again.

More than a dozen modified motorcycles whistled in. Behind those motorcycles was a bloodstained grey giant flag with a bear crest. Chains were hanging from the motorcycles, which rattled on the ground, with beasts' carcasses and various other things. The motorcycle riders' faces were tattooed, and their eyes were bright. They rushed inside quickly as if they were flying, leaving dust on their path.

"This is the Flying Party from Jia He County. They had left to loot," Luo Junjiang frowned and explained to Xiang Xuehai.

"A bunch of fools! Looting at this time?" Xiang Xuehai said. As a matter of fact, she was completely annoyed by the outsiders' attitude. They were too rude! Only after those guys were gone, would Xiang Xuehai become calm again!

"Captain Jiang, let Luo Junjiang lead you to rest first. Everyone is tired. Whatever you may want, Luo Junjiang will send it to your door personally."

"Thank you, Boss Xiang," Jiang Liushi answered happily.

He had little time to rest during these days. As a result, he indeed needed some rest. In the center of Wu Shui County, there was a towering marble building. It was originally the government building in Wu Shui County, but it was left empty after doomsday.

At that moment, that empty place was full of people. On the open space in front of the government gate, a variety of cars, such as off-road vehicles and heavy trucks were also parked. Many people were gathered there. All of them were armed with knives, daggers and other weapons. A pile of bonfires had been ignited, with golden-colored beast meat being roasted. In the middle, a large iron cage stood with several beauties in it. There were also a few miserable corpses next to them, but nobody cared. Confusion and embarrassment were everywhere.

Inside the government building, on the first floor of the hall, seven chairs could be seen in seven directions. Amongst them, a group of bonfires had also been lit. A man naked from the waist up was cutting a huge mutant pig. In the seven chairs, except for one empty seat, the others were seated. When Yuan Hongliang came in, the mutant pig's leg had already been baked.

"Fatty Yuan, you really have a dog's nose. You ran back the moment our meal was ready. Have you settled everything outside?" The man who talked was sitting in the northeast corner. He was as short as a dwarf, with an eagle-like nose, with a cigarette in his mouth. During that time, cigarettes were a luxurious product. Watching him pluck through clouds and mists, the others were hooked.

"Dwarf Qin, the outsiders are a piece of cake for me! What counts? I killed them easily." Yuan Hongliang sat down and then picked up some meat in front of him.

"But did you know that Boss Xiang came back?" Yuan said. And then the hall suddenly fell into a strange silence. Some people shut their mouths and looked at Yuan Hongliang.

However, immediately after a voice full of negativity broke the silence.

"So what? It doesn't matter, right? We all will pillage everything from Wu Shui County tonight. It is the right time for me to taste Boss Xiang…" Boss Ma, who just sat beside Yuan said excitedly. On his thighs, was a plump woman who he groped to his heart's content. Although she was in pain, she tried to look excited to match the desire of the middle-aged man, Boss Ma.

"Xiang Xuehai is like a rose with thorns, don't you know that Boss Ma? If you can conquer first, then we will allow you to do so!"

"It's not a problem. We have so many people here, even if Yang Feng comes, we can fight against him... Now the problem is, after killing them, how to divide the food? We'll have to stay here for some time," someone said.

After a moment's silence, everyone started to discuss. Nobody took Xiang Xuehai as a threat.

"Oh! I almost forgot. Xiang Xuehai wanted me to tell you that all the newcomers are her guests and that she'd like to have a meal with us at 17:30, Qin Building," Yuan said vaguely with a piece of meat in his mouth. When he met Xiang Xuehai alone, Yuan Hongliang was nervous. But with such a group of people, he was assured.

"Meet us? Really?"

"She is really anxious. I would like to see what she will do! If she'd like to cooperate with us, that would be for the best." An old man in the hall coughed.

"Don't underestimate Xiang Xuehai. Her ability is very different. Also, I heard from one of her members that they had left to deal with something important, with two other teams. Amongst them, eight people were paranormals, did you see them today?" Originally, Yuan Hongliang didn't care about anyone, but after hearing the old man's words, he began to think.

"Old Qiu, Xiang Xuehai indeed came back with several guys, but I couldn't find strong energy fluctuation from them. Only one girl was stronger, but her hands were severely hurt. As for those two teams, I didn't see them at all," Yuan Hongliang said.

"Are you sure?" That old man nodded. And then he was lost in thoughts.

"They must be dead. Otherwise, they have returned too! Xiang Xuehai is not as fearsome as she was now!" Boss Ma laughed.


A rumble of thunder exploded, and the entire hall shook. The power of heaven and earth shocked all the people who had spoken.


Outside the hall, it rained cats and dogs.


The sky was getting dark. All the members of Shi Ying Squad had already eaten and drunk to their heart's content. Jiang Liushi was standing beside the railing on the second floor of the blue-and-green tiles.

The rain hit the tiles on the roof. The area's terrain was very high, and the water could still be seen far away. In the distance, a few lakes that could be clearly identified a few days ago had turned into endless streams of water.

At that moment, a knock came from outside.

"Captain Jiang, are you ready? Boss Xiang asked me to take you to Qin Building," Luo Junjiang said.

"Well then, lead the way!" Jiang Liushi opened the door and answered.

"Excellent. Let's follow out Captain and do a good job!" Sun Kun sighed with excitement.