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Chapter 368: Hidden Adversaries

Chapter 368: Hidden Adversaries
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Wu Shui County's streets were narrow, so they could easily get crowded. One by one, the poor survivors squeezed their way to the overcrowded streets, holding tools such as trowels. Those survivors, as long as they had the power to stand up, had to work on reappearing and fortifying the walls. Even so, a large number of people didn't have food. Only the lucky ones had compressed cakes with grain seeds to eat. As a result, many people lied in old shops and didn't even have the energy to stand up. There were even some people who had been injured and lost their labor force, lying in vain in the turbid rain, waiting for death quietly.

Luo Junjiang led a large group of city guards, who were armed with guns, machetes, iron rods and other simple weapons. He was followed by several off-road vehicles on their way to the Qin Building. Jiang Liushi and Xiang Xuehai were sitting in his minibus, which was leading the convoy.

Although the road was crowded and narrow, Jiang Liushi had decided to bring his minibus because he had learned his lesson after the encounter with Yang Feng. As long as he could bring his minibus, he would drive it all the time. The situation in Wu Shui County was complicated, and Jiang Zhuying was still injured.

In Jiang Liushi's mind, it was imperative to treat the minibus as a safety measure in case something unexpected happened.

"They are coming. The leading car is a broken minibus. It's inconceivable. When did Xiang Xuehai become so poor?"

In Qin Building, the seven captains of elite survivors' teams had already arrived.

Boss Ma was leaning on the railing carved with many beautiful features, and when he saw the minibus in the rain, he made fun of Xiang Xuehai's predicament.

Xiang Xuehai and Shi Ying Squad entered the Qin Building, and then those people gradually sat in their own positions and left the last corner.

Jiang Liushi just walked beside Xiang Xuehai and said nothing. He carefully observed their surroundings along the way. In the room on the second floor, after confirming the situation inside, Jiang Liushi couldn't help but sneer in his heart.

A long table was placed in the center of the room. People were seated on both sides of the long table, and only a place was left at the small northeast corner. If that were not enough, water droplets dripped from the damaged ceiling. That spot was dark and damp.

When Xiang Xuehai entered, Yuan Hongliang and the others were talking with each other. It seemed that they hadn't noticed Xiang Xuehai's arrival at all.

Luo Junjiang also noticed that scene, which annoyed him and enraged him,

"Monkey Nine, how could you do this? Didn't you arrange the banquet seats? How could you let Boss Xiang sit there?" Luo Junjiang called a thin, middle-aged man at the door and slammed. He felt hot on his face.

"I... I arranged it, but the bosses came ahead of schedule and didn't sit where they were supposed to. I said that nobody would sit in the northeast corner, but they put that chair there on purpose," Monkey Nine explained. He didn't dare to provoke them at all, so he had no other choice.

Hearing his words, Luo Junjiang suddenly understood. Those guys went too far in bullying others! However, Xiang Xuehai was still calm. She walked slowly to the long table. During this process, all the captains were observing her in secret. They would like to see her make a fool of herself. Actually, no matter whether Xiang Xuehai chose to sit or not, it was quite embarrassing.

Xiang Xuehai was wearing a black outfit with a red belt around her waist, which complimented her body excellently. She exuded a unique aura of femininity as her long and tight thighs moved toward the table! It was extraordinary!

Suddenly, she raised her long leg up and whipped it down the table!


She slammed the red hardwood table, and it instantly split in half under her powerful leg!

Sawdust scattered everywhere.

Everyone was scared, and they jumped from their seats quickly, staring at Xiang Xuehai vigilantly.

"Boss Xiang, what are you doing?" Dwarf Qin next to Xiang Xuehai had no time to react, so he was struck by bits of wood on his head and face. As a result, he roared in dissatisfaction.

"Boss Xiang boss, weren't you looking for us to talk about things? Are you trying to provoke us with this kind of attitude?" A tall, sturdy man stood up and sneered. The other captains also looked at Xiang Xuehai maliciously.

"Of course, I'd like to talk about something with you guys. But it seems that you have forgotten something. This is my place! No matter who you are, you have to obey my rules. Otherwise, don't blame me for being ruthless," Xiang Xuehai said straightforwardly.

"Boss Xiang, I gathered everyone here as you ordered. However, if you have a secret agenda, you should know that all of us have come prepared," Yuan Hongliang stood up and retorted.

Initially, they had planned to kill all of Xiang Xuehai's member and leave here for last to ravage her. However, they hadn't expected that Xiang Xuehai would drop all pretenses.

In the past, Qin Building was the center of the county. It was an antique Chinese-style hotel with wooden windows on all sides. Those windows had been opened, and they could see the buildings opposite.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi noticed many people arranged in the buildings around the Qin Building. They had been lurking in the shadows, but they suddenly appeared and occupied several buildings that surrounded the Qin Building. They held various weapons in their hands, as well as hooks. As long as something happened in the Qin Building, they could immediately throw off the hooks and quickly invade.

If that were not enough, all the teams' members rushed to the streets. Luo Junjiang, who was staying guard at the door, saw that scene and his facial expression slightly changed. Then, he ran to Xiang Xuehai's side and whispered something.

Xiang Xuehai sneered as she had already expected something like that.

"Boss Xiang, we have many people. Who do you think is Wu Shui County's leader now? Even if Yang Feng were to come here, he could only be respectful to us," Boss Ma said while scanning Xiang Xuehai's body lecherously.

"Yang Feng? You really want a dead person to be respectful to you?" Jiang Liushi said coldly.

What? What did he mean?

When the crowd heard this, they first glimpsed and then gazed at Jiang Liushi together.