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Chapter 369: Awe
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"Boss Xiang, did you raise this Adonis 1 ? Little guy, you can eat a meal indiscriminately, but you can't talk nonsense!" Boss Ma said dissatisfied.

He was disgruntled with Jiang Liushi, and he cracked his knuckles to intimidate him. In fact, he had noticed Jiang Liushi the moment he had come in and walked alongside Xiang Xuehai. However, he couldn't sense any powerful energy fluctuations from the young man. As a result, he had ignored Jiang Liushi automatically.

Jiang Liushi had spoken in such a rude way, but Xiang Xuehai hadn't stopped him. Apparently, this young man carried a high status in Xiang Xuehai's eyes.

The gathered captain felt as a little rabbit had suddenly provoked a group of tigers.

They all stared at Jiang Liushi. They wanted to fight against Xiang Xuehai, so they'd use Jiang Liushi as an example. Once they killed him, they believed that Xiang Xuehai would act smart. Maybe she would change her mind and cooperate with them.

However, before they took any actions, Jiang Liushi took the initiative and struck first. Suddenly, he took out a Type 54 gun and aimed at Boss Ma. His movements were lightning fast that the others couldn't follow them. Boss Ma was no exception so he couldn't react at all.

Suddenly, he had an ominous feeling. When he was about to take action, three gunshots sounded beside his ears. He was almost scared to death. It was indeed terrible. He felt a burning sensation coming from three areas of his scalp, and at the same time, a few pieces of wood struck his face and neck.

Boss Ma was so frightened that he wobbled back and forth before a few elite men around him helped him regain his balance.


Jiang Liushi's series of actions were too fast. And then there was dead silence in the hall. Everyone was shocked. They hadn't expected that Jiang Liushi would dare to shoot.

At that moment, Boss Ma discovered that both sides of his scalp and hair on his head had been wounded by the shots and part of his hair was scorched. The original lush hair was cut into three forked hen's nests, which were filled with blood.

Quite confounded!

The others realized that too, so they took out their guns immediately.


Suddenly, a gun fell on the ground. The person holding that gun screamed because his hand was shot!

Unexpectedly, Jiang Liushi had pulled another Type 54 pistol with his other hand. Two black muzzles were aimed at people in both directions. He just shot with a pair of guns, taking care of everybody who wanted to take out a gun.

Everyone was shocked by his amazing shooting skills. Nobody dared to try and shoot anymore. It seemed that Jiang Liushi's body had eyes everywhere.

Everyone felt that as long as they really aimed their guns at Jiang Liushi, they would be killed at once.

"Xiang Xuehai, what's the meaning of this?" Boss Ma shouted! He couldn't bear it anymore.  

At the same time, his body rapidly inflated and the clothes on his body were shredded in pieces. In an instant, his body was covered in fur, and he transformed into a huge grizzly bear.

He became twice his original height, and Jiang Liushi was only as tall as his abdomen.

"He is a mutant paranormal," Luo Junjiang whispered. Most of the mutant paranormals had the traits of wild beasts. That type of paranormal received a boost to their overall strength, defense, and vitality

Boss Ma's huge body formed a strong visual pressure in this closed environment. If normal people were to face a bear in close quarters, they would feel weak. Boss Ma was even stronger than a real bear, and his strength was terrible.

Suddenly, Xiang Xuehai unleashed her power, and several small wind blades hovered around her.

At the same time, Luo Junjiang's members began to fight.

Old Qiu, standing opposite to Jiang Liushi, said, "Young man, good marksmanship! No wonder Xiang Xuehai was confident. Please calm down, everybody. Since we were invited here to discuss things, we should be polite to everyone," Old Qiu said slowly.

Nobody knew when he moved, but he appeared between Xiang Xuehai and Boss Ma quickly. His tall body separated the two people from each other.

Jiang Liushi's eyes flashed. Actually, he saw it very clearly. Just now, the old guy actually had taken several secretive actions. Old Qiu's speed and actions were too fast, so the average person's ordinary vision could barely keep with that speed. He had used his belt as support for his legs, which had been bent like a bow. He quickly tapped on the ground a few time, in a very weird but fast pace.

'Is he a ghost?' Jiang Liushi was slightly surprised. It was the first time he had encountered such bizarre paranormal. He guessed that he was practicing martial arts, such as Muay Thai, so that's why Old Qiu's instant power was far more extraordinary.

Jiang Liushi thought that Old Qiu couldn't be underestimated.


Suddenly, a loud explosion was heard from afar. Xiang Xuehai expression slightly changed, and she rushed to the railing, looking through the rain to the direction from the sound's source.

The explosion sound's direction was the closed county gate! It was a very sensitive position. If the gate was lost, a large number of zombies and mutant beasts would come in.

'Brother Jiang, I can sense a lot of spiritual energy fluctuations coming from the direction of the city gate. A strong spiritual fluctuation, like a mutant zombie...' Ran Xiyu's voice sounded in Jiang Liushi's ears suddenly.

Ran Xiyu, Jiang Zhuying, and Li Yuxin, they all had stayed in the minibus with Ying. As a person with psychic abilities, Ran Xiyu had been monitoring the fluctuation of spiritual powers in the vicinity. It was because of her observation that Jiang Liushi did not worry about others' attack. As soon as he heard the news, Jiang Liushi became nervous.

Mutant zombie?

If the mutant zombie broke in, then Wu Shui County would become a dangerous place. The mutant zombies' most terrifying ability was not their power, but that they could command other zombies.

"Boss Xiang, I just received the news. A mutant zombie is near the gate. We must hurry there!" Jiang Liushi said in a low voice.

Hearing Jiang Liushi's words, Xiang Xuehai also became worried. She believed Jiang Liushi.


Just at that moment, a second explosion came from the same direction. In this heavy storm, that raging flames burning in the distance were still very striking.

"It seems like a fuel tank explosion!" From the blazing black smoke escaping from the fire, Jiang Liushi quickly judged.

"Boss Xiang, it's terrible. A large number of zombies is attacking us. A team of survivors at the front hit the gate with trucks. They ordered us to open the door, but an explosion happened…we don't know what to do next…" A skinny team member reported suddenly. He was rushing toward them and shouted. His face was full of horror.

"Captain Jiang, we have to go there! Immediately!" Xiang Xuehai said seriously. No matter what happened, they couldn't let any mutant zombie come in. Otherwise, Wu Shui County would become a city of blood. Jiang Liushi actually also thought so.

"Will you come with us?" Xiang Xuehai said to those captains, "I will only protect my members…you think about it…"

Jiang Liushi and Xiang Xuehai left the Qin Building, and only those captains stayed. They looked at each other because each of them knew clearly how dangerous the current situation was. Wu Shui County was also quite important to them. They knew in what predicament they were when Xiang Xuehai mentioned the mutant zombie.

"What do you think, Old Qiu?" All eyes focused on Old Qiu.

"Xiang Xuehai said that they killed Yang Feng. I think this should be true... I don't think she was lying. If they got rid of Yang Feng, that means that that young man and Xiang Xuehai were indeed powerful," Boss Ma said suddenly. Jiang Liushi had left a deep impression on him.

After hearing his words, all the other captains began to nod.

"Yes, what you said is true. However, we shouldn't let mutant zombies come in. In my opinion, we should go. Whether we fight against mutant zombies or not, we should consider it carefully," Old Qiu said.