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Chapter 371: A Life and Death Struggle

Chapter 371: A Life and Death Struggle
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

"Look! Look! The gate is opening!"

Under the wall, a woman noticed it and shouted excitedly. Many people were attracted by her voice, and they cried in joy. They immediately dashed toward the gate elbowing their way through and pushing others aside. The opening gate brought hope to those survivors. Even though some of them hadn't eaten for many days, they also stood up and tried their best to run in that direction.

Jiang Liushi frowned because the mutant zombies started following after the survivors. Initially, the zombies were being blocked by the barbed wire, destroyed cars and armed survivors. However, they all rushed to the gate's direction and gave the zombies room to move.

"Don't get in my way. Let me go first. I have the strength to work!" Suddenly, a man, whose upper body was naked, kicked a woman out of the way and she fell to the ground. When the woman fell, she was stomped by the sea of people rushing to the gate. On her face and abdomen, countless muddy shoe marks could be seen. The poor woman struggled to get up a few times, but she was kicked to the ground with her every attempt.

One foot, two feet...

The woman's mouth was constantly bleeding, and then her pupil gradually dimmed...

The man ignored the woman who he had pushed and rushed to the front. Approaching the city gate, his face was full of ecstasy. But when he was about to rush inside a gunshot came. Right after, the man's skull exploded like a watermelon and his blood splattered in every direction as he body heavily crashed on the mud.

The sudden gunshot and the man's death slowed down a group of survivors. Jiang Liushi was the one who had shot that man. He had seen how that man had acted, but it was too late to help that woman. That man was a cold-hearted murdered, so he deserved to die.

"The old, young and the weak will advance first. The others will wait in the back!" Xiang Xuehai said aloud coldly.

At such times, only bloody measures could maintain order. Zombies were following after the survivors, so they should get inside orderly. Otherwise, the zombies would sneak inside with them at the same time.

The frenzied survivors' chaotic advance stopped, and the crowd restored order. They all made way for women, old people, and children to enter the city one after the other.

"Come, boy, we don't have to die." The old man, who had brought his grandson, could not move earlier. However, lady luck smiled upon him and his grandson, and now they could hope again. He hurried inside with his grandson. As for the survivors in the back, those that had abilities held their weapons and fought against the incoming zombies.

Suddenly, several heavy trucks and SUVs were launched! They all headed toward the city gate.

"Get out of the way! Let me pass! Don't get in our team's way!" Form the heavy truck's cab a man shouted and drove toward the crowd. They didn't care about the other survivors' lives at all. In their opinion, as long as they could enter, nothing else mattered.

'Bang! Bang!'

The speeding truck sent flying several zombies to more than a dozen meters away, and it caused chaos in the crowd once again. It was indeed terrible. Nobody could have expected that.

Two gunshots were heard, and then a huge explosion followed. That truck's fuel tank had been hit, causing the fuel to catch fire and burn the truck. Soon, a series of explosions followed, and a ten-meter black cloud of smoke rose up.

The members of Wind Man Squad sitting in the vehicle howled in pain from the intense heat. The moment the truck caught fire, they had no chance to escape. The violent explosions forced the other heavy trucks and off-road vehicles to stop.

"Stop! D*mn it! There's a sniper!" Ying Haosen had heard the gunshots, and he shouted. He guessed that a sniper was hidden somewhere.

"Ying Haosen, I'm Xiang Xuehai. I order all your members to fight against the zombies and protect the other survivors. Since you want to enter the city, you should use your energy. If not, forget about entering!" Xiang Xuehai shouted. Not even the violent storm could stop her voice.

Ying Haosen's face changed immediately. 'What? The little b*tch wants our team to help a group of worthless ordinary survivors?' Ying Haosen thought

He had already lost many of his team members. If they continued like that, he'd lose everything. It was unacceptable. He also thought that his strength was equivalent to Xiang Xuehai's. As a result, it was impossible for him to lower his head like this.

"Don't listen to her! Step on the gas and rush inside! Hai Dong, take care of the sniper," Ying Haosen shouted. If Xiang Xuehai wanted to kill him, he would force her to a life and death battle!

Ying Haosen and his team, which robbed people every single day, were crazy to their very core. Everyone obeyed Ying Haosen's order. Even thought they knew that a sniper was lurking in the shadows, they gritted their teeth all drove their vehicles to the front.

"You have a death wish! Captain Jiang, please shoot the first car!" From the gap in the wall, Xiang Xuehai said to Jiang Liushi.

However, she didn't really need to say anything, Jiang Liushi had long been prepared. Unexpectedly, when Jiang Liushi aimed at the first truck, he suddenly sensed danger. And then he noticed a hidden black barrel a dozen meters away from them. Fortunately, his brain was stronger and could process more data.

Generally speaking, an ordinary person's peripheral range could reach up to 120 degrees, the eyes' horizontal angle could reach the maximum of 188 degrees, but when one focused, they could only use 1/5 of that, about 25 degrees. But for Jiang Liushi, as long as he activated his brain domain, his vision would no longer be restrained.

In Jiang Liushi's field of vision, almost any movement could be perceived. Jiang Liushi's vision was even stronger than hawks', and everything seemed so slow that he could carefully observe everything.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi suddenly jumped to the side.


A giant hole appeared on the wall, where he had been just standing.

"Sniper?" Jiang Liushi remembered someone. He was a young man, who they had met on the road earlier.

At that time, he was sitting on the Hummer H6's roof. He should also be the one who had killed the guards on the wall.