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Chapter 372: Mutant Zombie

Chapter 372: Mutant Zombie

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Jiang Liushi was waiting for the sniper to make his move. As long as he made his move, Ran Xiyu could lock on him at once.

Meanwhile, heavy rain in the sky was like a waterfall. Lines of rain interweaved, smashing the road. Night fell, however, it didn't affect Jiang Liushi's vision at all. He could see clearly that truck with Wild Man Squad's members going toward the gate. And it was only ten meters away from the crowd.

"Hurry up! Hold on a little longer! We can enter…" Ying Haosen shouted and ordered. He was overjoyed as they hadn't been attacked once. A few more meters and they could enter the city.

He guessed that Hai Dong should have killed that sniper! The Wild Man Squad's members also looked happy. However, the ordinary survivors, when they noticed the rushing truck, were scared to death. It was too dangerous.

"Ying!" Jiang Liushi called Ying's name from his heart. He didn't need to say other words at all, because he was connected with Ying.

"Luo Junjiang, evacuate the survivors in front of the gate, and open a path for my minibus!" Jiang Liushi crawled on the ground and shouted to Luo Junjiang, who was behind him.

The tone of his command sounded very natural. At first, Luo Junjiang was stunned for a moment, but then he went to help with the evacuation process immediately. Luo Junjiang was an intelligent guy. He knew that Jiang Liushi was more important than himself inXiang Xuehai's heart.

"Hold tightly!" Ying shouted in the minibus. In the cab, Sun Changxin and Jiang Zhuying were sitting behind. Hearing Ying's words, Sun Changxin suddenly felt nervous.

The old expert already knew what was about to happen. The minibus would be used as a tank! He fastened the safety belt as fast as possible and braced himself for what was coming next.


Just within a few seconds, Jiang Liushi's minibus gained high speed. At the same time, a huge V-shaped metal ram appeared in front of the minibus.

Luo Junjiang had already evacuated forcibly the crowd of survivors standing in front of the gate.

Seeing that scene, the Wild Man Squad's members shouted in joy. Unfortunately, all good things came to an end. Suddenly, the joyous expressions on their faces were replaced by horror. In their field of vision, a rushing monster-like minibus appeared. And what totally shocked them was the shiny metal v-shaped ram.

"Go back quickly. It's the minibus we met earlier!" Ying Haosen shouted.

"Captain, we can't stop at such short notice!" The truck driver shouted.

Generally speaking, any heavy truck that had reached high speed, needed a distance of more than 100 meters to stop.

The driver stepped on the brake forcibly, and then harsh sounds occurred, but the truck kept running forward.

Jiang Liushi's minibus was going as fast as an F1 vehicle. Even Ying Haosen could hear the wind whistling along the way.

"So fast! Once we crash, they will die first!" Ying Haosen said to his members. In front of the heavy truck, this minibus was like a bug. Ying Haosen was annoyed, so he wanted to fight fiercely. Everything must come to an end! Ying Haosen had decided. Actually, he thought that nobody could be compared with him as far as cruelty was concerned. Once his enemy hesitated, the Wild Man Squad would have a wonderful opportunity.

However, just at that moment, Ying Haosen suddenly opened his eyes. He stared at that minibus, which gradually deformed. It was amazing! Impossible! The minibus had transformed into a huge mining truck. In front of that mining truck, his heavy truck was like a toy…

How could it be true? Ying Haosen was unwilling to believe it. As the mining truck was approaching them, Ying Haosen could tell how death tasted like.

"Jump out!" Ying Haosen shouted at once. And then he jumped out without any hesitation.

However, none of his members could react in time. When he jumped out, he witnessed the crash.


First, the front of Ying Haosen's truck was smashed, and then it got deformed, no longer resembling a vehicle's cab. After the crash, the truck was overturned by the high speed.

The heavy truck constantly tumbled along the way, and it finally crashed into the rushing zombies' group from behind. Blood flowed out ceaselessly, and screams came from inside.

The other members of Wild Man Squad, who were in other heavy trucks and SUVs, found that the terrible mining truck was heading toward them…

"Oh, my God! Dash…" a man shouted. Everyone from the Wild Man Squad was scared to death.

In their eyes, whether it was the mining truck or that minibus, they were killing machines. Regardless of speed or collision, that strange vehicle had reached a fantastic level. Moreover, it seemed durable, as it hadn't taken any damage at all.

At that moment, everyone from Wild Man Squad abandoned their vehicles. When they hit the ground, they didn't dare care about the pain brought by jumping from a running vehicle, and they ran as fast as they could to escape from the terrible mining truck's pursuit. As long as they could mix with the crowd of survivors and enter the city, they could keep their lives.

Ying Haosen was also in that group of people. His eyes were fixed on the mining truck. As long as he found an opportunity, he'd bombard that mining truck without any hesitation.

At that moment, a person jumped from the mining truck.

'The leader is in front of you!' In Ling's mind, Ran Xiyu's voice sounded. When Ying Haosen jumped, Ran Xiyu had already locked on him. Although he had mixed with the crowd, he couldn't escape from Ran Xiyu's sight.

When Ling approached him, Ying Haosen suddenly had a strong life and death crisis. From the corner of his eyes, he caught a glimpse of a cat's ear among the crowd.

'Want to kill me? No way!' Ying Haosen thought. And then one of his hands became red. He was prepared to use his special ability. No matter who it was, anyone approaching him would be punished. Actually, his special ability was quite rare. As a result, it was impossible to guard against it. However, Ying Haosen felt something stabbing his brain. And then he felt that the sky and earth were spinning around.

"No! No!" He tried to struggle, but it was too late. He could only feel a cold edge touching his throat, and hear a voice coming from behind, "Good job, thank you Xiyu."

Ying Haosen's body fell into the mud, and just like other survivors who had fallen to the ground, other survivors ignored him and ran past him without even sparing a glance. Ling had already disappeared.

"Their boss is dead," said Ran Xiyu. She had just used her spiritual puncture attack while cooperating with Ling. It was the best style of fighting when they didn't know about the enemies' real abilities. At such a circumstance, time was of the essence.

The Wild Man Squad's remaining members were rushing to the gate, and none of them saw Ying Haosen's tragic end. They did not know where their boss was. To them, surviving was their only priority. But suddenly they felt a dark light above their heads and then saw two men with shotguns jumping down.

'Bang! Bang! Bang!'

After several gunshots, the remaining members collapsed to the ground, and their blood mixed with the rainwater.

"D*mn! Brother Jiang had told us to stay near the gate. How could we possibly let them in?" Sun Kun shouted. He always looked down on such squad members, who wantonly slaughtered ordinary survivors. Bullying the weak was disgraceful.

On the wall, seeing they had stopped Wild Man Squad, Jiang Liushi nodded. He looked to the southeast, at a bunker of abandoned cars. That was where the sniper was hiding.

Hiding behind that bunker, Hai Dong was scared to death. He had already judged that the sniper on the wall was the same one they had encountered earlier. Hai Dong's special ability was to adapt his eyes to sense the infrared rays produced by warm-blooded animals. Therefore, after locking on Jiang Liushi's position, no matter where he went, Hai Dong could sense him. In his anticipation, he hid behind those abandoned cars and had a complete advantage in this battle. The advantage of his ability was that he could see past the thin layer of iron, and he could snipe from that position as he wanted. But his enemy couldn't find his position! It was indeed excellent.

However, Hai Dong had not expected that after that sniper's appearance, the Wild Man Squad would be destroyed so fast! Even Ying Haosen was dead! The other members had not seen it, but he had clearly witnessed his death.

'I'm afraid that the sniper is the leader, as well as that woman called Xiang Xuehai…' Hai Dong thought, and then he made a decision to kill both of them. As long as he could kill them, he could lead the other members and build a new team.

He put the sniper's barrel in the gap. He didn't stretch his head out to aim, but he locked on Jiang Liushi as well as Xiang Xuehai through infrared ray!

At that moment, Xiang Xuehai, behind the city wall, suddenly had a strong sense of life and death.

It was that sniper!

At the same time, Jiang Liushi, beside her, suddenly extended out the sniper's barrel and pulled the trigger.

Hai Dong did not have time to shoot at all. Jiang Liushi's bullet accurately penetrated the iron layer and hit him directly!

"How…" Hai Dong was totally shocked.

"Captain Jiang..." Xiang Xuehai had only seen Jiang Liushi blindly shooting, but she didn't know that Jiang Liushi's target was that sniper. As a result, she was about to push Jiang Liushi away.

"Don't worry, I've killed him," Jiang Liusih answered. Xiang Xuehai felt it was amazing and inconceivable. She looked at Jiang Liushi and then turned to look under the gate.

In the blink of an eye, almost all the members of Wild Man Squad had been killed. Ordinary survivors began to enter in order again. Without Shi Ying Squad, the outcome would not be like that. Xiang Xuehai felt very lucky. When she was in danger, Shi Ying Squad helped her all the way.


At that moment, the zombies roared suddenly.

Hearing that sound, Jiang Liushi frowned because it was the voice of mutant zombies.

He looked around and discovered a tall, bald-headed zombie standing amongst the zombies' crowd. Nobody knew what had happened to that zombie, which was armed with steel bars, looking like a steel hedgehog. Such a zombie would undoubtedly be more difficult to kill. All those iron bars were its weapons.

Jiang Liushi also noticed that currently most of the mutant zombie's body was under the water, and it seemed that something had angered it. That zombie was constantly stomping underwater, smashing down with a steel bar and setting off waves. The mutant zombie's power was extremely terrible. After a while, the water became red with blood.

A bloody giant water snake floated, with its white belly facing the sky. The giant water snake was dead. A mutant water monster had finally appeared.