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Chapter 373: Difficulties

Chapter 373: Difficulties
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Jiang Liushi was not the only one who had heard the mutant zombie's roar, others had too. And they all witnessed the scene of the mutant zombie fighting against the water monster.

Xiang Xuehai became nervous once again.

At that moment, the mutant wild dogs, which were soaked in floodwater, started barking violently. Suddenly, one of the dogs let out a strange scream, and it was dragged into the water right after, creating violent waves as it tried to struggle. The others dogs' barks increased in volume as if something terrible was hiding under the water.

"Awoo!" Another wild dog was suddenly dragged down.

This time, Jiang Liushi caught a glimpse of a few dark shadows under the wild dogs. Those shadows, lurking in the water, were moving very fast.

'A group of monsters?' Jiang Liushi thought.

Suddenly, the wild dogs' leader barked in the distance.

'What's there?' Jiang Liushi wondered. The water's level had surpassed one meter, and Jiang Liushi could only see a humungous black figure in it.

The wild dogs' leader starred at that figure and then turned around and rushed toward the gate's direction. Naturally, the other dogs followed behind. The zombies around them stayed where they were for a few seconds before they immediately rushed to the city too.

"Even that mutant zombie was scared by that!" Jiang Liushi stared at that direction and shouted. In fact, the entire northern Jiangsu area was submerged. The flood connected the city and the lake in the distance.

What was in the lake? No one knew.

Currently, Wu Shui County became an isolated island surrounded by water.


Both zombies and wild dogs were all rushing to the city. It was impossible for the guards to defend against them. The visual impact, or thinking about the physical impact, made them feel useless.

"Ah! Help!" Those people turned around and ran. As soon as they ran, the remaining survivors became even more unstoppable.


The mutant dogs' leader jumped a few meters high and slammed into a group of survivors hiding behind a car. With its claws, it could tear that car directly.

As for that mutant zombie, it was no different from an ordinary young man, except for its indifferent scarlet eyes. It rushed wildly, grabbing the barbed wire with both hands, slammed and tore it, just like tearing paper. The layers of reinforced barbed wire were destroyed one after the other. Several survivors behind the barbed wire lifted their guns. Only a deep trench was separating them from that mutant zombie.


The mutant zombie didn't move at all. From its body, a steel bar fell, and sparks flashed from it. The survivor who had opened fire was scared to death after seeing that scene.

"Ah..." It was the last shout he left. The last thing he saw through his left pupil, was the mutant zombie jumping in the air and stretching its hand to grab him. Then, it pulled him and threw him far away.

'Ying, hang in there. Stall as much as you can. We can't let the terrible zombies rush into the city!' Seeing the scene, Jiang Liushi said in his mind.

Jiang Liushi felt that those mutant zombies, as well as that group of wild, were forced to come to Wu Shui County by that monster in water!

In front of the city's iron gate, the crowd of survivors had already reduced. However, the situation was still chaotic, and because of panic, the speed of entering the city had slowed down.

The mutant dogs were small and flexible, so they outran the zombies. The pack's leader sprinted with a few stronger dogs to the gate excitedly. They kept staring at the crowd in front of them with open mouths.

Suddenly, the survivors at the front noticed those wild dogs behind them, and they started screaming in panic. At the same time, a few weak survivors were pushed to the ground.

In the midst of chaos, a rumbling car engine sound came.


The pack's leader, as well as the dogs following it, were sent flying!

Only the pack's leader remained alive. It was indeed a powerful beast as it withstood the MCV's impact. It roared in anger, while Ying continued obliterating wild dogs and zombies. Jiang Liushi's MCV was the survivors' last hope.

"Zhang Hai, Sun Kun, get on!" Jiang Zhuying shouted from the mining truck. The situation was really grim so it would be too dangerous to fight with the minibus' form.

Zhang Hai, Sun Kun, and Ling boarded quickly.

Jiang Liushi saw this scene clearly from the city wall, but he was alarmed when he noticed some approaching him. They were Old Qiu and the other captains.

"Xiang Xuehai, why did you open the City Gate? Didn't you know that zombies are outside? Your foolish behavior will ruin the city and kill us all!" The moment they came, Boss Ma asked angrily, while staring at Jiang Liushi.

Old Qiu was surrounded by the others with a calm expression so no one could guess what he was thinking.

Jiang Liushi frowned. 'What a group of hypocritical trash!'

In fact, Jiang Liushi had noticed that they had arrived just a few minutes ago. Just when almost everything was dealt with, they came here.

"Great Boss Ma, did you just notice the zombies rushing our way? Sh*t your trap! If you're worried, then help us fight! Don't forget whose territory Wu Shui County is,' Xiang Xuehai retorted. She felt disgusted with Boss Ma and his lecherous gazes.

However, Old Qiu was still silent. He used his right hand to touch the knuckles of his left hand. Suddenly, he closed his hands and heaved a sigh of relief.

"Boss Xiang and this Shi Ying Squad are indeed powerful. It would be our honor to cooperate with them. Everyone, you can fight at once!" Old Qiu said and laughed loudly.

"Well, I, Fat Yuan will show you my special ability first," Yuan Hongliang said.

He took off the iron chain from his body and threw it to the wild dogs below. Those dogs were smashed into a bloody meat sauce. It was indeed amazing. Even Xiang Xuehai was shocked by his ability.

Yuan Hongliang shook the iron chain again, which formed a layer of waves, and it quickly rebounded. Jiang Liushi found something amiss, and then he noticed that Dwarf Qin and the others were staring at them.

Suddenly, he heard Ran Xiyu's voice from his mind, 'Brother Jiang, be careful. They want to kill you…"

Jiang Liushi jumped at once and then aimed at Qin Dwarf and the others before they could react at all.


All of a sudden everyone was scared as a body fell to the ground. It was Old Qiu. His fingers were dyed in blood as he was pressing against the wound on his heart

"Kill... kill them!" Old Qiu shouted.

'Still alive? How could it be possible?' Jiang Liushi felt it was strange. And then he noticed that from Old Qiu's body several snow-white bones drilling their way out. In particular, some of those bones were fragmented. It was undoubtedly a gunshot wound caused by the Type 81 gun.

"Bone dissimilation? Even if he avoided death, he must be seriously hurt!" Jiang Liushi realized at once.

However, he didn't have any time to waste. He had seen that iron chain. As a result, he pulled Xiang Xuehai and moved back quickly. At the same time, he shouted in his mind, "Ying."

The mining truck was turned around once again! Xiang Xuehai was confused by the whole process. She didn't expect that Jiang Liushi would shoot Old Qiu. It was quite dangerous to do so, but she thought that Jiang Liushi made the right decision. A gust of wind blew up, and her body flew backward lightly.


That place, on which Xiang Xuehai stood, was hit and a huge hole appeared. If Xiang Xuehai were still there, she would die.

"F*ckers!" Fat Yuan cursed. That scene was terrible, but Jiang Liushi and Xiang Xuehai were not hurt at all.

Although the iron chain was fierce, it was slower than bullets. As a result, Jiang and Xiang could easily escape. Moreover, Xiang Xuehai could control the air, which was also helpful.

At that moment, they heard a strange sound above their heads. Looking up, they suddenly discovered that Boss Ma boss had turned into a huge grizzly bear. He threw fiercely Dwarf Qin, who was wearing body armor, the latter curled his legs in the air. He seemed like a rocket, but with a sharp knife in hand. He wanted to cut Jiang Liushi the moment he approached him.

Dwarf Qin felt that the young man before him didn't have any energy to fight with him.

'Brush!' Xiang Xuehai controlled the wind carefully.

Dwarf Qin shouted, "F*cker, did you think it would work on me?" He was ready to cut Jiang Liushi. However, he was pushed away suddenly by a strong wind.

"Jump!" Dwarf Qin heard that young man saying to Xiang Xuehai. Then he saw the young guy hugging Xiang Xuehai before jumping from the wall.

Under the city wall, Jiang Liushi's minibus was waiting quietly. It looked the same as usual, except for the black pipe extending out of it.

At that moment, all of the captains rushed to the location from where Jiang Liushi and Xiang Xuehai jumped.

Suddenly, Dwarf Qin Dwarf shouted, "Something is wrong!" And then a terrifying airwave destroyed everything in that wall's area.

"Success!" Jiang Liushi said quietly.

They all fell in Jiang Liushi's trap. He had adjusted the Air Cannon to the best angle from which it would not hurt the guards on the wall. Dwarf Qin and the other captain had lowered their guards when they saw them jumping, so it was easier for Jiang Liushi to lure them out and kill them in one fell swoop.

The wailing sound of air cannon seemed like a beast's howling. Even the wild dogs and zombies were stunned by its sound.

After a shot was fired, looking at that scene, Old Qiu was totally shocked. After some time, his ugly face twitched.

'What's that!?' He wondered.

"Close the gate quickly!" He tried his best to shout. After all, he was seriously injured. He believed that closing the gate was the best way to protect himself.