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Chapter 374: Water Monsters

Chapter 374: Water Monsters
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

It was the first time for Old Qiu to feel so confused after the virus' outbreak. Before doomsday, his bone cancer had reached the final stage, and he was just waiting for his impending death. However, after doomsday, the virus had infected and mutated his bones, so he overcame his health problem and survived. Not only that, but he had also obtained strong vitality. Even ordinary young people couldn't compare with him. As a result, he didn't want to die.

"Boss Ma, why are you still standing like a statue? Hurry up and close the gate!" Old Qiu shouted. He didn't expect that the other man would be so dull.

After hearing Old Qiu's scolding, Boss Ma turned his eyes around and finally responded. The minibus, especially its devastating power, had terrified him. Humans didn't even stand a chance against it.

"Old Qiu…we…it's possible for us to fight…" Boss Ma answered quickly.

"What do you want to say? We are surrounded by water, so do you think we can go anywhere else?" Hearing Boss Ma's answer, Old Qiu began to cough ceaselessly. He was seriously injured, and he had lost so much blood that he was ghastly pale. As he was lying on the ground, he seemed no different from an ordinary survivor.

Boss Ma suddenly realized that Old Qiu was no longer as terrible as he seemed, and then an evil idea came to his mind. He stepped forward, opening his arms, and rushed toward Old Qiu. Boss Ma's bear form brought him explosive power, but despite his humongous size, he was agile like a monkey.

Old Qiu couldn't even react when he saw Boss Ma rushing at him. "You...you..." He was only able to force out those two words before a cracking sound followed. A claw mark appeared on his forehead, revealing his skull. Old Qiu's eyes were filled with unwillingness with his mouth agape and blood gushing out of it.

"Boss Xiang, Old Qiu is dead. We don't want to fight with you anymore! Everything was Old Qiu's scheme. But we killed him!" Boss Ma tried his best to shout while lifting Old Giu's body.

Jiang Liushi and Xiang Xuehai were already in the minibus, so they saw Old Qiu's body in Boss Ma's hands. They all calmed down.

Boss Ma was just like grass on the top of a wall which swayed with every wind, but he had helped them this time. Boss Ma's betrayal came in a timely manner.

After Old Qiu's death, the other survivors' teams inside quickly surrendered. As soon as the survivors' teams matter was settled, Jiang Liushi and Xiang Xuehai could fight against the zombies.

The surrounding wild dogs had recovered from the air cannon's attack. Although they didn't have feelings like humans, they were intelligent. They understood that if they wanted to invade the city, they would have to deal with minibus before them, blocking the city gate.

At that moment, the mutant zombie strode forward and lifted an empty car. It roared, and its steel-like muscles bulged before it threw the car toward Jiang Liushi's minibus.

Ying showcased her unique driving skill, and the minibus sprinted a dozen meters in an instant and escaped in time.

But suddenly, Starseed sent a transmission, 'WARNING! The MCV is damaged. The tires on the left side have received 10% damage.'

'Uh?' Jiang Liushi could not help but become nervous. He had fully reinforced his MCV last time. Not to mention that he had focused on improving the tires. Why did Starseed give such a warning? He hadn't seen anyone attacking his minibus.

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun, who were outside the gate defending one side each, hadn't seen anything either.

Jiang Liushi looked at the minibus' holographic image, which Ying provided him. He found a lighting fast mutant wild dog running below his minibus. It was the leader! Although it had a tall body, it looked small compared to the modified minibus. The minibus overshadowed it completely, so it had taken the opportunity and bit the high-strength bullet-proof tires, leaving huge teeth marks on them.

Currently, it was hiding behind the minibus. It was running very fast as it wanted to find another opportunity to strike again.

'What a crafty dog!' Jiang Liushi scolded.

The mutant zombie and the leader dog were cooperating together. It may be shocking, but it was also an amazing feat.

'Ying hit it!' Jiang Liushi ordered her through their mental connection.

Suddenly, hit the brakes and then turned the steering wheel to finish a beautiful drifting action. The whole minibus made a ninety-degree turn instantaneously, completing a half-scallop movement.

Thanks to Ying's control and the minibus' superb performance, the whole process was finished within one second. Therefore, the mutant dog had no way to dodge.


The minibus hit and sent the mutant dog leader flying ten meters away.


While the mutant dog was still in the air, a light machine gun sounded. The mutant dog was riddled with holes, as it was impossible to move. When it fell on the ground, it let out miserable growls, struggled a bit and then it stood up. However, all that was possible due to its strong vitality.

Jiang Liushi, standing in the gunner room with a light machine gun in his hand, was staring at the mutant dog. It wanted to escape, but he would not give it such a chance. A cold luster came from the collision ram with its sharp spikes as the minibus dashed toward the mutant dog.


The mutant zombie roared and once again lifted a sedan and flung it toward them. However, Jiang Liushi was unmoved. The mutant dog and its resilience were troublesome, so the minibus kept rushing forward.


On the right side of the bullet-proof glass spider-like cracks appeared. Although the impact was terrifying, the minibus' speed didn't decrease in the least.

'Warning! The MCV is damaged. Damage Level 1. Bulletproof glass' durability on the right side was reduced by 10%...'

Jiang Liushi completely ignored the warning. It was nothing. At that moment, the ram's spikes pierced through the mutant dog's body. The force of the impact shattered the dog's head, and it sent it flying once again. After a hundred meters, its cold carcass heavily crashed on the ground.

After the mutant dog's death, several people rushed out from the gate, including Boss Ma and Luo Junjiang. They lifted a few mutant zombies' corpses from the ground, while the other shot at the surrounding zombies. Those people were from Old Qiu's team, so they were quite powerful, and their control over guns was exceptional.

"Captain Jiang, rest assured. I will help you to collect the loot." Boss Ma shouted showing his loyalty. Although Jiang Liushi had heard what he shouted, he simply ignored him.

After the leader's death, the few remaining mutant wild dogs suddenly became like flies without heads. Some dogs wanted to rush out, but others wanted to escape from other routes. Without a leader, anarchy broke out.

At the same time, the flood's water level was slowly rising.

Ying turned the steering wheel, and the minibus' tires were submerged into deep water. Then, she stepped on the gas violently and rushed toward the mutant zombie's direction.

Seeing that, the mutant zombie retreated two steps. It seemed like it wanted to escape, but the flood was blocking its escape route. It was completely angered by the minibus' actions, so the mutant zombie sprinted toward it barehanded. Apparently, it was really confident about its body's toughness, which was like a tank's armor.

Every time it took a step, huge amounts of water splashed everywhere. When only 10 meters separated it from the minibus, it suddenly jumped in the air. The bald-headed zombie's jump reached the astonishing height of eight meters.

The mutant zombie was about to collide with the minibus, but at that moment, Ran Xiyu shouted anxiously, "Brother Jiang, I just sensed a strong spiritual fluctuation coming from the water. It's heading over here. Dangerous!"

Jiang Liushi was also shocked, and then he shouted, "Ying, drive back immediately!"

Ying stopped the minibus and reversed it in an instant.

The mutant zombie, which was still in the air, could do nothing on the minibus, and it slammed its fists into the muddy water.

However, the moment the bald-headed zombie landed, it got an ominous feeling. Behind it, huge waves spread in every direction as a shadowy figure emerged. When the mysterious figure appeared, it quickly swelled as if it were inflated. Its size eventually reached that of a small hill. At that moment, everyone saw how it really looked like. It was a monster that resembled a fish and an octopus. It had eight huge claws and densely packed scales on its skin. It was about 10 meters high and more than 30 meters long, covering most of the floodwater outside the city wall. One of its claws pierced the mutant zombie. The bald-headed zombie tried to struggle, but the more it did, the harder it felt.

The mutant zombie gradually lost its power while it was dying slowly. The claw was covered with highly poisonous substances, which rendered the mutant zombie immobile. Finally, the zombie spewed a mouthful of blood and remained motionless. Then, the water monster opened its mouth and swallowed the zombie whole.

Seeing that scene, Jiang Liushi was flabbergasted. Fortunately, they had rushed back to the city gate.

Everyone was at a loss.

In front of that hill-like monster, they had no way to resist. The people in Jiang Liushi's minibus were speechless.

Suddenly, jets of water spurted toward the sky, and then a python-like, or a monstrous big fish, appeared and swallowed the zombies on water.

"Retreat!" Jiang Liushi shouted. He knew that his minibus couldn't fight against that water monster at all.  

With Shi Ying Squad and the others' help, all the survivors outside of Wu Shui County had already fled into the city. Upon entering the city gate, they felt like they had gotten a new lease on life. Although it was still very dangerous outside, they felt relieved.

"We should thank those good people…" The old man took his grandson into the city and turned his head to look at the minibus, which had saved their lives.

The floodwater reached the barbed wire, but it stopped at that level. Wu Shui County, including the north, had a higher topography. The other side of the county had mountains. As a result, they were safe for the moment.


Jiang Liushi's minibus rushed inside.

"Close the gate!" Jiang Liushi shouted from the minibus and Boss Ma closed it quickly.

"Xiang Xuehai, tell and help everyone to shift to a higher place. The city gate won't be able to hold them out once the water level rises," Jiang Liushi turned his head and said to Xiang Xuehai.