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Chapter 376: We Are Friends, Right?

Chapter 376: We Are Friends, Right?
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If the other paranormals didn't intend to run away, Jiang Liushi wouldn't pay attention to them. After all, it's Xiang Xuehai's business. And then Jiang Liushi looked toward City Gate once again.

The water monster had returned back to water, with only half of its body remaining out of the water.

'Level 2+ mutation energy detected,' Starseed transmitted.

It was a level-2 mutant pufferfish!

Jiang Liushi was busy in fighting, so he hadn't paid a lot of attention to it before. The level-2 pufferfish's"+" sign indicated that it was really close to breaking through to level-3. Maybe after digesting the mutant zombies and wild dogs, it could evolve into a level-3 mutant beast.

'Level-3…' Jiang Liushi hadn't met any level-3 monsters before.

A few hours later…


With the strike of the huge V-shaped ram, an abandoned building near the foot of the mountain collapsed. And then the young survivors, who were behind the minibus rushed forward, grabbed and held on their shoulders all the bricks that they could use. They used the concrete blocks to build a food bank, which could prevent the rising water level. They didn't have enough materials, so they could only bring a few buildings down. As a result, Jiang Liushi's minibus acted as a demolition vehicle temporarily.

The food bank was about 56 meters down the hillside. Jiang Liushi and Xiang Xuehai had studied it, and they believed that it was an appropriate distance. Of course, they did so because Ran Xiyu had assured them that the mutant pufferfish had gone far. For them, time was of the essence. They should strengthen everything as soon as possible. However, the survivors had been drenched in rainwater for several days, coupled with the fact that they hadn't eaten for a long time, so they were really weak.


Suddenly an old survivor, who was walking with difficulty in the mud, slipped on the muddy ground. The huge concrete block on his shoulder was about to hit his foot, however, a gust of wind came, and that concrete block changed direction.

A powerful white palm stretched out and lifted him from the muddy ground. "Old uncle, are you okay?" The old man looked up, and he found that it was Xiang Xuehai who had held him up.

Xiang Xuehai had tied up her hair, and her hands were filled with mud. Seeing that the old man was okay, she smiled. And then she went to look the progress on the food bank's construction.

The old man was moved. After all, Xiang Xuehai was the County's leader.

"Old uncle, you should carry something lighter next time and be careful," a young man standing next to him said.

"Oh, thank you." The old man smiled to answer. He had never been treated like that after doomsday, so he felt arm in his heart.

The old man gritted his teeth and continued to walk toward the area where the materials were piled up. He still had strength, so he decided to push forward. At that critical moment, everyone should go above their limits.

Jiang Liushi felt happy when he saw everyone trying their best to survive. Moreover, hot water and porridge rice were already prepared. Xiang Xuehai had arranged everything. Nobody was lazy, and everybody was kind. They encouraged each other, which was a quite warm scene. Jiang Liushi smiled as he enjoyed that kind of atmosphere. And then members of Shi Ying Squad also joined them. When they saw Jiang Liushi, many survivors were grateful to him.

"Brother, take a rest. Ling prepared barbecued meat. I'll bring you some," Jiang Zhuying went to tell her brother. Sun Changxin followed with a plate full of barbecued meat.

"Why did you let Old Sun carry the meat?" Jiang Liushi asked his sister.

"What? Old Sun wanted to follow me," Jiang Zhuying answered.

"Captain Jiang, what Zhuying said is true. I should do something for you…" Sun Changxin explained. Actually, he enjoyed this kind of warm scene, in which everyone was just in one heart.

"Old Sun, were you searching for me?" Jiang Liushi asked. As a matter of fact, Jiang Liushi respected Sun Changxin very much. In Yang Feng's military camp, even though it was his team which had saved Sun Changxin, Sun Changxin had also saved all. Old Sun had played an important role.

"Captain Jiang, let me be honest with you. Although we have constructed the flood bank, as long as the Fuyang River's embankment is not repaired, the floodwater will not retreat. The days ahead are filled with danger. And the water monster makes things even worse." Sun Changxin sighed

After listening to Sun Changxin, Jiang Liushi felt nervous. If the floodwater didn't retreat, his team would be stranded there. Concurrently, they would have no way to go to Panzhu County.

"Alas, it will get harder… Captain Jiang, thank you. I'm a local, so I'd like to stay here. All my family members have died on this land, so I'd like to join them…"

Jiang Liushi silently looked at Sun Changxin and then followed his sight to those who were working hard.

"Old Sun, isn't any other way to deal with the flood?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"What can we do? That monster is always in the water." Sun Changxin sighed again.

Hearing his answer, Jiang Liushi understood that Old Sun had a method to deal with the flood, but he was afraid of the water monster.

"Old Sun, once that water monster is dead, do you have any methods to deal with the flood?" Jiang Liushi asked directly.

"What did you say? That monster is terrible. Young man, you shouldn't get any funny ideas," Old Sun answered immediately. As for Jiang Liushi, he, of course, knew it was quite dangerous to kill that water monster, but it was possible.

Jiang Liushi, in order to complete this hard task, just needed to meet a few conditions. The most important condition was that he needed a boat, which had great firepower. At present, he had a level-2 blood nucleus. As long as he used that blood nucleus, he could activate the MCV's third form, the amphibious one. However, the basic condition he had to meet was that the MCV had to scan a ship. The simulation evolution did not require any additional materials, only the vessel. Of course, the vessel's strength would also determine the simulated amphibious vehicle's strength. The ship's standard displacement should not exceed 400 tons, and the full-load displacement should not exceed 500 tons. Destroyers and similar ships were far from it. That required Jiang Liushi's MCV to evolve under an extremely abnormal situation.

At the current phase, not even the MCV's energy laboratory had been constructed. Jiang Liushi believed that as long as he could find an appropriate ship, he could kill that mutant pufferfish.

"Old Sun, you just need to answer my question," Jiang Liushi said again.

Sun Changxin pushed his glasses and answered, "Captain Jiang. To answer your question, if that water monster dies, then I'll be able to deal with the flood…"

Hearing Sun Changxin's words, Jiang Liushi felt happy. It meant that everyone could be rescued.

"Okay, Old Sun, you don't need to worry anymore. Do you know about any dockyards in the area?" Jiang Liushi asked again.

"What? Do you want to use a ship to fight against that monster? It's impossible!" Sun Changxin said, shaking his head violently. Jiang Liushi had rescued him, so he didn't want to see the water monster killing Jiang Liushi.

"I heard you, but you must know about what kind of ship I'm talking about, right?" Jiang Liushi became excited.

"Yes. In Yang Feng's military camp, there was an expert, who was quite familiar with building ships. However, he died later. He had told me once that they had built a unique missile boat, named 022. I think it may be suitable…" Sun Changxin said.

Although he did not know what Jiang Liushi wanted to do, he also didn't believe that Jiang Liushi could kill that monster, he just wanted to help him.

"Missile boat, named 022?" Jiang Liushi became excited again. According to Old Sun's description, this missile boat was indeed suitable.

"Old Sun, do you know where it is?"

"This…I think…Let me think…" Sun Changxin answered slowly. It was hidden in a conjectured place between Wu Shui County and Qin Shi County.

'Uh?' Suddenly, Jiang Liushi was shocked, because he got Ying's message. At that time in front of his minibus, a box of food, gasoline, diesel and other items were placed. Luo Junjiang was directing the team members constantly unload the cargo from a car.

Jiang Liushi already knew what was happening. It was Xiang Xuehai keeping her word.

"Captain Jiang, I have given you everything you wanted. However, we have yet to find the water transport you wanted…" Xiang Xuehai explained apologetically.

Jiang Liushi just smiled and shook his head. "No. There are many water monsters in the water. Ordinary ships can't stand a chance against them. Thank you, Boss Xiang," Jiang Liushi answered.

"Captain Jiang, I…would like to know your thoughts …" Xiang Xuehai asked directly. Originally she had thought that Jiang Liushi would leave, as they had only stayed to help her.

For others, leaving Wu Shui County meant that they would meet dangerous mutant beasts or zombies in every corner, but Xiang Xuehai believed that those dangers meant nothing to Jiang Liushi. She stared at Jiang Liushi, looking forward to his answer. Jiang Liushi also looked at her. Suddenly, both of them remembered that kiss in his minibus…In fact, Xiang Xuehai didn't want to Jiang Liushi leave.

"Captain Jiang," Xiang Xuehai said suddenly. "After doomsday, Wu Shui County became my home and these survivors, my family. If… I can save Wu Shui County, you are welcome to come whenever you want. You also saved my life. It's a bit too distant to say that partnership is… We are friends, right?"

Xiang Xuehai gently gathered her hair and said with a smile...

Jiang Liushi looked at Xiang Xuehai, and he noticed Xiang Xuehai's red ears. He also felt that there were many things that Xiang Xuehai did not say.

"I want to go out and find a boat," Jiang Liushi said.

"Uh?" Xiang Xuehai was stunned and asked subconsciously. "And then? What do you want to do?"

"Then I will kill that monster," Jiang Liushi said calmly.