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Chapter 378: Setting Off!

Chapter 378: Setting Off!

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Unrelenting storms, fleeing, water monsters, building flood banks…

A series of events had made the Wu Shui County survivors reach and surpass their physical and mental limits. Without Xiang Xuehai's leadership and mutual moral support, they would have long collapsed from exhaustion.

After the survivors heard that Jiang Liushi wanted to share the mutant wild dog with them, almost everyone felt excited. Some people even drooled. After doomsday, it was rare for ordinary survivors to get their hands on meat, let alone so-called mutant meat.

Their gratitude for Shi Ying Squad reached another level. Some of the survivors, who were physically strong, were consciously divided into laborers. Some went to get clean water and large pots, while others hurriedly picked up things and lit bonfires.

Without a word, Ling took the initiative to finish the distribution and used her little knife to cut the meat into pieces. Li Yuxin also brought some seasoning from storage. Sprinkled with cumin, pepper, and a layer of cooking oil, the mutant meat on the bonfire quickly produced an attractive smell. When it was cooked, cries of joy broke out in the survivors' gathering area.

A struggling little girl lifted a piece of meat to the side of her mother's mouth, swallowing a mouthful of saliva."Mama, eat. Mom, eat. Tong Tong is not hungry." The skinny mother hugged her daughter and kissed her. Then she cried, "Oh, Mother will eat with you. There is enough meat. We can all eat." Jiang Zhuying stood not far away from them, hearing their conversation quietly.

"Zhuying, what are you doing?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"Dear brother, I'm just thinking…" she said while looking at the mother and daughter, "Looking at them, I thought of our parents. I'm really blessed to have you."

Jiang Liushi was stunned by her words, and then he covered his sister's shoulders.

Their parents had died early. Since childhood, Jiang Liushi had been silently looking after his sister. After doomsday, they still had each other, which was a happy occasion.

"Dear brother, you will always be with me, right?"


"Thank you… dear brother," Jiang Zhuying said.

"Have you finished with your preparations? If you have, get on the minibus at once," Jiang Liushi ordered his young sister. It was raining, and Jiang Zhuying hadn't recovered completely, that's why he ordered her to get on.

Later, Xiang Xuehai brought some other materials, including metal and lubricants for machinery. Not long ago, Starseed had finished with the minibus' repairs, and many of the materials in the storage space were in low stock. Replenishing them was necessary. Although Wu Shui County was a small place, it had become a large market after doomsday.

"This is a map I found. You should use it. I've marked the place you want to go to on the map. However, the military shipyard's specific location isn't there." Xiang Xuehai took out a local map and gave it to Jiang Liushi.

Jiang Liushi nodded.

"Help! Help me!" Suddenly a scream came from the flood zone. Everyone was attracted by that shout. They looked forward and saw an old fishing boat, which was gradually sinking as it was rushing to Wu Shui County. Two men and zombie were on it. Currently, the zombie was attacking them.

Suddenly, when the zombie managed to kill one of the two and was about to pounce on the other man, a jet of water more than three meters high flew in the sky. Then a huge figure emerged and opened its majestic mouth, turning that fishing boat over. It swallowed the two people and the zombie at once.

Jiang Liushi's eyelids jumped, and he frowned. Other survivors became nervous again. As long as the huge water monster was there, they would be stranded there forever.

Soon, Shi Ying Squad had finished with its preparations, and they were ready to go.

Xiang Xuehai and the other survivors in Wu Shui County were all waving to them.

"Big brother, you can do it." In the crowd, a little girl shouted.

"Brother Jiang, take care of yourselves," Zhang Hai shouted.

"You two remember what my brother said to you and be careful," Jiang Zhuying reminded Zhang Hai from the window.

"No problem, we won't forget," Sun Kun slapped his chest and gave off an assuring smile.

Jiang Liushi nodded and then he turned to look at Xiang Xuehai. "Captain Jiang…be careful on the way." Xiang Xuehai grinned while staring at Jiang Liushi.

Suddenly, Xiang Xuehai got an inexplicable feeling from the deepest part of her heart. She was afraid of what might happen to Jiang Liushi during this trip, and she also feared that she may not see him again. She had a thousand words to get off her chest, but she was unable to speak. "Captain Jiang, take care of yourself. See you later."

Of course, Jiang Liushi could sense her emotional state through her words. "I will... come back with that boat and get rid of the mutant pufferfish." Jiang Liushi too forced some words out of his throat, which ended up as a promise.

"Yeah." Xiang Xuehai gathered her hair and nodded.

That military shipyard was hidden. It was hard for any ordinary people to find it. Fortunately, Sun Changxin remembered the route. However, that route was through a dirt road, which made it hard to drive. Thankfully Jiang Liuhsi had repaired his minibus. There was no sign of people on their way. They could only see a few plants surrounding the road. It was a strange sight.

Since the exotic virus in the frozen layers of Siberia had ravaged the entire planet, not only many people had become zombies, animals had become mutant beasts. Even the plants' growing speed was much faster than before.

Jiang Liushi's minibus passed through the northern suburbs of Jiangsu on the Suhuang Secondary Highway, and they saw many of that the buildings were covered with vines. At first, people could still look at the dirt road in front of them, but as they proceeded further, the dirt road's morphology started to change as more and more vines, weeds and many trees' roots spread all over the road. After a few hours, they could only rely on the approximate direction shown on the map.

"According to the map, it should be here. When we reach the dirt road's end, we'll have to go northeast." Sun Changxin was struggling to identify the direction around. But the road before them was quite different from what it used to be. Nobody could be sure that there would be no deviation in the road.

"Brother, this road is really quiet. There is no sign of living things," Jiang Zhuying leaning against the window observed the situation outside and said.

They had passed through a few villages earlier, so they had seen some zombies. However, they hadn't met a living thing on the road.

Suddenly, Jiang Zhuying saw some strange things not far from them."Brother, there are several abandoned cars," Jiang Zhuying said to her brother, pointing toward a certain direction. Jiang Liushi looked toward that direction, and he saw the cars.

"We should be careful," Jiang Liushi said.

Those abandoned cars were indeed strange. It was obvious that somebody had slashed the tires and destroyed some of them. Several of them had bullet marks. And the cars in the front were newer ones than the ones on the back. They hadn't been abandoned within the same time period.

"Five people are hidden inside!" Ran Xiyu's voice suddenly sounded in the minibus. "I can't sense energy fluctuations from them. It seems that they are ordinary survivors," she added.

Jiang Liushi knew that in this post-apocalyptic world there were too many teams to count that had decided to occupy mountainous areas. As long as they held the territorial advantage, they could even kill paranormals.

Originally, Jiang Liushi could use the air cannon to kill them all, but he thought it was not necessary.

"Captain, let me go," Ling silently walked behind Jiang Liushi and said.

"Okay, but be careful." Jiang Liushi nodded.

Ling was quite good at fighting under such circumstances. "Yes." Ling nodded, and then her eyes turned into a pair of green and faint cat eyes, while her fingernails turned into sharp claws. She took out a dagger and sneaked out.

In front of the hill, a few men were sitting. They were quite different from ordinary survivors. They were all ruddy. It seemed that their living conditions were pretty good. Wearing a hat, they observed Jiang Liushi's minibus in secret.

"F*ckers, what didn't they come here?" A tall man said.

"It's been so long since a car last appeared. This time a fat sheep came to us," another man said.

"I thought that after the dirt road changed, nobody would come anymore," a young spectacled man said. His deep eyes made him look very handsome

"Hey, Old Seven, I guess you went out to play with that girl, right?"

"Nothing can be done..." the young man replied.

At that moment, the tall man's smile on his face suddenly stiffened. From his heart, a sharp dagger was pulled. In dark environments, Ling was like the Grim Reaper. Her murderous movements were extremely graceful and light. She silently killed them one by one.

"Don't... don't kill me! I surrender!" It was the first time for the handsome young man with glasses, to witness such horrible deaths.

You... are you Liao Feng?" Ling's voice sounded a little weird.

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