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Chapter 381: Stealth Missile Boat

Chapter 381: Stealth Missile Boat
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Unfortunately, no matter how Liao Feng prayed, Shang Qiangjun couldn't move. He tried his best, but he could only bend his fingers. Jiang Zhuying had focused most of her attack's power on Shang Qiangjun, so there was impossible for the latter to recover fast from the electric shock.

Although Shang Qiangjun was muscular and tall, he wasn't good at close combat quarters. Shang Qiangjun's heart suddenly sank as he knew what would follow next. If he had attacked in advance, the outcome would definitely be different. Moreover, if he had a chance to relax, he could release toxins…

At that moment, a few people walked down from that minibus. Seeing those few people, Shang Qiangjun's eyes opened wide. He could feel strong energy fluctuations from the beautiful girls. As for that young man, he was holding a Type 81 gun while staring at him like an eagle. Shang Qiangjun suddenly remembered that they had looked at each other when he was observing them with the binoculars. That young man had the same expression. Undoubtedly, the young man had found him. How terrifying was that young man!?

'Don't do something that you're going to regret!' After hearing that sentence, Shang Qiangjun felt his mind was in immense pain. Suddenly, a strong spiritual force suppressed him, and he could no longer control his body.

'A paranormal with psychic abilities!?' Shang Qiangjun had heard psychic paranormals' unique abilities. However, he never expected that so many strong paranormals could be on one team! He stopped struggling immediately. If he had known all this before, he would have run as far as possible. How could he act so foolishly?

"Just leave one alive to inquire about the situation here," Jiang Liushi ordered.

As for those guys who robbed for a living, Jiang Liushi wasn't sympathetic in the least. They had committed atrocities such as indiscriminate murder and arson.

Ling dashed toward two men behind Shang Qiangjun and instantly killed them. Their bodies convulsed, and blood surged out before they left their last breaths.

"Don't... don't kill me. I can be useful! I'm a paranormal and I can control poison. My fighting power could be of help to you." Shang Qiangjun was startled by the two corpses next to him, then a shiver passed down his spin, and he shouted for mercy. "And I'm quite familiar with the nearby terrain. I've been hunting here and there…"

Jiang Liushi frowned. He didn't have any interest in his special ability. He couldn't accept this kind of person in his team. Hearing Shang Qiangjun's words, Liao Feng was quite shocked. If Shang Qiangjun could move Jiang Liushi's heart, he would be killed at once.

"Ling, don't listen to his lies. That man has committed all sorts of crimes. He ran here from Pan Zhu City. He was a wanted man. If you don't believe me, you can investigate it yourselves. I witnessed him killing someone who had recognized him when I was taking a bath! He is dangerous!" Liao Feng suddenly shouted with his eyes full of fear.

"Liao Feng!" After being exposed by Liao Feng, Shang Qiangjun was scared to death. He stared at Liao Feng fiercely. He never thought that Liao Feng would betray him!

"Just leave the baldie," Jiang Liushi said coldly.

"Why? It's…unfair! Ling, we are classmates! Please help me! Please!" Liao Feng shouted again because he didn't want to be killed. However, Ling disappeared from her spot, and the dagger passed through Liao Feng's throat relentlessly. Liao Feng's body was twitching, and his pupils gradually dimmed.

At the moment of death, Liao Feng finally realized that everything nothing was in his hands. It was just an illusion he had created. In Ling's mind, killing him was no different from squashing a bug.

"Spare no details of what you know. And tell us everything you know about Pan Zhu City… How can you get to the location marked on the map?" Jiang Liushi asked and threw a map before him. They were in need of information of Pan Zhu City.

Shang Qiangjun didn't dare to do anything funny, and he told them everything he knew. Pan Zhu City was a big city famous for mining. Before doomsday, it was the most populated city in Huyang province. However, in such a big city, there were no safe zones or bases for survivors. Three major forces occupied it, each of which was entrenched in the three major regions of Pan Zhu City, namely the Fighting Alliance, Falling Star Society and the People's Force. Among them, the Fighting Alliance and Falling Star Society were deadly rivals. People's Force was neutral and was the smallest force. Shang Qiangjun was wanted by Fighting Alliance. The eight district chiefs had all signed his arrest warrants. The rewards were three mutant nuclei and 800 pounds of mutant meat. When Jiang Liushi heard of the reward, he fell in a daze. Was the man in front of him worth so much?

However, Jiang Liushi was speechless from what followed next. Shang Qiangjun was indeed a terrible guy possessed by his crazy ideas. He had set his sights on a big warehouse, which belonged to the Fighting Alliance, as he wanted to rob it. Unfortunately, his power had gone out of control which resulted in poisoning the whole warehouse and killing all the guards, dozens of them. To make things worse, he had contaminated pounds of food as well as various other resources. Naturally, his actions had enraged the Fighting Alliance, and they searched for him everywhere. After escaping, he reached this place and occupied it. He acted as a lord.

Shang Qiangjun also honestly gave in detail the three ways to enter the city of Pan Zhu. In addition, he pointed out the original routes on that map. Jiang Liushi was happy with the information they got. It could be regarded as a pleasant surprise. Shang Qiangjun not only gave them useful information, but he also revealed a secret route leading to Pan Zhu City. In case Shi Ying Squad didn't know how to get to Pan Zhu City, this secret route would be very convenient.

"I've told you everything I know, so can you let me go?" Shang Qiangjun asked cautiously.

"Ling, handle him," Jiang Liushi said and didn't even look at Shang Qiangjun. That man was very wicked, so Jiang Liushi had no sympathy for him. Hearing Jiang Liushi's words, Shang Qiangjun's heart sank. He had already guessed Jiang Liushi's cruel answer.

"Since you aren't letting me go, you leave me no other choice!" Although his body was paralyzed, his face suddenly bulged like a frog's. His body was inflated everywhere, issuing some strange sounds at the same time.

At that moment, Shang Qiangjun's mind buzzed, and a sharp stinging pain came. "Psychic paranormal? F*ckers…"

Shang Qiangjun kept struggling until the final moment. But then he was suppressed and fell into a coma. A cold light flashed, and his neck was cut open.

"All solved, Captain." Ling wiped the dagger on a big tree next to her. Shang Qiangjun's blood was very toxic, and sizzling sounds came from the tree as its skin started to get dry.

"We can't delay any longer. We have to leave at once!" Jiang Liushi ordered. Everyone in Wu Shui County was waiting for them…

After knowing the specific direction, the dark night could not hinder Ying's sight. Jiang Liushi's minibus was equipped with the V-shaped ram, slamming over the heavy trees along the way, and they quickly advanced to the downstream. More than three hours later, the stream suddenly reached its end.

Jiang Liushi faintly heard the sound of distant rolling water! And then he saw an abandoned port by the river. There were a large factory and a power distribution sub-station above the port. On the riverside, there was a stranded steel freighter. There were no brands in front of the factory, but high walls and barbed wire around the building, as well as a guard post.

Finally, they arrived at the military shipyard. Jiang Liushi was excited. Ying drove for a while and finally stopped in front of the factory. The gate of the shipyard was locked tightly with iron locks that were as thick as a child's arm. Jiang Liushi believed that it would take them some time to get inside through normal means, so he decided to act a little wild. As a result, Ying stepped on the gas and rushed toward the gate.


A deafening sound came, and that gate was hit open directly. The headlights of the minibus illuminated all the things in front of them. A shipbuilding assembly workshop as well as sail rigging, armoring and other shipyard facilities appeared in front of everyone.

As the minibus was driven in the huge shipyards, they did not even see one body along the road. Some areas were empty. It was evident that the shipyard's soldiers had removed the precision machinery. The military had probably transferred most of the shipyard's equipment and abandoned it before the outbreak.

Jiang Liushi's heart sank, if the 022 stealth missile boat had also been moved, then all would have been for naught.

"There is no ship in the shipyard. Let's go out and see." After a while, Jiang Liushi ordered Ying to drive directly toward the only freighter in the port.

As soon as they reached the port, he noticed on the outer side of the freighter was a concealed location with a ten-meter long ship. Blue double-bodied type, high radar masts equipped with data antennae...

Jiang Liushi's heart almost skipped a bit from excitement. Although he had never seen that kind of boat, he guessed that it was the 022 stealth missile boat! However, in order to further confirm, Jiang Liushi decided to embark on the ship. Ling followed him, but he ordered the others to stay on the minibus.

Compared with the huge freighter, the missile boat looked quite small. However, after actually stepping on the missile boat's steel deck, Jiang Liushi looked away to observe carefully this steel monster, which was more than 40 meters long and more than ten meters wide. It was indeed cool. Because of the heavy rains of the past few days, there was water on the deck of the ship, and moss was growing inside.

'Brother Jiang, be careful! There is something!' Suddenly Ran Xiyu's warning sounded in his head.

At that moment, the wind whistled behind him. Jiang Liushi was on full alert. He jumped and turned back with two Type 54 pistols in his hands. Aiming to that direction, he found a strange fish about three or four meters jumping beside him.

'Water monster!'

Jiang Liushi shot several times, and then several holes appeared on the strange water monster's body while it was still in the air. After that, it fell heavily back into the dark water.

'Xiyu, any movements in the cabin?' Jiang Liushi asked from his mind.

'No, I didn't detect other fluctuations, but you have to be careful of the water. There are a lot of red lights...' Ran Xiyu said.

Hearing her answer, Jiang Liushi felt quite happy. And then he went inside to check its structure and equipment… After checking everything, Jiang Liushi felt relieved.

'Ying!' Jiang Liushi called Ying from his mind. He had left all the mutant nuclei in the minibus, so when Yong received Jiang Liushi's order, she quickly placed a mutant nucleus into the minibus' groove.

'Starseed, start scanning the 022 stealth missile boat for the MCV's third form!' Jiang Liushi shouted loudly in his head.