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Chapter 382: The MCV“s Third Form

Chapter 382: The MCV's Third Form
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'Scanning progress: 60%... 70%...' The cold sound of Starseed echoed in Jiang Liushi's mind.

He jumped ashore from the deck and said to Ling, "We should go back now!"

Hearing his words, Ling felt very confused. She had thought that the whole point of coming was for the sake of the boat right in front of them. But they not only had they done anything, but they were also about to leave too. Anyhow, Ling didn't ask. After all, Jiang Liushi was the captain, and she should follow his orders. It didn't take long for the two to return.

Then, Starseed's could voice sounded in Jiang Liushi's mind, 'The scan has been completed. The MCV's third form is now available. This model combines the fundamental characteristics of the 022 stealth missile boat with the minibus…'

In the darkness, nobody noticed that the 022 stealth missile boat had disappeared. Upon returning to his minibus, Jiang Liushi noticed that everyone's eyes were fixed on him.

"Brother, what's wrong? Why did we hear gunshots just now?" Jiang Zhuying asked urgently.

She wanted to go and help, but before she could do that, Jiang Liushi and Ling had already returned.

"Nothing! It was a water monster, which is dead now." Jiang Liushi sighed.

"Did you find that stealth missile boat?" Jiang Zhuying asked again. It was obvious that everyone in the minibus wanted to ask the same question.

"Yes. We found it." Jiang Liushi just nodded.

He couldn't really go into detail about the process. It would sound crazy and amazing at the same time. Moreover, Sun Changxin was not a part of the team…

As a result, he went to the cab directly. Ying got up quickly and sat down to the co-pilot seat. As soon as he sat in the cab, Jiang Liushi drove his minibus to the river directly and then the front wheels were submerged in the river.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi gave a mental command, and two buttons emerged in the dashboard. One of the buttons was black while the other was navy blue. He pushed the blue button without hesitation.

'Switching to the MCV's third form, stealth missile boat!'

Suddenly, Jiang Liushi felt a strange wave rushing through the minibus' bottom. And then the minibus' image appeared in his mind as its interior started changing rapidly. The interior space expanded and the field of vision also kept rising. The cab, which originally had been connected to the car, turned into a sealed bridge with an aluminum alloy structure.

Complicated buttons appeared on the densely packed consoles. The steering wheel disappeared, and it was replaced by a steel helm…

Everything in it, including the handbrake, manual lever, and instrument panel had all changed. In the holographic image, the appearance of the minibus had also changed. The thin alloy shell had disappeared. Instead, a thick steel plate deck and blue aluminum alloy hull had taken its place. Shortly afterward, a low-lying, flat, smooth and simple line of wave-piercing stealth missile boat equipped with anti-aircraft guns and anti-ship missile launchers appeared in the holographic image.

Inside the missile boat, Jiang Zhuying's eyes widened in surprise and she stared at everything around them…

She could not see her brother and Ying anymore. Through the window, she could clearly see the metal deck and the ship's railings outside… The minibus had transformed into a boat… What happened?

"Oh, this must be my brother's special ability…" Jiang Zhuying shouted.

Jiang Liushi had a kind of mysterious mechanical modification ability, and that incredible minibus was his masterpiece. Jiang Zhuying had experienced several times the minibus' transformation into the mining truck. Although she knew that the minibus was powerful, she never expected that it could transform into a stealth missile boat.

"Brother, your special ability has improved again!" Jiang Zhuying shouted excitedly. Actually, Jiang Zhuying was proud of her brother all the time. The more powerful her brother was, the happier she would be.

Li Yuxin and Ran Xiyu were even more flabbergasted than before. After all, the minibus had now the ability to traverse on water through its boat form. How cool was that!? They also guessed that Jiang Liushi's mysterious special ability had improved.

However, Sun Changxin was totally shocked by this thing. "My God, where did the minibus go?" Sun Changxin rubbed his eyes and thought that he was having a hallucination. He felt it was incredible, just like a dream.

"Old Sun, do not be nervous. This is my brother's special ability, super mechanical conversion ability!" Jiang Zhuying in fact only had a vague idea of her brother's special ability. Watching Sun Changxin's stunned look, Jiang Zhuying revealed a playful smile.

"Such an amazing special ability?" Sun Changxin couldn't fathom it.

He had met many paranormals in Yang Feng's military camp, but he had never met someone like this. Sun Changxin just shook his head. He believed in science even in this terrible post-apocalyptic world. However, some of the principles he believed in had started to change after doomsday's continuous impacts.

After seeing something, he was even more surprised. He knew in his heart where they were. They were in a 022 stealth missile boat!


The stealth missile boat got into the water. Suddenly the metal monster created a high wall of water in the rolling river. The sound of the water covered all others sound. The stealth missile boat slammed on several huge fish swimming in the water and killed them. Then, a few other huge fish approached to eat their carcasses.

"It's so powerful," Jiang Liushi could see everything that was happening through his connection with Ying.

A sense of satisfaction took over him when the stealth missile boat killed the huge fish. Generally speaking, they could only kill the monstrous fish with a rifle. But in front of the ship, they were as fragile as glass.

Jiang Liushi was happy and full of confidence. The MCV's third form also retained many functions of the minibus, such as the power system. They could go everywhere they wanted now. Even the mutant pufferfish lurking around Wu Shui County would pose no threat to them.

Every data related to the MCV, as well as holographic images, appeared in Jiang Liushi's mind.

'The MCV's amphibious form has been activated. This form integrates the missile boat and minibus' basic functions. The data is as follows:

Ship type: Stealth missile boat

Standard displacement: 220 tons

Full displacement load: 250 tons

Captain length: 41.6 meters

Conduit width: 12.2 meters

Draft: 1.4 meters

Occupants: 12

Fuel: Diesel

Engine: SII water jet propeller

Maximum speed: 60 knots.

Power: 6133kw

Avionics system: Search Radar (lack of core material, unusable), Optoelectronic fire control instrument (lack of core material, unusable)

Shipboard weapon: AK-630 small-caliber automatic anti-aircraft gun for one. YJ-83 anti-ship missile launcher two groups (lack of core material, unusable)

Function: Acceleration, Collision, Secondary storage space function, Air Cannon, Gunner room, Flamethrower, Bulletproof glass reinforcement.

Note: The explosion-proof tires cannot be used in this mode, and the Collision Ram function is not available…'

"Excellent!" Jiang Liushi was quite excited. The 022-type stealth missile boat was indeed great!

Jiang Liushi felt quite satisfied with it. Although the radars and YJ-83 anti-ship missile launchers could not be used due to lack of core materials, the other functions were already enough.

At the beginning of doomsday, he had tried his best to find an ordinary minibus. At that time, he had never thought he could get his hands on a stealth missile boat.

Its automatic anti-aircraft cannon would absolutely be able to turn zombies into Swiss cheese. After all, its main use was to deal with planes. In this flooded terrain, only this stealth missile boat could help them. However, it could only be used in water, and its fuel consumption was monstrous. Jiang Liushi felt happy that he had stored enough diesel in advance.

However, Jiang Liushi was still worried. That mutant level 2+ pufferfish was terrible. Jiang Liushi wondered whether the ship's strength was enough. And then he opened the panel and saw a series of upgrade options. He had previously reserved many rare metals. Xiang Xuehai had also given him a lot of materials.

'Enhance the hull with level-1 special alloy!'

'Strengthening the power system!' Jiang Liushi ordered. He wanted to make the new stealth missile boat very powerful.

In his mind, the ideal ship had to be really quick and tough. Their boat should be able to run fast enough in the water if they wanted to survive. Although the strengthening of the power system would increase the fuel consumption again, Jiang Liushi didn't worry about this at all. He had predicted that the fuel consumption would only increase, so he had stored a lot of diesel in advance.

The two enhancement projects took him a total of eight nuclei, but it did not matter. He had obtained 12 mutant nuclei. However, those mutant nuclei just made him feel generous at the moment. In fact, he selected a few parts to be transformed. In order to strengthen the ship's defenses, every square meter of special level-1 alloy required a mutant nucleus. As a result, Jiang Liushi just chose to strengthen the frontal parts.

In the upgrade options, Jiang Liushi also saw many new projects. The first was related to some functions, which were in lack of materials, such as radars, photoelectric fire control device, YJ-83 anti-ship missile launcher and so on.

Jiang LIushi estimated that those functions were in need of materials because the ship was incomplete. Its construction had come to a halt after the virus outbreak.

'Starseed, add the artificial operating system of the AK-630 gun artillery, and integrate this system with the small gunner room!' Jiang Liushi finally ordered.

That artificial operating system was of great use to him. The missile boat's most powerful weapon was the AK-630 anti-aircraft gun, but this kind of weapon needed the operation between photoelectric fire control instrument and the computer.

'The item's transformation is complex, and it requires three level-1 mutant nuclei,' Starseed mentioned.

'Start the transformation!' Jiang Liushi said in his mind.