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Chapter 387: Explosion

Chapter 387: Explosion

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Rubbish mixed with the floodwater such as rocks, rubbish bins, and abandoned cars fell on the surface of the water near the missile boat and created violent waves of water. The mutant pufferfish was completely angered by the missile boat and chased after it. The eight claws turned like a windmill and took turns grabbing whatever they found and threw them at the missile boat.

Jiang Liushi found that the mutant pufferfish had an ability similar to that mutant zombie. It could also lead other small water monsters. The water monsters came from every direction one after the other. Miners, strange fishes and other things hit continuously toward the missile boat.

Jiang Liushi felt glad about his earlier decision, reinforcing the missile boat's shell with the special alloy. The little water monsters could not damage the special alloy at all.

In the cabin of the missile boat, it was equally embarrassing. Every time the hull turned, a violent shaking movement would follow. Sun Changxin felt dizzy. Ran Xiyu, Ling and Jiang Zhuying felt weak. Only Li Yuxin was still faring well. Compared with physical discomfort, inner tension made them feel more difficult for them to breathe. Through the porthole, they could all see that mutant pufferfish, which was rapidly catching up. Its large body and densely wounded head brought severe psychological pressure to everyone.

At that moment, they all secretly prayed that Jiang Liushi could kill that monster.

"You piece of sh*t!" Jiang Liushi was forced to curse.

He had been driving the missile boat with the mutant pufferfish in hot pursuit for more than half an hour. However, he still didn't know how to deal with this monster. He had used the AK-630 again and wasted two rounds on that monster but to no avail. He only achieved to make the mutant monster angrier.

Jiang Liushi felt really helpless. He only had around 1,000 bullets left, which would last him for 20 seconds. In Jiang Liushi's original calculations, the perverted cannon's destructive and penetrative power would have been enough to turn the mutant pufferfish into Swiss cheese. However, the pufferfish's vitality and tenacity were beyond his expectations. Even if it had any weaknesses, its thick flesh was covering them. Although the bullets could penetrate its flesh, it could quickly heal itself.

'Where is the monster's weakness? I cannot find it. Could it be that its vitality is strong that it has no weaknesses!?' Jiang Liushi drove the missile boat crazily.

At the same time, he thought carefully, 'Where could it be?'

Suddenly, a strange glint flashed through the mutant pufferfish's angry eyes.


A large amount of blue-violet viscous liquid was shot a hundred meter away from the monster's mouth. The missile boat did not have enough time to dodge, and many parts of the hull were suddenly splashed with viscous liquid.

'Warning: Severe corrosive liquid has been splashed on the vessel. The alloy's durability has been reduced to 70%...'

'Warning: The aluminum alloy deck has been hit by the corrosive liquid. The alloy's durability has been reduced to 40%. It needs to be repaired...'

'Warning: The aluminum alloy cabin has been hit by the corrosive liquid. The alloy's durability has been reduced to 40%. It needs to be repaired...'

Starseed's warnings sounded in Jiang Liushi's mind constantly.

In the hologram of the missile boat in his mind, there was a terrifying picture. As long as the hull of the missile boat was exposed to the mutant pufferfish's viscous fluid, it would be burnt with white smoke. Some aluminum alloy parts of the hull had even been corroded to the point that holes had appeared.

Jiang Liushi was astounded this time. In general, pufferfish carried a neurotoxin. However, he didn't expect that the mutant pufferfish could be so terrible. This kind of strong corrosiveness was absolutely far better than the highly corrosive aqua regia...

Jiang Liushi could not help but shout in his heart that he had underestimated the mutant pufferfish!

'Accelerate!' Jiang Liushi launched sprint function once again. He wanted to get rid of that mutant pufferfish as soon as possible.

'Sooner or later, the diesel will be consumed!' Jiang Liushi thought, and then he became nervous. If he had enough bullets and diesel, he believed that he could kill this terrible mutant pufferfish. However, they were not enough. He needed more powerful firepower, the deadliest kind!

Suddenly, a flash of lightning struck his mind. If he needed the ultimate power, there was actually one more thing that met his requirements.

That should be the blood nucleus 1 which was located in the storage space! Jiang Liushi had acquired that blood nucleus when he had met the first mutant zombie. He hadn't used it at all and cherished it. It was the agglutination of the mutant zombie's essence. It contained terrific pure energy inside. If he shot that thing out, its devastating power could easily surpass that of the AK-630's bullets.

An idea popped in Jiang Liushi's mind. 'Just do it!'

The missile boat's AK-630 was launched again, and numerous destructive bullets were shot!

The mutant pufferfish roared after being hit. It was infuriated! Suddenly, its instincts warned it that something bad was about to happen. This time, the attack lasted much longer than the other ones, and it was already in immense pain. The gunshots had smashed its flesh, and the bullets had penetrated it deeper. It could feel that it was in danger, so it dove into the water to avoid the hail of bullets.

"Xiyu!" Jiang Liushi shouted.

Ran Xiyu had been preparing to fight all this time. She gathered every ounce of her spiritual power and unleashed a heavy suppressive attack on the mutant pufferfish.

The mutant pufferfish was a monster, which was close to level-3. It was not only physically powerful but also its mental defenses were powerful. Generally speaking, Ran Xiyu's ability could completely stop an enemy for a few seconds. However, the mutant pufferfish was momentarily stunned, before it broke free from Ran Xiyu's restraints.

But for Jiang Liushi, that slight pause was enough. He shot every bullet he had and was only left with the blood nucleus, which he placed in the barrel. In a flash, Jiang Liushi's mind became highly concentrated, and everything in front of him slowed down. That moment, he used his brain's nerves to the limit and accurately captured every detail regarding the mutant pufferfish. The mutant pufferfish had expanded itself, and at the same time, the abdominal wounds had also been expanded. Among the large and small wounds, Jiang Liushi suddenly saw a snowish color in the deepest wound. That was the color of fat!

The deepest part of its abdomen had a layer of special fat, which was more than one foot thick. The fat was the mutant pufferfish's last line of defenses.

"It's there!" Jiang Liushi shouted.

Suddenly, the gunpowder's force pushed the blood nucleus out of the barrel, and it struck the wound where the fat was exposed. After the blood nucleus entered, it seemed like a raging flame had exploded in the most violent way. It was the mutant zombie's accumulated essence. The flames produced by the explosion were extremely hot, and in an instant, the mutant pufferfish's layers of fat were burned or melted.

After shooting that blood nucleus, Jiang Liushi quickly steered the missile boat and fled at top speed.

The mutant pufferfish's huge body turned rigid, and then it let out an anguished howl. Its anguished howl resembled a wave attack, and Jiang Liushi's ears were buzzing.

He witnessed the monster's body turning red, especially its abdomen, as the raging fire was burning it from the inside rapidly.

Finally, its large dilatable sac exploded!

Countless burning chunks of fat mixed with parts of flesh flew and landed in every direction. Many of the burning fish parts landed on the missile boat's deck.

"It's over?"

Jiang Liushi, who was observing from the small gunner room, had a very unrealistic feeling.