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Chapter 388: I Care About You

Chapter 388: I Care About You
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"Successful?! My brother, he got rid of the monster!" Jiang Zhuying blinked her eyes and said excitedly.

Everyone had been observing the situation through windows. They were thrilled.

Li Yuxin showed her beautiful smile and said to Ran Xiyu, "Xiyu, I will help you recover."

The mutant pufferfish could be killed because of the perfect cooperation between Jiang Liushi and Ran Xiyu. Her spiritual power was always monitoring the water monsters. Every action of that mutant pufferfish had been monitored by him. As a result, the power consumption was very intense.

"Captain Jiang is a great savior. Wu Shui County's owe him a lot! Well done. Without this monster, I can take a bunch of young men to drain the floodwater!" Sun Changxin excitedly watched the burning fish parts on the deck. There was hope again.

'Finally, the terrible monster is dead. However, those fish…a pity…' Seeing burning fish, Jiang Liushi felt it was a pity. This mutant pufferfish was a level 2+ monster. As a result, its meat was definitely rich in nutrition.


Suddenly a few jets of water came from the water, and few water monsters with bodies of fish and snake tails rushed toward those fish parts. A group of little water monsters swallowed the fish parts while stirring splashes of water on the surface. But soon, these jubilant little monsters slowed down one by one and let out strange growls. And then one by one, they suddenly turned white and motionless.

'This...' Seeing that scene, Jiang Liushi was shocked. He intended to collect some fish parts to store. However, he didn't expect that the mutant pufferfish's meat was actually highly toxic!

Before doomsday, he had heard that pufferfish's meat was toxic. Some parts of the pufferfish had lethal neurotoxins, and the mutant pufferfish was obviously more poisonous. Maybe the toxins were soaked in the flesh. That's why all the little water monsters died after eating its meat. But even so, those little water monsters all took up the positions of the fallen and rose to fight one after another. That mutant pufferfish was a 2+ level monster. Naturally, its flesh attracted many ordinary monsters.

Not long after, in the flooded area near the missile boat, lots of water monsters had turned white.

'Detected level 2+ energy fluctuations...' Starseed's cold voice suddenly sounded in Jiang Liushi's mind.

Jiang Liushi became quite excited as he had not collected the monster's level 2+ mutant nucleus. Actually, it was quite important for him. It was one of the main reasons he had wanted to kill the mutant pufferfish. Fortunately, the missile boat had locked on that mutant nucleus. And lots of little water monsters had been killed by that mutant pufferfish, so there was no great danger underwater.

Jiang Liushi took a deep breath and then jumped into the water and swam toward the mutant pufferfish's huge body. Jiang Liushi's blood at the moment carried a lot of oxygen. There was no feeling of turbulence in underwater activities at all. After diving under the water, near the mutant pufferfish's body, he drew a sharp dagger. That mutant nucleus was located below the mutant pufferfish's head. A lot of accumulated fat was in that area, and there were also several large bullet wounds. He put his dagger in violently!


Just then, Zhang Hai vaguely heard the sound of the explosion, and soon he saw lots of smoke.

"What a big explosion! Brother Jiang must have killed that monster!" Zhang Hai said. And his eyes were full of expectations.

Luo Junjiang and other paranormals were standing beside him. They were quite different from Zhang Hai. Actually, after seeing the flaming scene, Luo Junjiang became suspicious and nervous.

"I hope so." Luo Junjiang sighed. He didn't know why Zhang Hai was so proud and confident. In his mind, it was quite difficult for him to judge what had happened.

By that moment, the rain had already stopped. It was late afternoon. There were already a few red clouds in the stacked clouds. It seemed that the next days would get sunny.

However, this changing weather couldn't bring joy to Wu Shui County's survivors. They had all heard that terrifying explosion. Many of them had the same thought with Luo Junjiang. They hoped that Jiang Liushi had killed the huge water monster, but they were worried.

Some women were holding children in their arms. When the children started crying, they seemed indifferent as all of their attention was focused on the explosion's direction.

The entire city's atmosphere was depressing and tense. If the missile boat was the one which had exploded, then that meant Wu Shui County's last hope had been completely destroyed.

Xiang Xuehai was sitting alone on the roof of the three-story building. At this time, she knew that everyone in Wu Shui County was like her and waited quietly for the final result.

'Jiang Liushi, I care about you!' Xiang Xuehai thought.

"Fish, a lot of dead fish!" The survivors with sharp eyes looked at the floodwater and shouted pointing in the direction.

"A lot of water monsters also died." Some other surprised people shouted. They looked closely and sure enough what they saw was true. The dense bodies of fish were like some kind of ominous sign, which gave them a chilling feeling/

Why were all those water monsters dead? They have no natural enemies in this flooded area.

At that moment, the survivors at the hillside suddenly burst into excitement.

In their sights, an excellent missile boat slowly appeared with a huge fish carcass tied in its end with a chain. That fish had a hollow stomach, and only a small part of it was left, but it was still seven or eight meters long. Behind the fish's body followed lots of little water monsters jumping around. Everyone saw it clearly.

Could that huge fish corpse be the water monster that had been terrorizing them all this time?

Wu Shui County's survivors were impressed after seeing the mutant pufferfish's giant had and it. Presently, its head resembled a honeycomb, and its body was mostly incomplete. It was actually dead!

Seeing the missile boat and the body of that huge water monster, the shouts of excitement at the hillside became louder.

"Shi Ying Squad was successful. They have killed that monster! We are safe!" One survivor was too excited, and he cried loudly on the ground.

"Hahaha, it's my Brother Jiang! I believed that he could kill that water monster," Zhang Hai said proudly. And then he looked at Luo Junjiang. As a member of Shi Ying Squad, Zhang Hai was quite happy. However, it was a pity for him that he didn't join that fighting.

Xiang Xuehai stared at the missile boat with watery eyes. She felt sour in her nose, but she had a sense of security. Jiang Liushi had once again created a miracle and protected her and all other survivors in Wu Shui County, saving tens of thousands of lives.

The missile boat slammed into the waves and quickly reached Wu Shui County. When they were near the city gate, Jiang Liushi and others have jumped ashore. On the shore, many survivors were waiting for them.

"Captain Jiang, we thank you."

"Captain Jiang, thank you. We all thank you for killing that water monster. You saved us all." Everyone shouted. One could feel how grateful they were by the tone of their voices.

Jiang Liushi had been completely surrounded by the crowd. They were expressing their gratitude in various words.

For the first time, Jiang Liushi had encountered such a situation. He could feel that the gratitude from the surrounding people was coming from their hearts. Unknowingly, many survivors had given him many of their possessions such as a piece of cake or hammer. Although those things were very simple, the whole process moved Jiang Liushi.

"Thank you. But please give those things to others." Jiang Liushi gave these things to some children.

Jiang Zhuying and others were also surrounded by survivors with gratitude.

"Captain Jiang, should we find someone to help you clean up the mutant fish and cook it?" Luo Junjiang squeezed into the crowd and said. He saw the mutant pufferfish hanging behind the missile boat, and he felt envious.

Shi Ying Squad deliberately pulled the corpse back. If he helped, he might gain some benefits.

Jiang Liushi answered quickly, "Captain Luo, the meat cannot be eaten. Its flesh and blood are highly toxic. I brought it back to lure the nearby little water monsters."

Hearing Jiang Liushi's words, Luo Junjiang was shocked.

"Captain Jiang, more than 10,000 survivors in Wu Shui County, will be grateful to you this time." The raging crowd opened up a path.

Xiang Xuehai came from the split crowd and looked at Jiang Liushi with a smile. "Boss Xiang, you are too polite. Besides, you've helped me a lot. Without the diesel and materials that you and the Wu Shui County's survivors provided me, I'm afraid I couldn't be standing here now." He knew that his missile boat would not be there without the materials that Xiang Xuehai had given him. Jiang Liushi remembered those details very clearly.

Jiang Liushi carefully looked at Xiang Xuehai. A few days ago, she was still looking normal. She was full of energy, and she had a kind of special beauty. At the moment, Xiang Xuehai's face was pale and looked rather embarrassed.

"Boss Xiang, it must have been hard on you the past few days. If it were not for you, Wu Shui County would already have fallen. The one they should be thanking first is you," Jiang Liushi said.

"Brother Jiang, you are right. Boss Xiang hasn't rested all these days. I admire her very much," Sun Kun couldn't help but interrupt.

During these days, he was really admiring Xiang Xuehai's firmness. If Xiang Xuehai hadn't tried her best, the city would not be like that.

"Wu Shui County is my home. It's the least I could do," Xiang Xuehai said with a faint smile.

"Captain Jiang, let's talk inside," Xiang Xuehai said.

"Okay." Jiang Liushi nodded and followed Xiang Xuehai toward the small building where she was.

"Well, Captain Jiang, I have sent people to arrange hot water and hot meals. You must be tired after killing that monster. It's better to take a shower and eat something, right?" Xiang Xuehai added and nodded.

"Thank you. But there's no need."

Xiang Xuehai suddenly thought about the facilities in Jiang Liushi's minibus.

"Yeah." Xiang Xuehai nodded. She was really grateful to Jiang Liushi, but she didn't know what to do for them.

"Boss Xiang, actually I really need your help. I still need some materials," said Jiang Liushi. And then he gave a list of the metals he needed.

Xiang Xuehai suddenly smiled. "We have most of the materials you need. Some of them are in the warehouse. Captain Jiang, I will guide you."

"Excellent." Jiang Liushi thought and laughed. He admired Xiang Xuehai. It was undoubtedly a pleasant feeling having her lead the way to the warehouse.