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Chapter 390: Energy Laboratory

Chapter 390: Energy Laboratory

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'Energy Laboratory progress: 70%. 10 minutes to be completed…'

'Energy Laboratory progress: 80%. 4 minutes to be completed…'

'Di-', a gentle sound came. Jiang Liushi was attracted and opened his eyes.

'The energy laboratory has been constructed. The host can now choose to configure the evolution crystal. The MCV's current model is the basic type, which can be used to configure level-1 evolutionary crystals…'

Jiang Liushi carefully listened to Starseed's explanation. He was quite happy because even though the evolutionary crystals he could create were level-1, they were a lot more advanced than the military.

One evolutionary crystal could provide the energy required for a normal paranormal to fight for five days. If ordinary people could consume this kind of evolutionary crystal, their physical fitness would greatly be enhanced. If they kept consuming such a crystal, their combat effectiveness could be compared favorably with paranormal.

However, when the MCV was upgraded to a higher-level, the energy laboratory could produce more excellent and powerful evolutionary crystals. In order to create a level-1 evolutionary crystal, a level-1 mutant nucleus or 500kg of mutant meat were needed.

'It's quite expensive, but it's really a good thing,' Jiang Liushi said in his mind.

Nothing needed to be said about the evolutionary crystals' benefits. At the same time, it had an exciting benefit; it could transform energy. In this terrible post-apocalyptic world, it was quite difficult for them to store lots of mutant meat. No matter how good the storage technology was, the energy contained in the mutant meat would be reduced. In other words, a lot of waste was inevitable. However, the evolutionary crystals could help to store the mutant meat's energy, eliminating waste.

For Jiang Liushi, it was a great benefit. He had stored a lot of mutant meat. The amount he had not only took up space but also had less energy.

Jiang Liushi decided to store the freshest mutant meat and transform the rest of the meat into high-purity evolutionary crystals.

'It's a pity that the mutant nucleus has been used up; otherwise, I could get several evolutionary crystals at once…Zhuying's ability is about to reach the edge of evolution…Ran Xiyu's spiritual power also…as long as they have evolutionary crystals, everything will be better…' Jiang Liushi thought.

Jiang Liushi knew that by constructing the energy laboratory, he had obtained a rare treasure. Not only could he use the evolutionary crystals to enhance his team, but he could also even exchange them with other teams for resources. Since a single crystal's energy purity was higher than those made by the military, it could be sold at high speed.

"Di-" Suddenly a clear sound came again, which attracted Jiang Liushi's attention again.

'25% of the level 2+ mutant nucleus has been preserved, which is in line with the conditions for starting MCV's (Type I) evolution. To activate the evolution, three level-2 mutant nuclei, or one level-3 mutant nucleus, are needed… Will the host proceed with the MCV's evolution, or not?'

Hearing that question, Jiang Liushi was shocked totally. His MCV could be evolved? Jiang Liushi's heart suddenly jumped quickly.

Ying had said that one level-2 mutant nucleus was enough to activate the energy laboratory. Later when he had used a level-2 blood nucleus, the energy laboratory's construction had reached 30%. As a result, it was quite normal that some energy had remained. Unexpectedly, this level 2+ mutant nucleus had brought him a big surprise. The current MCV was just an ordinary one, which was equivalent to a level-0 MCV.

At that moment, he noticed Starssed's notification, MCV (Type I), which was a totally different model of MCV. No matter if it were functions such as Collision or laboratories, they were just some small projects of an ordinary minibus. If his minibus could be improved to a new type, it would obtain a qualitative change. But now he did not have any mutant nuclei at all. Moreover, he was still short of some materials such as thorium, zirconium, and hafnium.

Meeting such a circumstance, Jiang Liushi felt it was quite a pity. However, there was still hope.

"Another big fish was caught. Hahaha- The meat of that poisonous fish is quite useful." Outside the MCV, the survivors' cheers came. After some people caught a few big fish, many survivors imitated them.

Hearing those cheers, Jiang Lishi's eyes lit up, revealing a smile.

According to the current conditions, in fact, he could create evolution crystals. Although the mutant pufferfish's meat was poisonous, it still came from a level 2+ mutant monster. Its body contained a lot of energy. As a result, it could be used to make evolution crystals. As for the toxins inside, the energy lab could nullify them.

"Sun Kun and Zhang Hai, hurry and go to collect the remaining mutant pufferfish's meat. Transport it to our minibus." Jiang Liushi said to them urgently. Only half of the meat was left, but it was at least nearly 800 pounds.

Sun Kun was surprised by this order. They wondered what Jiang Liushi wanted to do, but they didn't dare doubt Jiang Liushi's decisions. And then they acted immediately.

While Jiang Liushi was trying his best to find out more about the minibus, Sun Changxin also began to make an anti-flooding plan. He summoned a large number of people and began to wave sandbags, searching for abandoned cars, and large ships…

The old expert's anti-flooding plan could be described as very large and rigorous. The first step was quite important. That is, to block the dam of Fu Yang River. Only after the broken dam was repaired, using old vehicles and sandbags, etc. to fill the gaps and slowly repair the broken dam, could they continue.

Xiang Xuehai heard the old water conservancy expert's plan and felt was delighted. Of course, she would give strong support to make it happen. The entire Wu Shui County, up and down, began to operate as a huge machine. Everyone tried their best to help.

Shi Ying Squad started preparing for the next journey, inspecting guns and ammunition, polishing tools and collecting resources...

Zhang Hai and all the others knew that their next destination would be Pan Zhu City, which was much larger than where they currently were. The two most critical points were that the military's presence was nonexistent and there were no safe areas. In other words, it was a lawless region. They had to do their best to prepare.

At dawn, Shi Ying Squad was ready to leave. Many tired survivors stopped and surrounded the minibus's sides. They all knew that Shi Ying Squad will leave Wu Shui County.

"Are we going to leave now?" Jiang Zhuying rubbed her eyebrows and put down her iPad. Through the window, she could see the densely-packed survivors outside. Had all come to say goodbye.

"Yes, it's time for us to go." Jiang Liushi walked over and rubbed Jiang Zhuying's head.

Jiang Zhuying looked silently out of the window. She had an inexplicable feeling in her heart. She was slightly sad.

'Uh?' Outside the window, she saw a familiar figure. Sun Changxin, was wearing a straw hat on his head and held a hoe in his hand. He waved to say goodbye in the direction she was in. The old man wiped his eyes and turned back to lead a group of young survivors to work.

Jiang Zhuying also waved in the direction of the elder. "Old Sun, take care of yourself,' she said quietly in her heart.

At that time, she also saw another person in the crowd. "Brother, Xiang Xuehai is here." Jiang Zhuying pulled Jiang Liushi's hand suddenly.

Xiang Xuehai stood alone on a building's roof. She was wearing a sky-blue dress. In Jiang Liushi's eyes, Xiang Xuehai seemed like a beautiful flower in the wind.

"Well, let's go." Jiang Liushi moved his eyes away from Xiang Xuehai and said to Ying.


The minibus rushed out quickly and headed north of Wu Shui County. In that direction, there was a shortcut to the city of Pan Zhu.

Xiang Xuehai kept staring at that direction for a long time.

"Boss Xiang, this is what Captain Jiang gave me to hand over to you." At that moment, Luo Junjiang came and said, holding a small box in his hand.

Xiang Xuehai was a bit surprised. When she opened the box, she saw a red gem, like a diamond, lying quietly. Xiang Xuehai could feel the energy fluctuation inside.

'This... is an evolution crystal!?' Xiang Xuehai said in her mind. As a paranormal, she knew clearly about the energy it contained.

Luo Junjiang could also sense it. His breathing became quick, and he rubbed his eyes all the time. He knew it was said that a thousand pounds of mutant meat could just produce one!

In northern Jiangsu, no one could get their hands on evolution crystals. In other words, the evolution crystal was very precious. Unexpectedly, Jiang Liushi had given one to Xiang Xuehai!

"He...is really kind…" Xiang Xuehai picked up the red crystal. A warm current enveloped her heart. She knew why Jiang Liushi had let Luo Junjiang bring it to her.

With her fingers tightly closed, she lifted her head and looked in the direction of Jiang Liushi's minibus.

'Jiang Liushi, take care of yourself. Don't forget your promise...'