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Chapter 391: Evolutionary Crystal

Chapter 391: Evolutionary Crystal
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The distance between Wu Shui County and Pan Zhu City was about 500 kilometers, with a river separating them. In the early days of doomsday, humans had destroyed several major river-crossing bridges.

The route that Jiang Liushi had chosen was the one that the wanted criminal, Shang Qiangjun, had revealed. It was remote and relatively safe, and they did not need to pass through any county or flooded areas. They just needed to go through some mountains and a few streams.

Jiang Liushi's minibus was driven out of Wu Shui County, and then all the roads were full of wild weeds and trees.

It was already fall. After a few days of rain, the autumn tiger finally made its mark. The hot sun in the sky was hanging high, and the hot air was like a fire. Inside the MCV, a temperature control device was used, so it was very cool.

'Repair status: Completed. Bullet-proof tires have been strengthened…bullet-proof glass is normal, and its durability is 100%.'

It took three hours for the repairs to be completed. Only then could Jiang Liushi feel relieved. After the repairs, he let Ying drive. Currently, they were all relaxed and happy.

"Oh, boss- your electricity stunned me again," Zhang Hai said as his hair stood upright. Jiang Zhuying was standing in front of him, playing with electric current in her hands.

"Hey, why can you control the degree of your special ability, but I can't?" Jiang Zhuying asked.

"Boss, Boss Xiang had told us that we are ordinary paranormals, so it's relatively easy to control the extent of our ability. But you are too special, so it must be harder…" Sun Kun said.

Ran Xiyu and Li Yuxin, standing behind, listened carefully to the explanation of the "domain" of precise control. Sun Kun and Zhang Hai had followed Xiang Xuehai and learned a lot. Xiang Xuehai had promised to teach all the members of Shi Ying Squad on how to control their abilities. Xiang Xuehai had stayed true to her words.

The scope of the "domain" of the physical powers was concentrated around the flesh. However, Xiang Xuehai and Jiang Zhuying, who needed to control the wind and electricity, the scope of the "domain" was larger and more difficult to control. For Ran Xiyu, her spiritual capacity was her domain.

"Boss, it needs a lot of practice. We have to train the brain's nerves to control physical abilities. Boss Xiang taught us to imagine that the 'domain' is an extension of our physical body, trying to concentrate on the strength of the mind, and controlling different abilities to meet their own needs…in the range..." Zhang Hai said, picking up a thick iron plate in his hand, and quietly confining himself. His palm began to change quickly. The muscles of the index finger swelled, and the skin became bright, like putting a smear of oil. He shouted, pointing his finger to the iron plate. A half-deep dent suddenly appeared on the iron plate.

Jiang Liushi's lit up. The strength of Zhang Hai's finger was much stronger than before, and its defense power had also increased a lot. It was like a hammer.

'Is this the so-called "domain"?'

Zhang Hai's special ability could enhance the muscle strength of his fingers. The power of Zhang Hai's finger had somewhat surprised Jiang Zhuying and Ling.

'...special power is the extension of the flesh and the scope needs to be controlled' Jiang Zhuying was caught in thinking.

Ran Xiyu and Li Yuxin all began to think. Ran Xiyu was a special paranormal. That so-called 'domain' gave her great inspiration. If she could concentrate her own spirit to one point, her spiritual attacks could get stronger…

Jiang Liushi listened to the whole conversation quietly. He liked this kind of atmosphere before him. The team members were all pondering on how to become stronger, which was undoubtedly a good thing for Shi Ying Squad's future. He had also been inspired by that "domain", even though he couldn't be regarded as a paranormal.

"Just stop for a while. I have something for you to consume," Jiang Liushi said and walked toward them.

He spread his palms out, and several red gems were exposed in front of everyone.

"Evolution crystal?" All the member of Shi Ying Squad recognized the evolution crystal in front of them and were surprised. They wonder why Jiang Liushi had so many.

"Brother, the purity of these evolution crystals seem to be a lot higher than the military's." Jiang Zhuying held one in her palm and looked closely. "Where did you find them, my dear brother?" Jiang Zhuying asked directly.

"Hurry up and consume it! Afterward, everyone should work hard and get more mutant nuclei," Jiang Liushi said indifferently. As for where he had found them, he avoided answering.

"Brother Jiang, you are so cool!" Zhang Hai thumbed up to Jiang Liushi. "Following Brother Jiang is really cool. We can eat mutant meat and evolution crystals!" Zhang Hai said happily.

The others were also very excited. They all knew clearly that evolution crystals were quite useful and worth to die for. They could completely replace the mutant meat, which was a highly efficient source of energy for paranormals.

Shi Ying Squad's members had formed some kind of tacit understanding with Jiang Liushi, so they would never ask unnecessary questions. In their minds, Jiang Liushi was a mysterious person with lots of secrets. No matter what he did, Shi Ying Squad's members would take it for granted.

They all obtained a red evolutionary crystal. The energy of 500 kilograms of mutant meat could make one level-1 red evolutionary crystal. Jiang Liushi had used almost 350kg of the-level 2+ mutant pufferfish's meat to make them, as well as mutant meat from his storage. Finally, he had gotten 8 evolutionary crystals. Currently, everyone in Shi Ying Squad had one, and the last one was given to Xiang Xuehai. Jiang Liushi's evolutionary crystals were used up.

As soon as the evolutionary crystal fell into Jiang Liushi's belly, he felt a burning sensation spreading from his stomach to his arms. After a while, the burning sensation disappeared and was replaced by a warm feeling that was very comfortable. In a flash, Jiang Liushi's hunger disappeared.

"Brother, I feel dizzy. Should I sleep first?" Jiang Zhuying asked.

At the moment, her status was different from that of Jiang Liushi. Her face was red, and her feet were trembling. Not waiting for Jiang Liushi's answer, she lied on the bed.

"Brother Jiang, an abnormal energy fluctuation is coming from Zhuying," Ran Xiyu suddenly said.

Jiang Liushi quickly touched Jiang Zhuying's forehead and found that it was hot. Not only that, but soon a sudden burst of electric current flowed into Jiang Liushi's hands.

"Current?" Jiang Liushi was shocked. What happened? Could Jiang Zhuying not control her current?

Flashing sparkles appeared from her body from time to time. The situation was bizarre...

"Brother Jiang, let Zhuying sleep. Her situation was similar to mine. I am a psychic paranormal, but Zhuying isn't, so her situation is slightly different. I detected that her mental energy fluctuations, which had been in their peak condition, were abnormal. Apparently, her energy is very active. She should be about to break through," Ran Xiyu came over and whispered.

Jiang Liushi nodded. Li Yuxin examined everyone, and except Jiang Zhuying, the others were okay.

Jiang Zhuying slept deep until the dawn of the third day. At that time, Jiang Liushi's minibus had arrived in front of a steel bridge. Upon seeing that bridge, Jiang Liushi became happy. According to the information offered by Shang Qiangjun, as long as they crossed the bridge, they only had to pass through a tunnel, and then they would arrive at Pan Zhu City.

The rust-filled steel bridge, with steel vines twined around the steel bars on both sides, seemed to have been abandoned for countless years. But this was only a consequence of the plants' mad growth after doomsday.

As they passed the bridge, all the members of Shi Ying Squad took a deep breath.

"Zombie!" Zhang Hai suddenly stared and shouted. "Why... they wear uniforms..." Zhang Hai exclaimed.

At the other end of the steel bridge was a long secondary road. On the ground, there were some weeds and shrubs, spreading everywhere. Judging from some signs, it had been a long time since a car had passed last. On the secondary road, several zombies, dressed in yellow uniforms and miner's lamp caps, were rushing toward them.

"Before doomsday, Pan Zhu City was famous for its mining industry. There were many non-ferrous metal mines, so these zombies were probably miners from the nearby mines," Jiang Liushi explained.

Jiang Liushi wanted to find some metal materials. Through the windows, mines dug up on both sides of the road could be seen everywhere. Mining trucks, railroads, and large excavators were scattered all over the place.


Jiang Liushi's minibus accelerated, and the zombies in front of them were smashed into a pile of flesh and blood, while the minibus was running fast on the road. The rest of the zombies were rushing to catch up, but they were no match for its speed.

After a while, they saw a dark tunnel, crossing the high mountain's abdomen.

"There are nail boards on the ground. Be careful!" Jiang Liushi shouted.

At the tunnel's entrance was a stainless-steel nail plate about ten meters long and eight or nine meters wide. On some of the nails, they could see a few dried up corpses, and scrapped cars stopped on the nailed board. The tires of these abandoned vehicles were all smashed.

Jiang Liushi didn't want to test if the minibus' bulletproof tires could take it. He was vigilant in his heart as it was obvious that someone had put the stainless-steel nail plates.

"Brother Jiang, you should be careful. Someone is on top of the tunnel!" Ran Xiyu warned suddenly.