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Chapter 394: Ups and Downs in Life

Chapter 394: Ups and Downs in Life
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"Well...how much will you pay me?" Yang Tianzhao kept himself calm, but the excitement in his eyes had betrayed him. They were quite poor. Several teenagers and children could only rely on digging for minerals every day. It could be said that they were always hungry. If they could find another way to make money, it would be much better.

"I'll give you in advance five days' pay; one Type 54 pistol, a bag of rice and 80 bullets. I'll give you the rest later," Jiang Liushi answered.

In fact, Shi Ying Squad had enough weapons because they had gotten a lot of guns and bullets from Blood Wolf Team. In addition, Xiang Xuehai had deliberately provided them with some food. At the same time, for Shi Ying Squad, rice was dispensable.

"Type 54 gun?" Yang Tianzhao became quite excited.

In this terrible post-apocalyptic world, guns were extremely precious. For ordinary people, once they had guns, they could stand a chance of fighting against paranormals. Although Type 54 pistols were not as powerful as rifles, they were at least stronger than their current Type 64 pistols. It can make up the lack of firepower in their mining area.

Generally speaking, in order to get firearms, they needed to exchange mutant meat for them. As a result, Yang Tianzhao was quite happy with this arrangement.

"No problem. I will be your guide." Yang Tianzhao nodded without any hesitation. Although he knew clearly it would be a dangerous task, he still felt it was worth it. "However, I can only stay with you for a short time, because I'm needed to the mine," Yang Tianzhao explained.

"Why? Is someone threatening you?" Jiang Liushi asked again. There were many mines here, and they were abundant with resources.

"Yeah, it's that…But I can handle it…those children here apart from several other teenagers and me were all thrown here by other teams. They were too young and couldn't do anything in other teams, so they were thrown here. They are too poor. I always treat them like my brothers, so I have to take care of them." Yang Tianzhao didn't answer Jiang's question directly, but he gave a rough description of the situation.

"What about simple time bombs and explosive packs? What do you want to exchange for them?" Yang Tianzhao asked quietly.

"An explosive pack will be equivalent with 10 pounds of mutant meat and a bag of rice. A simple time will be equivalent to 30 pounds of mutant meat and a bag of rice,." Jiang Liushi answered.

"We are in a hurry, so we can only wait for a day or two," Jiang Liushi added. Jiang Liushi was a quite cautious person. Moreover, he knew that the situation in Pan Zhu City was quite complex. As a result, he had to be prepared.

At present, he had to depend on his MCV all the time. As a result, some battles were definitely inconvenient. He indeed needed some powerful and portable weapons, such as explosive packages. Zhang Hai would be the one using the explosive packages, while Sun Kun would be in charge of planting the simple time bombs with his special ability. Not only would it be a cool spectacle, but also it would double the damage.

"Okay, it's a deal! In these two days, I'll try to create as many weapons as I can!" Yang Tianzhao smiled happily and clenched his fist. They were in great need o mutant meat and rice.

Mutant meats and rice were indeed needed by them. Moreover, he was quite good at creating explosive packages. As for time bombs, it was still an easy thing for him, an excellent inventor. After talking for a quarter of an hour, Yang Tianzhao had asked everything he wanted to know about the task.

"Er Fan, Xiao Wen, you all heard? Now hurry up and bring some brothers to move those rare metals to that minibus, and then bring back that bag of rice. Oh, don't forget that Type 54 pistol," Yang Tianzhao was quite happy, so he ordered them immediately.

Those two young brothers were originally very scared, but then they became excited. It was as if they were dreaming. After the ups and downs, they finally felt extremely happy. After they ran out, Jiang Liushi heard a burst of cheers coming from outside. In Jiang Liushi's mind, those youngsters were kind and easy to satisfy.

After the young miners in the caverns learned about the deal from Er Fan and Xiao Wen, they no longer felt suppressed from anxiety. And then a group of young miners took the initiative to move the rare stones and other materials needed by Jiang Liushi out of the way. Jiang Liushi and the others also got on the tramcar and went out.

Since they had made a successful deal with Yang Tianzhao, they had no need to stay in the cave. Jiang Liushi just needed to wait quietly. After a group of young miners brought many rare materials on his minibus, Jiang Liushi drove his minibus back about one hundred meters and then drove into a deserted miner's hole next to the road. After all, he wasn't familiar with this area. To avoid unnecessary trouble, he should be careful. As night fell, his MCV became quiet. Jiang Zhuying was still asleep. The flashing currents around her body had stopped.

Jiang Liushi checked his sister's condition, and then he settled down slightly and went to rest in the cab. Just as he was about to rest his eyes, Ran Xiyu's voice came, "Brother Jiang, something has happened to the mining area's entrance."

Hearing those words, Jiang Liushi frowned. In the dark, he saw that Ran Xiyu had already sat up. She was trying her best to observe the situation. "There are several guys, among them two are paranormals…it seems that they are fighting with each other." Ran Xiyu made Jiang Liushi see what was happening through her mental power. He looked at the two red spots and then the weaker spot disappeared. The red spots equaled to spiritual power, and once they disappeared it only meant one thing -death!


At that time, a series of gunfire and screams rang in the dark night. Zhang Hai, Sun Kun, and the others opened their eyes.

"Ling, Zhang Hai, and Sun Kun follow me. The others will stay in the minibus. Xiyu, keep observing," Jiang Liushi ordered and left at once. He holstered a Type 54 pistol in his waist and held a Type 95 automatic rifle.

Jiang Liushi jumped out of the minibus, and then Ling rushed from behind quickly. In the darkness, Ling was just like a cheetah. She was extremely agile without leaving any trace of sound. Zhang Hai and Sun Kun took their shotguns followed.

'Brother Jiang, all of them have rushed into that mine,' Ran Xiyu said again. Hearing that piece of information, Jiang Liushi felt sad. In that unfamiliar environment, the risk factor would increase.

"Captain, a bald adult has died. His head was pierced by a sharp metal object like a pitchfork. There are still a lot of blood marks and footprints in other places. There should have been quite a few people here," Ling said calmly. Obviously, a fierce battle had taken place. An adult with a bloody head lied dead on the ground. The air was filled with a dense smell of blood.

"Zhang Hai, Sun Kun, you stay guard here. I'll get in with Ling!" Looking at the black hole, Jiang Liushi decided.

Under such circumstances, visibility was low. Ling had the traits of a cat so she could see things in the dark just like in the day. Jiang Liushi's brain had evolved so he could react quickly. In comparison, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun would be in danger.

Through the shared spiritual vision of Ran Xiyu, Jiang Liushi could judge that Yang Tianzhao was one of the paranormals. He guessed that Yang Tianzhao had killed the bald man, whose special ability was making sharp things. As for the other paranormal, Jiang Liushi believed that Ling could kill him. He had made a good deal with Yang Tianzhao, so he didn't want Yang Tianzhao to be killed.

Compared to many adult survivors, Jiang Liushi would prefer to cooperate with Yang Tianzhao, who was kind and talented. Jiang Liushi and Ling didn't take the tramcar. They quickly crossed the railroad tracks into the mine. After all, the noise of tramcar was loud. It would bring danger to them. At the end of the tracks, several men, holding rifles, were following a strong man. The cave was totally dark as the solar light was off.

"Little b*tch, stop crying!" In the darkness, a guy shouted. He had thick hair all over his body, which resembled steel needles. His hands had been turned into claws, and his thick ankles were gripping the ground. He had wolf ears, and his eyes were shining in the darkness.

Although the cave was dim-lit, he could see clearly. Using his fan-like palm, he clutched the arms of two eleven-year-old juveniles. The two teenagers were already injured, but Ruan Dingfa inserted his sharp claws into their arms, and blood flowed from their wounds.

One of the two boys was in great pain, but he didn't say anything. Soon, his face became pale due to blood loss. But he remained strong.

"Brother Tianzhao, don't come out. They have guns!" That boy shouted. His voice echoed in the long and dense cave.

"Okay, tough one!" Hearing the boy's yelling, the beastman smiled slyly and took out a gun from one of his members next to him and aimed at the boy's head. He was about to shoot, but suddenly a guy rushed out, throwing metal powder to his face.

The powder's smell was very pungent. The air was also filled with a thick, metallic smell.

"Who is it?" The terrible paranormal shouted, "Quickly, turn the cap lamp on!" And then two men behind him turned on the lights. The dark mine was lighted up at once. With the cap lamp shining, the paranormal saw clearly. All of them were covered in dense metal powder. He had it worse than anyone as it was all over his fur.

"Oh, Ruan Dingfa, shoot! I dare you to shoot! This is magnesium powder. You're old miners, so you must know that it's very easy for magnesium powder to explode. This is the bottom of the mine. You can imagine the consequences of a big explosion!" Yang Tianzhao shouted and walked out slowly.

"Magnesium powder? You take me for a 3-year-old child? Are you not afraid that we'll die together?" Ruan Dingfa shouted, but he was hesitant.

"I am not afraid at all!" Yang Tianzhao said. In the caves behind him, some teenagers and children stuck their heads out and looked worriedly at Yang Tianzhao.

A strange green light flashed through Yang Tianzhao's eyes. He could also use night vision. At the same time, many steel needles appeared on his body.

"Ruan Dingfa, I have given the big b*stard Wang Xifu so many pieces of iron ore! Why do you still fight against us?" Yang Tianzhao shouted angrily.

"Things have changed. Before Boss Wang just needed iron ore, but now he needs people to help him! You should know that Crazy Union has enmity with Falling Stars. It's a fierce competition! However, we found out that you secretly traded with the Falling Stars. You are guilty of colluding with both sides. You can't do that!" Ruan licked his tongue and said again, "In addition, you had driven me out of the mine. I must take revenge on you!" When his voice fell, he dropped the two youngsters on the ground.

Yang Tianzhao grunted, and he retracted the metal needles on both hands to catch the two youngsters. At that moment, ten sharp claws aimed for his neck.

"I can kill you without firing a gun!" Ruan Dingfa laughed. Yang Tianzhao put the two youngsters on the ground and fought suddenly. In an instant, he only felt a strong impact, and his arm bone was broken before his body was smashed by the impact's force.

"Hey, you're too weak to fight with me! You don't have enough mutant meat to eat, right? It's a kind of terrible feeling." Ruan Dingfa rushed toward Yang Tianzhao again.

Yang Tianzhao's heart sank. After doomsday, a large number of miners had become zombies, but only he and Ruan Dingfa had evolved to paranormals. However, Ruan Dingfa was a bad guy. He always bullied other miners, so Yang Tianzhao with all the other miners had driven him away. Before, Yang Tianzhao was more powerful than Ruan, but he became weaker because he didn't have enough mutant meat to eat.

At that critical moment, a figure suddenly jumped from above, and a shining dagger was cutting toward Ruan Dingfa's neck.

"Who?" Ruan Dingfa shouted. In front of him was a young girl with cat ears. Her steps were light and elegant. He didn't have any chance to dodge.

Ruan Dingfa shouted, and his whole body's bones gave off cracking sounds. He was about to attack, but Ling rushed to the two people behind him and cut their hands at once, and they screamed.

At this time, footstep sounded, and Jiang Liushi walked out with a Type 95 gun in his hand and aimed at Ruan Dingfa.

"You...who are you? This... There is magnesium powder all over the place. If you want to shoot, you will bring a big explosion. We will all die!" He recognized the gun on Jiang Lishi's hand, Type 95 automatic rifle. He also knew that this kind of gun was very powerful, and within a close distance, he was doomed to die!

"Big Explosion?" Jiang Liushi smiled. He pulled the trigger at once and then a big hole appeared on Ruan Dingfa's body. He flew out a few meters away and finally slammed heavily on mine's wall. He hadn't expected that Jiang Liushi would dare to shoot. Ruan Dingfa's subordinates were all ordinary guys. Although they were strong, they were strong lambs. After a while, all of them had been killed by Ling and Yang Tianzhao in the cave. The blood-soaked the ground softly.

"Brother Jiang, thank you!" Yang Tianzhao was covered in blood and tired. He was grateful to Jiang Liushi.

"Don't mention it. I won't let you die before we finish our task," Jiang Liushi said lightly.

"Er..." Yang Tianzhao was silent.

"Brother Jiang, how did you know that I had not sprinkled magnesium powder?" Yang Tianzhao could not bear it any longer and ask.

"First, magnesium powder is so easy to explode. It's hot and stuffy. A little movement will spark and cause a big explosion. Second, you treat them as your brothers, so you won't let them die with you," Jiang Liushi explained.

Yang Tianzhao was speechless. "But Brother Jiang, you are an outsider. This guy was one of Pan Zhu City's eight district chiefs. He was one of Wang Xifu's members. As a result, Wang Xifu will send people again to fight with us. We were all in trouble…" Yang Tianzhao became worried.

After experiencing a life-and-death battle, he actually had an inexplicable intimacy with Jiang Liushi. He was worried about Jiang Liushi and the others' safety.

"If that Wang Xifu comes to find trouble, we'll just kill him. Anyway, we just came here to do something," Jiang Liushi answered lightly.