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Chapter 395: Forbidden Zone

Chapter 395: Forbidden Zone
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Yang Tianzhao stood agape as he didn't know what to say next. Wang Xifu's power could not be underestimated. He could be regarded as one of Pan Zhu City's major power of, so how could he be killed so easily. Moreover, there were a dozen different powers under his command. As a result, he thought that Jiang Liushi was a boaster.

"Brother Jiang, you are so bold." Yang Tianzhao squeezed out a smile and gave Jiang Liushi a thumbs-up. No matter what the truth was, Yang Tianzhao just wanted to deliver.

"Your smile is fake," Jiang Liushi answered looking at Yang Tianzhao.

"..." Yang Tianzhao didn't know what to say.

Without waiting for him to speak again, Jiang Liushi patted his shoulders. "Hurry up and get back to work. I'm still waiting for the explosive packages and time bombs."

"Okay, no problem." Yang Tianzhao smiled and scratched his head.

While they were speaking, a group of young miners started cleaning up. Some guys were dragging the bodies to the depths of the cave, while others were in charge of cleaning the blood from the ground.

"Brother Tianzhao, blood is still flowing out of Dong Ming and Liang Zai's wound. The claws must be poisonous!" Er Fan cried on the ground. The two youngsters were lying on the ground, and their wounds had already turned black from the toxicity. They were ghastly pale and weak that that they had fallen unconscious.

"Medicine ... don't we have any hemostatic medicine?" Yang Tianzhao grabbed Er Fan's shoulders and anxiously asked.

"We don't have any medicine," Er Fan answered with tears in his eyes.

"Let them go with me." Jiang Liushi walked over and looked a few times before picking them up immediately. With his current physical fitness, it was quite easy for him to carry both of them. He knew clearly that Li Yuxin's medical ability was enough to cure their wounds. As long as the toxins were removed, the bleeding would stop.

"Brother Jiang..." Seeing Jiang Liushi's action, Yang Tianzhao was very grateful, but he was also hesitant.

"We have a doctor in my minibus," Jiang Liushi explained.

"Well…thank you very much." Yang Tianzhao said at once. In this terrible post-apocalyptic world, it was impossible to be treated by a doctor. Even medicines were rare. He never expected that there would be a doctor in Jiang Liushi's team. His brothers would be saved.

"Don't thank me. You could make more explosive packages and simple time bombs," Jiang Liushi turned back and said directly. And then he left with Ling.

"Brother Jiang, don't worry! I will definitely not let you down!" Yang Tianzhao did not expect that Jiang Liushi would take the initiative to help. He could do nothing else other than giving a deep bow to express how thankful he was.

The two young miners quickly recovered after Li Yuxin's treatment. After Zhang Hai sent them back to the cave, Yang Tianzhao was totally moved. After the two teenagers were healed, they had actually recovered completely. Even some of their body's hidden diseases caused by excessive labor before were completely cured. Seeing that the two teenagers were lively again, Yang Tianzhao was naturally grateful. Until the morning of the third day, Yang Tianzhao had emptied a large sack of fertilizer to create Jiang Liushi's explosives.

He ran out to find Jiang Liushi and said excitedly, "Brother Jiang, I've prepared everything!" His thin face was filled with joy, and his eyes were bloodshot.

When Jiang Liushi took the sack and opened it, he smiled. A total of ten explosive packages and seven simple time bombs were in it. The thick smell of ammonium nitrate lingered on his hand.

"It's just that... I used earth-based ammonium nitrate compounds, so the explosives weigh a bit. About two kilograms each. But I used the best detonators and lead wires! I had not enough of the time bomb's timer material, but I used the mine's best detonator to ensure that the explosion will be fierce..." Yang Tianzhao could not help but feel a little uneasy as Jiang Liushi was observing carefully.

"Good job." Jiang Liushi looked up with a satisfied smile.

At first, he had thought that he could get his hands on five or six explosive packages, because the process of creating them was dangerous, and one had to be precise with their every movement. Unexpectedly, there were ten of them. It was evident that Yang Tianzhao had gone to great lengths. Shi Ying Squad's harvest from the mining area was excellent.

"Zhang Hai, take 17 bags of rice and 310 pounds of mutant meat into the cave," Jiang Liushi ordered.

Hearing the word "mutant meat", Yang Tianzhao fell into a daze for a while. However, he quickly snapped out of his dazed state and hurriedly waved his hand. "No, thank you. 15 bags of rice and 200 pounds of mutant meat are enough. Brother Jiang, you are our great benefactor and have saved two of my people. I can't ask you for so many things."

"Don't worry and take these things. We will spend some time in Pan Zhu City, so try your best to help us. It's time to give you a reward in advance," Jiang Liushi said and patted Yang Tianzhao on the shoulder.

"Yeah." Yang Tianzhao's throat spasmed, and a plethora of emotions took over his heart. He fiercely lifted his head and said to Jiang Liushi, "Brother Jiang, don't worry!"

Hearing this sentence, Jiang Liushi could not help but look at Yang Tianzhao carefully. And then he smiled. He knew that this young boy was kind and simple. Although Jiang Liushi didn't mind who his guide was going to be, he appreciated Yang Tianzhao from his heart. In this post-apocalyptic world, humanity's dark side had shown its real face. However, the youngsters in that cave were still kind.

"Well, you should go back and arrange everything for your brothers. We'll leave as soon as possible!"

"Yes, Brother Jiang! I'll go immediately!" With so much rice and mutant meat, with no doubt, Yang Tianzhao's team members would be happy enough.

All his young brothers began to abandon their homes after eating a delicious meal at the bottom of the cave. After all, they had killed Ruan Dingfa. Wang Xifu would find out sooner or later, so they had to abandon their current lair. The young miners had dug a secret road underneath the pit and moved all the bottles and cans into a hidden mine hole not far away.

Yang Tianzhao had already arranged everything. Generally speaking, the wily hare has three burrows. They had already hollowed out the nearby seven or eight mines. In fact, Jiang Liushi admired their abilities and cleverness.

They were busy till the afternoon. Yang Tianzhao had thoroughly handled some matters, so he was ready to join Shi Ying Squad. When he went on Jiang Liushi's minibus and saw the facilities inside, Yang Tianzhao blinked his eyes as he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Before doomsday, he was the child of a poor miner. How could he have the chance to board such a luxury car? However, Yang Tianzhao knew he was just a guide, so he didn't ask anything and just lead the way. At a fork in the road, Yang Tianzhao lead them to the southeasterly direction, which went through one of the three major forces in Pan Zhu City – Hu Yang People's Front.

Before doomsday, Pan Zhu City was a very prosperous mining city. The land area and number of foreign residents were large. As a result, house prices had been soaring. The prosperity of the mining economy had enabled the rapid development of urbanization. The surrounding suburbs and counties had all become connected with the urban area of Pan Zhu City. The place where Hu Yang People's Front was located was Chang Yang New District, which was far from the urban area where the Fighting Alliance and the Falling Star Society were located. It was a peaceful area that was rarely found in Pan Zhu City. The small forces in some other cities and towns would usually visit that place to make some deals, which led to the prosperity of the underground trade.

When they drove to Chang Yang New District, several modified motorcycles could be found on the road. The survivors on those motorcycles were armed with machetes, big axes, and other tools. However, after Zhang Hai and Sun Kun stretched out their shotguns, the guys on motorcycles ran away immediately.


In the direction of the city center far away, a big explosion happened, and black smoke followed.

"The rivalry between Falling Stars and Fighting Alliance is become fiercer by the day! It seemed that they used bombs. Nobody knows how many people will die this time," Yang Tianzhao said looking toward that direction.

"How long has it been?" Jiang Liushi asked.

Since they had arrived at Pan Zhu City, Jiang Liushi should get intel on the overall situation. Otherwise, it would be easy to cause trouble.

"A long time. It's more than half a month. The two forces began to fight against each other after doomsday…" Yang Tianzhao told everything he knew about the two teams to Jiang Liushi. Actually, the two teams were well-matched in strength.

The Falling Stars had roughly 100 more paranormals, occupying the Puxian District and Licheng District. Fighting Alliance had 80 main areas, but its paranormals were fewer than Falling Stars. However, Fighting Alliance's paranormals were more powerful, occupying Chaohe district and Sheng Jiaying District. Both parties had taken nearly three-quarters of Pan Zhu City. The two forces had been fighting from the beginning of doomsday, and both sides had lost dozens of paranormals. It was a vicious circle.

This time the battle had lasted for more than 20 days, and people lost their lives on a daily basis. As Yang Tianzhao was speaking intermittently, the minibus had approached Chang Yang New District.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi was attracted by some strange sights. In the northeastern direction of Chang Yang New District, a wall about ten meters high had been built near the urban area. Barbed wires and trenches were in front of the wall. This wall was about a thousand meters long, and it extended to the back of a building in Chang Yang New District. The area near the wall was a desolate place. Vines were densely covering the barbed wires and walls. Even if the sun were to shine right above, that wall zone would still look gloomy. Such a long and tall wall was a vast project that required a lot of manpower and material resources.

"What is that wall for?" Jiang Liushi stared at the wall. He didn't know why but had an ominous feeling.

"Forbidden zone." Yang Tianzhao looked at the wall and explained. "There are zombies in the walls!"