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Chapter 398: Hidden Evolution Project

Chapter 398: Hidden Evolution Project
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The bustling trading hall turned silence suddenly when the sharp-faced man came. Some paranormals sensed danger, so they took their members out of the hall.

"They're members of Battle Union. Don't be a pleasure-seeker…leave at once."

"The poor three guys…"

"How did they dare to rile Zhu Youcong? Zhu is Wang Xifu's right hand…"

"Aren't Falling Stars and Battle Union fighting against each other? Why did they come here to catch people? …this kid must have offended Wang Xifu." Some people discussed cautiously.

Some of the gathered people were quite powerful, but they still had no confidence to face any member of the Battle Union. According to the rules made by Hu Yang People's Front, members from Falling Stars and Battle Union were not allowed to enter. However, people like Zhu Youcong were allowed to trade inside…

At that time, several patrolling bald men with ugly expressions rushed in urgently from outside.

"Zhu Youcong, nobody is allowed to fight in the trade market! If you anger Acalanatha, no matter who you may be, you will be punished." One bald man stared at Zhu Youcong and said. "

"Okay. I got it." Zhu Youcong touched his chin and looked at that group of bald men. And then his face showed a smile. "We know the rules. Please give us a quarter of an hour. We will leave immediately after handling some things."

"Okay, just a quarter of an hour," that bald man answered after pondering for a while. Then he said nothing and turned to leave. When they talked with each other, they did not look at Jiang Liushi and others. It was as if they were nothing.

Yang Tianzhao's heart sank. Just then when those bald men had come in, he had thought that he would stand a chance. However, the reality was harsh.

"Captain Zhu, is there any misunderstanding?" Yang Tianzhao smiled. "I don't know what you are talking about. Why are you asking me about Ruan Dingfa? The past few days I had been staying in the mines with my team. I only came out today."

"Don't pretend not to know!" Zhu Youcong gave a cold grin and suddenly kicked.

Yang Tianzhao was caught off guard, so he was kicked to the ground at once. He grunted and sighed, and continued to signal at Jiang Liushi. Yang Tianzhao was in a hurry because he knew clearly that this time once he was caught, he was doomed to die. However, he did not want to trouble Jiang Liushi. He felt grateful for Shi Ying Squad's help.

However, Jiang Liushi seemed not to understand his meaning at all. Zhu Youcong's sharp eyes were firmly locked in Yang Tianzhao's face, and he did not care about Jiang Liushi at all.

"F*cking boy, how dare you to play tricks with me? Ruan Dingfa got the command from Boss Wang to kill you and to take up your mines. However, you are not dead, and Ruan Dingfa is gone. Did you take us for fools? Tell me, where is he?"

"Captain, let us bring this guy back. I have one hundred methods to make him tell the truth," a squeaky voice sounded from a man with a steel hoop on his head. He took out some bloody instruments of torture and cursed.

"Idiot," At this time, Jiang Liushi intervened. When he spoke, he stared at Zhu Youcong and the others.

Zhu Youchong was shocked by his behavior. When they had come, he had noticed Jiang Liushi but couldn't sense energy fluctuations from him. In his mind, an ordinary survivor actually dared to openly insult them!

'This...Is the sun coming out from the west? How dare ordinary survivors to be so arrogant in front of them!

"F*ckers! You're courting for death!" Zhu Youcong stretched his large hands toward Jiang Liushi's neck! However, he didn't expect that Jiang Liushi would throw a chop and fend off his hand.

The chop was sharp, accurate, and powerful, like a hammer. All of a sudden it hit Zhu Youcong's palm and forced it open. Zhu Youcong looked at Jiang Liushi and thought that the boy before him was not normal.

"Ruan Dingfa is dead. I killed him," Jiang Liushi said lightly.

The crowd was slightly shocked.

"What? He admitted that?"

However, they were confused because that boy was just an ordinary survivor. How could he kill him?

"Oh, naïve, little kid. Admitting it is useless. I am afraid that all of you will die together." Old Qin laughed as if he was watching a farce. Anyway, buying and selling information every day was also very boring. This scene, in front of him, was amusing.

Zhang Hai grinned and shook his head. "You are all idiots. Surely enough, Brother Jiang killed Ruan Dingfa. Yang Tianzhao was too weak to fight, so how could it be possible for him to kill Ruan Dingfa? He hadn't eaten mutant meat for many days…" He said and pulled Yang Tianzhao up from the ground. Zhang Hai was fearless as he was Jiang Liushi's follower. He provocatively looked at everyone in the room.

Old Qin's expression became extremely ugly as Zhang Hai ridiculed him. But then, he thought it was worthless to fight against a soon-to-be-dead person. In his mind, Zhang Hai and other two guys were similar to boiled ducks.

"Brother Jiang!" Yang Tianzhao could not help but cry out. He was deeply moved, but he was also worried. He didn't expect that Jiang Liushi would intervene in such an overbearing manner. Now, none of them could escape!


Suddenly, a burst of applause sounded from outside. A middle-aged man with a fur coat on his body and smooth, shiny oil hair, surrounded by a group of people, came in. As he walked, he applauded, and his eyes turned indifferent when he glanced at Jiang Liushi's face.


"District Governor!"

Seeing the middle-aged person, Zhu Youcong and the others hurriedly welcomed him.

'Wang Xifu is here! The three poor guys are doomed to die!' Old Qin sat down, drinking a cup of tea and said to himself. He was quite delighted when thinking about the100 pounds of mutant meat he would get.

"Good! Since you admitted it, you can commit suicide. It's better not to waste our time," Jiang Liushi and said lightly. His random sentence was equivalent to giving the death sentence to Jiang Liushi and the other two.

However, Jiang Liushi just stared at him but didn't say anything. At that moment, Starseed's cold voice sounded in his mind, 'Detected faint alien plant energy fluctuations, which triggered the MCV's hidden evolution project - heterogeneous plants breeding research room...'

Upon receiving this notification, Jiang Liushi was very excited. The last time he had gotten a notification was at Star City. Starseed had detected peculiar energy fluctuations, which led them to Fallen City where they then killed a special mutant zombie and obtained its unique level-2 blood nucleus.

Jiang Liushi knew that it was a rare chance. This showed that this hidden evolution project was quite crucial for the MCV. He instantly locked on the energy fluctuation's source, which was none other than Wang Xifu!

Wang Xifu's choice of clothes was bizarre. The day was scorching, but he was wearing a furry scorpion-style coat, without a drop of sweat. Jiang Liushi's intuition told him that he had something special.

'That alien plants should be hidden in Wang Xifu's body..'" Jiang Liushi said in his mind. He should seize this opportunity!

Wang Xifu became angry as Jiang Liushi kept staring at him. In his mind, Jiang Liushi was very rude. He was even so magnanimous that had let them commit suicide. They had surely wasted a rare gift. However, because of Jiang Liushi's behavior, Wang Xifu had decided to kill them by himself. By the time he acted, he was afraid that Jiang Liushi would start crying from terror.

Inside and outside the trading market, there were many other forces. Not to mention that many members of Falling Stars were watching. As one of Battle Union's leading figures, Wang Xifu couldn't be affronted by an ordinary survivor.

'Brother Jiang, be careful! This group of people wants to murder you!' Ran Xiyu's voice sounded suddenly.

Jiang Liushi was still calm because he already knew about their intentions.

'Brother Jiang, Ying, and Ling are in!' Ran Xiyu added.

At that moment, the wind blew behind him, and he heard a few screams. At the entrance, several guards had been thrown out directly.

Ying wearing her black leather pants appeared at the gate with the lolita-looking Ling.

"Brother Jiang!"


They stood beside Jiang Liushi, making him stand in the middle while observing the people around them with vigilance.

Ying could sense Jiang Liushi's pent-up feelings, and as the MCV's assistant, Ying's task was to protect the host, so it was natural for her to appear. As for Ling, Ran Xiyu must have sent her. Actually, Jiang Liushi's guess was right. The group of guards outside the concrete wall had slammed on the ground because of a severe headache…

"They are inside. Brother Jiang should be safe." Ran Xiyu exhaled a long breath. She had attacked the guards fiercely and had consumed a large part of her mental power. But, with the evolutionary crystal's help, she would recover in no time.

Their attacks were too fast, and nobody could react to them.

"Oh, it turns out that you're a sissy who needs women to protect him." Wang Xifu's pupils shrank slightly. Although the two women were paranormals, in his eyes, they were still dead people.

Seeing that scene, Old Qin became excited. "Boss Wang, please wait for a minute. These two are so beautiful that other women look emaciated to their presence. My nephew should like them…" Old Qin stared at the two beauties and quickly pleaded with Wang Xifu. He was afraid that Wang Xifu would kill them in a feat of fury.

Wang Xifu originally wanted to kill them, but after Old Qin intervened, he became hesitant. Although he was powerful, he didn't dare to offend Old Qin. The reason was quite simple. The so-called nephew, in fact, was the Battle Union's most authoritative figure, Chang Shengkai Just because of this relationship, old Qin could call the wind and summon the rain, and create waves in Pan Zhu City.

Actually, all groups needed to play up to him. Huyang People's Front had always been neutral. Anyway, no force could easily be offended.

"Boss Qin, since you asked, I will show you my respect." Wang Xifu smiled at Old Qin.

"Boss Wang, you are a sensible man. I appreciate it." Qin exposed two rows of his yellow teeth.

According to their conversation, they seemed to have already sealed Jiang Liushi and the others' fate.

"Brother Jiang, did the energy fluctuation of the alien plants come from this person? Do you need him dead or alive?" Ying asked while pointing at Wang Xifu.

"As long as we can get what we need, it doesn't matter if he is alive or dead!" Jiang Liushi answered lightly.

The dialogue between the two reached Wang Xifu and Old Qin's ears, and the smiles on their faces became stiff.