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Chapter 400: Swagger Off

Chapter 400: Swagger Off
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Shi Ying Squad's members were shocked as they heard the voice at the same time.

Although the guards of Huyang People's Front were aiming their guns at them from outside, Jiang Liushi was still calm. He was staring at the southwest direction, and could clearly see a dazzling red spot in a concealed place through Ran Xiyu's shared vision.

'Acalanatha, I've killed them. If you think we offended you and want to obstruct us, you can try and see what happens!' Jiang Liushi responded in his mind calmly. He didn't want to get into details and explain himself.

As the place's master, Acalanatha must have known about the situation and could have intervened whenever he wanted. If Acalanatha still wanted to put the blame on them, Jiang Liushi in no way would swallow the insult and humiliation. Although it was Acalantha's turf, Jiang Liushi was not afraid of him; he would retaliate! Let's not forget that the minibus was parked right outside of the gate.

' Are you threatening me?' After a while, Acalanatha asked again. From his majestic voice, Jiang Liushi could feel his anger.

'You came to my terrain and wantonly killed people. Don't you think that you have to explain yourself to the place's master?'

'Explain? What do you mean? Do you want to help the Battle Union?' Jiang Liushi asked coldly.

Acalanatha let out a buzzing sound, which was basically a mental attack. He wanted to suppress Jiang Liushi, but Ran Xiyu prevented him from doing so. Acalanatha's mental power may be powerful, but Ran Xiyu could weaken it with her mental power, which resembled soft water. At the same time, Ran Xiyu showed how angry she was.

'Do you really want to fight with us?' Jiang Liushi said coldly. And before the sound of his voice faded, a deafening sound came from outside!


A devastating air current swept everything in its path, before striking the concrete wall outside and leaving a six-meter hole on it. Dust and debris flew in every direction, and the frightened guards retreated immediately.

Outside of the gate, originally, there was a common-looking minibus parked, but now a V-shaped ram with spikes and flashing metal gun barrel had appeared on it. The gun barrel was aimed at the concrete wall.

After the explosion, the members of Huyang People's Front were all shocked to death. They had clearly seen what had happened.

Actually, Jiang Liushi was also slightly surprised. In fact, Ying had had just sneaked back to the minibus and launched the Air Cannon.

"Cannon, there is a cannon on that minibus outside the city gate!" Several scared survivors shouted all the way.

"What? Cannon?"

Outside the trading hall, some survivors heard the shouts of horror coming from the gate's direction. They could not help but look at Jiang Liushi and the others who were surrounded.

At that moment, everyone they had a completely new appraisal of Jiang Liushi and his members. In this terrible post-apocalyptic world, cannons were by far the deadliest weapons against humans. As a result, the cannon's appearance made thing more complicated.

Even though the cannon left a serious psychological blow on them, they were still quite loyal to Acalanatha. Nobody stepped back as they were waiting for Acalanatha's order.

Jiang Liushi simply glanced at them and then he led his team outside without any hesitation and fear. Yang Tianzhao followed Jiang Liushi, but when he was about to leave the room, he looked at the guns on the ground. He hesitated for a while, but in the end, he rushed and collected the five rifles on the ground and then followed Jiang Liushi quickly.

Zhang Hai smiled and took off Old Qin's clothes. He found a leather pouch on his body, took it and then stood up. Finally, he followed behind Ling and walked out of the trading hall.

During the entire process, Shi Ying Squad's members completely ignored the members of Huyang People's Front.

"You…" Zhang Zhiming stared at their backs and became nervous. If they let them leave just like that, how could they keep developing in the future?

'They are too arrogant! They don't care about the consequences!' A majestic voice sounded in everyone's mind at the same time.

'Boss, they are too arrogant. They even destroyed our wall! Why did we let them go?' Zhang Zhiming asked in his mind.

Every member had such doubts. At the same time, hundreds of voices bombarded the man hidden in the southwest.

A plump and bald man was currently sitting on a mahogany chair in a luxurious, extravagant dark room. His face was full of anger.


He threw an antique blue-and-white teapot heavily on the ground, which shattered in countless pieces.

'Why? Why do you still ask me why? It's really a bunch of idiots. What are we going to achieve? They've already killed Wang Xifu and Old Qin. It was as if they were killing chickens. Not to mention that they have a cannon. Even if we could beat them, we would suffer a lot of losses… I would never act so recklessly…' Acalanatha said angrily.

'But they won't live for long. Who let them kill Old Qin and Wang Xifu? As long as they stay in Pan Zhu City, they'll be chased… Chang Shengkai is an insidious man…'


"Get on! Let's go!" Jiang Liushi and Ling got on the minibus, and Ying quickly drove away.

Yang Tianzhao, holding the rifles, jumped on an SUV. He didn't know in which team the SUV belonged, but it didn't really matter. Zhang Hai also jumped on that SUV and drove behind the minibus.


The minibus rushed forward with its tires rubbing on the ground and producing an awful noise. Jiang Liushi's minibus was like a tornado, leaving only dust behind it and. They quickly left Changyang New Area and drove far away.

"Brother Zhang, it's really cool. Hahaha, we killed Wang Xifu and Old Qin. At first, I really thought that I was going to die! I was worried that I would trouble you…" Yang Tianzhao said loudly to Zhang Hai.

As they left Changyang New Area, Yang Tianzhao relaxed and became excited. After doomsday, he had followed a group of weaker members, who had been exploited and oppressed on a daily basis. They had also suffered death threats from time to time. Even when trading minerals, they had to be polite enough. After all, in this post-apocalyptic world, minerals were not a necessity. He had never expected that he could ever have such an invigorating experience by following Jiang Liushi.

Zhang Hai smiled as he had become accustomed to that feeling. However, he couldn't understand why Yang Tianzhao was so excited…

Although Yang Tianzhao felt Zhang Hai's disdainful look, he still couldn't control his excitement. 'There were so many guns on the ground, and we took them all…' In Yang Tianzhao's mind, a gun cost more than a life.

"Brother Zhang, your team must have eight or nine guns, right?" Yang Tianzhao asked enviously. He did not intend to keep these guns because, without Jiang Liushi, he would already have been dead. It was enough for him to see Wang Xifu dying in such a way.

"Eight or nine guns?" Zhang Hai smiled at once. And then he counted seriously, "Uh, it's about 20 or more… We use different ones every time, but we have yet to use them all."

Yang Tianzhao was thunderstruck. "20 or more?"

"Hey!" Zhang Hai suddenly shouted, "Look at the road! Why you staring at me? Young boy, do you know how to drive?"

"Oh, I'm sorry..."

After a while, they reached a parking lot.

"Brother Jiang, Old Qin is rich! He had three level-1 mutant nuclei as well as a map." Zhang Hai jumped and brought the leather pouch to Jiang Liushi.

After hearing Zhang Hai's words, Jiang Liushi was delighted. By the time they left Wu Shui County, he had already used all his mutant nuclei. As a result, these three mutant nuclei were too useful for him.

Of course, his MCV had become a monster which devoured mutant nuclei after the energy laboratory had been built. As for that map, Jiang Liushi opened it but didn't know about its use. But he knew it was quite important because Old Qin had it together with the mutant nuclei.

"Look at this map, do you know anything about it?" Jiang Liushi handed the map to Yang Tianzhao.

Yang Tianzhao quickly took the map and read it carefully. "Ah, this... this is a map related to the forbidden zone. The forbidden zone is the former city center. I'm familiar with it... This is Zhaoyang Road, and this is the Spring Road..." Yang Tianzhao said firmly.

"What about the black spots on the map? And what about the plant-shaped signs?" Yang Tianzhao asked after seeing several places on the map marked with thick dark spots. There were also skeleton signs, which indicated that they were lands of peril. As for the plant-shaped signs, they were placed in three places, which were distributed on both sides of the two streets.

"According to the plant-shaped sign's position, Spring Road is close to the defensive wall built by Battle Union, but this Chongfu Road is close to Falling Stars' areas. I don't understand..." Yang Tianzhao felt sorry.

"It doesn't matter, you can study it later," Jiang Liushi collected the map and put it together with the three mutant nuclei.

"Brother Jiang, we've offended the Battle Union. They will come for revenge in the future. Where should we go next?" Yang Tianzhao asked worriedly. He didn't know what the future held for them. He knew that Chang Shengkai was obsessed with getting revenge.

"I know a secret route from which we can enter Battle Union's territory directly. We'll go there first," Jiang Liushi said suddenly

After killing Wang Xifu and Old Qin, Jiang Liushi was aware of the end result, but he didn't want to struggle in vain fighting against the Battle Union. His primary goal was to help Ran Xiyu find her younger sister. Shang Qiangjun had revealed them the secret route so they could use it to sneak in the enemy's territory…