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Chapter 402: Slipping Into

Chapter 402: Slipping Into
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Jiang Liushi and his team rested for a while and then left. Along the way, they didn't meet any difficulties or murder attempts.

Jiang Liushi guessed that the Battle Union was still trying to find ways to deal with them. He leaned against the cab's seat and stroked gently that piece of soft metal, which was delicate and as soft as softened rubber. Not only that, but even the dent on it caused by the bullet had disappeared and turned back to normal. Last but not least, if Jiang Liushi were to keep touching it for a prolonged time, the metal would tightly attach itself to his skin, as if it had numerous unrecognizable roots.

'Starseed, scan this piece of metal…' Jiang Liuhsi ordered in his mind.

They still had some time before they arrived at the secret passage leading to the Battle Union. He could use that period of time to analyze the mysterious piece of metal.


'Scanning in progress…'

'Scanning is over.'

Jiang Liushi got Starseed's notification. And then a panel appeared in his mind suddenly. There was a lot of data on it.

'Alien plant metal: A kind of active metal secreted from plants after gene mutation. Its cell structure is a combination of the attributes of metal and plants…'

'Analysis of plant cells' genetic mutation model: Unable to analyze due to MCV's low level…'

Jiang Liushi was delighted after reading through the information. He got the answer he wanted. It turned out to be a product of plants' genetic mutation!

After doomsday, the appearance of mutant zombies, beasts, and paranormals was an effect of mysterious virus-induced gene mutations. However, it was the first time for Jiang Liushi to hear that plants' genes were also affected. Although Jiang Liushi thought that plants' mad growth was strange, he didn't know the reason. Now, the mysterious piece of metal gave him the answer he had been searching for, even plants had evolved.

'...low temperature, self-healing, resistant to the impact of bullets to a certain extent, automatically sealing a wound on the skin without the host feeling any discomfort…'

'I must get my hands on this metal!' Jiang Liushi thought. He felt that it was of utmost importance to do so.

Not only did he want to activate the secret evolution project, Diverse 1 Plants Breeding Research Laboratory, but he also had the ambition of planting it in the laboratory to obtain the bio-metal.

Wang Xifu had only a piece of bio-metal protecting his heart, which could defend against two bullets. Just that, attested the plant's importance. Its byproduct was useful and more powerful than body armor, and it could also help heal a wound.

At that moment, Jiang LIushi heard the sound of flowing water, and then he looked up and found they had arrived beside a river. The lush reeds along the banks of the river were overwhelming. Not far away was a collapsed mountain. A large number of mudslides had occurred and flooded into the river along the way.

After a brief moment, an off-road vehicle followed up and stopped behind the minibus. Yang Tianzhao, Zhang Hai, and Sun Kun all jumped out of the car.

"Brother Jiang, where is that secret road you talked about? I have no impression of it at all," Yang Tianzhao looked at Jiang Liushi and asked.

He was a local snake, so he knew a lot of things regarding Pan Zhu City. However, he was impressed by the fact that there was no hidden road near this river.

"You can't see it because the road is right under our feet," Jiang Liushi explained. "It would become one of Pan Zhu City's subway stations, but the virus outbreak happened before the end of its construction."

Jiang Liushi had gotten all the information from Shang Qiangjun, who worked there before doomsday and was quite familiar with the place.

"But we can't see the entrance…I guess it's blocked by mud…" Yang Tianzhan said.

"I can find the entrance, but I need to use gunpowder as well as some time," Jiang Liushi said and then turned to look at Ran Xiyu.

"Xiyu, scan the area for any spirit fluctuations," Jiang Liushi ordered because he remembered Shang Qianjun mentioning he had met many zombies in it…

Ran Xiyu nodded, and then she shared her spiritual vision with Jiang Liushi. Later, they found several light spots as well as four red spots.

"There are indeed zombies inside. Tianzhao, remember carefully the positions I'm about to show you to plant the explosives," Jiang Liushi jumped and said to Yang Tianzhao.

"No problem, Brother Jiang." Yang Tianzhao nodded. He had already acquired a gun, so he was still excited.

Later, several loud sounds came from the riverbank, and a big hole appeared right after. Once the hole appeared, the smell of death and rotten flesh attacked their nostrils, and several zombies jumped out.

Six hours later…

Night descended, and everything was covered by darkness.

"Is this the right direction? After such a long time, this foolish dog may have taken a wrong turn. Isn't it leading us to Polong River, which was struck by mudslides a while ago? Do they have any means to cross the water?"

In the darkness, five figures quietly appeared near the river. There was also a huge figure crouching. Among the five, a lean young man with a sickle on his back was their leader. That person was very special and strange as he had four arms.

If anyone from Pan Zhu City were to see the four-armed youth, they would certainly be able to recognize him at a glance. His was You Peng, Toxin Squad's leader. Standing next to You Peng was a fatty, who was chewing on something and drops of fat were falling from his stuffed mouth. He was the one who had complained.

"It's the right direction. I've also caught a whiff of blood and gunpowder…" A thin, tall man beside the fatty said suddenly. His nose kept twitching in the air. He didn't look much better than a zombie.

"Yes, just in front!" The thin man added.

"Brother Dog, you are stupider than this dog. The dog has been leading us this way since long ago. However, it really looks delicious. We haven't eaten mutant meat or a long time…" Two girls said together at the same time. They were twin sisters; identical in every aspect. Even their clothes were the same, red cheongsams.

Brother Dog just stared at them but didn't say anything. And right after, a gigantic dark shadow looked at them, revealing two rows of canine teeth and growled.

The twin sisters' expressions suddenly became unsightly, and they retreated quickly. Obviously, they were quite afraid of this mutant dog. That dark shadow was a mutant dog with a huge horn on its forehead. Its instant explosive power within a short distance was very alarming.

"Hey!" You Peng suddenly whistled strangely.

Hearing that sound, a trace of fear appeared on the mutant dog's face and it lowered its head submissively.

"Shuang Xiao and Shuang Da, stop provoking the mutant dog. Although Acalanatha is controlling, it's still a mutant dog. You should be careful!" You, Peng, stared at the twin, who lowered their heads apologetically.

"Keep at bay your restlessness. The Battle Union hired us, so you know the consequence of failure…" You, Peng, said again.

"We know," they answered simultaneously.

Suddenly, the mutant dog barked and rushed in the direction of the river.

"Follow it! It must have found something," Yon Peng said urgently.

"Found something! There is a hole from a blast."

"Oh, zombies' bodies? There was a big tunnel under the muddy earth...That silly dog jumped in!"

"Oh, I seem to have gotten a whiff of the smelly miner's odor, they must be here…"

The abandoned subway tunnel was dark, and the air was filled with a stinky smell. On both sides of the billboards, the aluminum alloy board was empty, covered with spider webs and all kinds of waste things.

A minibus was going forward carefully, with its headlights lightening the concrete walls. Fortunately, Ying had recovered. As a result, she could drive easily in such a complex environment.

Along the mossy concrete pillars, the minibus was perfectly maintaining a distance of 15cm from the nearby subway track. The front of the minibus was dyed in zombie blood and covered with chunks of rotten flesh. Along the way, they had experienced several waves of small zombie groups. However, the minibus was strong enough. With Jiang Liushi's marksmanship, all zombies had been killed.

In the off-road vehicle behind them, Zhang Hai and others were all cautious and tight-hearted. The abandoned subway channel was crooked, and they had been driving for a few hours. Although they had been stopping and resuming their drive, which slowed their pace, it was a deliberate decision. It would be less likely to beat the grass and frighten away the snake when they sneak into at midnight.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi saw an empty terminal in front of the minibus, and they came to a stop.

Let's take a break," Jiang Liushi came out of the minibus and said to the others.

"Eat something. Although we haven't fought much, we need to relax and replenish energy."

"Xiyu, after this, you'll be able to see your sister again. At that time, I don't know what will happen. Do you have enough strength?" After eating a few mouthfuls of mutant meat, Jiang Liushi returned to his minibus and said to Ran Xiyu, as her ability would allow them to evade the Battle Union's patrols.

"No problem. I'm okay." Ran Xiyu nodded. And then she suddenly raised her head and showed a faint smile to Jiang Liushi. "Brother Jiang, thank you."

Jiang Liushi interrupted her, "We are teammates. You have nothing to thank me for."

In Ran Xiyu's mysterious eyes, a glimmer of gratefulness flashed as she looked at Jiang Liushi. Somehow, she suddenly remembered the time when Jiang Liushi had carried her on his back on that mountain.

"Brother Jiang!" Ran Xiyu's expression slightly changed. "Someone is here!"