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Chapter 403: Toxin Squad

Chapter 403: Toxin Squad
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Through the shared spiritual vision, Jiang Liushi saw several fast-approaching light spots.

'Five paranormals… but the one in the lead is… a mutant beast?' Jiang Liushi was confused.

There was a difference between humans and mutant beasts' colors, but Jiang Liushi couldn't believe that paranormals could subdue mutant beasts. Moreover, according to Shang Qiangjun, nobody knew about that route.

'How did they know about our position?' Jiang Liushi decided to wait and see first.

At the same time, Ran Xiyu informed the other members about the situation, including Yang Tianzhao. Zhang Hai, Sun Kun, and Yang Tianzhao picked up their rifles immediately and then hid behind the off-road vehicle.

At the corner of the abandoned subway, Toxin Squad was like the shadows infused with the darkness. Even that mutant dog was also quiet on the rails.

"There is a minibus, an off-road vehicle behind which three people are laying in ambush…they should have discovered us…That minibus is quite strange. It's preventing my infrared ray…I can't see inside. Well, a girl should be a paranormal… Yang Tianzhao is hidden behind that off-road vehicle," Brother Dog said while he smelled a piece of bloody cloth. It was a part of Yang Tianzhao's clothes which they had found at the trading hall.

Because of that piece of cloth they were able to follow them all the way with the mutant dog's assistance.

His eyes were flashing scarlet red light, although the subway tunnel was dark, everything in front of him was completely exposed in his vision.

"… actually, they were able to find this kind of abandoned subway tunnel. But this is our hunting ground now!" You Peng smiled. This kind of dark place was quite suitable for them to hunt.

"Captain, you must let us play today," the twin sisters in red said happily.

"We're ready to fight," they said and suddenly stretched their arms. In the dark, a few strands of sticky snow-white silk threads stuck to the top of cement walls. Both of them rushed into the ceiling and swayed toward the off-road vehicle's direction.

"Go," You Peng whispered. And then a few figures suddenly flashed from the corner. With the help of the darkness, they quietly approached the off-road vehicle. Almost at the same time, the rear lights of the minibus and the headlights of the off-road vehicles were all turned on. Under the bright light, the darkness melted like snow and ice. The hidden shadows of Toxin Squad were exposed to light.

"Fire!" Zhang Hai lifted a Type 95 automatic rifle, shooting at their enemies. However, the reaction time of Toxin Squad was unexpectedly quick, and they dodged at once. Just where they had stood, stones bullet holes appeared.

Zhang Hai's sight was blocked by the cement platform. He stood up, but suddenly a white thick and sticky thread fell from the ceiling. Before Zhang Hai could fight back, he found that the white thread had wrapped around his gun, pulling it upward. He looked up and saw two women leaning against the ceiling with large amounts of white silk threads.

At that moment, a figure flashed out of the subway track. He jumped six meters high and nearly plastered the wall. The man was still in the air, but a bloodied sickle had been thrown out from his arms. A steel chain was hanging on the shank of the sickle, and the other end was tied in that man's hand. However, he had four arms! It was quite terrible. The crescent moon-shaped sickle drew a graceful arc in the air, which was extremely flexible. It was actually going to accurately cut off Zhang Hai's head.

"Die for me!!" You Peng smiled.

Zhang Hai felt the incommoding sickle, and with a groan, he had to let off his rifle.


He gripped the sickle with his fingers, but its blade was so sharp, coupled with the great momentum, that it still wounded him, and blood flowed from his palm. As blood surged out, Zhang Hai burst into a cold sweat.

"Toxin Squad!" Yang Tianzhao shouted. He could not help but think of a horrible rumor. The team attacking them was one of the elite ones in Pan Zhu City, and they specialized in scouting and hunting. They had never failed to complete a mission.

"Get out of the way!" Someone shouted.

You Peng flew backward at once. As soon as he stepped back, he heard squeaking sounds. Countless drops of a translucent substance were sprayed toward the direction of Jiang Liushi's minibus and the off-road vehicle.

Zhang Hai, lying on the floor, did not have enough time to dodge, and his face was suddenly covered in that liquid. He felt nauseous.

'What's this? It's stinky and smelly. Oil?' Zhang Hai thought.

'Retreat! Now!' Zhang Hai and Yang Tianzhao instantly heard Ran Xiyu's voice transmission. At the same time, sparks flew off in all directions.


Raging fire spread quickly. Under intense heat, the SUV was buzzing, and the fuel tank was deflagrated. The entire car was covered by fire.

"Captain!" A fat man climbed up to the platform and stared at the direction of the fire. He grinned and said, "A terrible fate awaits them! After extinguishing the fire, we can collect their bodies!"

You Peng, smiled and nodded.

"It's a pity that they have nowhere to run."

The high temperature could instantly kill all of them. Several seconds later, the fire was extinguished.

"Huh? How can that minibus be still all right?" At that moment, Brother Dog opened his mouth and asked in surprise.