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Chapter 404: Go Up Directly

Chapter 404: Go Up Directly

Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave
Toxin Squad's members looked toward the ablaze minibus, but after a while, they noticed that nothing was actually happening to it. Even its windows and tires seemed as good as new.

"F*ck! This shabby minibus is of excellent quality." You Peng, was dumbfounded. And then he clapped his hands with his greedy eyes.

At that moment, a light sound echoed in the tunnel, and two metal pipes stretched out of the minibus.

"What's that?" You Peng was shocked.

"Grr-" suddenly, the mutant dog jumped from the rails to the platform.

Brother Dog's nose twitched, and then he shouted, "Gas…gasoline! Run! Quickly!"

He had a very special ability. Although his fighting power was not strong, his sense of smell and his vision were extraordinary. Brother Dog suddenly got a whiff of gasoline coming from the metal pipes, and he made a terrible guess. He ran as fast as he could without hesitation.

"F*ckers!" You Peng suddenly understood.

You Peng threw his sickle away with the strength of his four hands combined, and then he yanked the chains and leaped into the air.


An overwhelming stream of scorching-hot fire spread everywhere and hit You Peng's body while still in the air. He looked like a large ball of fire, screaming and falling. After struggling on the rails for a while, he was burned to death.

That fatty was even more miserable. The thick layer of fat in his body worked like an accelerant, and in the end, his body exploded like a firework.

Tongues of fire flew in the air and brightened the dark tunnel before dispersing. Although Brother Dog had run ahead, the flamethrowers' pressure and power were fierce. Adding to the fact that it was a narrow place, he had no way to escape. He was burnt so badly that he couldn't even crawl on the ground.

The terrain they had thought would be favorable to them had now become their final resting place.

On the top of the cement wall above the subway, the twin sisters felt like they were falling into hell.

What kind of minibus was that? Why was there a flamethrower?! A series of questions sank the twin sisters' hearts. They are now at the top of the cement wall and did not dare to move by relying on their spider threads.

Behind them was a man who was walking on the wall while aiming at them with a shotgun. At the same time, a girl with cat ears and a dagger, appeared like a ghost right below them, watching them coldly. Obviously, the sisters felt that the girl was very strong.

"I... we surrender! Don't kill us," the twin sisters shouted to Sun Kun.

Suddenly, the mutant dog lets out a mournful growl. Although it had escaped, a strange power had forced it back. Finally, it sat down about ten meters away from the minibus with his eyes full of fear.


A gunshot was fired, tearing apart the mutant dog's chest and creating a large hole in its heart.

The twins were almost scared to death with that strange power. Was there a person with psychic powers? It was no wonder that such a squad could kill Wang Xifu.

They thought they had a full picture of Shi Ying Squad's strength, but they had far underestimated them.

Inside the carriage, Jiang Liushi pulled back the sniper rifle from the gunner room.

"Xiyu, you've become stronger. Congratulations!" Jiang Liushi's clear eyes looked at Ran Xiyu happily.

Ran Xiyu's face was slightly red. "Well, it's stronger. I'm trying to grasp the domain of spiritual strength. Acalanatha had already tamed the mutant dog, so its mental resistance was weak…" Frankly praised by Jiang Liushi, Ran Xiyu seemed a little embarrassed, so she explained softly.

"But Brother Jiang, we should be careful. I sensed a lot of people upon the ground," Ran Xiyu pointed to the top and said.

"I know. Xiyu, I'll go out to handle the twin sisters…" Jiang Liushi said and then walked to the twins' direction.

Sun Kun was aiming at them with the shotgun, and they were so scared that didn't dare to move at all. They knew that this 'Brother Jiang' was the leader of the team.

Jiang Liushi had too little information about Toxin Squad. Yang Tianzhao was only a miner so he couldn't know much about Toxin Squad's real situation. Grasping more information means reducing risk.

"Captain, how should we deal with them? Kill them directly?" Seeing Jiang Liushi come, Sun Kun asked.

As soon as they heard Sun Kun's words, that twins were shocked to death. "We…we are paranormals. We can be useful to you. Don't kill us! Please! We obtained the spiders' abilities. No matter what the terrain is, we can walk on it easily," the twins explained quickly.

"We don't need you." Jiang Liushi shook his head.

"That...we..." The twins looked at each other and showed a charming expression. "Captain, we are twins. You Peng couldn't leave us alone at nights. Do you want to have a try? As long as you try once, we guarantee that you will never forget us," they said gently while approaching Jiang Liushi. After all, Jiang Liushi looked handsome.

"...." Three black lines appeared on Jiang Liushi's forehead. This kind of sex seduction was…

Jiang Liushi's eyes betrayed the disgust he felt for them, and they could clearly see it.

"Hahaha! The girls on our minibus are way more beautiful than you!" Sun Kun couldn't help but laugh.

Hearing his words, the twins were frustrated.

"Tell us everything you know about Toxin Squad," Jiang Liushi said suddenly.

"Information related to Toxin Squad? Oh, it's very simple for us," the twins became quite excited and told everything they knew to Jiang Liushi carefully.

Unlike Yang Tianzhao, who only knew how to deal with minerals, the twins were famous survivors. They had taken a few tasks on Toxin Squad's behalf in the past.

While they were spilling everything, Jiang Liushi listened carefully and memorized every detail. Finally, when the twins had nothing more to say, he roughly integrated the information given by the twins and the information provided by Yang Tianzhao. In the end, he had a basic understanding of Toxin Squad.

Other than competing with Falling Stars on a daily basis, Toxin Squad was indistinguishable from Huyang People's Front. Moreover, because of the war, all lot of their resources had been exhausted. As a result, they welcomed any paranormal to cooperate with them. Only their management was lax and not as strict as Huyang People's Front. For Toxin Squad, only strength and wealth were important.

"Do you know a girl who is called Ran Yunsha?" Jiang Liushi asked again.

"Ran Yunsha?" The twins thought for a moment and then shook their heads. "We're familiar with some people, but as for Toxin Squad's internal members, we don't know anything."

Jiang Liushi was disappointed. It seemed that they must rely on themselves to find Ran Yunsha.

At that moment, Sun Kun suddenly raised his shotgun and pointed at the sisters' heads. He pulled the trigger, and they heavily slammed on the ground.

"Brother Jiang, what should we do next?" Sun Kun asked.

Li Yuxin had already treated Zhang Hai and Yang Tianzhao, who were wrapped with thick bandages. When Jiang Liushi saw them, an idea came to his mind. Yang Tianzhao's bandaged face was a good way to disguise himself.

"What should we do? We will go straight up!" Jiang Liushi said lightly. Originally, they were planning to sneak into the enemy's territory and slowly look for Ran Xiyu.

"Directly go up?" Zhang Hai was surprised.

"Brother Jiang, it will be dangerous…"

"Except Yang Tianzhao, we are all strangers to this place. After disguising ourselves slightly, who will be able to recognize us? We've already eradicated the team the Toxin Squad sent to find us." Jiang Liushi shrugged, but nobody refuted him.

"As long as we can attract Chang Shengkai's attention, won't we be able to find Ran Yunsha?" Jiang Liushi said again. Although his plan was a little risky, it would be the fastest way to find Ran Yunsha.

"But they'll be able to recognize our minibus…" Zhang Hai said. There was no doubt that the minibus was their safe sanctuary. However, it was too conspicuous, and it would others would become suspicious.

"Not a problem, either," said Jiang Liushi. Since Jiang Liushi said so, everyone agreed.

"We should study this map carefully. Here is the end of the abandoned subway… there are no people… But now I don't know why... We have to sneak into another place..." Jiang Liushi opened the map and discussed with Yang Tianzhao.

Pan Zhu City's 8th High School…

The formerly active campus was in ruins, and apart from bones on the playground, one could only see tall weeds. Towering trees stood around the campus and vines crept out from the windows, which made it look extremely gloomy.

Suddenly, a large hole appeared on the ground, and then a minibus made its way out quietly. After that, the minibus transformed into a giant-sized mining truck!