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Chapter 406: As Mad as A March Hare

Chapter 406: As Mad as A March Hare
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Jiang Liushi didn't say anything, but then he showed four red evolutionary crystals. They were emitting a hint of beautiful scarlet light in Jiang Liushi's hands.

"Ruby?" Lame Wei was slightly surprised. It was obvious that he hadn't recognized these things, but he felt energy fluctuations coming from them. As a paranormal, Lame Wei discovered something unusual.

At that moment, he found that Zhang Shan's breathing had become heavy. "Evo... evolution crystals?! Four?!" Staring at these four things in Jiang Liushi's hands, Zhang Shan's eyeballs were about to pop out of his head.

"Yeah, it seems you have a head on your shoulders…" Jiang Liushi looked at Zhang Shan indifferently.

"I've heard of them through our boss," Zhang Shan answered, showing a professional smile, but his heart was palpitating wildly.

Chang Shengkai had been talking about evolution crystals a lot, so he had the chance to know of them. Once, there was a strong team, which wanted to close deal with him, and they had shown off a crystal like that. However, the crystals in Jiang Liushi's hands exuded stronger energy fluctuations. It was rare and the significance behind it was also astonishing. In this terrible world, only military or some powerful organizations with strong technology resources could produce it.

In Zhang Shan's eyes, Jiang Liushi and his team looked even more dazzling.

"Please. I... I'll go and ask our boss to come out!" Zhang Shan did not dare to neglect this matter anymore. His attitude toward Jiang Liushi and others became more respectful. As he spoke, he looked at a red-haired young man who was not far away. "Ao Quan, hurry up! Lead these VIPs to Overlord Hall."

The red-haired young man was shocked, because he had never thought Zhang Shan could be so reverent and respectful. And then he quickly acted as ordered. Seeing this scene, Lame Wei also felt surprised.

'...Evolution crystal? What's that? They seem more precious and expensive than mutant beasts….' Staring at their backs, Lame Wei said to himself. For the Overlord Hall, only the top ten teams in the weekly trading list could be allowed to enter. Being able to enter it represented a privilege.

When Jiang Liushi was led by the red-haired youth to enter, six group of people were already sitting in the hall. One of the groups was sitting at the nearest place to the chairman's table. Its leader was a young man, whose eyes were like an eagle's. His hands were on the table lazily, but he seemed like a lying tiger. When he saw Jiang Liushi and the others, he was intrigued.

'Who are they?' He wondered and then his eyes were fixed on Ying's body. She was wearing a short tight skirt and her big chest stood proud.

"This girl is so nice," a short young man murmured. Generally speaking, only powerful teams could enter this hall, however, nobody knew who they were.

"Glib Shan is foolish. He must have accepted a bribe. Why would he let such a strange group here? Some of them are ordinary people," a middle-aged bald fat man said in the northeast corner.

The people in the Overlord Hall could obtain the right to trade various commodities in advance according to their ranks. Their trading rights were hard earned, and seeing a strange team coming out of nowhere, made them feel angry.

After entering the hall, Jiang Liushi chose an iron table to sit down and ignored the other teams' intimidating gazes. It didn't matter to him where he was sitting. Finding Ran Yunsha was his top priority.

"That is sensible of him," the short young man said.

"Lame Wei, who are they?" When Lame Wei got in, they asked.

"I wouldn't \recommend you provoking them." Lame Wei rolled his eyes toward the short young man.

Actually, the short young man, Guo Chengchun was the Wild Pythons Squad's captain. In his eyes, only his team could be regarded as an elite team. As a result, Lame Wei felt disgusted with them.

"Dare not provoke? That's all more the reason to do so!" Guo Chengchun was a famous narrow-minded man. And then he stared at Ying and made a decision. "Lame Wei, wait and see. This group of people is just a well-connected group."

Lame Wei sneered again and again. Looking at Guo Chengchun, Lame Wei thought he was looking at a fool.

"Go and tell that man holding a submachine gun that I'd like to buy that girl. One Type 95 automatic rifle and two grenades," Guo Chengchun turned and ordered a young man with many scars on his face.

In this post-apocalyptic world, beauty was worthless. In his mind, even a great beauty, a Type 95 automatic rifle as well as two grenades were of the same value.

The young man immediately stood up and ran toward Jiang Liushi quickly.

When Jiang Liushi saw the young guy walking toward him, he showed a kind of strange smile.

"Hey, you. Our boss wants to make a deal with you. He wants to buy that girl.' The scar-faced youth looked at Jiang Liushi while pointing at Ying.

However, Ying didn't react at all. In her eyes, Jiang Liushi was the only person in the whole world that mattered.

Jiang Liushi didn't answer at all. He in fact didn't want to look at the scar-faced youth. He just stretched his hand, and then a black gun barrel met the youth's head.

Seeing that scene, Guo Chengchun jumped and shouted to Jiang Liushi, "What are you doing? This is…" He couldn't even complete his sentence before a gunshot was fired.


A bloody hole appeared on the youth's head.

Everyone in the hall was shocked!

Guo Chengchun could not believe his own eyes and stared blankly at the bloody body that fell on the ground. He was shocked, angry, and suspicious...how could it be true? How could such an ordinary person actually dare to kill his member?

"What annoys me the most is the idea that someone wants to buy my members," Jiang Liushi answered coldly.

Lame Wei was shocked, but at the same time he took pleasure in Guo's misfortune.

The other teams looked at Jiang Liushi's team as if they were looking at a group of monsters. At that moment, Zhang Shan walked in quickly. Seeing the body lying down beside Jiang Liushi, he was shocked to death.

"What…what happened?" He asked and found Jiang Liushi holding a gun.

Jiang Liushi didn't answer but just looked toward Guo Chengchun.

"What happened?" Suddenly, a gloomy voice came from outside. The newcomer was very handsome with a special temperament. His bloody eyes swept across the whole hall.

When he came in, everyone became quiet suddenly.

'Changsheng Kai?!'

Seeing Chang Shengkai, Guo Chengchun became quite excited. He didn't expect that his findings could attract Chang Shengkai. And then he stared at Jiang Liushi angrily. He thought Chang Shengkai would help him to deal with this matter.

"Your Excellency Chang, you came at the right time. We don't know who they are, but they killed one of my members," Guo Chengchun said angrily.

However, Chang Shengkai just frowned. And then his sharp eyes stared at Jiang Liushi's face. Although, he couldn't sense strong energy fluctuations from Jiang Liushi, his instincts told him that this young man was the leader of this group. Seeing Chang Shengkai, Jiang Liushi smiled.

"Are you Chang Shengkai? It seems that these people do not give you face. They were quite arrogant, so I gave them a little lesson to help you," Jiang Liushi said lightly.

Zhang Shan was annoyed, and he wondered why that group of people could be so arrogant in front of Chang.

Chang Shengkai didn't answer but then he looked at Ao Quan beside him. Ao Quan felt nervous, but actually the whole situation escalated too quickly. He whispered in Chang Shengkai's ear about the whole matter.

"Good-for-nothing!" Chang Shengkai suddenly kicked him Ao Quan. The latter screamed as he was kicked ten meters way. He was slammed against the wall, but didn't stop there, as the impact was so strong that a hole formed in the wall.

"You are also a good-for-nothing!" He turned back suddenly and slapped Guo Chengchun far away. Although a few meters separated the gathered people, the buzzing sound was so loud that they got scared.

Guo Chengchun did not know where the power came from at all. A row of teeth rolled out and flew out a few meters away, crashing into several chairs.

"Even the leading team of Overlord Week, could save its member's life. Poor guys!" Chang Shengkai stared at Guo Chengchun and said.

"You and your team, get out of here! You're banned from entering here for the next three months!" Chang Shengkai shouted.

Guo Chengchun was shocked to death. He had never seen Chang Shengkai like that before.

"D*mn Lame Wei!" Guo Chengchun climbed up on the ground and looked at Lame Wei evilly. He was seething with hatred. Lame Wei had provoked him and this strange team after all. Lame Wei didn't hear his words though. He actually looked quite nervous. He wondered whether this group of people wanted to fight with him.

Meanwhile, Chang Shengkai sat on the opposite side of Jiang Liushi with a faintly discernible smile. "Nice to meet you. I'm Chang Shengkai. I'm busy, but when I heard that you have some big deal to make with me, I came at once."

"We are the Shi Ying Squad, and I'm the captain Jiang Liushi. Yes, its is a big deal." Jiang Liushi also smiled. Meanwhile, Jiang Liushi tried his best to look around. He was disappointed though. He just saw a few guards. There were no girls at all.

When Jiang Liushi spoke, spreading his palm. Four shiny red-evolution crystals appeared. When he saw these four evolution crystals, Chang Shengkai's smile disappeared. His greedy eyes suddenly shone.

"Let everyone else go out!" He suddenly told Zhang Shan. His voice was not loud, but it was just loud enough for everyone in the hall to hear it. Guo Chengchun, Lame Wei and the others hurried out, not waiting for Zhang Shan to speak. Chang Shengkai did not want to talk about the deal with the others.

"Where did you get these evolution crystals?" Chang Shengkai said slowly, staring at Jiang Liushi's eyes.