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Chapter 407: Failing to Seal the Deal

Chapter 407: Failing to Seal the Deal
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

"You are a smart person, and you should know where we came from." Jiang Liushi smiled.

"From which Safety Island did you come? Is Shenhai or Star City?" Chang Shengkai was silent for a moment before asking.

In his mind, except for the expansion of his power, evolution crystals were a long-cherished goal too. Moreover, the evolution crystals carried another meaning. Even in this post-apocalyptic world, where zombies and mutant beasts, as well as various unknown dangers, prevailed, the huge military power represented by the human government still couldn't be ignored.

Among the many forces in Pan Zhu City, if he could get in touch with the government's army, he could not only completely crush the Falling Star but also become Pan Zhu City's sovereign.

"Shenhai Island," Jiang Liushi said coldly.

Hearing his answer, Chang Shengkai's pupils shrank. 'This group of people is indeed from the government! No wonder they have evolution crystals and are so arrogant!' Chang Shengkai thought in his mind.

"Shenhai Island had been attacked by a mutant monster. It's said that General Zhang was hurt seriously. How could you escape from such a predicament?" Chang Shengkai asked.

Although he looked calm, his eyes were observing every move of Jiang Liushi.

Jiang Liushi also felt strange. Pan Zhu City was quite far away from Shenhai Island, but why did Chang Shengkai know so many things?

"Your information network is really good." Jiang Liushi was a bit surprised.

It was the first time for Chang Shengkai to notice an expression of surprise from Jiang Liushi's eyes. As a result, Chang Shengkai felt happy.

"We have several communication towers, which are still intact. We can receive radio signals, and we have a woman who often listens to the radio transmissions and sorts out useful information about the outside world. She was the one who told me." Chang Shengkai laughed: "After all, I have so much power in my hands, so I can't close my eyes and stop listening. To develop and grow, communicating with the outside world is necessary."

Hearing Chang Shengkai's explanation, Zhang Hai, and Sun Kun looked at each other with strange expressions. They knew that Chang Shengkai had bought their story without any problems.

"We have enough mutant nuclei, but how do you want to trade? Three level-1 mutant nuclei for one evolution crystal, is it okay?" Chang Shengkai solemnly raised three fingers. He had once heard that two mutant nuclei could be used to create one evolution crystal. As a result, he felt that three were enough to show his sincerity.

Jiang Liushi faintly smiled but did not answer.

At that moment, Zhang Hai said to Chang Shengkai in a low voice, "Three level-1 mutant nuclei? You far underestimate Shenhai Island's scientists. These crystals are new products, which contain three times the energy…"

Chang Shengkai felt angry with the poor retinue's mocking tone. He restrained his anger and then looked at Jiang Liushi. "Captain Jiang, what's your opinion?"

"Two level-2 mutant nuclei for one," Jiang Liushi answered.

"What? Are you messing with me?" Chang Shengkai almost jumped from anger. The combat effectiveness of a level-2 mutant beast was absolutely comparable to that of five or six level-1 mutant beasts. What sacrifices and costs would they have to make in order to get one? At least, so far, no team had come to sell level-2 mutant meat or nuclei.

"Captain Jiang, do you think that I'm unaware? According to news from official sources, a level-2 mutant nucleus can be exchanged for at least three evolution crystals! This is the price announced by the foreign security island on the radio!" Chang Shengkai shouted.

"Two level-2 mutant nuclei for one!" Jiang Liushi said again.

"No way! Let me be honest with you, we have two level-2 mutant nuclei in total," Chang Shengkai explained.

Jiang Liushi felt a bit surprised. In fact, he just wanted to mess with him. He didn't expect that Chang Shengkai indeed had level-2 mutant nuclei. What was the concept of killing two level-2 mutant beasts? It could not be ignored!

"I'm sorry, but it appears we don't have a deal." Jiang Liushi suddenly stood up."Let's go!" Actually, Jiang Liushi had no intention to sell the four evolutionary crystals at all.

He just wanted to delay for time and find the opportunity to look for Ran Yunsha. However, he noticed Chang Shengkai's greedy gazes, and Jiang Liushi was sure that the other party wouldn't let them leave.

"Wait!" Chang Shengkai tapped his fingers on the table and looked gloomy. "You came from afar. You don't have to hurry and leave. Let me think about the price."

"Good." Jiang Liushi turned and smiled lightly.

Seeing the smile on Jiang Liushi's face, a trace of anger flashed through Chang Shengkai's eyes. Although he wanted to get in touch with the government, that group was too excessive. Chang Shengkai could not help but already have some bloody ideas.

"Your Excellency Chang, since our VIPs are quite interested in level-2 mutant nuclei, we can consider another way to transact." Suddenly, a gentle voice came from outside.

Jiang Liushi was moved when he heard that voice; it was somewhat similar to Ran Xiyu's. He looked toward the voice's source, and he saw a girl, dressed in white, with white a veil hiding her face and white gauze on her hand. Although this woman was veiled, Jiang Liushi identified her.

'Xiyu, I found your sister!' Jiang Liushi said in his mind at once.