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Chapter 409: Unexpected Outcome

Chapter 409: Unexpected Outcome
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Chang Shengkai stared at Jiang Liushi fiercely, as he couldn't the humiliation from earlier. Moreover, he was even more reluctant to pay a high price in exchange for an evolution crystal. Therefore, he had decided to kill all of them and seize their goods.

Fortunately, Jiang Liushi had thought about that. However, when he lifted his submachine gun, it began to tremble, as if it was pulled by some powerful invisible force. Finally, his submachine gun aimed at the ceiling on its own!

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun also faced the same situation. But Zhang Hai's arm force was surprisingly strong, and he held his shotgun all the time at one direction, but its barrel began to bend...

"Haha, you think that because I'm alone, I'll suffer a loss? Since I dared to come, I'm confident. The cells in my body are magnetic and can completely magnetize the guns and knives in your hands, thus controlling your weapons," Chang Shengkai grinned viciously and said coldly.

He was very confident in his abilities and delighted with Jiang Liushi and the others' shocked expressions.

'Cell magnetization?' Jiang Liushi furrowed his brows.

That kind of special ability was even worse than Yang Feng's plant manipulation ability.

"Chang Shengkai, stop!" Suddenly, a gentle voice sounded. In such an intense time, the sound was deafening. Everyone was surprised.

"Yunsha! How could you be here?" Chang Shengkai was shocked too. He did not expect that Ran Yunsha would appear here.

At this moment, although Ran Yunsha was still so beautiful, her eyes had become indifferent, giving Chang Shengkai a strange vibe. And then he gazed at another girl beside Ran Yunsha. She was somewhat similar to Ran Yunsha. They both had gray pupils!

Chang Shengkai opened his eyes wide as he understood everything – that group of people had come for Ran Yunsha.

"You want to abduct Yunsha? Yunsha, come here quickly!" Chang Shengkai shouted.

In his mind, Ran Yunsha was his property. He would never allow anyone to land their hands on her. If this group of people dared to try, he would kill them all!

"She is my older sister," Ran Yunsha said.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi ordered Ying through their mental connection, and the latter immediately launched the mining truck.

"Older sister?" Chang Shengkai became furious. "Yunsha, did you want to go with them? It's impossible! You should ask me first."

"You don't have the right to control Yunsha. If you want to stop us, we can use bullets to communicate," Ran Xiyu said coldly. Her temperament was very cold. Although her tone was not aggressive or vulgar, nobody doubted how her determination.

"Sister, let me try," Ran Yunsha said and walked forward. She looked at Chang Shengkai with her grey eyes. "Chang Shengkai, I am really disappointed in you. I don't know why you are still so stupid. In your eyes, other than fighting and killing, nothing else matters. Originally, Pan Zhu City could become a safe haven for humanity, and people could lead normal lives again. But you are all homicidal maniacs…" Ran Yunsha's voice was soft, but her words were harsh, and they were enough to stimulate Chang Shengkai's headache.

The woman who had never rebelled against him, dared to speak to him in that way? Chang Shengkai breathed heavily!

"Ran Yunsha, do you want to betray me?" Chang Shengkai shouted, "You know about my means. You will die miserably! I will ride you all night and then kill you! You should understand that both your body and life are all mine!" Chang Shengkai became crazy. He couldn't accept the truth…

"You didn't understand what I said." Ran Yunsha looked at him and shook her head.

"Stop your nonsense!" Chang Shengkai shouted again.

Suddenly, he suffered from a severe headache. "Why did that have to happen now?" And then he felt his nose becoming oddly itchy.

Chang Shengkai opened his mouth involuntarily and sneezed heavily. What followed after that truly shocked him. A thick pink mushroom had drilled its way out of his nose! And then, from his ears, eyes and skin pores, a lot more pink mushrooms and moss made their appearance.

Ran Yunsha snapped her finger and then one mushroom on his face suddenly exploded! Flesh and blood splashed everywhere while Chang Shengkai screamed in pain. From the wound, a new small mushroom grew at a speed that was visible to naked eyes.

"A powerful paranormal?!" Seeing this scene, Jiang Liushi was shocked. It was obvious that Chang Shengkai's anomaly was caused by Ran Yunsha. She was a quite powerful paranormal! Moreover, Ran Yunsha seemed to have transformed into another person.

Zhang Hai and Sun Kun also felt she was amazing!

"Yunsha?" Ran Xiyu couldn't help but shout.

"What did you do to me? You dared to betray me…I will kill you…" Chang Shengkai tolerated the severe pain and struggled to catch Ran Yunsha. The metal pendant at her neck trembled.

Ran Yunsha lifted her right hand again and made another finger snap.


Chang Shengkai screamed again. His arm joints exploded, and murky blood surged out. His hands were instantly crippled. Unfortunately, his torture did not stop there as his legs, chest and other body parts exploded one after the other. After that, he fell to the ground hazily.

"...how is this possible? When did you do this to my body? Isn't your special ability related to cultivating herbs?" Chang Shengkai fell to the ground and asked in a low voice.

"Thankfully, you liked to drink my herbal drinks on a daily basis."

"Herbs? Chang Shengkai was surprised. "No, I checked every time the drinks you gave me, there was no other substance!"

"My special ability is related to the manipulation of spores." Ran Yunsha suddenly stretched out her hands and exhaled on Chang Shengkai. Later, many spores appeared in the air. Some were as large as fingertips, others were as fine as dust and even smaller, invisible to the naked eye, only a faint shimmer of light was visible. All of them rallied in Chang Shengkai's body, and more mushrooms and moss occurred.

"...As early as you brought me to the Pan Zhu City, I started to grow spores on you. Your special ability is indeed powerful, so the spores had a hard time surviving in your body. Fortunately, I had enough time. In the end, I was able to weave a web of spores in your body. In other words, your life is in my hands now as my spores occupy every part of your body! Hahaha, you can no longer control me! Understood?" Ran Yunsha walked toward Chang Shengkai and said.

Everyone was stunned. The seemingly delicate Ran Yunsha had transformed to another person.

"What a good scheme!" Chang Shengkai recovered from the shock and laughed while coughing pink foam blood. His blood was full of spores. "Kill me, right now." Chang Shengkai shouted furiously.

"No way. You are still useful to me. Oh, no. It's not you. It's Chang Jiashan. Chang Jiashan come out now. I know you are in Chang Shengkai's body! His body will die soon, do you want to die too?" Ran Yunsha whispered in Chang Shengkai's ears.

'Chang Jiashan?' Jiang Liushi completely failed to understand Ran Yunsha's meaning. Why did she call Chang Shengkai by another name?

"…he…another person is residing in his body…. The energy of that person becomes stronger," Ran Xiyu said suddenly.

Chang Shengkai struggled on the ground violently. The scarlet color in his eyes suddenly receded, and his body frame shrank. Currently, the flame-like atmosphere was extinguished and replaced by a faint black atmosphere. Chang Shengkai resumed his normal appearance, but his pupils were completely dark. He looked at Ran Yunsha and tried his best to avoid looking at her eyes. "No... Don't kill me. I don't want to die. Ran Yunsha, since you know of my existence, you should know that I don't like killing at all. I'm also very afraid of death...." Chang Shengkai, who was quite arrogant, sounded extremely strange.

"Split personality? Chang Shengkai has another personality!" Jiang Liushi understood instantly.

It was no wonder that Ran Xiyu had just sensed another energy fluctuation coming from Chang Shengkai's body. This spiritual fluctuation was hidden in Chang Shengkai's body.

"Chang Jiashan, you should rest assured. I will not kill you. When I discovered your existence, I knew you would be my ally. Otherwise, I would have already killed Chang Shengkai…"

"Allies? You...won't kill me?" Chang Jiashan was stunned, but he was still scared.

Ran Yunsha breathed on Chang Jiashan, and then many pink mushrooms and moss started to wither. Except for his wound, no more plants grew on his body anymore.

"I will protect you. Actually, your special ability is more powerful than Chang Shengkai. Moreover, you don't like killing, so I need you. As long as you obey me, I will let you be the Battle Union's leader…" It seemed that Ran Yunsha's voice had a kind of magical power.

After listening to her words, Chang Jiashan just nodded like a child. "Yes…I must do as you ordered. Sister Yunsha."

"Good! Please remember, never let Chang Shengkai out!" Ran Yunsha added.

"No problem," Chang Jiashan answered. And then there is a silence in the hall.

"Ha, Chang Shengkai became one of us?" Zhang Hai said happily. Sun Kun just stared at him. Seeing this scene, Zhang Hai understood he had said something wrong. He looked at others and shut up at once.

"Sister and Captain Jiang, since you've witnessed everything, are you still worried? I can control Chang Shengkai as well as the whole Battle Union. Shortly, I will take control of all other groups near us, such as Northern Jiangsu areas, Huang Gang areas…My dream is to establish a huge safety area, where everyone is equal without killing and robbing… People, who can't give up on fighting, will be weeded out finally…I can help to speed up the whole progress…" Ran Yunsha's exuded a special spark with a hint of fanaticism.

'Northern Jiangsu?' Jiang Liushi heard the name and frowned slightly as he thought of Xiang Xuehai.

With no doubt, Ran Yunsha's dream was grand and beautiful, instinctively Jiang Liushi felt disgusted. He never expected that Ran Yunsha would be so different from Ran Xiyu. She was the type of woman who could do anything to achieve her purpose. She could stay beside Chang Shengkai for such a long time, which showcased her ambitions.

Ran Xiyu was silent on the side. Even she felt that her sister was so strange.

"Let me get things straight. Were you the one who caused the rivalry between Falling Star and Battle Union?" Ran Xiyu asked.

"Caused? No! I had nothing to do with it. I just helped, through leaking information and some other things, to escalate things," Ran Yunsha explained.

"Sister and Captain Jiang, I really hope that you can stay here to help me. You have many resources, so as long as you help me, I will make my dream true much easier…" Ran Yunsha said while holding her sister's hands.

"Do you need level-2 mutant nuclei? As long as you help me, I will give them to you immediately."

A strange glint flashed through Ran Xiyu's grey eyes as she kept listening to her sister. She had no idea that her sister had such a huge plan. The virus' outbreak had completely separated them, and she could no longer understand Yunsha's disposition and thoughts.

"I refuse," Jiang Liushi said directly.

"Why?" Ran Yunsha asked and stared at Jiang Liushi.

"Although your goal sounds noble, if you want to achieve it, the land will flood with human blood," Jiang Liushi said slowly.

"So what? In any era, this is a necessary sacrifice," Ran Yunsha answered lightly.

"Even if 10,000 people were to die, it will still be a good deal for that bright future… At that time, you can also gain benefits from it, such as status, rights, and stable life."

"Ordinary people will live in a more orderly environment, and it will be a good thing for them. You might think that I don't have the ability to control such a large site, even if I eliminate some people, there will always be people who are not obedient, right? I'm just a girl. How could I convince my opponents to create a safe haven for humanity?" Ran Yunsha said lots of things.

Jiang Liushi did not speak at all. And then Ran Yunsha looked at Chang Shengkai, "He should be called Chang Jiashan actually. Although he is the only one I found who has a split personality, my spores can control many people."

When Jiang Liushi heard that, his brow slightly wrinkled. That was the exact reason why he felt disgusted. When he heard about Ran Yunsha's means, Jiang Liushi knew that she wanted to establish a powerful empire through her special ability.

"I don't understand business," said Jiang Liushi. "But what do you mean by 'peace'? What I really think is that you want to make them your puppets and let them live in your fairy tale world."

Ran Yunsha heard Jiang Liushi's answer, but then she just smiled and explained, "What's wrong with that? At least, everyone can live safely."