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Chapter 410: Entering the Forbidden Zone

Chapter 410: Entering the Forbidden Zone
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Jiang Liushi kept silent and just looked at Ran Xiyu. In his mind, Ran Yunsha was plainly crazy, and she would only adhere to her foolish ways.

"Yunsha." Seeing her sister, who was consumed by ambition, Ran Xiyu was absorbed in meditation. She had recovered from her initial shock and knew clearly that she was unable to change Yunsha's opinion or persuade her to do otherwise. As a sister, Ran Xiyu certainly understood each other's character.

"We came to Pan Zhu City to find and ask you join us. It seems that you will not follow me, so I only hope that you will lead a good life…enough," Ran Xiyu's voice trembled.

"Sister. Do you want to leave now? You really do not intend to help me?" Hearing her sister's answer, Ran Yunsha asked. If they were strangers, she could use her special ability to force them, but Ran Xiyu was her dear sister.

"We have to deal with a little thing here and leave when things are done," Jiang Liushi said.

"Deal with a thing? You want to get your hands on the magical plants, right?" Ran Yunsha turned to look at him and said.

Hearing these words, actually, Jiang Liushi was quite shocked. How could she know about their plans?

"You don't need to be so surprised. When Chang Shengkai used his special ability to magnetize your weapons, the bio-metal was also absorbed. Although you recovered quickly, I still saw it. You got that thing from Wang Xifu, right?" Ran Yunsha explained.

"Yes, we were the ones who killed Wang Xifu," Jiang Liushi said lightly.

"Woo-wonderful! No wonder. You showed great courage and abilities…Wang Xifu was Chang Shengkai's loyal dog. He always opposed me. Thank you for helping me get rid of him," Ran Yunsha explained while taking her white gloves off.

"Since you want to get the special plants, I could provide you with some protection. You can follow my team to enter the forbidden zone tomorrow morning. That's where those plants grow. As for how many you can get, that will depend on your ability," Ran Yunsha stared at her sister and said. But Ran Xiyu was still very calm.

"Provide us with protection? Your suggestion is a bit interesting." Jiang Liushi smiled awkwardly.

He didn't care about those things, but if they could enter directly, it would save them a lot of trouble.

Hearing Ran Yunsha's words, Zhang Hai and Sun Kun looked at each other. They thought that Ran Yunsha may not know who they were or she just took them as a powerful survivor's team.

"Well, you can have a rest here. I will order Zhang Shan to give you another room. We will enter the forbidden zone early in the morning," Ran Yunsha said and spread her palms, gently breathing. And then numerous colorful spores, like multicolored bubbles, floated into the dark urban areas with the breeze...

The sky was just bright, but the Battle Union had already fallen into the noise of dense traffic. At the same time, the most prosperous place, the War League Market, was extremely quiet. Chang Shengkai had ordered that nobody was allowed to come within two days. The most surprising thing was that the Falling Star also became quiet. The explosion sounds that could be heard every day had disappeared.

Chongfu Road, which originally belonged to the Falling Star, had now been firmly occupied by the Battle Union. Long barbed wire, a two-meter deep trench, and a simple defensive wall piled up had completely occupied the street, changing it into a war zone. Pits and bodies caused by explosions on the ground could be seen everywhere. At that moment, six heavy trucks with thick steel plates, 13 off-road vehicles, and some modified motorcycles were all gathered behind a tall wall.

Inside the wall was the forbidden zone. Its interior was the former CBD section of Pan Zhu City, which was an extremely prosperous place. Looking through the city walls at the moment, those buildings inside had been covered with dense vines. Many glass walls had fallen off, and green moss was attached to them, which gave them a gloomy look. Just near the wall, screams of zombies could be heard from inside. It was a chilling sensation.

At the moment, in front of the city walls, lots of people were gathered. In front of them, Chang Shengkai stood side by side with Ran Yunsha.

"...Did each Major District Chief understand your tasks? Leave collecting task for paranormals with fast speed. Everyone else is responsible for guarding duty," Ran Yunsha's voice was as gentle as usual. The morning wind blew her white dress, and she resembled a small beautiful flower.

Lonely Lion stood beside her with some excitement…however, today's Chang Shengkai was quite strange. He hadn't uttered a single word, but he kept looking toward Ran Yunsha fearfully. But for that point, nobody could say anything anymore.

Jiang Liushi and his team just stood behind Ran Yunsha. Seeing this scene, Jiang Liushi understood that Ran Yunsha had been controlling most of Battle Union's power for a long time now.

Ran Yunsha looked at Chang Shengkai, and then Chang Shengkai hurriedly waved. "Set off!"

"Sister, you should be careful. I sent an off-road vehicle and several soldiers to follow your car," before leaving, Ran Yunsha quickly approached her sister and whispered.

Ran Xiyu just nodded.


A heavy truck broke open a big hole on the repaired city wall and then the trucks and off-road vehicles entered inside one after the other.

' Dadada!'

Crisp gunshots came as well as zombies' roars.

"Xiyu, take care of yourself." When Shi Ying Squad entered, Jiang Liushi said immediately as they observed their surroundings vigilantly.

It was indeed terrible and gloomy. In the forbidden zone, the sycamore trees were about dozens of meters high, which was filtering out large patches of sunlight into mottled shadows. The cement floor of the street was tenaciously broken by some plants and weeds. It was covered with high thatched grass. Fortunately, there were traces of fire everywhere so some roads could be seen. Obviously, the Battle Union had burned the weeds on the road.

"Why was that mining truck allowed to follow us? Are they not a group of outsiders? Why should we protect them?" More than ten members of Battle Union in an off-road vehicle were following Jiang Liushi's mining truck. They were at the end of the whole team. The heavy body of the mining truck left visible wheel marks on the ground. However, it was lack of flexibility in the narrow streets slowed them down.

"In a dangerous situation, it will be very difficult for them to escape."

"Why should we protect this folly group? I will not be stupid to protect them…"

Jiang Liushi and the others heard. Obviously, they were talking loudly on purpose.

. Zhang Hai felt angry…

"Don't let them get under your skin!" Jiang Liushi said lightly.

In fact, Jiang Liushi had some doubts in his heart. He had observed that they would only encounter several small zombies' groups, which the paranormals killed swiftly. But it was a quite strange situation. According to acute information, the forbidden zone should be the largest zombie gathering place in Pan Zhu City. Battle Union, Falling Star, and Huyang People's Front had driven almost all zombies into that area.

"Oh... a lot of zombies! On both sides of the tall buildings!" Ran Xiyu suddenly shouted. And then she quickly shared her spiritual vision with Jiang Liushi.

Through the shared spiritual vision, Jiang Liushi was shocked totally. He saw dense red spots on the buildings. Those red spots were standing on the third, fourth, and fifth floors uniformly. And there were still red spots that were rapidly moving on those floors. All this was happening inside the buildings, where nobody could see them.

Jiang Liushi also noticed three red spots that were significantly brighter than the other red spots beside them.

"Three mutant zombies? Ambush!" Jiang Liushi instantly understood why other zombies could be so obedient. Jiang Liushi didn't dare to take the enemy lightly. Those mutant zombies could control and order other ordinary zombies. They would be extremely terrible enemies. Jiang Liushi quickly observed the surrounding terrain and found that their mining truck had broken into the ambush area.

"Back, open the first form of my MCV!"

"Abandon the convoy! We will go in another direction!" Jiang Liushi ordered Ying.


The mining truck deformed quickly back to the minibus, and then the 'Accelerate' function was activated, so its engine made a deafening sound. The tires rubbed against the ground madly and slammed backward.

"Oh, My God! The mining truck disappeared?! It transformed into a minibus!?" A member of Battle Union shouted suddenly.

At the same time, a loud roar on both sides of the tall buildings came. And then countless zombies jumped down along with broken shards of glass; just like dumplings falling from the sky…

"Zombies!" The soldiers in the off-road vehicles screamed and picked up the knives in their hands. All the area was in chaos…

The soldiers wanted to run away, but when they thought about Chang Chengkai's cruelty, they decided to fight against those zombies…


The minibus sprinted backward a hundred meters. The tires left clear marks on the road. Even so, several zombies had still fallen on the roof. One of them was wearing a tattered princess dress and had gray eyes. It was a girl-zombie. She crawled up to the cab along the roof. Her fingers had not yet touched the cab window, but she had already been killed by Ling. After a while, they had gotten rid of all the zombies.

Ying brought the minibus to a large square with dense weds around it. In this square, the position of the flagpole had already been split by a huge gap and formed a cave. After arriving in that relatively safe area, they decided to rest.

"Huh?" Ran Xiyu felt some hard objects were on her waist. She had been focusing all of her attention on observing, so she had not felt anything out of normal. When she finally relaxed, she touched her waist and was stunned.

Two shiny mutant crystals were lying quietly in her hands. Seeing this, Ran Xiyu was shocked. And then she remembered that before they had set off, her sister had touched her waist… Her sister had given them to her…

"Brother Jiang, here you are." Ran Xiyu gave them to Jiang Liushi.

"Level-2 mutant nuclei?" Jiang Liushi shouted. Ran Xiyu just smiled. Although they had refused Ran Yunsha's invitation, she still gave them the two mutant nuclei.


'Detected energy fluctuation of alien plant…' Hearing Starseed's notification, Jiang Liushi smiled.


"Where did that mining truck go?" Ran Yunsha asked.

Half an hour later, after a fierce battle, the zombies' sneak attack had been dealt with. However, Ran Yunsha couldn't find the mining truck anymore.

One of the paranormals, who had been following Jiang Liushi's mining truck, had already lost one arm. Even though he was currently in severe pain, he still dared not neglect to answer, "That mining truck transformed into a minibus and left the team when the zombies attacked us. I don't know where they went."

"How could they leave the team? It's dangerous! There are zombies everywhere! My dear sister…" Ran Yunsha was worried.

"Call several people immediately and bring five guns to find them quickly! You have to find them!"