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Chapter 411: Future Direction of Evolution

Chapter 411: Future Direction of Evolution
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

'According to Starseed's information, the special plants are located in that cave!' Jiang Liushi thought.

The cave's width was over one meter, and it was quite dark inside; it was like a bottomless pit. If there were anything strange inside, the risk would be quite high.

"Brother Jiang, I didn't detect any energy fluctuations inside," Ran Xiyu said.

Jiang Liushi nodded.

Ling killed a few zombies rushing out of the dense weeds and then stood guard with Zhang Hai and Sun Kun in their respective positions.

When Jiang Liushi finished with his preparations, he entered the cave. Even though it was pitch dark, he could see the interior, which was like a beast lair, clearly. He suddenly narrowed his eyes when he saw claw marks on the ground and a huge corpse in the depth of the cave. It was the body of a mutant beast, which was more than three meters long and more than one meter high. Its carcass was completely shriveled, with only a layer of skin and some of its internal organs, as well as a huge wound on the body's abdominal cavity. A small pigeon-sized mutant nucleus was lying quietly in the wound.

"Level-1 mutant nucleus!" Jiang Liushi smiled at once.

Although he didn't know the story about it, he would acquire a level-1 mutant nucleus without breaking a sweat. It was indeed wonderful.

Jiang Liushi noticed a small bundle of prickly thorns above the carcass. Other than that, he had yet to find any plants that could secrete active metals.

'Detected energy fluctuations of alien plant metal…energy…alien plant metal.'

Jiang Liushi frowned as Starseed kept notifying him ceaselessly.

'Where is it?'

And then Jiang Liushi decided to get that mutant nucleus firstly. However, when he was about to stretch his hand, something peculiar happened. Suddenly, something started moving under the carcass and thorns drilled their way to the surface, with dust flying everywhere. What was hidden underneath were numerous metallic barbed vines. Not only that, the thorny vines spat stinking mucus toward Jiang Liushi.

Thankfully, Jiang Liushi's reaction was fast, but his clothes suffered from the sneak attack, and few holes appeared on them. Fortunately, Jiang Liushi had strengthened his body's defensive capabilities, so the corrosive liquid only left a few white marks on his skin and a burning sensation.

"Brother Jiang, What's wrong?" Zhang Hai, Sun Kun, and Ling rushed toward him quickly. They saw Jiang Liushi rushing out with huge monster-like thorns following behind him. Finally, it stopped its pursuit as the cave's width blocked its movements and could no longer find its prey.

"Mutant…mutant plants?" Seeing this scene, Zhang Hai shouted.

Jiang Liushi nodded.

From Starseed's constant notifications, Jiang Liushi conjectured that it was a mutant plant with various attributes…

"Ying, drive the MCV here and use the robotic arm to dig out the thorns inside!" Jiang Liushi ordered.

At the same time, Jiang Liushi felt a sense of crisis and fear by the fact that the plant was so powerful that even Ran Xiyu couldn't sense it. But he also knew that once he could build the Plant Breeding Research Lab and study plants such as this, it would bring him lots of benefits.

After a while, under Ying's precise control, the thorny plant was dug out, and Jiang Liushi was able to get his hands on the level-1 mutant nucleus.

At that moment, Starseed's notification sounded in Jiang Liushi's head again, 'Discovery of a diverse plant; mutant thorn… carnivorous species… Diverse Plant Breeding Research Laboratory requirements; more than two different species of plants, two level-2, or above, mutant nuclei, materials:…'

'Warning: The secret project will affect the direction of future evolution…'

Jiang Liushi was shocked by what he read. Although the secret project needed two mutant nuclei and various materials to be activated, for Jiang Liushi, upgrading the MCV further was his top priority, so he decided to construct the Diverse Plant Breeding Research Laboratory first. For the sake of their long-term future and for the survival of the acquired diverse plants, Jiang Liushi had to construct the Diverse Plant Breeding Research Laboratory.

After careful consideration, Jiang Liushi threw the mutant thorn into the storage space. Although it had special requirements for cultivating the soil, its vitality was tenacious and would not die in a short time.

'Starseed, continue to scan the surrounding energy fluctuations…' Jiang Liushi said in his mind.

A few hours later, the sun was above the sky. With a loud explosion, a 100-meter high building collapsed. The earth was shaken a few times. For a time, the sky was filled with dust, and the splattered gravel. It made the surroundings even gloomier.

Hundreds of zombies rushed across the street, most of them were crushed into blood by the collapsed high buildings.

"Reporting! The 6th District successfully prevented large-scale zombies' sneak attacks. 16 average soldiers were killed. 2 paranormals were killed…"

"Reporting! The 1st District demolished the Qian Xiang Building, and 7 ordinary soldiers died in the blast. 3 paranormals were injured. We killed two level-1 mutant zombies…"

Each District Chief was reporting to Ran Yunsha. They had gone deep into the forbidden zone, but fortunately, they had prepared enough provisions. But Ran Yunsha knew that Battle Union couldn't afford more losses, so she decided to leave this place as soon as possible. However, the people she had sent to find her sister had yet to return, which made Ran Yunsha feel nervous.

The only thing that gave her a little comfort was that breeding box in front of her. Inside, seven extremely beautiful flowers were lying. Some golden metal liquids were secreted from those flowers. Those liquids were just her target, bio-metal.

'…eleven plants… four plants left to collect…as long as we collect all of them, we will leave at once…' However, she was worried about her sister.


Attracted by the sound, Ran Yunsha saw a huge figure killing a zombie. He Battle Union's members were scared by that scene and wondered why His Excellency seemed like another person.

After killing another zombie, Chang Jiashan came in front of Ran Yunsha with a bunch of flowers.

"I got them," Chang Jiashan whispered to Ran Yunsha. Although Ran Yunsha had said that she wouldn't kill him, he was still quite worried.

Suddenly, he screamed as the flowers' tiny roots slowly seeped into his skin and sucked his blood like crazy.

"Tolerate it. This thing likes to suck blood and eat meat! Give them to me quickly, and don't use your special ability during this process," Ran Yunsha said.

Chang Jiashan nodded and whispered, "Yes. I understand." He was exhausted. This time, he had become Ran Yunsha's main fighter.

"You should be careful in the future," Ran Yunsha warned.

Chang Jiashan's powerful ice power could ensure that the risk could be minimized. However, she knew clearly that Chang Jiashan was a careless person.

Suddenly, Chang Jiashan's body trembled and his facial muscles twitched for a while. At the same time, Ran Yunsha had picked up a map and carefully started observing the information about the gold flower's position marked before, so she did not notice Chang Jiashan's changes.

"Let's go to Holly Street now!" After making sure the location of the next plant, Ran Yunsha said gently. And then all her members began to drive in the direction of Holly Street.


When they about to enter that area, a hoarse roar reverberated..

"...level-2...level-2 mutant zombie?" The voice was so strong that only mutant zombies could issue it.

"Level-2 mutant zombie?" Ran Yunsha was scared. She was aware that more than one mutant zombie was inside the forbidden zone. Although they had brought a large force to control the mutant zombies, accidents could happen at any time.


A tall figure crashed from the top of a high-rise building, like a cannonball, and slammed into the pile of scrapped cars on a hill, staring blankly at the humans. Its naked upper body was full of wounds, and it was holding a very thick metal baseball bat in its hand. It stood in a superior position, exuding an overbearing aura like a grassland lion.

Alongside it, there were still seven or eight level-1 mutant zombies. And then, more and more zombies, jumping out from the high buildings on both sides, gathered around the tall figure. Those zombies were divided into two directions, blocking Battle Union's members.


The level-2 mutant zombie roared aloud and suddenly picked up an abandoned car, throwing it toward the heavy truck where Ran Yunsha was!