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Chapter 412: Abrupt Change

Chapter 412: Abrupt Change
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Lonely Lion suddenly jumped eight meters high and kicked toward the flying car without hesitation.


"So powerful!"

The car was kicked dozens of meters away.

Lonely Lion's muscles swelled, giving him infinite strength, and a huge long tusk had stretched out from his mouth as well as his body was covered in golden hair.


However, the level-2 zombie stomped its foot on the car and then punched at Lonely Lion.

"Chang Jiashan, go and help Lonely Lion. You two will fight against the level-2 mutant zombie, and the others will retreat immediately…" Ran Yunsha shouted.

They all knew that level-2 mutant zombies were more terrifying than level-2 mutant beasts. After all, level-2 mutant zombies not only had intelligence, but also excellent commanding ability. Although it was not a difficult thing for them to fight with the level-2 mutant zombie, Ran Yunsha cherished Battle Union's strength, so she gave the order to retreat.

"I... I'm afraid..." Chang Jiashan stood ghastly pale in the spot and watched that level-2 mutant zombie. And then he turned to beg, "I don't want to go…"

Ran Yunsha didn't answer but closed her long white fingers.

"Don't!" Chang Jiashan was scared by her action.

"Don't be afraid of her and let me go out…" suddenly, Chang Shengkai's voice was heard from his throat…

Ran Yunsha made a finger snap immediately, but unexpectedly, no spore explosion happened.

Only a bean sprout-like mushroom grew in Chang Jiashan's fingernails, but it was immediately wiped away by a big hand.

"Haha, Chang Jiashan, do you see now? The spores that have been planted in our bodies were devoured by the roots of those golden flowers, and they were swallowed up. We need not be afraid of her anymore. Come, follow me. Let's fight together, I will protect you! Otherwise, we will sooner or later die in her hands!" Chang Jiashan said loudly in a crazy way.

"Your Excellency..." The district chiefs were overwhelmed by Chang Jiashan's mad demeanor.

"Jiashan, return the body to me!" After a sudden shout, Chang Jiashan's pupils became scarlet.

'Terrible! Chang Shengkai took over the body!' Seeing this scene, Ran Yunsha was surprised.

Chang Jiashan was originally a person with a weak personality, which was totally different from that of Chang Shengkai.

Ran Yunsha didn't know what to do next, and then she breathed toward Chang Shengkai, and splendid colorful spores flew into his body. Just as the spores were approaching Chang Shengkai, he waved hands, and they were blown away.

"Ran Yunsha, you still want to use this little method to deal with me? It won't work!" Chang Shengkai shouted. How much he liked her before, and how much he hates her now.

Ran Yunsha's heart sank. She had stayed with Chang Shengkai for a quite long time, so she knew him and how powerful he was.


Suddenly gunfire sounded.

A strange force field appeared around Chang Shengkai and the bullet, which was heading toward him, paused in the air momentarily and was forced back right after.

Chang Shengkai turned back and saw Zhang Shan holding a rifle. The poor man did not know when a pink mushroom had appeared on his arm.

"I ... Your Excellency… please listen to me…" Before Zhang Shan could make a complete sentence, Chang Shengkai waved his arm at once.

A steel bar more than ten meters long drilled its way out from the ruins of a collapsed building and pierced Zhang Shan directly. He fell down to the ground immediately.

"Your Excellency, you...what's wrong with you?" The 6th District Chief, a bald man, asked carefully.

"Ran Yunsha is a traitor. She used her ability to control Zhang Shan..." Chang Shengkai said coldly.

Not waiting for him to finish, the 6th District Chief suddenly clung to him. "Your Excellency, I can't listen to you…" A sea of flames enveloped the 6th District Chief and swept Chang Shengkai's body.

"Chang Jiashan, listen to me!" Chang Shengkai suddenly yelled, and his scarlet pupils suddenly turned dark.

"…I know," Chang Shengkai's weak voice came from his throat and from his right arm exuded a cold power. The blazing fire that had enveloped his body was extinguished when it came in contact with the cold power. The overwhelming cold air shrouded the 6th District Chief, and he was turned into a cold sculpture.


Chang Shengkai kicked the 6th District Chief, and a small piece of frozen moss fell from the broken body.

"You even controlled the 6th District Chief?" Chang Shengkai shouted and rushed toward Ran Yunsha.

Ran Yunsha trump cards were killed, so she became hopeless.

"Chang Shengkai is crazy! He killed the 6th District Chief as well as Zhang Shan. Everybody prepare to fight. He isn't our Excellency anymore…" Ran Yunsha shouted suddenly.

However, the other members didn't know how to react. Nobody dared to shoot at all. Moreover, Lonely Lion was trapped by that level-2 mutant zombie so he couldn't help either…

Seeing that scene, Ran Yunsha rushed to the car's cab. She had another plan, but she needed time. When she was about to launch the car, she felt a strong cold sensation.


Suddenly a figure rushed over and slammed into the cab.

"Thanks to your help, even Chang Jiashan listens to me, and I can use his special ability now…" Chang Shengkai looked gloomy while standing in front of Ran Yunsha.

"Tell me why did you betray me? If your reasons are convincing, I may make you die less painfully!" Chang Shengkai shouted.

However, Ran Yunsha just stared at him coldly, "Betray? You should better get off your high horse. I was just removing some trash. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time. Otherwise, I could create a peaceful and safe big security zone... it's a pity that you guys control such a wonderful force…" Ran Yunsha said.

"I'm trash?" Chang Shengkai smiled furiously and stretched out his right hand to grab at Ran Yunsha. A cold aura lingered around, and countless tiny spores in the air fell down.

'Am I going to die here?' When Chang Shengkai destroyed her last little trick, Ran Yunsha finally fell into despair.