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Chapter 413: Mouse Running After the Cat

Chapter 413: Mouse Running After the Cat
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Looking at Ran Yunsha's, Chang Shengkai's countenance became grim. What he most wanted was to see the woman in front of him cuddling his feet, pleading hard and asking him to spare her, rather than showing that stubborn face. If he were to kill her while she was like that, he couldn't feel the satisfaction of getting revenge.

"I can't kill you like this. Oh! How could I forget? You have an older sister!" Chang Shengkai's hideous face convulsed with rage. "I will catch her and kill all the people from Shenhai Island. I'll let you watch everything together. Sure enough, once you hear their screams, I want to see if you'll be able to look as cool as now. I will be thrilled when the time comes!"

"You'll come with me to search for them!"

Hearing those words, Ran Yunsha was badly upset.

'No, I can't let him find my sister. Chang Shengkai is a madman...' Run Yunsha thought. She knew Chang Shengkai like the back of her palm; the madman before her would only become crazier and more brutal in his enraged state.

However, not only was she unable to move, but even her power had no effect on Chang Shengkai.

'What to do!?' She suddenly turned and looked at the place where the paranormals and District Chiefs were, and then she exhaled.

At the mouth of the Holly Street, the Battle Union's fighters were trying their best to fight against zombies. However, as their leader, Chang Shengkai only thought how to plague Ran Yunsha. As a result, many members had considered running away. In such a predicament, nobody cared about other people's life and death. They had all gathered for the sake of resources!

"3rd District Chief quickly help me to kill Chang Shengkai!" Ran Yunsha lying on the ground suddenly shouted.

The 3rd District Chief was hiding and trying to sneak away. He had thought that in such situation, once they fled back, they could control the whole Battle Union. However, he did not expect that Ran Yunsha would suddenly shout at him.

'F*ck!' The 3rd District Chief's heart jumped in fright.

Chang Shengkai stared at him with bloodshot eyes…

When the 3rd District Chief saw Chang Shengkai's gaze, felt like his heart was stuck in his throat.

"You also want to betray me?" Chang Shengkai exuded thick killing intent as he asked.

"I... I don't...Ran Yunsha is talking nonsense…" The 3rd District Chief waved his hands quickly. However, he saw a little pink mushroom growing out on his arm.

'Spore plants!'

Seeing that mushroom, Chang Shengkai's smile froze. And then, those who were behind the 3rd District Chief all obtained a pink mushroom on their arms.

"You are all under her control? Well, you will all die!" Chang Shengkai shouted.

At that moment, both of his personalities were conscious. Originally, he was unconscious, but after experiencing Zhang Shan and the 6th District Chief's betrayal, he was certain about one thing - as long as a spore plant grew on someone, they would be under Ran Yunsha's control.

He leaned out with his right hand and grabbed the nearest person. Cold energy was spread, and that soldier became an ice sculpture at once. When the soldier was killed, Chang Shengkai stared at the 3rd District Chief.

The 3rd District Chief suddenly shuddered with fear. He knew that he was of course not controlled by spore plants. Obviously, Changkai was unable to listen to reason, so there was only one option - Run!

A thought flashed. Behind the 3rd District Chief, a pair of wings appeared suddenly, and he shouted as he started flying. Chang Shengkai used his powerful magnetic ability, and dozens of steel bars were shot toward the 3rd District Chief in the air. He screamed and fell.

Chang Shengkai rushed into the crowd with bloodshot eyes, like a bloodthirsty wolf.

His targets were the soldiers with mushrooms on them. He was just like a God of Death, and the whole Battle Union was in chaos at once.

"His Excellency is crazy..."

"Can't sit still, kill him! Kill Chang Shengkai!"

"Zombies were coming!"

Amidst the chaos, a mutant zombie that lead the way rushed and crashed one off-road vehicle and then grasped one soldier's neck.

The zombies' groups were like a torrent as they zombies rushed in. Many fighters were thrown down while screaming and shouting in despair. Soon, the flowing blood formed a river, which resembled a scenery from Hell.

"Sister, where are you?" Seeing the hellish situation in front of her, Ran Yunsha's eyes were filled with a deep sadness.

At the same time, an off-road vehicle was rushing on the streets.

"Captain Liu, why did Ran Yunsha ordered us to find those guys? They are just some outsiders. Why should we protect them?"

"I think they are already dead. Look! A lot of zombies!"

"A shabby minibus! How dare they go wherever they want? Captain Liu, I think we just need to make a perfunctory effort. And then we can go back to report…"

Several fighters, sitting in the off-road vehicle, had been cursing all the way. They had searched several streets but had yet to find that minibus.

Captain Liu was sad as he had lost an arm, and blood was still dripping from the wound. Naturally, he was the one who had been cursing and complaining the most deeply in his heart, but he did not dare to offend Ran Yunsha. That woman had obtained deep-seated power in Battle Union.


Suddenly, a wild cat's scream came.

'Mutant cat?' Hearing the sound, Captain Liu thought. He was scared to death. After all, he had lost one arm. Moreover, he had consumed a lot of energy earlier. As he was thinking to give the order to retreat, a huge mutant wildcat rushed toward them quickly.

"Run! Quickly!" Captain Liu shouted.

He knew that the wildcat could turn their vehicle over easily. They had no other choice except running. However, they suddenly heard a loud engine sound. And then they all opened their eyes wide, witnessing an incredible scene.

Behind that mutant wildcat, a shabby minibus was following behind, and it was even catching up to it. It seemed that the mutant wildcat was running away from it!

That mutant wildcat was not only running away but also screaming loudly. An amazing scene! A mouse running after a cat! It was hard to believe.

They had once seen a mutant wildcat tearing a modified off-road vehicle's steel plates like they were made of paper, but now…

"Captain, it's that minibus! So fast!" One member shouted.

And then, before his voice had died away, they saw the minibus accelerating again. A deafening sound was heard, and then the wildcat was slammed against the street wall. Next, a pair of robotic arms was immediately stretched out from that minibus, dragging the body of that mutant wildcat out of the wall.

"Finally, we killed the mutant wildcat! The special plants' seeds are in its stomach," Jiang Liushi jumped out of his minibus and said to Ling.

Ling nodded and then she started to dissect that wildcat.

A few minutes earlier, Shi Ying Squad had found four special plants. And they discovered that without exception that each of them was located near mutant beasts' carcasses. Generally speaking, those plants would grow out from the stomach of those mutant beasts.

Later Jiang Liushi detected that seeds from a special plant were in this mutant wildcat's stomach, so they had been chasing it all the way there.

"That's great. We finally found you. Ran... Miss Ran ordered us to find and bring you back," Captain Liu hurriedly said to Jiang Liushi while looking at the powerful and special minibus…

"Ran Yunsha?" Jiang Liushi asked.

"Yes, you are right." Captain Liu nodded.

"Uh, you worked hard," Jiang Liushi said coldly.

In his mind, Ran Yunsha's action to search for Shi Ying Squad was for Ran Xiyu's sake. Jiang Liushi had obtained what he wanted in the forbidden zone, so he was quite satisfied. Moreover, Ran Xiyu had detected strong energy fluctuations. Obviously, some strong mutant zombies were lurking around. As a result, Jiang Liushi decided to leave at once. After all, safety was the most important thing.

"Well, I will now turn on the intercom and tell Miss Ran that you are still alive. She will be very happy." Captain Liu did not dare to neglect his duties and quickly pulled out his walkie-talkie.

But when the intercom was opened, he was startled. There was a sound of screams.

"Chang Shengkai is mad and killed him..."

"Run faster, more and more zombies..."

"Oh, Ran Yunsha. I will kill all the people controlled by you, and then slowly torture you!" The last voice made Jiang Liushi's expression change.

'Chang Shengkai?!'

"Brother Jiang, it's terrible...Chang Shengkai's personality has taken control of his body! My sister is in danger!" Ran Xiyu clenched her fists and breathed quickly. Although they had different opinions, Ran Xiyu still loved her sister. She looked at Jiang Liushi as he was the only one she could only rely on.

"We should go back at once!" Jiang Liushi ordered and then held Ran Xiyu's cold hands with his warm palm. "Don't be afraid. I'm here," Jiang Liushi said.

From the sound of screaming and shrieking in the intercom, Jiang Liushi had guessed that the Battle Union was in a chaotic state.


Jiang Liushi's minibus rushed toward the direction of Holly Street immediately, and Captain Liu also ordered to follow. But when they arrived at the zombie-infested area, Captain Liu was scared. In front of them, it was a bloody hell.

"Captain Jiang, I... let's go around!" Seeing this scene, Captain Liu suggested to Jiang Liushi.

He knew about the end result after rushing into that area. Even if he had a tank, he wouldn't have the guts to rush in.

However, at that moment, he heard the minibus' engine power becoming fiercer, and when he looked at it, he saw a V-shaped ram appearing on the front of the minibus!

Right after the minibus sped up and rushed into the zombies' group.

"Captain Liu…they… they don't want to live…" A member beside Captain Liu exclaimed. But they were soon stunned, as the minibus forced its way into the sea of zombies, and like a tyrannosaurus made of steel, obliterated everything standing in its path.

Captain Liu was flabbergasted by the minibus' strength and speed!

"Ran Yunsha, you see it? Those good-for-nothings you control are all scared of me!" Chang Shengkai shouted. After he had killed several members, nobody dared to close near him.

Lying on the ground, Ran Yunsha's legs were firmly frozen on the ground and could not move. She was completely desperate and kept silent when hearing Chang Shengkai's taunting words.

"Speak! Speak!" When he saw Ran Yunsha keeping silent, Chang Shengkai shouted.

Chang Shengkai was furious, and his right hand grabbed her by the neck and tried to lift her up.

At that moment, he suddenly heard the harsh sound of tires rubbing against the ground fiercely…