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Chapter 414: Feed Sight On

Chapter 414: Feed Sight On
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Chang Shengkai didn't look back, but this terrible sound had made his skin creep. Actually, it was a powerful paranormal's intuition which had experienced countless battles. However, Chang Shengkai wasn't afraid at all. He was extremely self-confident. And then he looked back suddenly, staring at that rushing minibus coldly.

The magnetic abilities in his body were madly activated, and even the air was twisted like a water wave. Chang Shengkai's arm pointed to the ground, and a car not far from the ruins began to buzz. Under the interference of magnetic force, more scrapped cars shook off the dust that had been covering them, and then rushed into the air as if they were being grabbed by countless big hands and violently sending them flying toward Jiang Liushi's minibus.

Ran Yunsha recognized the minibus, and her heart almost skipped a beat.

"Sister!" Ran Yunsha could not help closing her eyes. In her mind, it was similar to throwing an egg against a rock. Even if it were a tank, all the people inside would be killed at once…

The Battle Union's members started to run away after seeing that scene. They were greatly frightened. None of them could stand against the fierce attack, not even the iron shrapnel that may ricochet.


A deafening sound echoed, and metal debris was splashed into the sky. Several car tires slammed and stopped beside Ran Yunsha. But the sound of the engine was getting louder and louder.

'Uh?' Ran Yunsha could not help but widen her eyes and immediately reveal her surprise. She was shocked to see that the minibus was intact.

The minibus with a V-shaped ram rushed toward Chang Shengkai like a mad beast. The whole process happened in the blink of an eye. Chang Shengkai was scared to death. Actually, he didn't believe this scene.

'How could this minibus be so strong?'

He quickly raised his right hand, and then numerous pieces of iron in the surroundings were lifted up quickly. A violent magnetic force crashed toward that minibus. He wanted to turn the minibus into a piece of scrap iron. However, after having a try, he was shocked totally. His special ability had no effect on the minibus. Chang Shengkai became nervous. He didn't expect that it was not an ordinary minibus.

In fact, Jiang Liushi's minibus had a large number of rare metal alloys, which couldn't be magnetized easily. Moreover, many alloy components were not magnetic at all. As a result, Jiang Liushi's minibus wasn't affected at all. And then it accelerated toward Chang Shengkai quickly.


Chang Shengkai screamed as his entire body was struck by a strong force and sent flying dozens of meters across the building, crashing heavily into the building's exterior walls.

Jiang Liushi took a look at the gap in which the building was knocked open, and then his minibus was stopped beside Ran Yunsha.

"Get on, quickly!" He opened the door and pulled Ran Yunsha.

"Thank you." Ran Yunsha was saved from death.

She looked at Jiang Liushi… no matter if it was his team or his car, everything related to them had brought her some surprise. Originally, she had thought she was doomed to die, but she hadn't expected that Chang Shengkai would die so miserably.

Jiang Liushi felt relieved because he had kept his promise to rescue Ran Yunsha.

As long as they could leave the forbidden zone, they would be safe. But just at that moment, Jiang Liushi suddenly heard a loud scream. He looked toward the scream's direction and saw a man who was holding his head while walking outside that building. It was Chang Shengkai, who was filled with blood.

"I…don't want to die…"

"I…kind. I don't… be killed…" He wailed in his mouth while letting out screams of panic and pain. For a while, it was Chang Jiashan's voice, and for a moment it was changed to Chang Shengkai's voice. They both sounded quite miserable.

"Why is he still alive?" Seeing this scene, Jiang Liushi was totally shocked. Was Chang Shengkai even stronger than a mutant beast?

"Who is he now?" Jiang Liushi asked, and then he looked at Ran Xiyu.

"Chang Shengkai's mentality is not stable. The shock now crushed his personality. He is neither Chang Shengkai nor Chang Jiashan. It seems that the two personalities are merging and his energy fluctuations keep increasing!" Ran Xiyu shook her head. Intense anxiety suddenly took over her heart.

Through the shared spiritual vision, Jiang Liushi suddenly saw a vortex of energy, which was indeed quite powerful. And then he noticed that Chang Shengkai was lying on the ground, but his mouth, nose as well as ears were all filled with black fog. When he observed carefully, he found they were black spores! Those spores were spread in all directions.

Finally, Chang Shengkai opened his eyes and stared at Jiang Liushi. In his new black eyes, a pair of smaller, evil red pupils was inside. Double pupils!

Seeing that change, Jiang Liushi frowned.

Suddenly, a loud sound came from the roof as a huge tree trunk fell like a whip. The minibus was shaken violently, making a loud noise.

'Warning: the top of the car's alloy shell was damaged, 2%...'

'...bulletproof wheels were damaged...'

The holographic image of the MCV appeared on Jiang Liushi's mind. And then he saw that the plants on the ground had become energetic. Although the wheels crushed the vines driven by huge kinetic energy, the tires were damaged in the process. And the surrounding trees could actually raise hit people.


Some of Battle Union's members didn't have enough time to dodge, so they were smashed into a bloody mush. But compared with humans, the zombies with low intelligence naturally responder more slowly. Although they had strong fighting instincts, they did not expect plants' attacks. As a result, many zombies were pummeled to death by sycamore trees.

"Controlling plants! His ability is stronger than that of Yang Feng!" Jiang Liushi understood suddenly. He guessed this was Chang Shengkai's new special ability. It was indeed terrible and powerful.

Ran Yunsha shouted suddenly, "Leave this place quickly. Chang Shengkai has absorbed my special ability as well as those special plants…He can control plants…He became a monster…"

Hearing Ran Yunsha's words, Jiang Liushi said nothing. He stared at Chang Shengkai and decided to fight against him.

At the same time, Chang Shengkai also stared at Jiang Liushi's minibus. "There are still many beautiful girls inside, but unfortunately, I will devour you all!" Chang Shengkai's sharp voice sounded suddenly.

"How could he look inside?" Jiang Liushi was shocked. It seemed that he had underestimated his enemy's strength.

'Detected special plants' reactive metal energy, which is useful to breed special plant seeds,' Jiang Liushi got Starseed's notification. He was pretty sure that Chang Shengkai was the source of the special plant energy.


A few sycamore trees around them were pulled out of the ground. Chang Shengkai waved them in his hands and then threw them at Jiang Liushi's minibus.

"Accelerate!" Jiang Liushi ordered.

Like a fish, his minibus sneaked through those sycamore trees and rushed toward Chang Shengkai violently.

Seeing this scene, Ran Yunsha was shocked to death.

"It's okay," Ran Xiyu said and held her sister's hands tightly.

Ran Yunsha noticed that not only her sister but also the rest of Shi Ying Squad's members were calm while Jiang Liushi was paying all his attention to Chang Shengkai.

Many of the bystanders that were trying to flee as far as possible wondered why the minibus was acting out of the norm. But they soon got their answer as they witnessed its battle prowess.

The minibus made a perfect turn on the street. All the places where it had passed were riddled with pits created by the plants, but it kept rushing toward Chang Shengkai.

Seeing his failed attempt, Chang Shengkai began to worry. He thought, and then many tree roots were pulled out of the land, condensing a wet tree root wall in front of him, and thus blocking the entire street. Not only that, those roots were rapidly frozen, forming a steel-like frozen tree wall.

Seeing that scene, many members of Battle Union were shocked. However, what truly made them lose their wits was the fact that the minibus transformed into a huge mining truck once again! Although it seemed impossible, that was the truth. Ran Yunsha was also struck dumb with astonishment!

"Oh, I will give you a surprise." Jiang Liushi smiled just looking that ugly face behind his windshield.


The furious mining truck rushed forward violently. With deafening sounds, the walls of the streets on both sides were plowed out with deep cracks. The frozen tree wall was instantly broken, and Chang Shengkai was sent flying into the sky by the mining truck.

Although his physical defense was comparable to steel after evolution, he was still crushed into pieces. When he slammed into the ground, he was filled with blood, but he was still alive.

Jiang Liushi quickly reverted the mining truck to back to the minibus form and stretched a huge robotic arm, tightly picking Chang Shengkai up. Just like throwing a toy, Chang Shengkai's body was thrown into the wall, the ground, metal shelves and other solid places. Then, a black metallic tube appeared, and it was pointed at Chang Shengkai, as the robotic arm threw him in the sky, releasing a stream of fire!

Chang Shengkai in the sky was instantly wrapped in flames…

"Dead?!" Seeing that Chang Shengkai had been burnt to a crisp, Ran Yunsha felt relieved.


Suddenly a man covered in blood was thrown out from the right building and fell on the ground heavily.

"Lonely Lion?" Ran Yunsha exclaimed.

"Let's go!" Jiang Liushi had seen the level-2 mutant zombie and ordered.

At the same time, he received Starseed's notification, 'Absorbed special plants' reactive metal energy. The energy has been stored...'