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Chapter 415: Jiang Zhuying Is in Danger

Chapter 415: Jiang Zhuying Is in Danger
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

After absorbing all the energy of Chang Shengkai, that level-2 mutant zombie had rushed into a group of Battle Union's soldiers. It was like a tiger entering the flock. That mutant zombie killed crazily like a gust of wind. Some soldiers were still running, but some had fallen on the ground and were eaten by zombies. Others jumped on off-road vehicles and rushed toward the gap they had entered from.

Seeing that scene, all members of Shi Ying Squad knew that Battle Union was ruined. Ran Yunsha was lost in thought.

"Can you help me to block those zombies? I will give all special plants I found to you," Ran Yunsha asked.

Jiang Liushi knew that she hadn't given up on her ambition. "No problem, but I don't need the special plants. You've already paid," Jiang Liushi answered.

Ran Yunsha was shocked by his answer. She knew that Jiang Liushi meant the level-2 mutant nuclei, but she was still deeply grateful. After all, their enemies were eight level-1 zombies and some level-2 zombies.

"The two level-2 mutant nuclei were to thank you for bringing my sister her. I must give the special plants to you." Ran Yunsha added.

Jiang Liushi didn't answer. Actually, everything he did was for Ran Xiyu's sake.

"Captain Liu...Why are they still there?" An off-road vehicle passed by. All the people were driving fast to escape, but in the middle of the road, the minibus was parked like nothing was happening.

"Those guys are crazy…" Captain Liu said. But then he noticed a gun barrel stretching out from that minibus.


A deafening sound echoed and an air current swept away the rushing zombies, even the level-2 zombie was affected. Although not all zombies died, Jiang Liushi had indeed blocked them.

At that moment, Zhang Hai looked out the window and shouted, "F*cking zombies, die!" In his hands was an explosive bag. He opened the window threw it a few hundred meters, where a zombies' group. In the rumbling smoke, the large ruins collapsed, and more than a dozen zombies were blown into pieces.

"Oh, my God, what's with this group of people!?"

"…Are they really driving a minibus?" Seeing this scene, everyone in the off-road vehicles stood aghast and dared not move. The minibus was as solid as a rock, blocking the way that the zombies were rushing toward.

Jiang Liushi grabbed his sniper rifle and climbed into the gunner room. His marksmanship was indeed excellent, and Ran Yunsha could not help but admire him. Meanwhile, Yang Tianzhao and Zhang Hai were throwing explosive packs, killing many zombies in the process.

The level-2 mutant zombie was hiding in a building as the air cannon had hurt it severely and Jiang Liushi's sniper rifle had completely suppressed it.

The minibus was driven out of the forbidden zone only after all of the Battle Union's members had withdrawn. Ran Yunsha was greatly touched by Shi Ying Squad…Her face was reddish. Before entering this forbidden zone, she had once suggested protecting Shi Ying Squad, but unexpectedly, the result was adverse. If Jiang Liushi had refused to help her, all her members would have died.

"Brother Jiang, please accept these things. I know nothing about cultivating plants. I just needed some bio-metal…" Ran Yunsha gave four yellow flowers to Jiang Liushi. As a matter of fact, those flowers were precious. This time, Ran Yunsha called Jiang Liushi 'Brother Jiang' because she admired him from her heart.

"Well, thank you." Jiang Liushi nodded. After all, he indeed needed those flowers. He was delighted with the harvest.

In front of his minibus, there were many members of Battle Union. They stared at the minibus in awe. Although curious, they dared not approach, until Ran Yunsha got off.

Jiang Liushi didn't know what Ran Yunsha said to them, but he noticed that they had become calm and docile. Ran Yunsha was indeed a special powerful woman.

Ran Xiyu sighed slightly. She didn't know whether she should be happy or worried to have such a sister.

Jiang Liushi had just put down his sniper rifle and was ready to check the damage of his MCV when Li Yuxin's voice sounded, "Brother Jiang, Zhuying experienced some discomfort during my treatment…"

"What's wrong?" Jiang Liushi asked urgently.

Generally speaking, Li Yuxin could deal with almost every illness. It was the first time for Jiang Liushi to see Li Yuxin feeling so nervous. He walked to his sister quickly.

Jiang Zhuying was lying on a soft bed. Her face was somewhat pale. Her hands, legs, and even some of her muscles were slightly twitching. Jiang Liushi held Jiang Zhuying's hands tightly, which were cold and very wet...

He could not help but think of a day from the past when they were still children. While they had been outside heavy rain had started, drenching his sister and then she had a high fever. He had been carrying his sister all the way to the hospital during the rainstorm. At that time, her sister's hands were as cold as now.

"Brother Jiang, Zhuying's body, has just undergone some changes. It was a critical situation at that time. Her body hadn't changed much, so I didn't tell you…" Li Yuxin said regrettably.

"I checked with my abilities, and her body was very unstable. Some of the mutant cells are much more powerful than before, but other cells are weak. And the differentiation is becoming more and more serious, which causes her body to have serious signs of discomfort. I guess she will not wake up in a short time..." Li Yuxin explained.

Jiang Liushi thought for a long time. He didn't blame Li Yuxin. Just then they were in that dangerous forbidden zone. As a result, Li Yuxin's action was right.

"Are you sure she is experiencing cell's mutation?" Jiang Liushi asked. Jiang, He guessed that her mutant cells may have evolved again.

"Brother Jiang, in this case…I think we should continue giving energy to Zhuying…" Li Yuxin said. No matter what happened, they should replenish her energy.

Jiang Liushi nodded. It was obvious that evolutionary crystals would be the best choice. Fortunately, Jiang Liushi had gotten three level-1 mutant nuclei from Old Qin and turned them to evolutionary crystals the moment he did.

Jiang Liushi decided and ordered at once. 'Activate the Energy Lab!'

'...Configuring level-1 evolutionary crystal!'


'Level-1 mutant nucleus was detected ... in process…' The notifications of Starseed appeared in Jiang Liushi's mind. Not long afterward, three evolutionary crystals appeared in Jiang Liushi's hand. And then he put one into Jiang Zhuying's mouth.


Under the arrangements of Ran Yunsha, Jiang Liushi's minibus was driven into one of Battle Union safe areas. Throughout the day and night, Jiang Zhuying was carefully guarded by her brother. To his relief, after Jiang Zhuying had consumed an evolutionary crystal, Li Yuxin found that the weak cells had been revitalized. However, Jiang Zhuying had yet to wake up from her slumber.

In the quiet courtyard in which Ran Yunsha lived, a bonfire was raised. Ling, Zhang Hai and so on had prepared fragrant mutant meat. After simply eating some mutant meat, Jiang Liushi saw Li Yuxin getting off the minibus in an exhausted state.

"How is she, Yuxin?" Jiang Liushi could not help but ask.

"I have made a full-scale examination this time. There is nothing wrong with her organs, nervous system, etc.," Li Yuxin explained.

She was over-exhausted, but as the only team doctor in Shi Ying Squad, she was helpless this time, so she felt sad.

"If Chang Shengkai hadn't died, it would be better!" Jiang Liushi said suddenly. He thought they should ask one paranormal who had experienced a second evolution.

"If you are looking for a level-2 paranormal, I suggest you going to Xiayuan Security Island," Ran Yunsha came and said gently.

She was followed by two respectful Chiefs. Presumably within a short span of one day, she had used some methods to completely subdue those District Chiefs. Ran Yunsha was holding a radio.

Among the whispering noises, Jiang Liushi heard familiar radio broadcasts.

"... I have heard a lot of messages on the radio. Although they use some secret military language to communicate, I have already gotten information from military personnel and some of my own repeated comparisons," Ran Yunsha said.

"Xiayuan Island is a large human security zone, which is several times larger than Shenghai Safety Island. But it will be a long journey. There must be some strong people there… And there are large hospitals as well as some top medical experts and professors…" Ran Yunsha added.