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Chapter 416: A Light in the Darkness

Chapter 416: A Light in the Darkness
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

"Xiayuan Safety Island?" Jiang Liushi was a little bit shocked. It was the first time for him to hear about such a Safety Island. Although he had an excellent MCV, he didn't know the world's situation because they lacked communication facilities. He only knew about a few Safety Islands. Actually, in this terrible post-apocalyptic world, exchanging information had a bright market.

"Xiayuan Safety Island, right? I've heard about it from my grandpa. Several of his friends are there. It's indeed a large safety area. At the beginning of doomsday, several government officials, as well as military groups, were gathered there… Affiliated Hospital of Xiayuan Medical University was very famous, as it was ranked in top ten. Moreover, it has the most authoritative Human Disease Genetic Research Center. If we could go there, Zhuying will be rescued…" Li Yuxin said slowly.

Her remarks completely dispelled some of the concerns of Jiang Liushi. Li Yuxin's grandfather and mother were scientists of Shenhai Island, so they had access to contact with many senior officials and a lot of secret information.

"If you really want to go there, I have to warn you. The environment of Xiayuan Safety Island is quite complicated. I will write down some useful information I know for you," Ran Yunsha said in a low voice with her eyes staring at Ran Xiyu.

Ran Xiyu felt sad because she understood that it was the last interaction between the two of them. They had different mindsets, and Ran Yunsha would not abandon her ambitions. Thus she would not join their team.

While they were talking with each other, that black radio in Ran Yunsha's hands was sizzling all the time. It was a palm-sized very standard FM radio. There was a lot of static noise, and some of the news that was heard was intermittent, and the signal was a bit problematic.


Suddenly a wailing noise was issued. Ran Yunsha frowned slightly and made a few clicks on the radio. The sound finally stabilized. A full-fledged female voice rang. "...An important piece of news. Distinguished listeners and friends, now at 10:30 on December 25, the first heavy-armored truck loaded with scientists from Shenhai Island had arrived safely on Xiayuan Island..."

"...we pay tribute to the military and civilians who once fought on Shenhai Island. It was their persistence and hard work that enabled those scientists to be transferred…"

"Although Shenhai Island has fallen, humanity will persist and fight against mutant beasts or zombies. We must unite..."

'What? Shenhai Island had fallen? The scientists had been transferred to Xiayuan Island? When did this happen?' A series of questions emerged in Jiang Liushi's mind suddenly. It was quite shocking…He could not help but remember those concrete walls just, which resembled black dragon scales, as well as the Cannon Howitzer and a heavy-duty machine gun on the wall. Such a wall, such firepower with so many soldiers! How could the mutant beasts drive them away?

Hearing this piece of news, Zhang Hai, who was eating a piece of meat, stood motionless like a sculpture. He wondered if there were any other safe places in the world. He couldn't help but look at Jiang Liushi's minibus, which was parked quietly in the yard. In Zhang Hai's mind, the minibus was the safest place in the world. Zhang Hai was glad that Jiang Liushi had taken him with him.

"When did Shenhai Safety Island fall?" Suddenly a voice came behind Jiang Liushi. Li Yuxin's lips were trembling slightly. Although she looked calm, everyone knew she was trying hard to suppress her anxiety. After all, all her family members were in Shenhai.

"...I don't know. I haven't heard about it before. The information on the radio station was intermittent. Sometimes the signal is not good. Some broadcasts are sent via secret FM. They couldn't be heard the first time," Ran Yunsha was also shocked by the news and she explained.

Li Yuxin nodded and did not continue asking, but her face was pale.

"Yuxin, don't worry too much. Didn't the radio news say that scientists have been transferred? Your parents and grandfather should be fine," Jiang Liushi said. "Moreover, we were about to leave for Xiayuan Safety Island. You can find them."

"Uh, maybe I can meet them…" Li Yuxin answered with her trembling voice. Although she said so, she was still worried…

"Rest assured." Jiang Liushi patted Li Yuxin's shoulders gently. "We will rush to Xiayuan as soon as possible."

Li Yuxin's bare shoulder felt Jiang Liushi's temperature and then she calmed down as she looked at Jiang Liushi gently. The male student who seemed to be a bit young and shy in the past had become a handsome and powerful man. The comfort of Jiang Liushi gave her great confidence.

At that moment, Jiang Liushi's eyes stared at the radio in Ran Yunsha's hands. "Do you have any extra radio?" Jiang Liushi knew clearly that he needed to get more information. He had to go to many places. If he did not know anything about the outside forces, they would undoubtedly be in a very dangerous and disadvantaged position. However, common radios couldn't receive too much information. Actually, Jiang Liushi not only needed the radio but also needed to decode the secret messages.

Hearing Jiang Liushi's question, Ran Yunsha just smiled. "We just have one radio, but we had maintenance technicians. Some used radios can also be repaired and should be usable. If you need this one, you can take it away with you…But this thing needs radio stations to transmit audio signals. It's estimated that…only some places are okay." Ran Yunsha gave this radio to Jiang Liushi without hesitation. And then she added, "I will write some decryption information on this book for you. Several secret FM channels will also be written down together. There are also some rules for the reception and time."

The two District Chiefs behind her became nervous when she spoke. In fact, repairing and transforming radio was a technical task, but it's not an easy matter.

"Thank you." Jiang Liushi knew the value of the radio in his hand. He was also moved this time.

"If you ever let go of your ambitions, perhaps we can become very good partners," Jiang Liushi glanced at Ran Yunsha and said.

Although he did not hate the woman before him, he couldn't accept her ambition as well as her twisted ideas. In Jiang Liushi's mind, Ran Yunsha was an avid idealist.

"Are you always talking this much? Take care of my sister." Ran Yunsha looked at Jiang Liushi meaningfully.

"That...the sooner, the better. Can you now write down information about Xiayuan and the radio? We're going to leave," Jiang Liushi was a bit embarrassed and quickly changed the subject.

"Yeah, wait for a moment." Ran Yunsha nodded. Immediately after, a few soldiers brought papers and pens, and Ran Yunsha wrote all the information she knew about Xiayuan.

After gaining the desired information and some locations with sources of water, Jiang Liushi let Ran Xiyu and Ran Yunsha say goodbye to each other for a while, before setting off. The sooner they reached Xiayuan, the greater the hope for his sister's recovery.

Yang Tianzhao stayed in the Battle Union as Ran Yunsha had promised to take care of him because of Jiang Liushi. Naturally, he felt grateful.

After a while, Ran Xiyu walked back to the minibus with a pair of red eyes. Outside the minibus, Ran Yunsha was quietly standing in the yard and waving to them.


Jiang Liushi's minibus roared and rushed into the darkness.

Looking at their direction, Ran Yunsha felt sad. "Huh?" She suddenly noticed something in her pocket. Taking it out, she found it was a shiny ruby-like thing.

"Evolution crystal?!" Seeing this thing, Ran Yunsha was stunned. Not long ago, she had also used the same method to secretly insert two mutant nuclei in her sister's pocket. Excitement took over her heart as she knew how precious it was, and there was no need to guess that Jiang Liushi was the one who had given the order to do so.

Ran Yunsha smiled. 'Sister, I'm sure you will only be happy following such a good man. I hope to hear about your news through the radio…' Ran Yunsha said in her mind.

In the darkness, everyone else had already fallen asleep. Jiang Liushi was also a bit exhausted. The energy of the evolutionary crystal he had recently consumed had almost depleted. He also hadn't slept during these days. However, he still worked hard and carefully looked at the information provided by Ran Yunsha. The path leading to Xiayuan City was not clear. However, Jiang Liushi's tablet computer contained a national map. It was about 1,000 kilometers away.

Before doomsday, they would need about a dozen hours to reach that place, but now, this meant that they would need at least half a month's time.

After memorizing all the information in the notebook, Jiang Liushi looked at that radio. It was indeed a good thing.

'Initiate self-renewal-- transformation of content - car radio... ..' Jiang Liushi said to Starseed loudly in his mind. And then he put one level-1 mutant nucleus into the groove without any hesitation.

After waiting for an hour…

'Zi! Zi! Zi!'

An electromagnetic interference sound was heard in the car, and in the dashboard, a palm-sized square box appeared. It was the car radio. Virtual panels opened, and some evolutionary items of this radio appeared in Jiang Liushi's mind.

'Wonderful!' Jiang Liushi became very excited. This radio was just like a light in the darkness. And with the evolution of the minibus, this very common car radio could also be added to the evolution project…

He could get a lot of information about the outside world from it in the future. Being able to obtain outside information or even contact with the outside world would help him gain a sense of social belonging. It seemed to have returned to the era of the crowded and large collective society.


Suddenly his minibus was shaken. Jiang Liushi looked up and saw a huge hole appearing on the national highway. There was a buzzing sound in the potholes as if countless reptiles were crawling.

'Where are we?' Jiang Liushi was shocked.

Ying had been driving all the way as he was preoccupied with memorizing the notebook.

He looked around in the darkness. And then he saw a huge billboard—Welcome to Jining.