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Chapter 417: Special Mutant Beasts

Chapter 417: Special Mutant Beasts
Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

'We arrived at Jining?' Jiang Liushi remembered that Ran Yunsha had told them it was a dead city, with no survivors at all. In other words, it was a paradise for zombies.

The Battle Union had once sent a team to search for resources, but they never came back. Ran Yunsha had exhorted them to be careful as Jining was a very dangerous area. It had been a very lively place, but it is now extremely desolate.

Looking through the window, only huge trees, which were covering the whole city, could be seen and the road was infested with wild weeds.

Jiang Liushi noticed sharp eyes between the foliage of some trees, looking at them, and he frowned. He had no intention to explore such a city, but when they were about to go forward, some strange rustling sounds came from the large hole in front of them. Obviously, there was something inside.

Suddenly something rushed out from that big hole. It was not very big, but it resembled a little panda with a pair of rabbit-like long ears as well as a round cute face. It rushed forward at an extremely high speed, even faster than cheetahs. Its body was covered with slimy substances, and its mouth was chewing something.

'Mutant beasts?' Jiang Liushi thought. In this terrible post-apocalyptic world, almost all the things had been infected by the mysterious virus. Jiang Liushi had met various mutant beasts. Some were ordinary and weak, while others really powerful. Of course, there were variations. Half-mutant wild beasts were more vicious than ordinary wild beasts, but they were different from the former. In Wushui County, the pack of wild dogs' levels varied greatly.

Ling, who had already awakened, was holding her dagger while standing behind Jiang Liushi.


Suddenly, the ground under the belly of that little beast crumbled, and a seven or eight meters long strange mollusk drilled its way out. It had numerous whiskers, just like countless long legs. It moved quickly, but it looked like a huge earthworm.

Seeing this mollusk, Jiang Liushi was scared. He suddenly remembered those earthworms in Shenhai Island. Although Jiang Liushi couldn't make sure whether they were responsible for Shenhai Island's fall, he knew that they were a frightening existence...

'Why did they appear here?'

As soon as it threw the little beast in the air, the huge earthworm opened its mouth to swallow it whole. The little beast was instantly scared, and its tail was straight.

Jiang Liushi did not know where the little beast found power, but he saw its foot stomping on a broken rock that had been thrown into the air, and then it jerked down in the air and twisted its body in an incredible angle. It jumped three meters in the air and landed safely. Then the little beast saw the, instantly dashing toward where it was, and before Jiang Liushi could react, it had jumped onto the glass and then slammed onto the roof.

Through the hologram projection, Jiang Liushi could see the little beast jumping up with its white fat belly on the roof, and that it was about to a burp...

Jiang Liushi was completely attracted by that little mutant beast as it was quite flexible. For it, Jiang Liushi's minibus may be a secure place, but for the team, its choice was disastrous.

The huge earthworm also rushed toward Jiang Liushi's minibus, and if that were not enough, eight or nine huge earthworms were also rushing toward them. Without exception, they all opened their mouths, exposing dense teeth inside. These giant monsters could not only destroy the ground, but their teeth could also completely tear the steel and cement into pieces.

'What?!' Jiang Liushi became depressed.

The minibus retreated instantly, letting out harsh friction sounds. At the same time, a huge metallic tube extended under the minibus.


The metallic tube spewed out a tongue of raging flame, and the eight earthworms were trapped in a vortex of fire. Cracks appeared on the concrete road due to the extremely high temperature, and the giant earthworms started slamming on the ground violently; just their brute force was amazing. But in the end, they didn't move anymore. When the flames were extinguished, there were eight giant bodies on the ground, but to Jiang Liushi's astonishment, none of them had any burn marks on them. However, their skins had become dark gold with a metallic luster and remained motionless.

'Fortunately, the flamethrower still works against them.' Jiang Liushi felt secretly glad.

"Brother Jiang, this thing is dead. There is no sign of life." At that moment, Ling jumper from the roof, holding a chubby little beast inside.

Looking closely, Jiang Liushi discovered that this thing was like a kitten or a bear, but it had a pair of rabbit ears. Its flesh was fluffy and furry, which was quite cute. But Jiang Liushi believed that its appearance was deceitful. A pair of ears squatted and four little hoofs fluttered in the air, motionless.

"Isn't it a mutant beast? Why couldn't I sense any energy fluctuations from it?" Jiang Liushi asked. He was a little distressed by the flame that had just been sprayed, which had consumed a lot of gasoline.

"It's not a mutant beast," Ling said firmly, shaking her head.

"Oh, dispose of it," Jiang Liushi said.

For Shi Ying Squad, only mutant meat would be useful to them.

"No, wait a minute. This thing ... it ... it's not dead. It has spiritual fluctuations," Suddenly Ran Xiyu said.

Through the shared spiritual vision, Jiang Liushi indeed saw a very faint red dot. 

'It's really not dead!'

Immediately after, its energy fluctuations quickly became strong.

"Ling, it's just feigning death!" Jiang Liushi warned suddenly.

Before his voice had died away, that little beasts jumped suddenly with a powerful force. It broke off Ling's grip and rushed toward the windows.


It slammed against the window and fell down on its back with its legs pointing up.

"You dare to hit my bullet-proof glass?" Jiang Liushi was amused by this little beast.

And then he pulled it up by its tail. He was shocked because he didn't expect that this little beast's IQ was far beyond anyone's imagination. In fact, in the animal world, some animals could feign death, such as foxes. However, the beast in front of him was quite good at this skill. It could shut all its body's functions off, stop breathing and its heartbeat. This was incredible.

Jiang Liushi discovered a large egg in its mouth. "It must be one of the giant earthworms' eggs!" Jiang Liushi exclaimed. No wonder those giant earthworms were so furious.

It was afraid that there was a huge giant nest in the black hole... The little beast was really bold. In order to eat giant eggs, it had crawled into their nest…

Staring at the little beast in front of him, Jiang Liushi didn't know what to say. His mood was very complicated. The little beast did not continue playing dead and stared at Jiang Liushi.

"Brother Jiang, this beast is a special one. It should be considered a mutant beast, but its energy fluctuation is not strong. On the contrary, its mental power is very high, which is a bit similar to paranormals," Ran Xiyu said curiously.

It was the first time for them to meet such a special mutant beast.

"Brother Jiang, those giant earthworms are not dead. They moved!" Zhang Hai who was looking through the window shouted suddenly. The dark golden things in their body shells were fading away, but the movement was slow.

"Let's leave immediately!" Jiang Liushi ordered.

Those giant earthworms were frightening, and nobody knew how many of them existed.

"Here you are!" Jiang Liushi threw the little beast to Ling.

The little beast seemed to be aware of the situation, so it shrank its tail and covered its head.


Jiang Liushi's minibus sprinted and rushed toward the darkness without any hesitation.