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Chapter 281: Future 1

Chapter 281: Future 1
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As he snapped back into focus, the employee had already taken out the keys and opened the door.

"This time, the Governor’s manor took out a grand total of 100 White Dragonhawks as the large scale appendment reward for the mission. One can say that they really hauled their assets. But even then, the missions’ acceptance and completion rates haven’t not increased all that much either." The employee sighed, "The missions’ difficulty recently is really hard to determine, most of the totem users do not dare to simply pick up a mission. Furthermore, the amount of people accepting mission have also reduced greatly. That’s why there was the White Dragonhawk being given out as a reward."

She looked at the checklist.

"But there’s none for you to be amused for, that is primarily the reward for the Hurricane Group. Your reward is at the lowest rank."

Garen was stunned.

"The main completer of the mission is Hurricane Group? What do you mean?"

The employee gave him a weird look. "Of course they are the main force of this mission’s completion. The Hurricane Group annihilated this terrorist totem users’ hideout, exploded massive amounts of white totem bombs, they have already pick up their reward yesterday. You small fries are lucky, not being sucked into the midst of the battle and yet qualify for the rewards, that’s one hundred thousand Silver Rumbs for each of you."

Garen’s heart sank.

"You mean, this mission is mainly completed by Hurricane Group?"

"Like this, there was actually a form 1 totem user inside, I saw their mission process, they completed with blood sweat and tears. What’s up with you?" The female employee looked at him weirdly.

"One form 2 totem user…? Haha…" Garen laughed coldly, such blasphemy of saying three top ranked form 2 totem users from Obscuro Society was said to be one, it was obviously the explosion of the kinetic furnace, but they said it was the white totem bomb. This Hurricane Group is so talented, they can make up any stories.

He walked into the wooden room.

"This is your reward." The employee gave Garen a small black bag.

Garen did not budge, and did not take up the black bag.

He glanced, and he sse that three middle-age men standing on the right side on the window, quietly looking over here.

He knows, in the situation where Goth was is absent, whatever he said carries no weight. Nobody would believe a group that has no form 2 totem user, to be able to kill three form 2 totem users, and yet being able to walk out of the hideout without any deaths.

Comparatively, everyone would definitely believe Hurricane Group’s lies better.

It’s believed that even Hurricane Group were not entirely sure about what happened, and not knowing the changes on Goth’s body. That’s why they would simply make up the story.

Garen admitted that even though he has an additional Howling Wererabbit and that his defenses are slightly stronger, but in a frontal confrontation, needless to say that he still could not break through form 2 totem user’s totem light.

"I’m sorry, but I feel that this reward was not calculated properly."

"Not counted properly?" The female employee frowned, she is also a totem user, even though just a form 1 totem, but her time was not to be wasted recklessly. "Which part did we not calculate properly? You point it out, I want to be responsible to my work."

Garen smiled politely.

"I actually want to say, in this mission, there were some minute details that the Hurricane Group did not explain properly. That would be something my group leader personally experienced, so I hope that when my group leader gets discharged, he can come over to amend the process of the mission."

The female employee looked at Garen for a while

"If you insist, I can stop this reward claim, but you have to understand, it may happen that these rewards may be claimed by others."

She stopped and frowned.

"Or, if you think Hurricane had inaccurate recount of the missions, they you are wasting your effort. The people from the guild have already sent people to check it, everything is normal."

Garen realized, the man by the window have left unknowingly. He had some plans, so he didn’t say too much to the employee.

"It doesn’t matter, soon our group leader will come personally to speak, saying anything now serves no purpose."

He did not plan to iron this out, the Hurricane group can be left to Goth, who can erupt his talents. That dude can even take on three form 2 totem users from Obscuro society, nevermind the tiny Hurricane Group.

"Up to you." The lady shrugged her shoulder.

Both of them turned around, left the room and walked back.

A few passers-by workers saw that Garen had come back with nothing on hand, they couldn’t help but to looked at him a few more times.

Back in the mission hall, Garen politely said thank you to the female employee. And asked her for a name card.

"Tavi Nesser" Garen looked at the name card, then carefully kept it.

The mission hall at the time it was bustling with more people, among them was a sturdy, looking tall man, staring at Garen with a smirk.

As he saw Garen walking out, he slowly stood up.

Garen frowned as he glanced at these people. He exited the mission hall, walked down a few steps, and headed straight towards the Chialunar Hospital.

As he expected, there were a few people tailing him.

He realized that these people are wearing a hurricane badges around their chests.

Garen picked up his pace and walked along the streets. The three people behind him followed closely.

Two people walked in a single file and mixed into the crowd, walking against the current of people.

Garen turned his head around occasionally.

"I’m just reconnaissance, not a combatant, these things are best left to the professionals." He mumbled as he moved faster.

The footwork of his secret ability was used without sound, the speed got faster and faster.

Soon they were left behind in dust.

He hadn’t received the rewards. He took a huge detour around town, and in the end he still decided to go back to the hospital. He was prepared to tell Goth and andy about the rewards being taken by Hurricane, so that they, in turn would be mentally prepared.

He rushed into the hospital. By the entrance of the white, five-story building, stood a few people with hurricane badges.

Garen was about to walk over, but he stopped short, standing at the back side of the of the building.

"Now I’ll have no choice."Garen waited outside the building for a while, he soon saw two young nurses walking out of the hospital building.

One of them was 14-15 years old. It was indeed the nurse who got her lunch.

He suddenly had an idea. He waited until the nurse approached, and walked around the two of them to stop them.

"That.. Wei Xi!" Garen stopped in front of them, loudly screaming that sentence.

The two nurses were just chatting softly suddenly heard themselves being called. They lifted their heads and got scared so badly, their faces paled.

A bald, browless, beardless scary man blocked their path, this man had a perverted smile as he stared at them, his mouth had hints of violence and cunningness.

Garen did not expect that his kind smile have scared the two brats this badly… he quickly reduced his smile, trying his best to show a peaceful look.

"Wei Xi, I am the guy whom you sent lunch to, remember?"

Wei Xi immediately recalled this patient who left strong impression, she stood in front of her friend.

"You…. You need anything?" her tongue tied. She’s motivated.

"Could you help me out?" Garen smiled, scaring the girls that she shuddered.

Two minutes later, Garen looked at the silhouettes walk into the hospital, his heart calmed.

He turned around, and caught three Hurricane people blocking his rear, quietly staring at him. On the opposite side of the left street, one man wearing a white hat with golden bezel walked towards him, on his chest was the same black-white hurricane badge.

On the man’s badge was two silver horizontal lines.

"Form 2?" Garen suddenly understood the meaning of the horizontal lines.

"Good eyesight.."the young man walked within five meters from Garen, stopped his movements, and picked up a cigarette from his shirt pocket. He slowly lit the cigarette and took a puff.

"Honestly, you ran really quickly. If I wasn’t guarding here coincidentally, I may not have necessarily been able to catch you. Nice to meet you, the name’s Casey."

"I’m just a nobody." Garen smirked and laughed. He just realized that on the roof, not far from him, stood a sparrow. It’s eyes had a hint of silver.

Alright, no more bullshit. I am here to align our verbal records." The young man Casey said calmly, "This time’s mission, only our Hurricane group and your panther group survived, there were two other groups who died inside. I don’t know what happened inside, but to get any mission reward, our records have to be aligned, understood?"

"What do you mean?" the smile on Garen’s face calmed down.

"The moment you received the reward, send it to this address, you can keep one third of it." Casey puffed a smoke, spewing a white smoke ring, his eyes seemed calm. "Think of it as the reward for us Hurricane group for protecting you.

"The mission was completed by us."

Garen said calmly, quietly looking at the other party.

"You completed it?" Casey shook his head, "I was the one who exploded the white totem bombs, I killed the only form 2 totem user, you said you completed it? What are you?"

"Haha." Garen only laughed.

"Laughing? You’re happy?" Casey looked angry. "I’ll make you laugh!" His slap swiped towards Garen.


Suddenly, Casey’s hand was caught.

"You’re so full of yourself, brat." A red silhouette came flying, a man wearing a ref bib stood in front of Garen, facing Casey with a bright smile.

"Let go!" Casey’s face turned dark.


"I said, let go!"Casey screamed. His face twitched,, obviously he was angered to the brink.

"I don’t wanna let go, hit me if you can." Goth smiled snarkily, pushing his face towards Casey.

"You are seeking death!" Casey finally burst into anger, one tight slap flung towards Goth.


A burst of harsh crisp sound was heard.

Garen was stunned as he looked at where the two were. Although he already noticed the arrival of Goth and the team, but he did not realize that Goth, who had a wire loose in his head, would ever use this method.

Casey was seen holding his face, filled with disbelief, as he stared at Goth.

"Hit me, come one, hit me!!" Goth had a face that was asking for a beating. He pointed at his hips, twerking his buttocks "Here! Kick here, use some force!!"

"Fuck!!" Casey is incredibly angry, and rushed forward to get a good kick.


A painful scream was hurt.

Casey knelt down to the ground, his body shining with an inconsistent light film, but this layer of light is clearly was not able to stop this fatal blow.