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Chapter 305: Following 1

Chapter 305: Following 1
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On the desolate gray city streets, the pair were like two black spots on white cloth, speeding towards the steeple.

The wind howled across the street, and onto Goth's hair backwards constantly. His gaze turned up to the church door in front of him. He quickened his pace, and entered the church.

Garen, underneath the stairs at the church's entrance, hid behind a stone platform behind the steps, quietly releasing his Qi to scan the interior.

Inside the church

Goth stood by the door, glancing around the church, looking blankly, his body lit up with a gray-black totem, and a dark-feathered bird appeared slowly on his right shoulder.

"Come out," he cried aloud. "I know you're here!"

His voice constantly echoed off the walls, reverberating deep within the building.


All of a sudden, behind a row of pews at the front, a black lizard emerged. It was much smaller than the normal giant lizard, only the size of a dog, the horn on his forehead flickered with silver light, its eyes were flashing with a bloodlust.

"I've been waiting for you for a long time." The silver horn lizard said. It slowly climbed to the front of Goth, two meters away.

"Have you made a decision? Join us, you'll get what you want." Its voice was like a hoarse middle-aged man.

"Is this your body? Or your totem?" Gode looked wary.

"Wouldn't you know when you try?" A smug, silver smile emerged at the corner of the silver-lined monitor lizard.

A dark shadow flashed by.

It suddenly disappeared from its original position and rushed towards Goth, still by the door.

In mid-air, its four claws turned into sharp spikes, slashing towards its adversary. The sharp edge missed, but the waves in its wake were too quick to avoid.

Chi Chi Chi!!

Goth suddenly took two steps back. Four spots of blood appeared on him, and a little bit of blood soaked through his clothes.

"Some reach you have!" His eyes bulged open, uncomprehending.

Silver horn lizard sneered and once again turned into a dark shadow, hurtling towards him.

Chi Chi!

Two more spots of blood emerged after the exchange..

"blackfield bird, go!" He completely unable to understand how he was being hurt, he stumbled toward the church walls, trying to rely on constantly changing positions to avoid the lizard's attacks.

"We know your secret ...." The silver horned lizard sneered and said, "Your totem, the blackfield bird, though powerful, is connected to your ontology. As long as the blackfield bird is hurt, you too will be injured. "

As it spoke, it raised his right claw and lunged forward.

Scoffing, the Blackfield bird rushed to avoid the attack, suddenly enlarging in midair. From the size of a palm, it grew rapidly into a giant three-meter bird.

It shrieked, hovering in the air within the church, before diving towards the lizard like a giant eagle after its prey. It sped downwards like a sharp arrow.

The huge blackfield bird body was suddenly inflicted with several deep gashes, and Goth finally understood.

"Iron Feather Volley !!" He was relentless as he sent a command to his bird.

Suddenly, the blackfield bird's feathers shot on end, aligning themselves below the silver horn lizard. The black feathers slowly glowed with a glimmer of silver light. The huge, black body of the bird quickly spread a distorted force field and enveloped the silver horn lizard.

The force field was formless, and the lizard was held in a vice grip as if being crushed by a gigantic fist.

The black bird shrieked, Chi Chi Chi!!

All its feathers are shot out like a volley of arrows, a dense shower flying towards the silver horn lizard.

Bang bang bang!! Unrelenting bangs could be heard as some feathers hit the lizard. Most of the feathers hit the ground, stirring up large amounts of dust and gravel.

After all the feathers were shot, they quickly flew back to the blackfield bird as if they were boomerangs, and regained their original form.

The blackfield bird shrunk back to its original size and flew back to perch on Goth's shoulders.

Dust clouded the church, leaving nothing to be seen. After a short while the dust gradually settled down, and Goth could finally see the situation of silver horn lizard.

The silver horn lizard was shot full of holes but it was still struggling to stand on the ground.

"What strong ability. The traction field does not allow the enemy to escape and the attacks used after the release could indiscriminately attack any target around the perimeter. The ability of the blackfield bird is indeed rare." The silver horn lizard was just distracted momentarily and sustained serious injuries. However, it remained calm with no signs of panic.

"Goth, your growth is really amazing."

The silver horn lizard replied, before quickly turned into a silver-colored light, shining into the dark spots within the church.

The silver light disappeared in the shadows, and out of it came a voluptuous woman with wavy hair. One of her hands was adorned with five black gem rings, while the other hand was twirling with her blonde hair, her demeanor relaxed. A black robe was draped fittingly to the body and outlined her bodily curves.

"Tell me where the medicine is!" Goth clenched his lip and said aloud.

"Want to save your little lover?" replied the blonde woman with a smirk, "we'll talk after you win."

She waved a single hand and five silver lights shot out suddenly, transforming into five similar silver horn lizards. The regiment completely surrounded Goth and the blackfield bird.


A lizard suddenly arched its body and let out a low growl. The first lizard, initially gravely injured, had now returned to normal.

Goth had a sudden realization and his pupil contracted momentarily.

Suddenly, the five lizards lifted their right claws and hurled themselves towards him all at the same time. Five almost shapeless sharp waves came at him from unseen directions.



Garen's back was against the stone wall as he stood on the left, just below the stone steps. He was quietly observing the movements inside the church.

From the moment Goth entered, there had been constant bursts of roars, as if a fierce fight was going on.

Even now, the movements inside did not die down. Instead, they appeared to be growing bigger and bigger.

Garen kept practicing portrayals with both hands while listened quietly to the situation.


An invisible sharp wave flew out from the church gate and ruthlessly split open the stone steps on the platform.

Without a sound, the stone platform's corner was cut off and the ground was left with crescent-shaped knife marks.

Garen squinted and walked gently to touch the knife marks. The cut was more than 10 cm into the stone slab, forming lines of black slits.

"Powerful," he praised, "surely, the person going against Goth is a Form 2 totem user, and is not a perverse player either."


Inside the church.

Goth gasped as he supported his upper body on his knees. His forehead continued to shed streams of blood, leaving a stream of dark red along his right cheek.

The blackfield bird on the side had its feathers scattered, like a hairy little hen. One side of its wing looked broken and both its eyes looked dead, as it was barely standing on the ground. It looked gravely injured.

In front of the bird and the man were five silver horned lizards, lying on the ground, all of them decapitated, rapidly becoming mercury.

The blonde wavy-haired woman looked horrified, her gaze on the wall gazing steadily at Goth. Her arrogance vanished.

"You! You actually ....!"

"Where's the medicine?" Goth walked over, grabbed her collar and slammed her against the wall. "Tell me! The medicine! Where is it!" His bloodshot eyes betrayed the tendencies of a wild beast, just a sliver away from losing control. .

"I'll tell you! I'll tell you !!" The woman sputtered hastily, "The medicine is...."


An invisible wave instantly split blackfield bird's body in half.


With another squeal, the bird tumbled to the ground.

Goth also followed suit a muffled scream and doubled over. His chest collapsed, and his mouth spewed blood as he coughed..

"As for the medicine, I'll reveal that to your dead body," The woman's face was covered with a flirtatious smile, but all of a sudden, her face froze. "you!!"


The blackfield bird swooped up once again and into Goth's body, turning into a dark shimmering layer, covering his whole body.

"This is!!" The woman's expression suddenly panicked, not mock panic, but a real, guttural panic pulled from the depths of her psyche

She turned to flee. The last silver-headed dragon lizard flew up and grabbed Goth, trying to stop him from chasing.

Suddenly, an invisible giant force field dispersed and shrouded her within.


A huge roar came from within the church, dust was kicked up and rows of chairs and tables were thrown in all directions. The dust settled to reveal a crater in the earth, more than 20 meters across.

The instant after the explosion, all was silent.

The remaining dust eventually dispersed into the air, and in the middle of the pit, Goth held the woman by the neck with one hand. His face was deathly pale, barely managing to hold the body.

"Tell me, where is the medicine?" He asked hoarsely. "Otherwise, I'll kill you!"

The woman kicked her feet as her face turned purple.

"I... I do not know.... the important things are kept with Lord Ansella! Don't kill me!"

Goth's expression was grim, his hold on the woman who had lost the power to resist. Suddenly he saw her struggling, begging and even actually crying outright as her tears flowed into two clear traces of water.

The totem user in front of him was not exactly that flirtatious enemy, but more like an ordinary young girl, at the age of only twenty at most.

"Don't kill me, please! Don't!!" The girl cried splinters.

Looked at her pleading eyes, Goth's heart softened, and gently put her down.

"Where's this Ansella you speak of?" He whispered.

"He's… He's behind the black wall in Copenhagen, in the place marked with the dark sun. Wait until night falls to find him!" The girl quickly told him what she knew, "we are under his leadership, he knows the most. It was on his request that I came in contact with you! It's not my fault!"

Goth sent silent for a while.

"Scram." His face was overcome with calm. Retracting the blackfield birds, he finally saw what was left of the girl's six silver horn monitor lizards. Not one survived, all turned into mercury. He then turned to exit the church.

The blonde girl looked at Goth's silhouette vanish, and her eyes flashed with hate.

"Well go then! Best you die while you're there! Then I can easily finish what I have to do!" She said, her heart cursing him fiercely.

Goth's figure disappeared out of the church, and the girl managed to get up and look at the five dark gemstone rings on her hand, and suddenly grit her teeth.

"Don't you want to save your little lover? If you manage to save them, my name will cease to be Sallora! And that Andy as well. We should have just killed them all!"

Her face was deeply resentful. Her five well-developed totems were destroyed; a devastating blow to any totem user.