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NEET Receives a Dating Sim Game Leveling System

Author:Idle Fish Goes Ashore

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A 30-year-old NEET is reincarnated into the body of an otaku that choked to death on instant noodles. As he comes to grips with his new life, he realizes that this world is subtly different from Earth. The denizens of this world are far better looking, and this new world also possesses futuristic technology as well as mysterious Yin Yang masters! After reincarnating, he realized that he was endowed with a miraculous game-like system, which enables him to increase his own stats and transcend the limits of the human body. This system even has a game-breaking ability to save and load in real life! In this new world that’s akin to a 2-D game, he just wants to enjoy life and head for a glorious future… However, he is quickly embroiled in a complex plot. Can he unlock his true potential and utilize his system to break the shackles that confine him and discover the truth about his previous body’s circumstances? 当废宅得到系统
《NEET Receives a Dating Sim Game Leveling System》 Text
Chapter 1: Cast of characters
Chapter 2: Dating Sim Game System
Chapter 3: Working
Chapter 4: Escort
Chapter 5: Exercise
Chapter 6: Miracle
Chapter 7: Protection
Chapter 8: Meeting
Chapter 9: Come to our school!
Chapter 10: It seems like he’s become more handsome again
Chapter 11: Transfer student
Chapter 12: Please become my friend!
Chapter 13: This world isn’t one that only cares about appearances!
Chapter 14: You’re only at this level?
Chapter 15: Today was a black lace day?
Chapter 16: He could only awkwardly smile… what the hell!
Chapter 17: I don’t really like poems
Chapter 18: In order to obtain items, it’s time to grind grind grind!
Chapter 19: P.E. class
Chapter 20: You can’t conceal that otaku scent of yours!
Chapter 21: Peach
Chapter 22: Snail and sparrow
Chapter 23: The legendary creature
Chapter 24: There’s no legendaries in this game!
Chapter 25: Spirit-branded Retainers
Chapter 26: Fighting
Chapter 27: Monster
Chapter 28: Director, the script is wrong!
Chapter 29: Newcomer
Chapter 30: Ace
Chapter 31: Your femininity is at the max!
Chapter 32: Could you become my sisters’ boyfriend!?
Chapter 33: Twin witches
Chapter 34: A lesson on how to deal with confession letters
Chapter 35: Destroyer of clubs!
Chapter 36: Gifts
Chapter 37: I’m Harano, what do you want?
Chapter 38: The hero and the witches
Chapter 39: Perception
Chapter 40: Loneliness
Chapter 41: Honesty
Chapter 42: Invitation
Chapter 43: Juumonji group
Chapter 44: All I did was say my name, why are you kneeling!?
Chapter 45: Frozen to death
Chapter 46: Praising the Sun
Chapter 47: Calm down, right hand of mine!
Chapter 48: Befriending
Chapter 49: You Know Too Much!
Chapter 50: Idiotic Mistake
Chapter 51: Snow Girl
Chapter 52: Don’t Be Afraid and Step Forth!
Chapter 53: Detection
Chapter 54: Mysterious Phone Call
Chapter 55: Ex-Girlfriend
Chapter 56: Your Name
Chapter 57: Cat
Chapter 58: Goal
Chapter 59: Fake Boyfriend
Chapter 60: Dream
Chapter 61: Trying on Clothes
Chapter 62: Older Sister
Chapter 63: I Didn’t Think You Were Such a Rich Young Master!
Chapter 64: Writing
Chapter 65: I’ll Die If I Don’t Become Handsome!
Chapter 66: Editor
Chapter 67: Take Responsibility for the Rest of Your Life!
Chapter 68: Unexpected Luck
Chapter 69: It's Almost the White... Season Again
Chapter 70: Boyfriend
Chapter 71: Apology
Chapter 72: Truth
Chapter 73: Isn’t Your Boyfriend Still Outside!?
Chapter 74: Allow Me to Show You True Strength!
Chapter 75: Secret
Chapter 76: Suicide
Chapter 77: You Must Fight On!
Chapter 78: I’ll Be Your Playmate!
Chapter 79: Let’s Go Visit Hell Together
Chapter 80: Go Forth and Defeat the Witches, Hero!
Chapter 81: Family
Chapter 82: Challenge
Chapter 83: Light
Chapter 84: Summons
Chapter 85: Please Take Good Care of Me
Chapter 86: Legendary Strength!
Chapter 87: Collapse
Chapter 88: Yes or No
Chapter 89: Hahahaha-
Chapter 90: Judgement
Chapter 91: Nightmare
Chapter 92: Freedom
Chapter 93: Once More, the Hero and the Witches
Chapter 94: What They Saw in the Deepest Depths of Their Despair…
Chapter 95: After
Chapter 96: Did You Awaken to Something You Shouldn’t Have!?
Chapter 97: Once Again, This Is All That Happened
Chapter 98: Connections
Chapter 99: Character Reward Card
Chapter 100: Hello, I’m Living Next Door Starting from Today
Chapter 101: I Don’t Need to Know Your Feelings Towards My Younger Sister!
Chapter 102: Let’s Practice the Alphabet!
Chapter 103: The Melancholy of Mika Uehara
Chapter 104: Thank You for Liking Me
Chapter 105: Drawing
Chapter 106: Infirmary Nurse
Chapter 107: I Don’t Need to Use That~
Chapter 108: Fallen Angel in White
Chapter 109: This Is a Punishment~
Chapter 110: Reward
Chapter 111: Someone Said “You’re Light Itself”
Chapter 112: Smile
Chapter 113: Heaven-Sent Calamities
Chapter 114: Reaper’s Curse
Chapter 115: White Mask
Chapter 116: Rain
Chapter 117: Plot
Chapter 118: Trojan Horse
Chapter 119: Older Brother
Chapter 120: Fake Brother
Chapter 121: Come Hug Me!
Chapter 122: Memory Loss
Chapter 123: The Maid Is... the Student Council President!
Chapter 124: Calm Down, Listen to Me Explain
Chapter 125: A Minimum of Three Years, a Maximum of the Death Penalty~
Chapter 126: Don't Lick Me! Don't Suck on Me!
Chapter 127: Investigation
Chapter 128: I Want to Sleep Together with Brother!
Chapter 129: It's Just a Dream
Chapter 130: I Don't Want Brother to Go!
Chapter 131: Going Outside
Chapter 132: Nothing Can Stop Me!
Chapter 133: The Strongest Technique in the Universe!
Chapter 134: Waking Up
Chapter 135: Hurt
Chapter 136: "Divine Child"
Chapter 137: I Don’t Have That Type of Interest!
Chapter 138: Delicious!
Chapter 139: Treasure
Chapter 140: Bliss
Chapter 141: Beautiful Name
Chapter 142: From Now On
Chapter 143: Is There a Bug in the System!?
Chapter 144: You're Actually...
Chapter 145: Spiritual Power and Mana
Chapter 146: Gradually Slipping into the Abyss
Chapter 147: I Promise on My Virginity!
Chapter 148: Let's Work Together on a Story!
Chapter 149: Magic-Devouring Dragon
Chapter 150: Spirit Image
Chapter 151: Visualization
Chapter 152: Seiji Kamijou
Chapter 153: Dream
Chapter 154: Heart
Chapter 155: You Were Fooled by Her!
Chapter 156: Questions
Chapter 157: Refusal
Chapter 158: Spells
Chapter 159: Say That Earlier!
Chapter 160: Curled-Up Cat
Chapter 161: Utter Confusion
Chapter 162: Secret Technique Manual
Chapter 163: Brother x Sister
Chapter 164: Body-Strengthening Technique
Chapter 165: Teach Her a Little!
Chapter 166: Brother Monogatari
Chapter 167: Upcoming School Festival
Chapter 168: My Honor
Chapter 169: Amazing!
Chapter 170: Spirit's Arrival!
Chapter 171: Heroic Spirit
Chapter 172: Preparations
Chapter 173: First Blood!
Chapter 174: Clash!
Chapter 175: Allow Me to Send Him Off
Chapter 176: Shutendoji!
Chapter 177: Minamoto no Raiko!
Chapter 178: Battle!
Chapter 179: Entrust
Chapter 180: Deciding the Winner!
Chapter 181: After the Battle
Chapter 182: Joyful
Chapter 183: Welcome Back
Chapter 184: Good Morning
Chapter 185: Living Together
Chapter 186: I'd Like Some Peace and Quiet
Chapter 187: "Princess"
Chapter 188: Purple
Chapter 189: Discipline Committee Member
Chapter 190: Answer
Chapter 191: I Have Defeated The Enemy!
Chapter 192: Is the School Festival a Martial Arts Competition?
Chapter 193: Going Outside
Chapter 194: Bus
Chapter 195: Concern
Chapter 196: Lost
Chapter 197: Old Acquaintance
Chapter 198: Friend's Younger Sister
Chapter 199: Non-acceptance
Chapter 200: Harems are a Man's Dream (Fantasy!)
Chapter 201: Taiyaki
Chapter 202: Payment
Chapter 203: Farewell, Light-chan
Chapter 204: The Frustration of Mika Uehara
Chapter 205: Chapter 205 - Girl Walking By Herself
Chapter 206: Chapter 206 - Home
Chapter 207: Chapter 207 - Special
Chapter 208: Chapter 208 - Let me see...
Chapter 209: Chapter 209 - Impossible
Chapter 210: Chapter 210 - I feel like something's wrong
Chapter 211: Chapter 211 - Having a Joyous Bath
Chapter 212: Chapter 212 - I'm Strong Enough to Accept it!
Chapter 213: Chapter 213 - Lively
Chapter 214: Chapter 214 - Eyeglasses
Chapter 215: Chapter 215 - Magic-Devouring Dragon vs. Smiling Executioner
Chapter 216: Chapter 216 - Rock Paper Scissors!
Chapter 217: Chapter 217 - Grinding Monsters
Chapter 218: Chapter 218 - The Inevitable Shall Always Come
Chapter 219: Chapter 219 - Watching a Play
Chapter 220: Chapter 220 - Deux Ex Machina
Chapter 221: Amusement Park
Chapter 222: Lightning Strike
Chapter 223: Stop!
Chapter 224: Adopted Siblings? Who'd Believe That!?
Chapter 225: Idiot
Chapter 226: Mika Uehara Wavers
Chapter 227: Maturity
Chapter 228: All of You Are My Wings!
Chapter 229: Don't Go Around Raising Death Flags!
Chapter 230: The Battle's Only Beginning
Chapter 231: The Girl with 100% Accurate Shots...
Chapter 232: This Isn't a Game Where You Play By Yourself
Chapter 233: Believe in the Me Who Believes in You
Chapter 234: There's More Choices Than What You Gave Me!
Chapter 235: Spirit... Egg?
Chapter 236: I Want to Go Buy Some Groceries
Chapter 237: I've Never... Heard of This
Chapter 238: Strange Spiritual Creature
Chapter 239: Chirp
Chapter 240: This Name Is Too Revealing!
Chapter 241: I Also Really like Light Novels!
Chapter 242: You’re... Getting Married?
Chapter 243: I Want You to Drink with Me!
Chapter 244: A Toast, for This World... and You
Chapter 245: Girls Have a Lot of Secrets, You Know
Chapter 246: Actually, I’m Writing a Novel
Chapter 247: Novel Rewards
Chapter 248: Popularity Is Strength!
Chapter 249: Do You Have Time Tomorrow?
Chapter 250: It’s Just Pure Communication!
Chapter 251: You Two Aren't Even Close to My Level
Chapter 252: I'll Do a Good Job in Accompanying You
Chapter 253: Please Teach Us About Otaku Culture!
Chapter 254: I See You!
Chapter 255: Peach-sensei's Present
Chapter 256: Framed
Chapter 257: Chirp!
Chapter 258: Innocent Doesn't Mean Harmless
Chapter 259: Ability Test
Chapter 260: What the Hell Is That!?
Chapter 261: Yui Haruta’s Present
Chapter 262: My Sister Is Amazing
Chapter 263: The Murderer Is Among Us!
Chapter 264: Amazing