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Chapter 250: Rebirth

Chapter 250: Rebirth

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"Avengers Alliance? Why would you think of such a strange name?" Hathaway asked, baffled.

"We had yet to name the Alliance… But that sounds alright."

Marvin gave a hollow laugh. "We can still think of the name, I only said that casually."

If these Legends gathered together, they would really be a huge power. During the game, there was the lack of a force of Legends gathering together. They all fought their respective battles and were ultimately annihilated by the gods.

And Marvin, as a player, knew the advantages of fighting as a group.

Regardless if it was the Shadow Prince, the Crimson Patriarch, or Diggles and his Decaying Plateau that they just took care of, all of them were the results of powerhouses fighting together.

This was why he tried to win over all kinds of Legends that he met ever since he transmigrated.

If they truly formed an Alliance, even if the Great Calamity happened, Feinan’s situation would be substantially different.

"I’m not feeling too good, I need a place to rest."

O’Brien was indeed a bit pale. His gaze landed on that well-behaved Legend Barbarian as he asked "Hey, does your place have some alcohol?"

After these words, all the Legends focused on the Barbarian.

The Barbarian was startled, but after a long time, he replied, "There… There is."


A hot flame was burning in the fireplace in a spacious wooden house.

Snowflakes flew outside the window, but the room temperature was quite pleasant.

The Legend Barbarian lived in this snowy area all his life but he had never seen so many Legends. This guy treated his guests very sincerely, bringing out all the good wines from his cellar.

O’Brien, Constantine and the others didn’t act polite and directly started drinking.

The group of lively people got together, and Marvin once again carefully recounted his experiences.

But regarding his return, he changed his story a bit, only saying that he was lucky and found the Celestial Stairway.

No one looked further into it. They all had their own secrets, and they were friends with Marvin and naturally could see his potential.

In such a short time, Marvin’s strength had increased once again, directly reaching 4th rank. This was simply something outrageous.

From Constantine, Owl, and the others, Marvin learned what had happened after he entered the World Tree Domain.

The Great Elven King really came to save them.

But what shocked Marvin was that the Great Elven King apparently got injured during the rescue. Owl and the others didn’t know what happened exactly, but they knew how severe the Great Elven King’s injury was from the fact that Ivan headed west alone to look for a medicine that could cure injuries from Divine Power.

This was a possibility that Marvin had completely overlooked.

‘Seems like I’m still not thinking things through enough.’

After they finished speaking, Marvin inwardly shook his head.

The Great Elven King’s injuries were a very frightening matter. Before, he was in perfect condition to welcome the Calamity, which gave Feinan stronger protection.

But now because of Marvin’s plan, even though they destroyed the Decaying Plateau, one of the strongest powerhouses in Feinan had suffered a serious injury. Marvin wasn’t sure if it was worth it.

Furthermore, Inheim was on the brink of death because of the combined sneak attack of the Shadow Prince and the Plague God. Right now, Sky Fury was accompanying him as he was healed by Mother of Creation.

This was also something Marvin hadn’t anticipated.

He originally thought the Legend Monk was the safest one. After all, his Perception was extremely high and his body was tyrannically strong.

Marvin wouldn’t have thought that the one that got injured would be him!

But then again, if it was another Legend suffering from the combined sneak attack of these two gods, it would have probably ended in death!

The plan ended up with no deaths, which could be considered as fortunate.

The bottles of alcohol were quickly consumed as they chatted idly.

Marvin didn’t drink much, but in the previous battle with Madeline, the overwhelming Night Monarch’s remnant power had poured into his body, using a lot of his energy. Then it was followed by the reunion in the snow, where he was beat up by his old friends. His tense body soon fell asleep.


At midnight, he opened his eyes. He was a bit dazed, but slowly became more clear-headed.

The flames in the fireplace were still keeping the place warm.

A few men were lying around.

O’Brien… This guy claimed he could still stay sober after a thousand cups, but in reality, he collapsed after drinking some.

Shadow Thief Owl and Constantine were lying down together. It seemed like they were evenly matched.

And that strange old man and the Legend Barbarian were lying down on another side.

Endless Ocean and Hathaway didn’t drink a lot. It seemed they each found a room to sleep in.

There were actually quite a few rooms in the Legend Barbarian’s wooden house.

At that time he clearly felt a peculiar sensation.

He opened the door, puzzled. And a wave of cold rushed over, even making him sneeze a few times!

Snowy wind blew outside the door as Marvin struggled to walk a few steps.

The cold helped wake him up a bit.

"Your cold resistance isn’t too high yet, you shouldn’t come out like this."

A gentle voice echoed behind his back.

Marvin smiled and turned around.


She was standing on the roof of the Barbarian’s house, apparently waiting for something.

Marvin leapt up and nimbled landed on the roof.

Around Hathaway was a cold protection boundary. He leaned closer and naturally didn’t feel the cold anymore.

"Do you feel it too?" Hathaway looked toward Marvin.

The latter faintly nodded.

There was a strange and mysterious feeling, as if something important was about to happen.

At that moment, bright radiance burst in the sky!

There were meteors!

"Meteors?" Hathaway squinted, looking at the distant sky as light streaked across the night.

"How many?" Even if Marvin had the Night Monarch’s blessings, his eyesight was still limited, and he didn’t have a Legend scouting spell, so he didn’t know how many meteors there were.

"A total of seven," Hathaway quickly answered. "They all landed in the west."

Marvin was silent for a moment. "West, Rocky Mountain."

Hathaway looked at Marvin in surprise. "How did you know?"

She was using a scouting spell to calculate where those meteors landed, but how did Marvin know?

Marvin didn’t open his mouth, shaking his head instead.

It seemed the trip to Rocky Mountain had already become urgent!

He was delayed because of the White Deer matter, but now he had to quickly go!

Because if he wasn’t wrong, those seven meteors each represented a Source of Fire’s Order!

Three of them fell in the hands of the three Fate Sisters.

The eventual whereabouts of the other four were unknown.

A Source of Fire’s Order was the best way set up and maintain a country when the chaotic mana flooded Feinan!

If White River Valley wanted to survive this Calamity, he had to get one!


West, Rocky Mountain, Chaos Ground.

"Sis, look! Meteors!"

A young purple-haired girl pointed at the meteors in the sky that turned into blazing balls of fire as they plunged towards the uninhabited western area of the Rocky Mountain.


A violent earthquake shook all of the inhabitants of Rocky Mountain!

"Those aren’t common Meteors; each is a Source of Fire’s Order."

At that time, a plump lifeform came out. It sat on Kate’s shoulder and solemnly said, "Those are very important things…"

"Ah… Since it’s that important, Ding, help me fight over it," the young girl said.

Ding’s expression grew more serious. "But I don’t have any fighting strength!"

"Then what should we do? Big Sis went to grab that Black Dragon and told us not to leave this place." The young girl frowned.

Kate patted her younger sister’s head. "It’s fine, Lorie, I’ll go."

"But Big Sis said that before we advance to Legend, we can’t leave the Chaos Ground." Lorie tightly pulled on Kate’s hand. "I heard there are many bad people outside."

Kate smiled. "You stay here with Ding. My strength is already quite good, I believe I’ll advance to Legend sooner or later."

"I’ll personally get those Sources of Fire’s Order."


On the edge of the Chaos Ground, a Black Dragon was craftily running away!

A delicate silhouette was chasing her, unwilling to let go.

Frightening spells were continuously sent over one after the other.

Despite the Black Dragon having a high resistance to Magic, she was covered in cuts and bruises by these frightening spells!

It showed that the Fate Sorcerers’ spells were very powerful.

The chase kept going for a while as the Black Dragon was trying her best to escape. In the end, she relied on her own craftiness, and her understanding of Rocky Mountain’s topography to successfully flee!

The Fate Sorcerer was very dissatisfied as she stood on a peak!

She had let her escape!

This damn Dragon! She kept causing trouble in the periphery of Chaos Ground, destroying the order personally established by the Fate Sisters.

"Seems like I need to post a notice to look for an expert Dragon Slayer with a good understanding of Dragons," she grumbled to herself.

At that time, seven meteors streaked across the sky, quickly flying over her head and landing in the western part of Rocky Mountain!

She could feel a majestic power from them.

‘How could it land there…’

‘That’s a place no one dares to go. It’s rumored that countless Ancient God’s bodies are buried over there…’

‘Forget it, catching that Black Dragon is more important!’

She thought for a moment, and finally gave up on checking out the meteors.


North, the Barbarian’s wooden house, in a quiet room.

After closing the door, Marvin slowly took out a scroll page.

On the scroll was a blank space, and it looked like there was nothing there.

He slowly took out a golden quill, used his dagger to cut his thumb, and dipped the quill in blood.

He drew a strange rune on the scroll.

Then, some inexplicable connection was established between him and the scroll.

Words appeared on the scroll. Marvin didn’t understand what exactly it meant.

He only knew that the chapter name was [Rebirth].

"Come out. My servant." Marvin softly called out.

Soon, an elegant silhouette appeared on that page of the Book of Nalu.

Under the effect of a mysterious power, that person unexpectedly jumped out of the page and condensed into shape!

"How may I serve you, My lord."

Madeline gently smiled.

The previous evil appearance seemed to have already disappeared, as if she had undergone rebirth.