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Chapter 254: God Domain

Chapter 254: God Domain

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Dark Elves were relatively strong lifeforms in the Underdark.

Out of all the humanoid lifeforms, Dark Elves had the best physical abilities, far exceeding the Wood Elves, Sea Elves, and other Elven races.

This might be because the Underdark was a vicious place that followed survival of the fittest.

The Dark Elf scouts were naturally elites among elites.

And Raven was able to become this squad’s captain. Though she wasn’t at the 4th rank yet, most 4th ranks weren’t her match!

She brought two subordinates and quickly checked the Hook Horror corpses.

Even if Marvin was very cautious and tried to leave as few traces as possible, caves and underground areas were the Dark Elves’ home!

Soon, they slowly found their way into the Hook Horror’s nest!

‘Seems like those four Hook Horrors were part of the same nest.’

‘To kill them all, and alone, this must be the work of an expert.’

‘From the marks on the bodies, it seems he used curved daggers… Could it be an expert from [Dark City]?’

Raven considered this, silently pondering.

It was highly possible that it was someone from the same race, but that might not necessarily be good.

Killings among Dark Elves of different clans was very common, and would sometimes even happen within the same clan.

Dark City was that Evil Eye’s domain, while Raven’s lord followed another lord.

Both sides were like fire and water.

‘No good. This operation was ordered by Leader Clarke. We must keep it confidential.’

‘Twelve scouting parties were dispatched at the same time to quietly wipe out the humans at the surface.’

‘Only in that way would our surprise attack be effective. But if information leaked…’

Raven didn’t dare to think about it.

Clarke’s fury was something these poor Dark Elves wouldn’t be able to handle.


"The other side is a master and there are traces showing that he broke into the nest."

"He might still be in the vicinity." A subordinate reported in a low voice with a vigilant expression.

Raven nodded.

She muttered something and then looked at the scattered treasures and equipment in the Horror Hook’s nest.

These things were most likely left behind by adventurers who were killed by the Hook Horrors, and they were very valuable in the Underdark.

That person actually didn’t take them?

Raven’s heart moved and she suddenly ordered, "You two, report this matter to Lady Tess."

"Leave this place to me."

In the Dark Elven hierarchy, women had the power to command, especially when it was to men.

Those two Dark Elf Fighters didn’t raise an objection and turned away to leave.

Light shone in Raven’s eyes. She slowly walked to the hot spring and stripped herself naked!

Then, she immersed her mesmerising body in the spring, surprisingly deciding to soak in it.


In the depths of the water, Marvin still fumbled around.

He was at least twenty to thirty meters from the surface and the underwater breathing potion had a time limit, so he had to quickly find that fragment.

The bottom of the pool was very muddy, making it very difficult to find anything there.

Marvin kept groping around, searching for the fragment for more than an hour, and still didn’t even see a shadow of it.

Fishing around for something in water had always been a troublesome matter.

The underwater breathing potion was effective for two hours, and then the gills formed would disappear.

At that time, he wouldn’t be able to just freely breath in the water anymore.

‘Have to move faster. I know it’s definitely around here.’

He once again went to a corner and began to grope about.

There were all sorts of things in the mud.

Fine pearls, a twig from who knows where, also a rusted ring, and many more worthless stones.

Marvin once again slowly searched and finally found something strange!

He cleared away a spot of mud and revealed the corner of a chest.

The fragment of the Earth Crystal was in this chest!

Marvin quickly dug in the mud and soon excavated the treasure chest.

Those people arduously searching for a Earth Crystal would have never thought that one third was calmly laying at the bottom of this pool of water, resting for who knew how many years before it was dug out by Marvin.

The treasure chest wasn’t locked, so Marvin impatiently opened it underwater.

A small crystal box was inside the chest. In the middle of the crystal box there was a light yellow fragment.

This was the Earth Crystal, and it had boundless power.

One third of a Earth Crystal could supply energy to a Wizard Tower for three hundreds years.

And a completely intact Earth Crystal could build an entire tower made of earth.

This was one of the key elements for an [Ancient Refuge].

Even if Marvin hadn’t thought that far, he would have to get his hands on them before considering it.

If he could really establish an Ancient Refuge in White River Valley before the Great Calamity, then maybe even the gods wouldn’t be able to do anything to Marvin.


Marvin collected the Earth Crystal fragment, including the small crystal box.

The reason it had remained undiscovered for so long, was due to this special crystal box hiding its aura.

It was also valuable and worth keeping.

At that time, two lines flashed on Marvin’s logs.

[Your body soaked in the Earth Spring for some time, increasing your physique.]

[Strength +1, Constitution +1]

Marvin was pleased.

Even if he was a bit regretful that his Constitution only rose up by one point, his Strength increase made up for it.

After all, he knew of some ways to increase his Constitution, but he knew fewer ways to increase his Strength.

He could feel his body slightly changing under the effect of the hot spring.

This was the power of Earth.

His Strength went from 15 to 16 and his Constitution from 13 to 14.

This meant he could use two attribute points on Dexterity, which Marvin immediately did, pushing his Dexterity to 28!

The distance to 30’s [Godly Dexterity] was only two points now.

And 30 was the dividing line between mankind and gods. 30 was the limit of ordinary humans.

To go further, one needed a Divinity, a Divine Fragment, and Divine Power. It wouldn’t be possible without all three.

Thus, this 30 point dividing line was called the [God Domain]

Mortals could only look up.

But nothing was absolute. Marvin knew that becoming a god wasn’t the only path to power.

In this world, there were still many techniques that could break through mankind’s boundary.

During the 3rd Era, those hidden powerhouses didn’t leave Feinan because they chose a different path.

They didn’t want to break this limit through ascending to godhood.

Ascending was only one of the simplest paths.

The existences who became gods might have had regrets during those endless years.

They chose a simple path, but they paid for it with their freedom!

Thus they longed to break through the shackles of the Astral Sea, break through the seal of the Universe Magic Pool, and rushed to an even taller pinnacle.

To put it simply, everyone needed freedom and something to keep them busy to survive.

And at the core of this was desire.


The underwater breathing potion was going to run out soon.

Marvin silently swam up.

But he suddenly stiffened in the water!

He noticed something!

A Dark Elven woman!

Completely naked!

From Marvin point of view, the Dark Elf’s lower half was soaking in the hot spring. She hadn’t closed her legs, leaving them a bit spread out.

Thus, Marvin could see everything.

Her dark skin was fully exposed in front of Marvin...

‘Indeed… A… Dark… Elf…"

He inwardly complained about his bad luck. He actually met a Drow so close to the surface!

Normally the Dark Elves were a well-organized race that wouldn’t run around, right?

This path was one of the hidden paths leading to Rocky Mountain.

Why did they come here in the end?

Marvin thought of countless reasons, but before he could come to a conclusion, he found that his gills had already began to atrophy!


He wouldn’t have more than three minutes left.

But Marvin didn’t dare to rashly go up.

This female Drow seemed to be just taking a bath, but she was actually hiding a curved dagger in her hand!

She had definitely found something and was pretending to relax to loosen the enemy’s vigilance, trying to seduce him.

But what she hadn’t expected was that her enemy would be hiding underwater… Checking her out.

Her limbs were far less relaxed than her expression.

If she detected a slight movement in the air, her curved dagger would immediately flash!

This was an expert!

Marvin immediately came to a conclusion.

The Drows in the Underdark roamed in large numbers. Marvin was most afraid of being entangled with these guys.

Who knew how many more Drows were waiting in ambush outside the pool?

This was extremely annoying for Marvin.

But since things reached this point, he didn’t have a choice.

He discreetly let out the air in his lungs and quietly swam over.

Soon, he arrived under the female Drow’s body.

The latter’s attention was still focused on the walls and the cave’s surroundings. She was very patiently listening for sounds of movement.

As for this hot spring, she didn’t pay any attention to it. Most lifeforms in the Underdark were cold-blooded, so very few would be interested in a hot spring. No monsters would roam in a hot spring.

But at that time, a hand suddenly grabbed her ankle!

The Drow was frightened. Before she could let out a sound, a strong force dragged her underwater.

Between splashes of water, she suddenly opened her eyes and looked at the shadow swimming beside her body.

She firmly thought of grappling with the opponent, but Marvin stepped on her face as a result!

She was sent further down due to Marvin’s stomp!

And using this push, Marvin quickly rose up. Pressing both hands on the floor, he propped himself up.

At that time, he hadn’t forgotten to snatch that Drow’s dagger. Without a dagger, that Drow would be less dangerous.

Then, he unhesitantly broke into a run!

Right, fighting Drows in the Underdark, could there be any outcome other than death?

Even a Night Walker wouldn’t dare to fight too many Dark Elves in the Underdark!