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Chapter 256: Hera

Chapter 256: Hera

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Seeing Marvin confidently throw around that many silvers, the blonde beauty’s eyes immediately shone.

Her eyes couldn’t help but faintly look up, apparently thinking of something.

The bartender on the side kindly cautioned him, "Hey, friend, this woman isn’t as good company as you think."

The beauty immediately cursed. "Go pour the drinks."

Marvin faintly smiled.

Soon, a strong bubbling drink was served.

The beauty seemed very thirsty and quickly drank half a cup.

"I am Hera."

After taking in half a drink, Hera’s fair skin slightly flushed.

Her eyes became more and more blurred.

"I don’t think I have seen you before."

"Call me Robin." Marvin casually said a name.

In any case, he currently looked like a middle-aged man. Shapeshifting Sorcerer’s Disguise was very powerful, as good as most Appearance Changing Masters.

"Oh… Mister Robin is quite generous."

Hera squinted. "Don’t you think it’s a bit noisy here? I know a quiet place where we could chat."

Marvin faintly frowned.

He was unable to make sense of this Hera’s intentions.

He naturally knew why the bartender had warned him. At first he thought she was a common prostitute… If that was the case, Marvin wouldn’t mind trying to get some information from her mouth.

But from Marvin’s observations, this woman apparently hadn’t worked in that kind of industry for long.

She also seemed a bit strange.

But Marvin couldn’t figure out exactly what he found odd about her in such a short time.

In short, Hera was definitely not as simple as she appeared to be.

"I like lively places."

Marvin lightly laughed. "Let’s stay here, okay?"

Shock flashed through Hera’s eyes.

In general, travelers coming from another place would have to cross the entire desert. They had to hold it back, especially men.

With a sexy beauty throwing herself at him, that guy still refused?

Did that guy notice something? Or was he simply a waste with a useless thing?

But she stayed calm and chuckled, "Let’s stay here then."

"But don’t you think you are a bit incompatible with this place?"

She looked to a side where two men sneakily threw glances at them from time to time.

Golden Lion’s trash.

Marvin simply ignored them.

"Don’t bother about them," Marvin softly said. "I heard that some time ago, meteors fell in the vicinity of Rocky Mountains, was that true?"

Hera’s complexion immediately changed. "You also came for this?"

"Sorry, I can’t keep chatting with you. Golden Lion ordered the information not to be spread, no one can talk about the meteors in Lion Town."

Marvin frowned.

Suddenly, a few sturdy guys rushed in the tavern!

Hera looked at them and immediately let out a low cry. "No good, my enemies arrived."

"See you next time, handsome."

After saying this, she lowered her body and nimbly left Marvin’s side before disappearing into the crowd, escaping toward back door in a mere instant.

"She is in there, grab her quickly!"

Those two people loudly shouted, but Hera’s escaping skills were truly too strange. In mere instants, she absconded from the bustling tavern.

They didn’t catch up.

One of them had good eyes and had noticed her and Marvin drinking together.

Thus, they immediately encircled him.

"Customer, I already told you that Hera wasn’t good company," the bartender said while rejoicing.

Marvin faintly laughed, and lightly pushed Hera’s cup forward. "Help me take care of it."

The bartender nodded.

The next second, a hand roughly reached toward Marvin’s shoulder!

"Hey, stranger, what is your relationship with Hera?!"

But to his surprise, Marvin’s body nimbly dodged the palm, making him directly smack the counter.

"Bang!" The man felt extreme pain in his hand.

"I’m not related to Hera. She asked me to buy her a drink, that’s all."

Marvin spread both hands, displaying an innocent appearance.

The four people had a bad gaze. One them said, "Hera owes us a great sum of money."

"Since you agreed to buy her a drink, you should definitely be willing to pay in her stead."

"Hey, since you are a stranger, I will give you a way out."

"Give me one Wizard gold and I’ll let you go."

Marvin couldn’t help but laugh.

He looked at the bartender. "Is she their partner?"

Marvin had seen many swindling tricks like this.

The bartender smiled. "No. But I am with them. We are a gang."

"Obediently pay up and I’ll see to it that you don’t go home without anything left."

"So it was like this." Marvin slowly turned his body. "Okay, but if I hand over the money, you have to let me go."

"Why waste time? Quickly hand over the money otherwise I’ll crush you like an egg!" yelled one of the big men.

He apparently wanted to threaten Marvin.

But with this, Marvin who had originally wanted to solve this peacefully sneered.

Then, he moved just like lightning!

"Bang!" He dashed like a cheetah and his fist landed on the first man’s belly!

That guy immediately stooped down on the ground, his face extremely pale!

Marvin took advantage of this and used the man as a pivot as he swung around kicking out!

Two guys were kicked in the head and fell to the ground, wriggling in pain.

As for the last one, he just had the time to pull out a dagger before a gun was pointed at his head.

"If you don’t want your head to explode, then stop talking shit," Marvin said very lightly. "I suddenly don’t want to give you money, what do you think about it?"

Silence reigned in the tavern.

Everyone, including that bartender, was shocked.

This stranger’s skill was so frightening!

"He is a Sha!"

"Market Scuffle, and a pistol."

"A Sha expert, how rare…"


Marvin knocked down three sturdy guys in a few seconds, and the remaining one had a pistol against his head.

This poor guy could swear that he didn’t even notice when Marvin drew his pistol!

The other side’s speed was simply too terrifying.

They had never met such a frightening Sha clansman.

Even if a pistol’s attack power was pretty average, if the head was hit like that, the resulting scene would be quite spectacular.

That man’s complexion was already pale, and he was sweating all over.

Marvin calmly smiled.

This was the result of an extremely high Dexterity along with Sleight of Hand.

His reaction speed was very intimidating. Most Thieves wouldn’t have this kind of skill, let alone these second rate 2nd ranks. In front of Marvin, they were nothing.

"Great… Great Sir… We… We are only collecting debts…"

That man whimpered while shivering, "We mistakenly targeted the wrong person… Since you aren’t related to Hera, we will leave immediately…. Leave immediately."

Marvin ignored him, instead making another move.

"Woosh! Woosh!"

Two darts hit those two restless pieces of trash in the corner.

It was clear that those two guys intended to rush out to report this matter to Golden Lion.

The darts didn’t hit any vitals, but they were smeared with a strong anesthetic. They could only struggle for a few instants before they went numb.

After finishing this, Marvin withdrew his pistol.

That man displayed an ugly smile. "Thank you…"

But before he could finish his words he was elbowed in the stomach and ended up sprawled on the floor.

Marvin turned to the bartender and reached out his hand.

The bartender immediately returned him the cup Hera had used and quickly explained, "Even if I’m part of the same gang, I don’t work in their business."

"Relax, young man." Marvin laughed. "I don’t plan to smash this place."

After saying this, he didn’t stay and directly sped away, suddenly disappearing from the tavern.

He was as fast as a whirlwind, and even the adventurers in the tavern didn’t clearly see him leaving!

"An expert of at least the 4th rank…"

The bartender gulped as shock flashed through his eyes.

Lion hadn’t been visited by such an expert in a long time.

It truly wasn’t tranquil these days.


Night Tracking was quickly activated.

He once again put on the mask and cloak as he quickly rushed through Lion.

The faint red line representing Hera showed that she had almost left the range of Night Tracking.

‘She hid very quickly," Marvin sneered to himself as he sped up.

Marvin was racing through the night. No one could be faster than a Night Walker in the darkness!

Twenty minutes later.

In a corner of Lion town, outside an apparently abandoned small house in the poor district.

Marvin calmly landed on the ground.

Hera was very thorough, having circled a few times around Lion Town before stopping.

This place should be her hideout… Or maybe, home?

Marvin unlocked the window and could see a faint light.

He used Stealth and quietly climbed in.

After going through the window, he caught sight of a twenty year old woman. She had some nice curves and looked average. She could be considered a decent looking woman at best.

"Come, Guy, mommy returned," the woman softly said.

A plank moved aside, exposing a hole to the basement. A kid about 3 to 4 years old obediently crawled out and threw himself in her chest.

A happy smile appeared on her face.

"Mommy earned a lot today."

"I can buy you many tasty things." As she said this, she weighed a wallet in her hand.

That wallet was surprisingly Marvin’s wallet.

But Marvin didn’t really mind, he didn’t care about such an amount of money.

In any case, he knew he would be able to track Hera down.

But he hadn’t thought he would find such a skilled swinder like this Thief in such a setting.

‘A pretty good skill to change one’s appearance,’ Marvin thought.


"We can only get some soup tonight."

"There are quite a lot of enemies trying to catch mommy outside."

"Drink up, okay?" The woman carried the young child and gently said.

But she was shocked to hear a voice echo from behind her.

"I have some milk here."