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Chapter 257: Information

Chapter 257: Information

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She abruptly turned, only to see a haggard middle aged man standing behind her.

She hadn’t noticed him coming in!


Hera had a bitter expression on her face, her hands clinging to that cute boy.

"Miss Hera. I didn’t expect us to meet again so quickly."

Marvin took out some milk from his rations and cordially handed it over. "You are called Guy?"

"A child at this age needs a lot of nutrition."

The little Guy was a very lovely boy. He had the same golden hair as his mother.

In a place as chaotic as Rocky Mountain, pure blonde hair was very rarely seen.

Hera was a bit dazed. She didn’t accept the milk, protecting Guy behind her instead.

She had a wary expression. "You… What are you after?"

Her eyes were full of confusion and panic.

If she was alone in her hideout, she could still escape. But it would be very difficult while carrying a child!

This man called Robin was surprisingly skilled.

She had been hiding in Lion for quite a while. Golden Lion’s people wanted to catch her but they were deceived by her Appearance Changing skill.

But she hadn’t expected to be seen through by a stranger.

This caught her completely unprepared.


"What I am after?"

Marvin laughed. "My purse is in your hands, isn’t it? And you ask me what I am after."

An awkward expression appeared on Hera’s face, as she hurriedly threw the wallet back to its owner.

"I didn’t take anything inside," she said. "If all you came for is this, then you should be satisfied."

Marvin caught the wallet and then walked to the table on the side, and gently set the wallet and the milk on the table.

"I think you need these things more than I do."

Marvin moved back and looked at Hera.

Hesitation appeared on her face. "No one would take pity on a thief and swindler."

"Obviously… That is, if she isn’t a single mother in difficulty."

Marvin’s expression was very sincere. "It’s not easy to live in this place. A former noble lady was forced to disguise herself to roam at night and steal a small amount of money to support herself. Such a change isn’t something an average person could handle. Many people would choose to end their lives. And you not doing so was because of him."

His sight landed on the small boy.

Hera took a deep breath and said, "Listen, Mister Robin, I have no interest in your speculations. I don’t know how you found out about our origins and family background. But since you are so skilled, if you have a bit of pity in your heart, could you let us off?"

"I have no intentions of making things difficult for you," Marvin grimly said, "I’m only making inquiries about the meteors."

"Seeing you, you aren’t actually afraid of going against the Golden Lion’s people, right?"

Hera hesitated and eventually clenched her teeth, "Okay."

"I’ll tell you all I know about the meteors’ fall."

"But you still need to help me do two things."

Marvin frowned. "Two things? Isn’t that a bit much?"

Hera’s eyes were very calm. "Believe me, no one knows more than me about the meteors in all of Lion Town."


Marvin and Hera ultimately came to an agreement.

They had a simple discussion in her rough house. After some time, Hera trusted Marvin and gave that jar of milk to the little boy.

Guy drank it very happily.

He would look at Marvin from time to time with round eyes, but would return to immerse himself in his milk when Marvin looked back at him.

A very shy little boy. Marvin found it cute.

Hera’s request was very simple.

She needed protection.

Her eyes were very sharp, and for Marvin to be able to track her here, he must definitely be an expert among experts.

And tonight, she had an information deal with an employer.

As for the contents of the deal, she didn’t divulge it. She only said that the other party was very frightening.

And Hera would reap a large sum of money from that business deal. This money would be enough for her to bring that small child out of Lion, this place where crooks mixed in with the honest folk.

She could leave for Hope City in the center of Rocky Mountain with him.

That was the city established by the Three Sisters.

"In fact, I already wanted to go to Hope City. The order there is a lot better, and the people are also a lot friendlier."

"The Three Sisters’ power and potential far surpass Golden Lion."

"Unfortunately, I’m not skilled in anything other than stealing and changing my appearance. I don’t want to steal from good people, so I need to do this deal first and then I’ll be wealthy enough to open a shop in the Three Sisters’ Hope City. Regardless of the business, it should be able to raise a little kid, right?"

Hera quietly described her goal.

Hope filled her eyes.

Even though she had removed her appearance changing skill and her looks could only be considered decent, Marvin felt that this Hera was a lot more beautiful than the beauty he met in the tavern.

Marvin accepted her request.

Protect her during the business transaction, and then send the mother and child to Hope City.

Afterwards, Hera promised to tell Marvin everything about the fall of the meteors.

Regarding the business transaction, Marvin had asked a bit, but Hera’s lips were sealed.

But when Marvin asked about the other side’s strength, Hera hesitated a bit before answering, "More or less 3rd rank… In fact, I’m not very sure. She is very fast and I only saw her make a move once."

"Three 2nd rank class holders, all subordinates of the Golden Lion, were killed by her in an instant."

"She only took five seconds."

Marvin faintly nodded, more or less getting an idea.

As long as she wasn’t a Legend, everything would be fine.

Legends didn’t just grow like weeds, and Marvin had already met quite a huge amount of Legends. If he met a few more Legends around Rocky Mountain, Marvin would start to wonder if he had a [Legend Attracting Halo] or something stuck to his body.

The deal would take place at ten in the evening, near a discarded barn in the northern part of Lion Town.

Hera then coaxed the little boy and made him once again enter the cellar.

The obedient little child followed Hera’s instructions.

Hera cautiously checked the hiding areas around the house and then left with Marvin.


The night was very cold in Rocky Mountain.

Branches chaotically swayed in the wind.

Hera was alone outside the barn, tightly holding a scroll tied with a hempen rope while cautiously looking around.

Marvin was already in stealth, hiding nearby.

If there seemed to be a problem with the deal, he would quickly rush over to Hera’s side and protect her from anything unexpected.

This kind of protective task was something that was quite common in the game, and Marvin was quite good at it.

A nimble shadow appeared in the darkness.

Marvin squinted for a moment, and then was startled.

"It’s her?!"