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Chapter 258: Underdark’s Winter

Chapter 258: Underdark’s Winter

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That mysterious and graceful shadow coming out of the darkness made Marvin feel a bit off, and he soon reacted!

That woman was actually the Dark Elf he met in the deep pool of water.

Even if he didn’t know how she managed to change her skin color and appearance to look like a Half-Elf, she had the exact same face.

Marvin felt this wasn’t good. Hera’s business partner was actually a Dark Elf?

In order to confirm the other side’s identity, he stealthily took out the dagger he had snatched and used Night Tracking.

The skill confirmed that this "fair" Half-Elf in front was definitely the woman he stepped on in that pool of water!

Why would the Dark Elves come to the surface?

She wanted to buy… Information?

Marvin pondered.

Suddenly, something flashed through his mind.

He remembered something!

‘The Underdark’s Winter!’

‘I overlooked such a major event.’

Marvin took a deep breath as he tightly gripped his curved dagger and coldly watched the Dark Elf approach.

It seemed tonight’s transaction wouldn’t be that simple.


Underdark’s Winter.

This was a change in climate over a wide area, rarely seen in history.

Some time before the Great Calamity, in the western Gloom area, the Eternal Cold Spring bordering the huge mountain suddenly began to spray Freezing Water.

Freezing Water was an exclusive treasure of the Elemental Plane, and a small amount of Freezing Water was an excellent material to make Magic Items.

In the East Coast, a small amount of Freezing Water could sell for a huge amount of money!

But the amount of Freezing Water that Eternal Cold Spring sprayed out was frightening.

The entire western Gloom area suffered from the excessive amounts of Freezing Water and became to quickly cool down.

The Underdark’s environment was originally already quite vile, and this huge change of climate would lead to the death of the shining plants.

The days became more and more difficult to bear.

Because of this, the Black Dragon Clarke that occupied the Gloom area woke from its slumber.

It gathered some Dark Elves and other Dark Races and had them launch a surprise attack on the surface to loot food.

Clarke kept sending Dark Elf scouts to the surface and ultimately found a completely new path to the surface.

And that path led directly to Rocky Mountain!

This huge war happened about three months before the Calamity.

When the players had yet to arrive on Feinan, this story line event was publicized as a trailer. Marvin had watched it, but it hadn’t made much of an impression on him.

Now that he thought about it, he was stepping into this timeline.

It was also at this time that the Source of Fire’s Order fell in Rocky Mountain.

This would truly be a time of chaos for Rocky Mountain.

Previously, the sneak attack from the Underdark was very successful. Ankhegs rushed out from below and poured into Rocky Mountain and the surroundings.

In a mere half a day, they wiped out one third of the surrounding small towns!

This definitely included Lion, which was completely caught off guard.

And three days later, they would arrive at Hope City.

It seemed like they would swallow the entire Rocky Mountain.

It was also at that time that Jessica of the Three Sisters displayed her unique strength for the first time.

Facing Black Dragon Clarke, the Fate Sorceress would use the most brutish method to end the Dragon’s life.

Using the [Strength of Fate], she tore apart the Black Dragon in front of the Underdark’s inhabitants and all mankind!

Tore apart a Black Dragon!

This was something that only overpowered novel characters could do.

At the time, Marvin had completely mocked the publicity around it.

But he also had to admit that the three sisters were really charming and had some kind of special aura around them.

Especially Jessica. She was a very boyish girl. This trait also made it easier for her to establish Rocky Mountain and be as famous as the future northern Valkyrie.


The most important part now was this Dark Elf. What business did she have with Hera?

Marvin felt something wrong, but he didn’t dare to come too close.

Drows had very strong perception!

Marvin was tense. This business transaction would definitely go wrong. Hera didn’t tell him the details, but it was definitely something sensitive.

‘What is it after all?’

Marvin’s eyes aimed at the scroll in Hera’s hands.

The next moment, Hera seemed to noticed the Dark Elf.

"Hey, Raven, long time no see."

She apparently was familiar with the other party.

Raven smiled faintly. "Yes, it’s been a very long time. I went to the Underdark and the harvest wasn’t small."

‘This Dark Elf’s Common is pretty good…’ Marvin thought secretly.

The Underdark’s lifeforms used Undercommon and it was a lot more barbaric from the Common. Raven’s Common had clearly been specially trained.

Hera waved the scroll in front of her. "Same as before, I’ve got everything you want."

"I want money."

Raven smiled. "Money isn’t an issue."

After saying this, she took out a heavy pouch.

She slightly opened it, revealing a dizzying golden light.

This was actually gold with high purity!

No wonder Hera said this deal would be enough to keep living in Hope City.

"This thing for the money," said Hera plainly.

Raven nodded.

The two people slowly approached and against Marvin’s expectations, Raven and Hera peacefully completed their business transaction.

During this entire business deal, the Dark Elf didn’t show any sign of trickery.

In fact, Marvin was surprised she didn’t swiftly kill Hera after getting what she wanted.

But even more unexpectedly, as they parted, Raven added a few words. "Leave Lion in the morning. This place will most likely not be safe."

Hera nodded.

The Dark Elf took her things and quickly disappeared.

Marvin unhurriedly came out.

"Raven is someone trustworthy." Hera seemed in a good mood. "I always thought Dark Elves were deceitful and merciless, but there are exceptions."

Marvin had a cold face. "You already saw through her disguise? What did you give her?"
Hera calmly answered, "The map of Lion’s defenses."

"In any case, even if they didn’t have this thing, they would also be able to destroy Lion, wouldn’t they?"

"Don’t look at me like that. I’m a lot more broken than you imagine. When I first came to Lion, lil’ Guy nearly died in their hands, and some scum also…"

"This town is full of criminals, they are guilty and deserve to be punished."

Marvin took a deep look at her. "Destroying evil by using something more evil is not the correct way."

"Go get Guy and wait for me here. In two hours, I’ll escort you to Hope City."

"But before that, I still have to do a few things."

After saying this, he suddenly sped through the darkness.

Night Tracking!

A red line showed up in front of Marvin, and it didn’t seem to lead very far off.

Raven hadn’t gone far!

She was still in Lion.