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Chapter 259: War

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Raven’s speed was rather slow as she stopped at a place for a moment before continuing to move around Lion Town, hidden.

‘She is checking the authenticity of the information,’ thought Marvin coldly.

This Dark Elven Scout was really an elite among the elites, handling the matter so cautiously.

Dark Races were inherently more powerful than the surface races. If not for the fact that they were weakened by sunlight, the Underdark’s races might have already ruled Feinan.

But they weren’t penalized at night.

In some ways, Night Walkers were similar to the Dark Races.

It’s just that Night Walkers were a lot more powerful than average Dark Races at night thanks to the Night Monarch’s blessings!

Marvin pursued.

He had to recover the map of Lion Town’s defenses!

Although they were criminals and greedy adventurers, they were still part of mankind.

Even if Marvin wouldn’t help completely hold off the attack on Lion Town, there were still some things he could do.


Raven’s shadow flashed throughout the forest south of Lion Town.

‘There really are two hidden sentries here. Golden Lion seems very cautious. This place is quite close to the Underdark.’

Raven closed the scroll in her hand, pleased.

Hera’s gift was worth it.

Suddenly, a strong and quick attack came over from inside the forest!

Someone was sneak attacking!

Raven coldly snorted, fearless!

The daggers looked exceptionally cold under the sparse rays of moonlight.

She put her two daggers behind her back and used a powerful skill, easily blocking the sneak attack.

"I know it’s you. Maggie."

Raven coldly watched the woman before her. This woman was also a Dark Elf and part of the same clan. They were even cousins.

Raven and Maggie were the most likely to inherit Lady Tess’ seat as Matriarch.

It was said that after this attack on the surface was successful, Lady Tess would be bestowed a reward by Leader Clarke and become a higher existence.

She would be assigned another higher level mission.

And this Dark Elf tribe’s Matriarch position would be empty. Maggie hated Raven to the bone because Raven had always been more outstanding than her ever since they were children.

Lady Tess clearly thought more highly of Raven.

This made her very unsatisfied.

The Dark Elves’ world lacked warmth, it was filled with massacre and conspiracies. From her point of view, Raven was too kindhearted. This kind of person would simply lead the Dark Elves to their deaths.

But Raven’s instincts and intuition were out of the ordinary.

According to Lady Tess’ judgement, if Raven advanced to 4th rank, it was highly likely that she would obtain the [6th Sense] specialty.

This was a unique specialty that Monks had. Only rare geniuses among the Dark Elves could get it.

Thus, Lady Tess attached a lot of importance to Raven.

But in Maggie’s eyes, if Raven became the Matriarch, she would lead the clan to its ruin due to her kindness.

In the Underdark, kindness was equivalent to death.

If you don’t eat others, others will eat you. The first priority was to survive.

Raven clearly didn’t fit in that world, and she was even less fit to lead a clan.


"Hand over the map." Maggie coldly said.

"I obtained this through my own means." Raven’s expression didn’t change. "Could it be that you want to delay Leader Clarke’s plan?"

"There are still a few hours left before dawn. Lady Tess only needs half an hour to send a special force," Maggie answered. "There is more than enough time."

Maggie seemed pleased with herself. "Moreover, why would I go look for a plan of their defenses. I knew you would find it so I just had to wait here."

"Then let’s see if you have the ability to get it," Raven sneered as she put it away in her cleavage. After a few shakes of her breastplate, it quickly disappeared.

Marvin inwardly clicked his tongue. ‘That... Women are truly unfathomable.’

In the dense forest, a scuffle broke out between the two Dark Elves.

Both sides showed their experience as they jumped around everywhere, daggers flying, and used all kinds of tricks.

A few exchanges were enough to be an eye opener to Marvin.

Drows’ fighting techniques were really brilliant. They were efficient and focused on dealing the greatest amount of damage.

Marvin boasted of his excellent fighting skill.

But compared with the Dark Elves’ innate skill, it was a lot different in nature.

The simplest example was their curved daggers. The Drows used curved daggers that were shorter and slightly less curved. They moved very fast, like Assassins.

When they attacked, it was different from Marvin. They weren’t going after fatal critical hits but rather tried to make sure each attack had some effect.

Even from his position hidden among the branches, Marvin could clearly see that their curved daggers were smeared with a strange purple color.

This was some kind of poison.

‘Even among the same race, they can still be completely unscrupulous.’

Marvin sighed with sorrow while preparing to make a move at any moment.

This was the most potent place for a Night Walker to make a move: In a forest during the night.

Even with the superior perception of drows, they wouldn’t be able to notice Marvin hiding nearby!

They continued their fierce struggle, but clearly, Raven’s fighting abilities were a lot stronger than Maggie’s.

After the latter’s sneak attack failed, she gradually fell into a disadvantage.

Seeing the change in the situation, Maggie changed her tune. "Killing each other makes no sense."

"We can’t make Lady Tess wait! Quickly handing over the plan is more important."

"Dear younger cousin, you’ll surely forgive my improper actions, right?"

Maggie retreated and looked as if she wanted to reconcile.

Raven coldly snorted, "So now you suddenly know how important the information is?"

"Well, I don’t feel like bothering with you at this time."

After saying this, she put away her curved daggers and ignored Maggie as she walked straight past her.

A strange expression flashed in Maggie’s eyes.

Just as Raven went by, Maggie launched another sneak attack!

Both daggers rose up and ruthlessly aimed at Raven’s head!



Marvin clearly saw everything from his high position. This Maggie was truly an idiot.

Indeed, the next second, Raven shook her body like lightning and a pair of straight daggers strangely appeared in her hands.

She lowered her body and dodged the curved daggers and knocked against Maggie’s chest!

Maggie had never thought that the always "gentle and kindhearted" Raven would actually be so treacherous!

The straight daggers accurately pierced her heart.

She struggled for a few moments and soon lost her life.

‘As expected, there is no Dark Elf that isn’t treacherous.’ Marvin inwardly shook his head.

Then, he took advantage of Raven dealing with Maggie’s corpse to make a move!


Night Boundary!

The space suddenly distorted as Marvin quietly appeared behind Raven’s body!

The Dark Elf reacted very quickly and turned around while sharply kicking out!

Marvin wasn’t slow, and simply lifted his leg to block Raven’s attack.

Then, his hand moved like lighting toward Raven’s neck!

A strong chop knocked her out.

Dark Elves had strong bodies, but she wasn’t a match for Marvin who was already at the 4th rank.

Especially on the Dexterity side, he had far exceeded Raven.

Even if Dark Elves had a very sharp perception and could react very quickly, Marvin’s movements were too fast!

It wasn’t too hard for him to take her down, especially in a forest at night.

If it was in a cave in the Underdark, it might be hard to say. After all, the terrain was very important during fights.

Marvin didn’t feel like dealing with Maggie’s body.

Dark Elves were mostly poor, because everything was in their Matriarch’s hands. The daggers they used weren’t any better than his.

But those few bottles of poisons seemed worthwhile.

If Marvin was right, these poisons had hallucinatory properties.

In general, all major classes had very high resistance to deadly poisons at 3rd rank and above.

Thus, deadly poisons would yield highly reduced results. For high-level rogues, if they wanted to smear their weapons with poison, they wouldn’t chose deadly poison.

Paralyzing, petrifying, hallucinatory, and other such poisons were better. Humanoid lifeforms lacked resistances to these poisons, making them more effective.

After kicking Maggie’s corpse into a shrub, Marvin carried Raven and began to quickly leave the forest.


Ten minutes later, a dark crow was flying outside the tallest building in Lion Town.


The dark crow suddenly flew through a window.

The light shone, exposing a middle-aged man embracing two women, one on the left and one on the right. He glared furiously at the dark crow.

But then his expression abruptly changed.

A scroll and letter were tied to the dark crow’s leg.

Surprisingly, the scroll had a map of the military defenses of Lion Town.


"Underdark’s Winter? Dark Races’ sneak attack? Isn’t it fake?"

The middle-aged man’s curses could be heard filling the room.


Near the barn, Hera was watching lil’ Guy, restlessly waiting.

"Let’s go."

Marvin appeared out of nowhere.

Hera was somewhat startled as he looked at the woman Marvin was carrying on his back.

"This… This is Raven?"

Marvin nodded. "We can go."

"Hold on… I can understand you grabbing the map of the defenses back."

"But why did you grab Raven too?"

Hera looked at Marvin with a strange expression.

Marvin frowned. "Is there an issue?"

"I might need a Dark Elf as an assistant where I am going, thus I grabbed one."

Hera was speechless.

At the same time, she had a better understanding of Marvin’s strength.

This Robin was very frightening!

‘He could even casually grab a 3rd rank Dark Elf… This guy surely isn’t a Legend, right?’ Thinking of this, she grew somewhat restless.

But regardless, the group still traveled in the cover of the night as they left Lion Town.

Hera’s body wasn’t particularly strong, but she had a lot of willpower.

She carried the little boy and walked quickly.

They walked through the night, and at one point, Raven woke up once, but Marvin used an anesthetic needle to stop her from moving.

She couldn’t even talk.

At dawn, they could already see the outline of Hope City.

But at that time, a frightening uproar could be heard behind them!

It felt like the earth was shaking from splitting open.

Marvin took a deep breath as he turned toward Lion City!


The war had begun.