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Chapter 260: Azmyths

Chapter 260: Azmyths
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A type of huge monster living in the Gloom area!

These lifeforms were quite huge and were somewhat similar to octopi, but looked like huge insects.

Ankhegs had sixteen limbs.

But these limbs were really different from those of an octopus.

Ankheg limbs were very hard and the each had a tip shaped like a sharp spiral. They were very good at digging holes through the mountain.

There weren’t many of them and they were rather averse to moving around.

According to the Pearl Tower’s scholars, more than 60% of the caves in the Gloom area weren’t naturally formed but were in fact the result of active Ankhegs.

Ankhegs had very sharp awareness. Their caves would rarely collapse because they could choose places where the earth was relatively stable to make their path.

‘I didn’t expect that even Ankhegs were subdued by Black Dragon Clarke!’

‘The Drows and other small-sized races don’t need Ankhegs to make large tunnels. Since they used Ankhegs, maybe they have quite a few Kuo-toas in their army!’

‘Along with some flying monsters from the Underdark… It would be very difficult for Lion Town to keep up their defenses.’

Marvin’s expression was grave.

He looked at the mountain that kept shaking in the distance. Lion Town was suddenly stirred from a deep sleep, and the alarm kept echoing endlessly.

Even though he warned Golden Lion several hours earlier, it was clear that this guy didn’t believe him.

Otherwise the situation wouldn’t be like that now.

Far in the east, the sun barely became visible above the desert.

And at that time, Dark Races covered everything as they kept coming from the Ankhegs’ tunnels!

Dark Elves, Quaggoths, Duergars, and Kuo-toas!

As for Kobolds, Goblins, and Gnolls, they were even more numerous!

Lion Town’s adventurers would probably be scared silly by this frightening scene.

Not only Lion Town, but even the farmers in the surroundings might have a hard time escaping.

"Let’s move on!" Marvin hurriedly shouted.

Although this scene was unpleasant, he also wasn’t a saint.

He knew he couldn’t save everyone.

He already did what he could for this assault.

Next, it was time to let nature take its course.

Hera looked at this scene and was naturally frightened.

It had to be known that if the Dark Races had attacked a day earlier, she would have also become one of those people caught in the massacre in Lion Town!

Someone like her who completely lacked fighting strength might die at the start of the war.

They immediately sped up at Marvin’s urging!


On the southern part of Lion Town’s mountain, a woman was loudly chanting something.

Following her chant, black clouds gathered from all directions.

A scarlet light kept shining in the eyes of the monsters at her sides.

They were very excited!

The Underdark’s nasty environment subjected them to great suffering. They were hungry, in pain, and thirsting for slaughter!

There was no need to encourage them. The monsters swarmed around under the urges of their instincts!

Since they didn’t know of the layout of the enemy defenses, Lady Tess, who was in charge of this military deployment, would simply not use many specific directives!

In any case, previous scouting had demonstrated that Lion Town’s adventurers and troops simply wasn’t a match for their army.

The Underdark’s forces were just like a tide breaking through Lion Town’s weak barrier.

Wailing voices and a bloody smell began to spread!

And in this chaotic mess, a reverberating chant kept echoing, becoming louder and louder!

It was that cloaked woman!

She opened her eyes and prayed toward the sky, constantly praying.

And the black clouds kept growing thicker and thicker.

In this place commonly known as the edge of civilization in Feinan, the first rays of dawn were blocked by thick black clouds.

For the next half a month, this place wouldn’t have any sunshine!

Because it was a Divine Spell bestowed upon her by the Black Dragon, called [Shroud the Sun].


‘Shroud the Sun, as expected.’

Marvin could feel the sky becoming increasingly darker. It was obviously early morning, yet it was as dark as night!

This was a large-scale Divine Spell. It was powerful enough to cover all of Rocky Mountain.

It wasn’t without reason that the Underdark’s races dared to attacked the surface.

Backing them was not only Black Dragon Clarke, but also the Black Dragon God.

Marvin remembered that during this invasion event, there was one female commander that displayed especially eye-catching abilities.

It was the Dark Elven Matriarch, whose name seemed to be Tess.

And she had another eye-catching position, Black Dragon’s Apostle!

Very rarely would Dark Elves choose to believe in a god other than the Queen of Spiders, as the narrow-minded Queen of Spiders would definitely not allow it.

But this clan was apparently an exception.

The Queen of Spiders tacitly agreed with the Black Dragon God’s action of taking followers from her, which was a bit strange.

And for Marvin, regardless of whether it was the Black Dragon God or the Queen of Spiders, both were very troublesome.

Even if they only had average Divine Power, they had great interests and desires in Feinan.

Moreover, they were very cunning.

They were also among the few Ancient Gods in favor of attacking the Universe Magic Pool.

‘Black Dragon God, Queen of Spiders, Plague God… From what I remember, there isn’t anything good about them.’

Marvin inwardly sneered.

There were signs of Raven being uncooperative on his back. Marvin wasn’t one to be particularly nice to women, so he immediately karate chopped her and directly rendered her unconscious.

He was bringing Hera to flee, so how could he have time to take care of Raven?

He had taken along Raven because she would be useful in the Dark Elf’s area.

While looking for the Source of Fire’s order, they would be in very harsh circumstances, so he wished to get a qualified assistant. For now, Raven was qualified.

As for whether she was willing to cooperate, this wasn’t an issue Marvin needed to worry about for now!

His current mission was to quickly get Hera and the small child to Hope City!

Marvin felt restless because the Dark Races’ surprise attack had gone faster than expected.

Lady Tess didn’t send all her forces to fight in Lion Town. She sent many soldiers into the surrounding areas, and some straight to Hope City.

These monsters were quite threatening for ordinary soldiers and were going straight for Hope City.

Some monsters circled around Lion Town and trampled the farms. These farmhouses that Marvin had passed through before ended up being completely destroyed.

‘Her goal is to kill all the people able to relay the information!"

‘At the same time, cutting off any sort of communication between Lion and Hope.’

‘No good, if we don’t hurry, we might be surrounded.’

Marvin used Night Crow and carefully watched the monsters rushing from the darkness. They were clearly trying to encircle the town.

This encirclement wasn’t too tight, but once it was completed, it would form a blockade between Lion Town and the rest of Rocky Mountain.

Surface lifeforms wouldn’t be able to go through the enemy lines to reach Hope City.

It was clear that this Black Dragon’s Apostle was definitely a genius at commanding!


The group accelerated.

Hera was very resolute. Despite panting and sweating all over, she was still following behind Marvin.

As for the small child, he obediently did as his mother said and was carried on her back, tired.

"Come on."

"Just a few more kilometers and we’ll be there," Marvin encouraged.

Suddenly, a burst of wind appeared behind them!

From the sky, a group of giant bat-like creatures dove down!

They had high speed and scouted in all directions in a blink..

Two of them were apparently looking at Marvin’s group, and rushed over!


Marvin’s expression changed

"Find a place to hide, quickly!" he yelled loudly to Hera.

Not far, an abandoned windmill could be seen and Marvin instantly pointed in that direction, having them hide first!

These bats were strange. Each of them had the shape of a giant bat but a head similar to a human’s.

These were the Underdark’s Azmyths.

Marvin hadn’t thought the Azmyths would appear, as they weren’t in the trailer. Their unexpected appearance seemed to be a change in history!

This Dark Army was apparently fiercer than in the past!

Hera tightly held her kid and charged into the windmill.

Marvin wanted to follow, but he suddenly sensed an attack behind him!

It was that fucking bat!

Marvin slashed backwards.

Blazing Fury ruthlessly chopped an Azmyth’s neck, directly cutting its head off.

This lifeform wasn’t particularly powerful, but their most important trait was their ability to fly.

On average, each Azmyth’s level was 13 to 15, the most powerful ones unlikely to exceed 3rd rank.

But their flying ability made them a great threat.

After Marvin beheaded that one, he suddenly felt like a weight had lifted from his shoulders.


A burst of wind whistled past as another Azmyth used the opportunity to snatch Raven away!


‘Fighting over a woman with this Lord…’ Marvin’s thoughts heated up.

‘These little birds are using their flight to be arrogant. I can’t have that.’

Raven was still useful to Marvin, so how could he give up on her.

His body suddenly moved like lightning as he used Demon Hunter steps. He took a few steps before jumping on the roof of a farmhouse.

An Azmyth flying while carrying a Dark Elf, would definitely have its altitude and speed greatly reduced.


Marvin directly jumped high from the roof and threw himself on that Azmyth’s wing!

It immediately lost its balance and struggled as it fell.

It simply couldn’t bear this weight!

Marvin firmly held the Azmyth’s neck and broke it in the sky!

The three people spiralled to the ground.

Fortunately, it wasn't that high. Marvin controlled his own body and grabbed Raven.

But he couldn’t have expected a voice to cry out from behind him.

That was Hera’s voice!

Marvin’s face turned green.

"Lil’ Guy!"