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Chapter 264: Breaking Through!

Chapter 264: Breaking Through!
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Two Fomorians imposingly blocked the path directly ahead.

But their 2.5 meter height was shorter than the Asuran Bear’s!

With an increase in the level of the Shapeshift Sorcerer class, the Asuran Bear’s properties would also increase.

And its build had also improved significantly.

Facing the Asuran Bear’s charge, even the Crimson Patriarch’s Snake form could only barely resist!

Although that was due to a potion and a scroll, when facing these common Fomorians, Marvin was very confident.

He burst out and charged ahead.

The three huge bodies were like tanks knocking against each other.

Then, both Fomorians howled in grief as they were sent flying by Marvin!

Two other Fomorians, one on each side, launched an attack.

A lightning bolt and some acid landed on Marvin’s body!

A burst of electric current pierced through Marvin’s body, but the Asuran Bear had strong resistance to these kinds of magics.

Marvin’s sturdy fur suddenly stiffened as his body went numb for half a second, and then he used his left and right paws to ruthlessly slap those Fomorians’ heads!

The pitiful Fomorians passed out from the huge power.

Their massive bodies flew and landed on a bunch of Goblins!

The human side cheered.

"Quick! Go!"

Marvin in his Asuran Bear Form roared out words in Common, urging them with a bellow.

The bewildered cavalry looked at Marvin indecisively, but they still worked together with the Silver Fox mercenaries to help evacuate the villagers.

The blockade had been breached!

Not far to the side, on top of a hill, a shadow suddenly rose.

Marvin faintly squinted.

That was an Underdark Venom Drake!

This predator could only fly at low altitudes, but its venom was very powerful.

The Asuran Bear’s fur might not be able to withstand it.

Underdark Venom Drakes usually used their venom to kill an enemy before drying it for consumption.

And it was the final trump card of this blockade!

This was also the reason Marvin hadn’t revealed his strength earlier.

If he had alarmed them earlier, the result would have been counterproductive.

He wanted to catch them off guard!

The Asuran Bear frantically charged. His limbs were his best weapons.

Countless pitiful Goblins, Gnolls and Kobolds howled in grief from being crushed by his limbs or butt!

They were sent flying, but they were innumerable.

Soon, he managed to clear out a path.

All the Underdark’s creatures were looking at Marvin, their eyes filled with fear.

The creatures in the Underdark were like this, worshipping the strong. As long as you showed absolute power, they would submit to you.

Of course, they acknowledged the power, not the person.

But regardless of their fear, they couldn’t disobey Lady Tess’ orders.

She was the Apostle of the Black Dragon.

Her will was the Black Dragon’s will!

All the Dark Races summoned their courage to once again surround them.

At that time, Marvin suddenly stopped and took a step back.

He opened his maw and let out an extremely powerful roar!

Intimidating Roar!

The Asuran Bear’s unique ability.

In an instant, all the Dark Races sank into chaos.

They didn’t have strong willpower. After all, they were relying on the Black Dragon’s support.

They were scared by the Intimidating Roar and their formation became chaotic.

They started to trample and attack each other like a bunch of undisciplined soldiers.

Meanwhile, the cavalrymen were escorting the villagers as they quickly approached Hope City’s walls.

They could faintly see the city gates slowly opening.

Hope City didn’t give up on them.

The Three Sisters didn’t give up on them!

They were all moved to tears as they kept rushing forward. Even if they were already wounded, even if the pain in their feet was unbearable, they clenched their teeth and sped up.

Because that shadow was still approaching from behind!

The Underdark Venom Drake!


Marvin was at the back of the human group. Seeing that they were about to reach the gates, the Venom Drake went all-out to chase them.

"Mister Robin!" Guy, the future Wind Knight anxiously yelled.

"Follow them!" Marvin bellowed, "Get in quick."

Guy clenched his teeth and ultimately obeyed Marvin’s order.

In a few moments, a vacant space appeared outside Hope City.

The Asuran Bear was alone, facing the monsters of the entire blockade, as well as one Underdark Venom Drake!

But Marvin wasn’t afraid.

Even if the Venom Drake was powerful and had a bit of an advantage over the Asuran Bear, his other Shapeshift could completely subdue it!

Don’t forget that the Twin-Headed Snake was completely immune to venom!

Marvin calmly waited for the enemy to approach.

The Venom Drake hissed and flapped his wings, apparently wanting to dive at him.

Marvin also did proper battle preparations!

But at that moment, a thick ballista bolt flew under the Venom Drake’s legs!

The frightening ballista bolt flew out and fearsomely pierced into the group of monsters. In an instant, it impaled seven or eight Goblins!

The Venom Drake startledly flapping his wings and rushed to the sky.

He wouldn’t risk his life to chase that kind of prey.

All the Dark Races stopped pursuing and began to pull back.

And with Marvin’s fortuitous support, the blockade seemed to have loosened up. Apparently many people managed to find weak spots, ultimately breaking through the siege and escaping with their lives.

Marvin let out a long breath.

He slowly turned around and noticed that girl on the city wall attentively watching him.

A familiar silhouette was sitting on her shoulder.

Fortune Fairy Ding.

Marvin shifted his gaze to another location, seeing ten ballistas being reloaded on both sides of the city walls.

Each ballista was operated by a powerful sturdy man. Even if the bolts were unable to harm a Dragon, they were a huge threat to a Venom Drake, this kind of sub-Dragon species.

The city gates were wide open, and the human group all poured in as fast as they could.

Marvin’s body shrank and suddenly disappeared from where he was!

Shadow Escape!

With a few quick moves, he caught up to everyone and quietly reapplied his Disguise.

The area below the city wall became empty once more.


Inside Hope City.

The group was split up in batches and methodically assigned to different areas.

The wounded were carried off to get treatment, and the ordinary people, especially women and children, were sent to a big refuge.

If the farmers with strength wanted one, they would be granted a weapon. Hope City was at the most critical juncture after all.

They needed everyone to help.

Organizations like the Silver Fox Mercenaries were temporarily incorporated into the city guards, and the reserve militia could be called out any time.

The atmosphere on the city wall was still very nervous.

Facing the Dark Races who hadn’t emerged for many years, people always felt some kind of dread.

But when they raised their heads, they would see that small silhouette still standing on the city wall, silently looking in the distance, and they would feel oddly peaceful.

Because they knew there was always someone guarding this city.

Hope Town was jointly established by the three sisters. The other two Ladies left, but as long as Young Lady Lorie stayed there, everything would be fine.

There would still be hope!


In the crowd, Head Knight Terry was anxiously looking for someone.

But every time he asked, he would be answered with "Didn’t see", "No idea", or "Thank you".

There was no helpful answer.

He was trying to look for that "Druid"!

This was Young Lady Lorie’s order.

This order didn’t surprise Terry. At such a critical time, they needed to use every single bit of power they could find.

And that Sir Druid that was able to Shapeshift into a huge Bear was clearly a high level powerhouse.

He was also very smart, knowing the best timing to use his power to avoid an untimely confrontation with the Venom Drake and safely escort everyone to the city.

He must find that powerhouse!

But what depressed him was that those villagers said they didn’t recognize that person!

And after the man entered the town, he quickly disappeared in the crowd.

This made him impossible to find.

Ultimately, he was able to get some information from the leader of the mercenaries.

"You are looking for Mister Robin?"

"He really is someone frightening. We thought he had no fighting strength at the start, so we specially sent him to the flank, to lighten his pressure."

"But unexpectedly he was very powerful, bursting in at the crucial moment and saving us."

"We didn’t get to properly thank him for that."

Terry interrupted the mercenary leader’s flood of words, and firmly said, "Sorry, but I only want to know where Mister Robin is at the moment."

The leader shrugged. "No one knows."

Terry sighed and looked at the sea of people before ultimately returning to the city wall.

"You didn’t find him?" Lorie asked quietly.

Terry nodded.

"I understand, go take care of other things."

"I’ll send others to take care of this," the young girl calmly said.

Even if the Head Knight was doubtful, he obeyed.


Outside the refuge, Marvin and Guy were standing side by side.

"Sir, this is the thing you want."

Guy handed a scroll and a few books to Marvin.

"This is our family record. It is related to the Source of Fire’s Order. You already brought me here safely, so these are yours."

Marvin gently took the scroll and the few books. At that time, he had made a deal with Hera because she brought out enough bargaining chips.

But afterwards, the matter had gradually evolved. Marvin no longer helped the mother and child only because of the deal.

He was moved by Hera.

Guy was silent for a moment, but he didn’t move toward the refuge.

"Guy, where will you go?" Marvin couldn’t help but ask.

"Sir Robin, I already grew up. A name like Guy or Lil’ Guy isn’t fitting anymore."

The youth pointed to something next to the refuge. "I want to go there."

Marvin followed his finger and saw that he had pointed at the place providing weapons.

"My real name is O’Benson. My family name isn’t important. I might choose Hera as a family name later on."

The weak youth added in a low voice, "I’m happy to have met you, Sir Robin."

After saying this, he started to go ask for a weapon.

Suddenly, a hand patted his shoulder.

O’Benson turned around, surprised, but what he saw was a youth about his own age.

"I’m also happy to have met you, O’Benson," said Marvin sincerely.

O’Benson’s eyes were filled with shock!

"You are…"

Marvin signalled him to stay silent and soon changed back to the appearance of the middle-aged Robin.

He smiled at O’Benson and turned to walk into the crowd.

But he didn’t get far before a dissatisfied voice echoed next to his ears:

"Not greeting an acquaintance when you see them.. you are really lacking manners!"