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Chapter 265: Golden Blood

Chapter 265: Golden Blood
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Hearing this voice, Marvin couldn’t help but force a smile.

He turned around.

The Fortune Fairy Ding was looking at him disdainfully. "We thought you died. If not for me noticing the aura of the luck blessing I bestowed you in the past, I wouldn’t have been able to find you. A very terrifying Sorcerer bloodline. You should join Rocky Mountain."

Marvin looked at the surroundings. "Do you think this place is suitable for a discussion?"

"It’s not." The Fortune Fairy flapped its wings. "Follow me."


Marvin followed behind Ding and returned once more to the city gates.

They went down a small path to the wall.

The fully armed guards didn’t stop them. Apparently Ding had some reputation here.

A young girl was standing alone on top of the city wall.

Marvin was meeting her for the first time, but he already recognized her.

The youngest of the Fate Sisters, Lorie.

She wasn’t as powerful of a caster as her two sisters, but her wisdom was high enough to cause envy.

She was one of the few people who saw through the gods’ conspiracy before the Calamity.

Fate Sorceresses had different types of abilities.

For example, her sister Jessica’s fate ability was [Power].

After the awakening of her bloodline, her Power kept increasing.

This Power included the strength of her spells and physical abilities.

As for Kate, if Marvin wasn't mistaken, she had [Protection] as her fate ability. To be able to ignite the Source of Fire’s Order, her Protection ability was most important.

As for Lorie.

Her fate ability was [Wisdom]!

This was a very wise and farsighted girl.


She slowly turned around. She was wearing a dress somewhat like her older sister’s. The style was a bit different and it was a bit smaller.

12-13 years old was supposed to be an age where girls could be be carefree and without worries, but Marvin could see countless thoughts in her eyes.

He instinctively felt something wrong.

What about the other two sisters? Why is there only Lorie?

"Hello, Mister Marvin." Lorie looked at Marvin with a smile. "You really gave me a great surprise."

"Thank you for rescuing those villagers and also rescuing Uncle Terry."

Marvin slightly nodded.

Even if this girl looked young, she talked like an adult. It made it somewhat hard for him to get used to.

"Hello, Miss Lorie."

The two started a discussion unfamiliarly.

Fortunately, the Fortune Fairy Ding butted in from time to time and gradually reduced the awkwardness.

They both actually knew about each other.

Marvin, well, there was no need to say. And Lorie also knew about him because she knew of Marvin’s actions in the Decaying Plateau’s war.

After a few exchanges, Lorie directly expressed her own thoughts.

She wanted Marvin to help her defend Hope City.

Hope City was currently at a critical juncture. Not only was it facing a grave external crisis, but it wasn’t stable inside either.

‘I hadn’t expected that Jessica was actually lured to the edge of the Chaos Ground by Clarke."

‘The events shown in the trailer weren’t really complete. Kate also left Hope City because of the matter of the meteors. No wonder only the youngest sister was left in Hope City.’

Marvin couldn’t help but bitterly smile and shake his head after hearing this.

How could he not want to help Hope City?

What’s more, that bit of luck Ding gave him saved him at a crucial moment.

If he was able to, he would definitely help.

But the Source of Fire’s Order was also very important.

On top of that, from his memories, he knew that Hope City would hold on even without him.

They ultimately repelled the Dark Races. There was no doubt about it.

Although his appearance had changed a few parts of history, the most important parts shouldn’t change.

If Jessica displayed her extreme power and killed Clarke, even if the Black Dragon God was furious, he wouldn’t be able to do anything!

The current Universe Magic Pool had yet to be broken and the Time Molt was in Inheim’s hands, so no god’s avatar could descend!

And if no god descended, the Legend Fate Sorceress was more or less the strongest expert.

And on a large scale aspect, Jessica was an existence that could face thousands upon thousands by herself.

Black Dragon Clarke was luring Jessica’s attention for now, but the Fate Sorceress wasn’t a fool. She would definitely notice the unusual movements on this side.

She would return sooner or later.

Hope City definitely wouldn’t have any major issues.

This was how Marvin saw it, so he originally planned to bring O’Benson to Hope City and then leave.

He would head west to the place the meteors fell, to look for a Source of Fire’s Order.

But how could he have expected that Ding would recognize him?

Thus, facing Lorie’s request, Marvin felt somewhat trapped in a dilemma.

He thought for a bit and ultimately chose to refuse. "I am very sorry, I really want to help."

"But I came to Rocky Mountain with a more important goal."

Lorie’s eyes were very clear, staring at Marvin. "Source of Fire’s Order, right?"

Marvin nodded.

"Sis is already looking for it," Lorie said seriously. "There is a total of seven of them. If she finds more than one, there is no harm in giving you one."

Marvin laughed involuntarily. "Miss Lorie, can you make a decision on behalf of your sisters?"

In Marvin’s eyes, Lorie was a bit naive.

Very few people would be willing to move a Source of Fire’s Order, let alone offer one as a gift.

Kate did have some friendship with Marvin, and the Night Monarch’s spirit helped her stabilize her bloodline, which might let her advance to Legend earlier.

But that friendship couldn’t necessarily be compared to a Source of Fire’s Order.

He knew Kate was very kindhearted, but Rocky Mountain was her home.

This was the place she wanted to protect. Marvin was only a friend at most.

Even if the sisters previously held four of them, who knew what could happen this time.

Marvin didn’t want to entrust his hopes onto others...


But, at that time, Ding suddenly interrupted, "She obviously can."

"Even though Lorie is young, her words can definitely represent the three sisters."

"Otherwise, why would the entire Hope City listen to her?"

Lorie also looked at Marvin with a hopeful expression. "I promise."

"I only hope for you to do us a favor."

Marvin paused for a bit, before hesitantly asking, "What favor?"

"Assassination." Lorie cut straight to the point. "An assassination mission. I already have two experts ready. With you joining, it would make a perfect team and raise the success rate of the assassination."

"Target?" Marvin asked.

"Tess." Lorie told him with a calm expression, "She is the Black Dragon God’s Apostle, thus this is a bit difficult."

Marvin firmly shook his head!

What a joke, assassinating Tess?

That’s a powerhouse on the same level as Bamboo!

Even if the Black Dragon God didn’t pour a great amount of Divine Power into her like the World Ending Twin Snakes did for Bamboo, she also wasn’t a target that a 4th rank could assassinate.

"Don’t hastily refuse."

"I have yet to tell you the reward."

Lorie smillingly said, "If Sir Marvin helps us with this task."

"You’ll receive [Golden Blood]."

Golden Blood!?

Marvin opened his eyes wide.

He then instantly answered, "Deal!"